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1779 Combined Ballstown District Tax List

(with no duplication of names)


Compiled by Leslie B. Potter

© February 23, 2008


This is the October 23, 1779 Ballstown District Tax List to which the names from the March 2, 1779 Ballstown District Tax List have been added and are underlined.


In addition, notation has also been made of those taxpayers, who served in the

12th Regiment of the Albany County Militia.  Their names are in bold print.


Adams, James - 3/2 list

Agleson, John

Armstrong, Daniel – 12th Reg. AMC

Armstrong, Thomas

Aylesworth, Job – 3/2 list


Ball, Eliphalet

Ball, John – 12th Reg. AMC

Ballard, Thomas

Barnum, Lewis

Barnum, Thomas – 12th Reg. AMC

Beekmans, The

Belden, William

Benedict, Elisha – 12th Reg. AMC

Benedict, Gilbert

Benedict, James

Benedict, Samuel

Benedict, Uriah – 12th Reg. AMC

Bettys, Joseph – 3/2 list

Bigford, Henry

Bolton, George

Brown, Thomas – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC (Lieut.)

Bryon, Samuel

Burns, William – 3/2 list


Cable, John – 12th Reg. AMC

Camp, John

Campbell, Daniel – 3/2 list

Chard, Joseph – 3/2 list

Christie, John – 12th Reg. AMC

Church, Robert – 3/2 list, but not 10/23 list

Clinc, Robert

Clinton, David

Clinton, John – 12th Reg. AMC

Clinton, John, Jr.

Cole, Azor – 12th Reg. AMC

Cole, John - 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC

Collins, Ryrannus

Cook, Nathaniel – 3/2 list

Couch, Solomon

Cranton, Slatley

Cunda, Jesse - 3/2 list

Curry, John


Davidson, Alexander - 3/2 list

Davis, John – 12th Reg. AMC

Douglas, Jonathan – 3/2 list

Dumbleton, John


Fairchild, Matthew – 12th Reg. AMC

Ferris, Peter - 3/2 list, but not the 10/23 list

Fisher, Heirs of Johannes, Albany

Frazer, William - 3/2 list, but not 10/23 list

Frazier, George

Frisby, Grixson - 3/2 list

Fullerton, James – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC


Gardiner, George – 12th Reg. AMC

Gilchrist, William

Glen, Alexander

Glen, John

Gonzalez, Joseph

Gordon, David

Gordon, James – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC (Lieutenant Colonel) see below

Gorham, Jabez

Grant, James

Gregory, Uriah

Griswold, John – 3/2 list


Hagerman, Christopher

Hand, Daniel – 3/2 list

Herrington, Christopher

Higby, John – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC

Holmes, John – 3/2 list

How, Isaac – 12th Reg. AMC

How, Peter

Hubbell, Jabez – 12th Reg. AMC

Hubbell, Seth

Hull, Nathan – 3/2 list

Hunter, Samuel – 3/2 list

Hyatt, Abraham


Jennings, Edmund – 12th Reg. AMC

Jessup, Nathaniel

Joseph, Nathaniel – 3/2 list, but not 10/23 list


Kellogg, Eliphalet – 12th Reg. AMC

Kelly, William

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, Thomas – 12th Reg. AMC

Ketchum, Joseph – 3/2 list

King, Deliverance


Lawrence, Jr., Gideion

Low, James


McAuley, Alexander

McCarty, Thomas

McClannan, John

McCrea, _______

McCrea, James

McCrea, Samuel – 12th Reg. AMC

McCrea, William

McDermott, Angus

Mc Donald, James

McDonald, Michael – 3/2 list

McKerg, John

McKie, John

McKinley, James

McKinley, John

McKinley, Moses

McKnight, John – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC

McMoil, John M.

McNeal, John – 3/2 list

McNie, John

McPherson, Peter

McWilliams, James

Major, John

Maxwell, David – 3/2 list

Mead, Nathaniel

Mead, Zachariah – 12th Reg. AMC

Michael, John

Middlebrook, Hezekiah – 3/2 list

Middlebrook, Michael – 12th Reg. AMC

Miller, Elisha

Miller, Gilbert – 3/2 list

Miller, John – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC

Mirick, Charles

Mirick, Thomas

Mirick, William

Mitchell, Andrus

Mitchell, Andrew - 3/2 list, but not the 10/23 list unless Andrus is Andrew;

12th Reg. AMC (Major)

Morehouse, George – 12th Reg. AMC

Morehouse, Jabez

Morehouse, Joseph – 12th Reg. AMC

Munn, Israel – 12th Reg. AMC

Munn, Nathaniel

Myle, John Mickle – 3/2 list, but not 10/23 list


Nash, Azor – 12th Reg. AMC

Nash, John – 12th Reg. AMC

Nash, Samuel – 12th Reg. AMC

Northrup, Eli - 3/2 list

Northrup, Wilson – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC



Olmsted, Daniel – 12th Reg. AMC

Olmsted, Ezekiel

Olmsted, Jonathan


Palmer, Beriah -12th Reg. AMC

Patchin, Jabez – 12th Reg. AMC

Pattison, Thomas

Pease, Joel

Lieu’t Peas - 3/2 list, but not on the10/23 list; unless Lieu’t and Joel are the same man

Persons, Elisha

Persons, Jeremiah – 3/2 list

Persons, Paul

Philmore, Cyrus - 12th Reg. AMC

Philo, Jonathan

Proctor, Joseph


Raymond, Nathan

Reeves, William

Rice, Joseph – 3/2 list, but not the 10/23 list

Rogers, John

Rue, Joseph

Rue, Jr., Joseph

Russell, Rozelle


Schermehorn, Freeman – 3/2 list, but not the 10/23 list

Schermerhorn, Ryar

Scott, George

Scribner, Daniel

Scribner, Zaccheus

Scribner, Jr., Zaccheus

Sears, Sunderland – 3/2 list; 12 Reg. AMC

Sealey, Fredrick – 3/2 list, but not the 10/23 list

Seeley, Daniel – 3/2 list

Seeley, Hezekiah

Seeley, Nehemiah – 12 Reg. AMC

Shearer, Joseph

Shearer, Robert

Shermerhorn, Benjamin T.

Sherwood, James – 3/2 list; 12 Reg. AMC

Sherwood, Stephen – 12th Reg. AMC (Leiut.)

Shuter, James – 3/2 list, but not on the 10/26 list

Smith, Benijah – 12 Reg. AMC

Smith, Peter – 3/2 list

Smith, Thomas

Spears, Robert

Sprague, Ebenezer

Sprague, Jr., Ebenezer

Sprague, John

Stewart, Gamaliel

Stewart, William

Stow, Isaac - 3/2 list, but not on the 10/23 list

Stringer, Samuel

Stubbel, Jabez – 3/2 list, but not on the 10/23 list

Sweatman, Thomas - 3/2 list


Tannahill, John

Tannahill, Robert                      

Taylor, John – 3/2 list; 12th Reg. AMC

Tennens, Edmond - 3/2 list, but not on the10/23 list

Thurber, Luther

Tilow, William – 3/2list, but not on the 10/23 list

Tuttle, Jonathan


Van De Bogert, Nicholas

Van Vleck, Thomas

Van Vleck, Harmanus

Vischer, Nanning – 12th Reg. AMC (Captain)

Vischer, Nicholas


Wakemen, George

Waters, John

Edward Waters – 3/2 list, but not on the 10/23 list unless Watrous = Waters, below

Watrous, Edward A. – 12th Reg. AMC

Wealt, Nathan’l

Weeks, Zopher – 3/2list, but not on the 10/23 list

White, Epenetus – 12 Reg. AMC (Leiut.)

White, George – 3/2 list

White, James

White, James

White, John – 12th Reg. AMC

White, Jonas -12th Reg. AMC

White, Stephen -12th Reg. AMC (Captain)

Whitney, John

Whitney, Samuel

Wicks, Zophar

Wilda, William

Wood, Benjamin – 12th Reg. AMC (Lieut.)

Wood, David

Wood, Elijah – 12th Reg. AMC

Wood, John – 12th Reg. AMC

Wood, Nathan

Wood, Obadiah

Wood, Stephen

Wood, Samuel


Young, Benjamin – 3/2 list

Young, John – 12th Reg. AMC


James Gordon, Supervisor (10/23 List) (see above)


Isaac Vrooman      


Superintendents of Taxes (3/2 List)

Hen’y Oothoudt