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James Madison Andrews' Bible

(Jesper Harding, Philadelphia, 1854)

Found in a vacant house in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada by ME Moffatt, it contains records from two Bibles and shows christening records from St. John's (now St. Mark's) Anglican Church in Port Hope, Ontario, dating back to the 1840s.

James' wife, Rosanna, was the daughter of John Brown, who came to the United States from Cavan, Ireland, and then to Port Hope in 1818. He was a member of the legislature for Durham County for a number of years. He erected the first brick building in Port Hope in 1823. He died in 1842, after doing much to promote the progress of the town.

The marriage of James and Rosanna was noted in Durkee's Reminiscences of Saratoga, and their family was listed in the 1855 NY State Census of Saratoga Springs. Jason Andrews' death was also noted by Durkee's Reminiscences."

James M. Andrews Jr. served during the Civil War as a lieutenant in the 30th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry. He was "in several battles, taken prisoner, confined in Richmond, exchanged and discharged with his regiment." He and many other familly members are buried in Greenridge Cemetery in Saratoga Springs.

This Bible record is graciously provided by The Web Haunt of Barbara Kyle and Peter Bolton, genealogical optimists! Please visit that site for many more genealogical gems from the Port Hope area.

James M. Andrews, born Milton, Saratoga Co., NY 14 Aug 1810
Rosanna Brown, w/o JM Andrews, born NYC 12 Aug 1816. Children:
     John Brown Andrews, born Saratoga Springs, NY 01 Sep 1841
     James Madison Andrews, Jr., born 20 Nov 1843
     Margaret Anna Andrews, born Port Hope 19 Jul 1848
     Rosa Mary Andrews, born 19 Jul 1848
     Eda Fleda Eunice Andrews, born Saratoga Springs 26 Aug 1852
     Ella Marion Turner Andrews, born 29 Aug 1854
     Henry Howard Andrews, born 12 Nov 1858
     George Sandford Andrews, born 19 Feb 1861
Jason Andrews (22 Feb 1768-28 Mar 1858) f/o JM Andrews
Effie Cochran, born 27 Sep 1848, w/o James M. Andrews, Jr. Children:
     James M. Andrews II, born 02 Apr 1868
     Effie Rosa Andrews, born 06 Mar 1870
Clarence E. Breckenridge, born 03 Nov 1851, h/o Ella MT Andrews. Child:
     Clarence Elias Breckenridge, Jr., born 05 Oct 1881

James Madison Andrews & Rosanna Brown, Port Hope 09 Jul 1840 by Rev. Shortt
James M. Andrews, Jr. & Effie Cochran, 06 Jun 1867
Ella MT Andrews & Clarence E. Breckenridge, 25 Nov 1880

Margaret Anna Andrews, at Saratoga Springs 11 Apr 1853
Rosa Mary Andrews, 29 Apr 1853
Eda Fleda Eunice Andrews, 22 Jun 1855
John Brown Andrews, 25 Apr 1857
Henry Howard Andrews, 21 Apr 1883
Jason Andrews, at Milton, Saratoga Springs 28 Feb 1858 aged 90 years, 6 days; f/o Jas. M.
James Madison Andrews, Sr., at Saratoga Springs of acute brochitis at 7 AM, 08 Jan 1890; buried Saratoga Springs
Rosanna Brown Andrews, at Maywood, NJ of debility 06 Jun 1900; buried Saratoga Springs 09 Jun 1900
(last two entries by B. Wallis, Ottawa)


Henry Howard Meredith, born 24 Jan 1815
Margaret Brown, born 28 Feb 1818
They were married 15 Sep 1840 at St. John's Church by Rev. Jonathan Shortt.

Henry John Meredith, born 08 Mar 1844
Amy Margaret Elizabeth Meredith, born 24 Jan 1847
Annie Rosa Mary Meredith, born 10 Jun 1849
William Howard Graves Meredith, born 14 Jan 1856

Amy ME Meredith & Charles Austin Williams, St. John's Church, Sep 1869? Children:
     Mabel Robsart Williams, born 07 Apr 1870
     Amy Walsingham Williams, born 28 Feb 1871
     Norma Duckett Williams, born 28 Nov 1872
Annie RM Meredith & Charles Percy, St. John's Church, 02 Oct 1878. Children:
     Howard Meredith Percy, born 12 Jul 1879
     Amy Lorraine Seymour Percy, born 23 Mar 1881

John Brown, at Port Hope Jan 1842, aged 52 years
Margaret Brown, at Port Hope 07 Jan 1856, aged 64 years
Rosanna Brown Andrews, born New York City 12 Aug 1816 (2nd d/o John and Margaret); died Maywood, New Jersey 06 Jun 1900; buried Saratoga Springs 09 Jun 1900
Margaret Brown Meredith, born Port Hope 28 Feb 1818 (3rd d/o John and Margaret); died Port Hope 17 Feb 1901
(last two entries by B. Wallis, Ottawa)

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