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Baptist Church Cemetery
Town of Saratoga

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The Baptist Church Cemetery is located on Hathaway Road in the Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York State. It is near the intersection of Minnie Bennett Road with Hathaway Road, on a hill above the stone retaining wall. Sylvester's 1878 History of Saratoga County references this cemetery on page 276 as follows: "The old burial-ground on the Elihu Billings farm, with the old pines crowning the hill and waving beautifully over the dead, forms a picturesque spot." The inscriptions were copied in 1877 and recorded in Durkee's Epitaphs, Volume 4, pages 239-256. Additional inscriptions were copied in 1937 by Grace VanDerwerker. Her transcription notes "Charles Cramer moved church from near woods on his farm to place near State Road and is now the largest of this group of barns. Stated by Minnie Moe." "It was the First Baptist Church of Schuylerville, N.Y. and was founded by the Rev. Samuel Rogers." Mrs. VanDerwerker located the cemetery on the Moe Farm and additionally she noted many graves marked by field stones, without marks. It appears that the most recent burial in the Baptist Church Cemetery was in 1942. A few additional inscriptions are added to this list, compiled spring 2002, for a total of 154 names, plus many unknown.

Photo of Baptist Church Cemetery

surname given name inscription
Abeil Christopher d Feb 3, 1853 ae 88y 5m 12d (broken double stone)
Abeil Jane Swart d Dec 23, 1851 ae 85y 2d Wife of Christopher (broken double stone)
Ballard Sally d Oct 17, 1825, 41st yr. Wife of Abraham
Billings Sandford d Apr 8, 1842, 44th yr.
Billings Jesse d Oct 6, 1844 ae 74ys.
Billings Phebe d Oct 1, 1843, 72nd yr. Wife of Jesse
Billings James d Oct 8, 1815 ae 1y 8m 15d Son of Elihu & Lydia
Billings James d Dec 12, 1804 ae 1y 9m Son of Elihu & Lydia
Billings Jesse, Capt. d Feb 12, 1820, 83rd yr.
Billings Grace d Oct 21, 1818, 77th yr. Wife of Capt. Jesse
Billings Lydia d Jan 28, 1843, 70th yr. Consort of Dea. Elihu
Billings Elias, Dea. d Jan 1, 1850, 55th yr.
Billings John d Aug 10, 1868 ae 73yrs.
Billings Phebeann d 17 Mar 1823 ae 1y 9m Dau of Reuben & Anna
Billings Elihu, Dea. d Apr 13, 1840, 77th yr.
Brisbin Charles b Oct 18, 1825 d Feb 18, 1830 (side of Pamelia & William Brisbin stone)
Brisbin William Mar 5, 1797 - April 30, 1881 (same stone as Pamelia Hamblin Brisbin)
Brisbin James H. d Apr 10, 1864 ae 37ys.
Brisbin Ralph b Mar 20, 1830 d Nov 18, 1858
Brisbin Pamelia Hamblin b Dec 31, 1797 d Sep 22, 1849 Wife of Wm.
Burton Alazor d Feb 24, 1818, 67th yr.
Chamberlin Mary d Apr 30, 1818, 32d yr. Wife of Obadiah
Churchill Sarah Emily Finch d Oct 5, 1866 ae 49 ys. Wife of Erasmus D. Dau of Joshua & Betsy Finch
Churchill Erasmus D. d Oct 30, 1866 ae 50y 11m 23d
Clement Fanny d Sep 22, 1829 ae 24ys. Dau of Joseph & Nabby
Clement Naomi Smith d Mar 11, 1796, 30th yr. Consort of Joseph. Dau of Thomas & Phebe Smith
Clement Lydia d Dec 30, 1820, 31st yr. Wife of John P.
Clements Joseph d June 6, 1826, 62nd yr.
Clisby Stephen W. d May 19, 1821, 14th yr. Son of James & Laury
Colby John, Elder d Aug 7, 1842 ae 76y 19d.
Colby Mary d Apr 28, 1868 ae 92y 15d Wife of John
Cramer Alice d Apr 23, 1881 ae 24 ys. Wife of C.H.Cramer (Morgan Moe monument)
Davis Nathan d Sep 1790 ae 27ys. (could read Sep 1, 1790)
Dewitt Margaret G. d June 21, 1850 ae 5y 7m Dau of Alexander & Elizabeth
Douglass Mary d Aug 5, 1803, 36th yr. Wife of John
Douglass John d Apr 25, 1834, 65th yr.
Dunham Mary b Aug 7, 1750 d July 23, 1813 Wife of Hezekiah
Dunham Hezekiah b Aug 17, 1745 d Apr 27, 1810
Esmond Ira D. Apr 24, 1830 - Feb 11, 1885
Esmond Helen K. Brisbin June 20, 1832 - June 29, 1912 wife of Ira D. (Also HKE marker)
Esmond Pamelia H. 1863 - 1911 (reverse of stone for Ira & Helen Esmond. Also PHE marker)
Finch Elder Jonathan d Dec 13, 1834 ae 72y 8m 13d (may read 1831)
Finch infant son d Aug 27, 1854 ae 1m 11d Infant son of Samuel R. & Pamelia
Finch Joshua d Dec 5, 1863 ae 77ys
Finch Betsey d Nov 17, 1840 ae 48ys Wife of Joshua
Finch Jemima d Mar 6, 1840 ae 75ys. Wife of (Rev) Jonathan
Foster Elizabeth d Nov 23, 1847 ae 2y 4m 8d Dau of Amos Jr. & Eunice
Foster Cora Ella d Aug 26, 1863 ae 4y 1m Dau of A.& E.
Foster Eddie Ellsworth d Aug 23, 1863 ae 2y 1m Dau of A.& E.
Foster Lily Abby d May 7, 1860 ae 2y 11m Dau of A.& E.
Healy Samuel, M.D. d Apr 16, 1854 ae 66ys.
Holmes Sarah J. Davis Apr 23, 1842 - Dec 16, 1927 Wife of Morgan L.
Holmes Morgan L. 1834 - 1893 (Masonic symbol)
Holmes Gracie A. d Apr. 12, 1873 ae. 7m. 12d. Dau of M.L. & S.J.
Holmes Martha A. 1873 - 1942
Holmes Henry Clay d May 5, 1883 ae 51yrs (Holmes monument)
Holmes George R. 1839 - 1910 (George, Martha & Martha A. ~ granite Holmes stone)
Holmes John B. d Apr 30, 1858 ae 50ys.
Holmes Henry d July 8, 1870 ae 68 ys. (Holmes monument)
Holmes Ira E. d Sep 21, 1875 ae 11m 20d Son of H.C.& R.B.
Holmes Grace d Oct 6, 1867 ae 2m 7d Dau of H.C. & R.B. (small broken stone)
Holmes Henry C. d July 7, 1864 ae 2m 23d. Son of H.C. & R.B. (small broken stone)
Holmes Martha Woodrow 1847 - 1923
Holmes Roysel d Apr 3, 1835, 69th yr.
Holmes Betsey d Mar 19, 1845 ae 33y 3d Wife of John B.
Holmes Esther d Apr 16, 1840, 74th yr. Wife of Roysel
Ingram David d Oct 21, 1840 ae 38ys.
Jessup George H. d May 4, 1841 ae 15ms. Son of J.P. & J.A.
Lake Cornelia d July 18, 1830 ae 4m 15d Dau of Henry R. & Maria
Moe Anna d Aug 22, 1879 ae 75yrs. Wife of Michael
Moe Michael d July 6, 1827, 40th yr.
Moe Eliza A. d Apr 22, 1881 ae 52ys. Wife of M.B. Moe (Morgan Moe monument)
Moe Morgan B. 1820 - 1909 (Morgan Moe monument)
Moe Harold Morgan d May 13, 1886? ae 2m 5ds Son of E.M.& M. Moe? (worn child's stone)
Morgan Grace d Sep 30, 1820, 59th yr. Wife of Daniel
Morgan Daniel d Jan 27, 1832, 78th yr.
Morgan Elihu d Sep 6, 1872, 81st yr. (Morgan Moe monument)
Morgan Daniel b Oct 17, 1780 d Sep 24, 1848
Olmsted Polly d Jan 2, 1813, 31st yr. Wife of Jonas
Olney Stephen d Mar 20, 1833, 76th yr.
Olney Sarah d Sep 3, 1808, 47th yr. Wife of Stephen
Olney Stephen, Jr. d Aug 28, 1807, 22nd yr.
Olney Elizabeth d July 6, 1798 ae 1y 1m 13d Dau of Stephen & Sarah
Olney James K.P. d May 19, 1847 ae 2y 10m Son of Stephen & Eliza
Patterson Elizabeth d Nov 23, 1822 ae 28y 4m 22d Wife of Elnathan
Patterson Diana d Feb 11, 1832, 24th yr.
Patterson Phebe d Apr 26, 1815 ae 25y 5m 5d Wife of Elnathan
Patterson James M. d May 22, 1852 ae 32
Patterson Elnathan d July 10, 1835 ae 54y 9m 2d
Patterson Maria O. d June 25, 1849 ae 28y 1m 7d Wife of Cornelius
Patterson Willie d Aug 21, 1862 ae 8ms. Son of Cornelius & Julia
Perkins Rebecka d Mar 18, 1795 ae 39ys. Wife of Christopher (Durkee note: Brown Stone)
Perkins Christopher d Feb 21, 1813 ae 53ys.
Perry Reuben d Feb 5, 1858 ae 88y 2m 8d
Perry Sarah d Nov 13, 1857 ae 82y 6d. 3rd. wife of Reuben
Pilcher Abigal Tupper d July 30, 1829 ae 81yrs. Dau. of Rev. Elisha & Mary Tupper
Potter John P. d May 25, 1852 ae 16y 5m 16d Son of Richard & Mary Ann
Potter Richard 1813 - 1901
Potter Mary A. Patterson 1816 - 1908 his wife (Richard)
Potter Giles Henry d Feb 21, 1834 ae 8y 9m Son of Renselaer & Lucretia
Potter Henry E. 1841 - 1856
Potter Mary A. d June 16, 1865 ae 23ys Wife of Frank K.
Potter Rachael Winney 1790 - 1861 (Rachael, Richard, Mary, John & Henry ~ granite Potter stone)
Price Peter d Dec 12, 1840, 33rd yr.
Rogers Sarah d Aug 26, 1842, 82nd yr. Wife of Rev. Samuel
Shaw Alice W. d July 11, 1854 ae 37ys. Wife of Jesse C.
Shaw James E. b Feb 22, 1845 d Oct 23, 1871 Son of J.C. & Alice W. (to right of Alice W.)
Shaw Uriah d Apr 5, 1811 ae 7mos. Son of Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Betsey
Shaw Philip M. d May 18, 1840 ae 6ys. Son of A.& A.
Shaw Uriah J. d Nov 26, 1826 ae 7ys. Son of A.& A.
Shaw Mary A. d Dec 27, 1825 ae 1yr. Dau of A.& A.
Shaw Mary J. d Mar 2, 1825 ae 1mo. Dau of A.& A.
Shaw Anthony d Mar 24, 1876 ae 86yrs. (may read 1870, not 1876)
Shaw Asenath d Mar 31, 1870 ae 76ys. Wife of Anthony
Shaw Betsey, Mrs. d Jan 11, 1813, 25th yr. Wife of Mr. Anthony
Shaw Betsy J. d July 22, 1825 ae 2ys. Dau of A.& A.
Shearer Clement A. d Sep 22, 1849 ae 1y 3m 10d Son of Orvill & Amy
Smith Wm. T., Dea. d Oct 12, 1840, 64th yr.
Smith Spencer W. b Oct 8, 1843 d Nov 9, 1848
Smith Sarah E. b June 5, 1839 d Mar 21, 1874
Smith George R, M.D. b Nov 22, 1823 d July 11, 1849
Smith Sally d Feb 15, 1864, 85th yr. Wife of Dea. Wm. T.
Smith Thomas d Mar 22, 1801, 67th yr.
Smith Sarah E. Sawyer b June 19, 1818 d July 25, 1900 Wife of John D.
Smith John D. b Sep 4, 1808 d Dec 5, 1885
Smith John d June 2, 1792, 12th yr. Son of Thomas & Phebe
Smith Polly Holmes d Feb 19, 1823, 31st yr. Wife of Abner. Dau of Roswel & Esther Holmes
Smith Phebe d Feb 18, 1825, 84th yr. Wife of Thomas
Smith Sally d Sept 22, 1816 ae 2y 9m Dau of William & Sally
Smith Amanda d Dec 19, 1848 41st yr. Wife of Abner
Smith Abner d May 18, 1848 ae 64ys.
St.John Sebre b Feb 18, 1774 d Feb 27, 1813 Wife of Josiah
St.John Josiah b Dec 13, 1767 d Nov 13, 1805
St.John Henrietta b July 26, 1818 d Feb 8, 1820 Dau of Dunham & Nancy
St.John Helen d July 3, 1834 ae 4y 2m 15d Dau of Dunham & Nancy
Taber George M. b May 16, 1852 d Oct 26, 1854 Son of J.M. & Charlotte
Taber Margaret A. b Nov 11, 1844 d Aug 29, 1853 Dau of J.M. & Charlotte
Taber Mary d Nov 24, 1844, 47th yr. Wife of Benjamin
Taylor John Bradshaw d Jan 20, 1839 ae 1y 13d. Son of Otis & Phebe
Towner Elias B., Prof. d Apr 10, 1864, 26ys, Eldest son of Rev.E.D.& L.M. (more info see Durkee)
Tupper Mary d June 2, 1789 ae 80yrs. Wife of Rev. Elisha Tupper
Tupper Elisha, Rev. d Jan 19, 1787 ae 80yrs. (triple stone with wife & dau, Abigal Pilcher)
Utley Sarah d Mar 4, 1852, 81st yr. Wife of William
Utley William d July 25, 1853, 86th yr.
VanBuren Thomas b July 6, 1810 d 1844 Son of Richard & Jane
VanBuren Rosannah b May 28, 1817 d Mar 20, 1856 Dau of Richard & Jane
VanBuren Sarah b Feb 20, 1814 d 1841 Dau of Richard & Jane
VanBuren James b June 1, 1811 d Aug 25, 1834 Son of Richard & Jane
VanBuren Richard d Dec. 25, 1839 ae 80ys.
VanBuren Jane d June 27, 1858 ae 78ys. Wife of Richard
VanBuren John b July 7, 1825 d Oct 2, 1857 Son of Richard & Jane
Wilcox Jennie M. b June 18, 1859 d July 25, 1859 Dau of T. & L.
Woodrow Henry 1822 - 1890 (same granite stone as Susan Andre Woodrow)
Woodrow Susan Andre 1827 - 1897 (same granite stone as Henry Woodrow)

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