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Michael and Celia (Conlin) Barnes Bible

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Wedding Page
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Michael Barnes and Celia Conlin of Glens Falls, Warren Co., New York were united in Holy Matrimony according to the rite of the Holy Roman Catholic Church at 6 o'clock a.m. on the 14th day of April in the year of our Lord 1874.
Witnesses: William Barnes, esq.; Anna Conlin

Births Page
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William Barnes Born Nov. the 17, 1875
John L. Barnes Brn May the 5, 1877
Francis J. Barnes Born Jan. the 15, 1880
Michael Linard Barnes Born Feb. the 5, 1883
James Barnes Born May the 22, 1886
Fredrick Agustus Barnes Born Aug. the 6, 1893
Lawrence Conlin Born May th 6, 1817
Michael Barnes Born Dec. 15, 1852
Frederick J. Barnes Born Oct. 22, 1917

Marriages Page
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7 P.M. Michael Leonard Barnes and Anna Josephine Eldridge October 11, 1909
5:30 P.M. James T. Barnes and Veronica Marie Mulvey Nov. 28, 1916
5 P.M. Frederick A. Barnes and Anna H. Costello Feb. 28, 1915

Deaths Page
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John L. Barnes Died July th 6 1878
Francis J. Barnes Died Aug. the 12, 1880
William A. Barnes Died Sept. 20, 1899
Michael Barnes Died Sept. 25th, 1901
Fredick Barnes Died June 12, 1920
Michael Leonard Barnes Died Dec. 12, 1929
Celia Barnes Died Jan. 22, 1931
James T. Barnes Died May 16, 1931

Memoranda Page (additional deaths)
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Michael Barnes Sr. Father Died Apr. the 23, 1886
Thomas Conlin Brother-in-Law Died Apr.the 28, 1882
William Barnes Brother Died Nov. 16, 1891
James Barnes Brother Died Aug. 24, 1893
Margret Conlin Mother-in-law D. July 28, 1895
Cathrine Barnes Mother Died July 24, 1898
Jermitt Luby Brother-in-law died Jan. 19, 1899
William Barnes Son Died Sept. 22, 1899
Maggie Conlin Sister-in-law Died Aug 17, 1901

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