Saratoga County, New York

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Bible of Jane A. Hanaman

This Bible was owned by Jane (Hanaman) Brown's daughter, Mrs. Edith Conlee, at Gansevoort, Saratoga County NY at the time it was transcribed.  The page bears the notation "This is a copy of the Bible Records as I found it at Mrs. Edith Conlee's March 17, 1954:  Grace Leddick."  The page also bears the stamp of Grace Leddick, Notary Public in the State of New York.  Mrs. Grace (VanDerwerker)(VanDerwerker) Leddick was Saratoga County Historian at that time.


The Bible was published by Oxfored University Press Co., NY, Fifth Avenue, New York City.




George H. Brown

Dec. 11, 1839

Jane A. Hanaman

Sept. 27, 1842

                                                Children born in Town of Northumberland

Anna M. Brown

Dec. 5, 1873

Charles D. Brown

April 1, 1875

Lucretia M. Brown

Feb. 28, 1876

George B. Brown

July 23, 1879

Edith M. Brown

July 22, 1883




George H. Brown married Feb. 12, 1873 Jane A. Hanaman

Both of the Town of Northumberland




Anna M. Brown died Oct. 17, 1895 ae 21 yr 10 m 12 das


Jane A. Brown died July 6, 1906; wife of George H. Brown; age 63 yrs, 9 m 9 das


George H. Brown died April 13, 1920;  80 yrs 4 m 2 das


Buried in Gansevoort.