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Avery Bible Records

Bible 1856, Philadelphia, Jesper Harding     (Title page image)
Original family records are housed at the Saratoga County Historian's Office. This Bible was heavily damaged by water, but the family record pages were recovered from the Bible.

Wedding Certificate This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between
Geo. H. Avery of Saratoga Springs and Miss Cynthia Badgley of Cohoes on
March 11, 1861 at Cohoes by Rev. Ch. Waldron.

written on blank reverse of left page of "Family Record:"

      Saratoga Springs
Hiram Avery born August 4th 1801
Amy Avery born August 4th 1801

      children born to Hiram & Amy Avery:
Laura C. Avery born April 24, 1830
J. P. Giraud Avery born March 20th 1832
Caroline Avery born Sept 2nd 1835
Geo. H. Avery born Apr 20th 1839
James L. Avery born Oct 18th 1842

Laura C. Avery (Bennett) died June 20th 1856
Jacob Phillip Giraud Avery died Apr 1st 1862

left page of "Family Record:"       Saratoga
Geo. H. Avery born Apr. 20th 1839
Cynthia Avery (Badgley) born June 7 1841
Alvah Maroin Avery born May 20th 1863
Carrie Amy Avery born Feb 19, 1865
Geo. H. Avery Jr. born Jan 8, 1868
Fredrick Avery born Aug 1870
Willie Avery born June 1870
Bennie Avery born May 1873
Howard Avery born May 14th 1875
Laura Cynthia Avery born Oct 2nd 1876
Walter Avery born Aug 23d 1879
James Avery born March 31st 1881

right page of "Family Record:"        Marriages
Geo. H. Avery
Cynthia Badgley
Cohoes March 11, 1861

Willie died Nov 1870 aged 5 m
Bennie died Sept 10th 1872 aged 4m
James died Sept 10th 1881 aged 5m

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