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Sign near road stating "Big Bend Cemetery 1798-1875 Town of Moreau"
Big Bend/Trumbull Cemetery location map link
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Big Bend, or Trumbull Cemetery, is located in the Town of Moreau, on the northwest side of Old Bend Road, 3/10 mile from Butler Road and just beyond the Paris Road intersection. It is set back in the woods at the 'big bend' in the road and within the area fenced by the Finch Pruyn Paper Company.

View from road through trees towards cemetery.

Big Bend Cemetery is included in "Cemeteries and Burial Places In The Town of Moreau" by Oliver W. Winch, published 1961, pages 7-10. Mr. Winch's historical and genealogical notes are not reproduced here. Previously, Big Bend Cemetery was recorded Nov 6, 1877 by Fred Crane and is included in C.E. Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County, Volume 4, pages 457-464 under the name Trumbull Cemetery. Durkee's list follows. Photographs by Rick Love, Ludlum descendant, July 2002.

surname given name inscription link
Baldwin Thankful d Oct 20, 1811 ae 35y
Betts Walter L. d Apr 7, 1854 ae 18y 9m 19d Son of R. & P.
Betts Raymond L. d Mar 9, 1840, 40th yr
Betts Emma J. b June 29, 1840; d Apr 13, 1858 Dau of Chauncy & Elsie M.
Betts Walter H. d Apr 1, 1842 ae 7y 4m Son of John J. & Harriet
Betts Anna Mary d Apr 13, 1861 ae 2y 15d Dau of Morgan & Juliza
Betts Sidney d Nov 15, 1830 ae 6m 10d Son of R. & P.
Betts Eliza d July 15, 1828 ae 8m 5d Dau of R. & P.
Betts Raymond L. b July 16, 1848; d Aug 27, 1850 Son of Chauncy & Elsie M.
Betts Purlina d Mar 7, 1858 ae 53y 26d Wife of Raymond L.
Betts Catharine M. d July 28, 1842 ae 1y 4m 8d Dau of Chauncy & Elsie M.
Crandall Mary d Dec 25, 1856 ae 71y 5m 15d Wife of Stephen
Crandall Lucy d Dec 6, 1831, 19th yr Dau of Stephen & Polly
Crandall Stephen d Jan 28, 1834, 51st yr
Crandell Esther M. d June 25, 1850 ae 1yr Dau of S. & E.
Crandell Gardner T. d July 26, 1850 ae 33ys
Crandell Reuben d Apr 23, 1843, 34th yr
Crippen Samuel d Apr 1, 1824 ae 53y 1m 20d
Danford Truman H. d Mar 26, 1829 ae 3y 8m 27d Son of Elisha & Charlotte
Danford Sally d June 30, 1826 ae 3y 5m 21d Dau of Elisha & Charlotte
Danford Charlotte d Oct 16, 1829 ae 36y 2m 15d Wife of Elisha
Denton Tabor d July 9, 1851 ae 4y 2m Son of Reuben & Ruth
Griffin William d Dec 23, 1865 ae 42y 7m 22d
Hamilton Adalaid d Apr 5, 1845 ae 10ms Dau of Walter & Phebe
Hamilton William W. d Mar 17, 1842 ae 2ys Son of Walter & Phebe
Lord Sarah b May 5, 1824; d Jan 20, 1857 Wife of Jehiel
Lord Sarah Jane b Apr 25, 1848; d July 15, 1856 Dau of Jehiel & Sarah
Ludlum Abraham d Oct 13, 1809, 64th yr Photo
Ludlum Desire d Jan 29, 1800, 55th yr Wife of Abraham
Patten Cora Purlina E. d Jan 3, 1865 ae 5y 18d Dau of A.B. & R.E.
Shippey Elizabeth d Feb 8, 1839 ae 63y 10m 20d
Shippey Joseph d Feb 1, 1816, 61st yr
Stevens Nelson d July 8, 1848 ae 10ms Son of James & Sally A.
Stevens Betsey d Apr 2, 1864 ae 86y 7m 14d Wife of Aaron
Stevens Mary A. d Sep 15, 1850 ae 1yr Dau of James & Sally A.
Stevens Aaron d Mar 22, 1846 ae 69y 2m
Tillotson Sally Wells d Nov 5, 1803 ae 32y 2m 23d Wife of David. Dau of Baitman & Annah Wells
Tillotson Isabella d Sep 1812, 33rd yr Wife of David
Trumbull David d Oct 26, 1798 ae 26y Son of Capt. Asaph & Mrs. Zilpha, of Hebron Conn. Photo
Vanschoonhoven Guert d July 24, 1828 ae 31y 6m
Vanschoonhoven James d Sep 25, 1830 ae 37y 9m
Vaughn Rachel b Mar 30, 1786; d Oct 12, 1861 Wife of Caleb
Viele Harriet d Feb 1, 1834 ae 17m 15d Dau of Garret & Rhoda
Whipple Dexter b Dec 27, 1784; d Sep 18, 1858
Whitmore Mary J. d Oct 20, 1828 ae 2ys Dau of Benj. & Rosetta
Wood Epenetus H. b Mar 21, 1796; d Nov 21, 1875
Wood Jane H. b Aug 8, 1798; d Dec 27, 1863 Wife of Epenetus H.
Wood Isaac A. b Oct 2, 1829; d Mar 23, 1865

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