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Charles M. and Emma (Hutchinson) Brown Family Bible Records



Original owner – “Family Bible of Charles M Brown, Ballston Spa  NY


Description – The HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS.  Philadelphia: A J Holman & Col, No 930 Arch Street 1872


Large Bible (10 x 12 x 3).  Brown/gold cover.  Intact, fair condition.  C M Brown embossed in gold on cover.  Four family pages after APOCRYPHA.

[handwritten] – “contains family record of William Brown (1815-1888)”


Page 1


Marriages -    Charles M Brown married to Emma Hutchinson

                                    May 24th 1864 at Troy NY

                        Charles M Brown married to Mary E Osborn

                                    April 16th 1877 at Ballston Spa, NY

                        Joseph B Brown married to Esther Jones

                                    March 28 1813

                        Wm Brown married to Catharine Newton

                                    Feby 27th 1840

                        Myron J Brown married to Susie L Maitland

                                    Oct 8th, 1874 at Niagara Falls

                        (all above in same handwriting)


                        Frank Hutchinson married Oct 24 1906 at City of New York

                                    To Mary Margaret (McAfee) Loveridge

                        William A Brown married to Belle Torrey

                                    June 8, 1897

                        William A Brown married to Mabel E Wooley in Chicago

                                    October 23, 1912

                        Nellie Brown married to Wm B Henderson at Ballston Spa NY

                                    June 3 1891


Page 2


Births –          Mary M McAfee born in NY Dec 25, 1876


Page 3


Deaths -          (many different handwritings below)


                        William Brown died July 18 -1888

                        Catharine Newton Brown died Feby 26-1897

                        Charles M Brown died at Los Angeles Cal  November 4, 1911

                        Belle Torrey Brown died at Los Angeles Cal  May 7 1908

Deaths -          Mary E Brown died at Los Angeles, Calif  Feby 24 1929

                        Charles C Henderson died at Los Angeles, Calif  Feb 20 1942

                        William A Brown died at Ballston Spa  January 21, 1933 [or4]

                        Helen Brown Henderson died at Wallingford, PA  July 2, 1946

                        LeGrand Brown died July 10, 1949 in New York City

                        Jas Emmett Brown died Dec 14 1894

                        L S Brown died at Gloversville, NY  October 6, 1912

                        Susie Maitland Brown Jasper  died at Washington DC June 9/28

                        Myron John Brown died at Marthas Vineyard Mass  July 31, 1940


Page 4


Memoranda –


            Descendants of Nellie Brown Henderson and Wm B Henderson


                        Ruth Henderson Born at Troy NY  Sept 21, 1892

                        Charles C Henderson born at Troy NY  March 14, 1894

                        Chas C Henderson married to Alma Bold at Troy  Nov 25, 1917

                        Ruth Henderson married Donald H Kinloch at Troy in 1918

                        Helen Ostrum Henderson born Bedford, PA  Aug 17, 1918

                        David Bold Henderson born at Los Angeles Calif  Oct 2, 1921

                        Marion Lois Kinloch born in Bridgeport, Conn  Nov 24 1919

                        Bruce Henderson Kinloch born Bridgeport, Conn  Nov 17, 1922

                        William Beecher Henderson died at Los Angeles Calif  Mch 5/39


            Descendants of Myron J S Brown who married Grace Irving Warburton

                        N Y City in 1902


                        Grace Maitland Brown born N Y City July 16, 1903

                        Myron [W?] Brown born July 9, 1906

                        Francis M Brown born June 1915


                        Ruth Henderson Kinloch died in Wallingford, PA  Oct 10/49



Loose – The following is a loose typewritten page titled “Family Record” - [I have only transcribed additional facts that are not included in the Bible itself]


Marriages –   James E Brown married to Altona I Baker August 29-1839


Births -           Wm. Brown born May 7th. 1815

                        Catharine Brown born July 9th. 1818

                        Charles M Brown born March 16th 1811

                        Myron J Brown born November 8th. 1853

                        Susie L Maitland born March 20th.

Births -           Myron John Slocum Brown born January 26th 1875

                        John Newton born

                        Phebe Newton born

                        Charles Newton


                        Ancestors of Esther Jones Brown


                        Wm Jones born 1768                                     

                        Mary Skinner his wife Jul 16 1864


                        Fanny Jones Jan’y 18 1787

                        Jas. Jones Oct 28. 1790

                        Sally Jones Nov. 24. 1792

                        Esther Jones Sept. 24. 1794

                        Adulsa Jones  Feb 14. 1800



C M Brown born March 16th. 1841                            Joseph B Brown born Dec 23d. 1791

Emma Hutchinson born Aug 24 1846                        Esther Brown born Sept. 24th. 1794

Wm A Brown born Oct. 2d. 1866                              William Brown born May 7th. 1815

Frank Brown born March 2d. 1869                            James E Brown born Oct. 22d. 1817

Nellie Brown born Feb’y 27th. 1871

Legrand Brown born April 1st. 1875

Mary Elizia Osborn born August 6-1846     



Deaths -          J B Brown died June 11-1867

                        Esther Brown died Dec. 13-1869

                        Myron J Brown drowned in Seneca Lake May 20th. 1875

                        Emma wife of C M Brown died April 17th. 1875

                        Belle Torrey Brown wife of Rev Wm A Brown died May 7th 1908


            Ancestors of Wm Brown owners of this book.         

                        Wm Jones July 12 – 1798

                        Sally Jones Sept 12-1832

                        John M Quivey 2d husband of Mary Skinner Nov 12-1829

                        Mary Quivey May 5th. 1854





Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # -1970.015.0001  U107L05  Transcribed by J. Wickizer, 11 April 2012            


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