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Burnham Bible Records

American Bible Society, New York, 1865 (Title page image.)
Original Bible at the Saratoga County, N.Y. Historian's Office scanned and transcribed in October 2004.

This small Bible measures roughly 7" x 4 1/2".

On the inside cover is written "This is the book of the life of Arther Burnham, Ballston Spa"

        births (Pages image). [NOTE: In the original Bible, these two pages are back-to-back sides of one sheet.]
1 R. J. Burnham esq         1 born March 4th 1821 at Ft. Miller
2 E. M. Burnham esq         2 born May 15 1827 at Gallupville
3 H. W. Burnham         3 born August 12, 1846 at Ballston
4 J. A. Burnham         4 born July 23, 1848 at Ballston Spa
5 N. J. Burnham         5 born January 15, 1850 at Ballston Spa
6 A. W. Burnham         6 born July 8th 1853 at Ballston
7 R. J. Burnham         7 born July 15th 1855 at Ballston Spa
8 C. R. Burnham         8 born June 15, 1857 at Ballston Spa
9 G. F. Burnham         9 born August 3d 1860 at Ballston Spa
10 L. G. Burnham         10 born August 19th 1863 at Ballston Spa
  L. F. Enuf Burnham         11 born December 20, 1866 at Ballston Spa
  L. E. Burnham            

        married (Page image)
Return Jay (or Joy) Burnham married Elizabeth M. Jones July 24th 1845
at Ballston Spa by Cyras Meeker

Elizabeth Rebecca Burnham married Arthur Scott Armstrong
March 4, 1879 at Ballston

        died (Page image)
Parllina D. Burnham died aged 8 years 3 months 11 days at Ballston Spa
September 26, 1860

George Burnham no date
Return Jay (or Joy) no date
Carrie Armstrong died Aug 6, 1902 at Ballston age 42 years 8 days

(Genealogical Note: The 1870 Federal Census of the Town of Milton, Series: M653 Roll: 857 Page: 619, listed this household #1215 as-

Jay Burnham 39 carpenter
Elisabeth 32  
Henry 14  
James 12  
Nathaniel 10  
Arthur 7  
Jay 5  
Pelina 3  

Images scanned 10/5/2004.
copyright 2004
Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County
All rights reserved.

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