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Greenridge Cemetery
City of Saratoga Springs

(compiled and annotated by Dave Bixby. For Dave's discussion of his motivations and methods, please see his Introduction page.)

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In his Saratoga County Epitaphs, Cornelius Durkee described the cemetery and his 1870 transcription thus:

This is the largest cemetery in the Town of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and is situated on the southerly side of South Street in the Village of saratoga Springs. The northeast corner of the enclosure was originally set apart for the exclusive use of the Roman Catholic element, but it proving insufficient and the lots therein being quickly taken up, a new ground was obtained and dedicated by them, lying on the southwest part of the village. The occupants of the Roman Catholic part of Green Ridge being mostly of Irish birth and not particularly identified with the history of the Village or County, no attempt has been made to gather the inscriptions to be found there, and none from that portion are inserted, except four of the Walworth family. When Green Ridge was opened as a cemetery, many removals were made from the First or "Sadler" and "Putnam" grounds into the more modern and tasteful enclosure. This fact will account for the existence of many stones in Green Ridge bearing dates long prior to the existence as a cemetery. All of the epitaphs have not been copied into the following list, those of young children having been generally omitted. With this exception the list is complete.

Mr. Bixby has been more diligent in his transcription, including without prejudice all that he found during his videotaping. As with any compilation, however, comparison with other existing lists should be made as should consultation with other sources, including the burial registers maintained at the cemetery office and visits to the cemetery itself.

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