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Bennett Cemetery

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Bennett Cemetery is located near the intersection of Burgoyne Road (County Route 68) and Wagman's Ridge Road, in the Town of Saratoga. This cemetery was recorded April 1877 and is found in Volume 4, pages 119-120, of C.E.Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County. The cemetery is most easily accessed from Burgoyne Road. Start 2/10 mile west of the Wagman's Ridge Road intersection, at the fence between the woods and fields. Hike up the hill, following the fence line, about 140 paces, until you find the cemetery, just to the left of the fence, in the woods. There is an additional stone, with an inscription for Abraham Bennett. Durkee did not include this inscription in his record of Bennett Cemetery, however, the identical inscription is found in Durkee's record of Prospect Hill Cemetery, Volume 4, page 331, recorded September 1877. It is likely that Abraham Bennett was first buried at Bennett Cemetery, but subsequently removed to Prospect Hill Cemetery (lot 163), leaving the original stone behind at Bennett Cemetery. There is also at least one additional grave, with fieldstone head & foot markers. The style of lettering on these stones makes it difficult to differentiate the numbers 5 and 6. Durkee's interpretation follows:

1st row, left to right:

Bennett, Joanna   d July 31, 1850 ae 59y 11m 23d   Wife of William

Bennett, William  d Oct 9, 1860 ae 78y 7m 17d

Deuel, Timothy  d Sep 17, 1850, 61st yr.

Deuel, Elisabeth  d Feb 29, 1846 ae 34y 8m 23d  Dau of Timothy  (stone broken)

grave marked with unlettered fieldstones

2nd row, left to right:

Avery, Hiram  d Dec 18, 1859  ae 59y 4m 14d

Bennett, Abraham  d Jan 20, 1861 ae 76 y 2m 29ds  

Bennett, Laura C.  d June 20, 1855 ae 26y 1m 26d  Wife of Abraham

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