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Description – Holy Bible on spine.  Title and publisher page missing.


Large Bible (9x11x3), dark brown cover.  In very poor condition.  Front cover detached.  Four family pages after the Apocrypha.  Paper inside notes Janet Swartz of Hightstown, N.J. as person who donated Bible.  Several leaves pressed in the pages.  Poem, “My Mother” by Bizarre, pasted at end of family pages.


Page 1


Marriage -     Calvin Bullard                        Born    March 17, 1805

                        Maryann F Gleason    Born    April 19, 1804

                                    were married   Nov. 24, 1830



                        Harriet E Bullard        Born    Aug 28, 1831

                        Charles H Bullard       Born    May 4, 1833

                        Ann C Bullard            Born    March 17, 1835

                        Caroline A Bullard     Born    Dec 6, 1836

                        George A Bullard       Born    Nov 6, 1844

(all of the above names appear to be written by the same person/same ink)


Page 2


Children’s Marriages

                        David M Atchison      }

                        Harriet E Bullard        } married September 2, 1852



                        Eddie F Atchison        Born July 13, 1856

                        Eddie [Eda] May Atchison    Born August 15, 1865

(note: births had been rewritten and pasted at bottom of page)



                        Eddie Atchison           }

                        Annie Escher              } married September 8, 1877


(found loose in between pages – ATCHISON – ESCHER – Married on Sunday evening Sept 23d at the residence of the bride by Rev. J N Stansbury, Edward F Atchison and Annie Celeste Escher daughter of George L Escher all of Newark.)




                        Eddie May Atchison   Dide [died]    December (?) 1869

                        Anna E Atchison        Dide[died]      July 8, 1879

(per obituary, found loose between pages, Edward F Atchison died July 27, 1905…Interment at Fairmount Cemetery)

Page 3


            Maryann F Bullard     Born April 19, 1804               Died May 17, 1878

            Ann C Hooper             Born March 17, 1835             Died Sept 6, 1880

            Calvin Bullard                        Born March 17, 1805             Dide Octob 25, 188?

                                                                                                            (year hard to read)


Page 4


This page had nothing written on it but had 5 newspaper items pasted on the page:


“Painful Accident” – about a “young lad” Hiram Lawrence of Hardwick who died from a penetrating injury to his brain when a workman “threw a forkful of stuff” into a cart that he was in.  [no details of date or place.]


“A Shocking Accident” – In Shirley, Mass a Miss Williams, 16, daughter of Mr. Wm Williams died from a gunshot wound that “passed through her head”.  She was taking the gun from the house to give to her brother William who “saw a hawk”.  (no date)


“Drowned” – “George Albert, a little son of Mr. Calvin Bullard, aged three and a half years, was drowned in an uncovered well, on Chandler Hill, on Thursday”.  (no date or location)  This was followed by a poem;

                        The opening spring had scarce begun

                        When sweetest flowers begin to bloom

                        Ere George’s race was fully run,

                        And he had found an early tomb!

                        But let not tears of grief be shed,

                        Though he was worthy of our love;

                        For while his dust sleeps with the dead,

                        His spirit hath its home above.


“Died” – Bullard – “In Greenfield, Saratoga county N.Y. on the 16th inst., Mary A., wife of Calvin Bullard, aged 75 years” - Continues with writing from the children who “express sadness at the loss of our mother, whom we have not seen in 13 long years”.


Loose papers – a partial torn notice of what appears to be an obituary of John Hooper.  …of the late John Hooper…Saratoga was held in the …Thursday Sept 16.  Appears to say that the remains were placed beside his wife in the cemetery. (no name of cem.)


Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 2004.031.0001   U107L04   Transcribed by J. Wickizer: 28 March 2012

[*Note – Calvin Bullard died Oct 29, 1881 per Surrogate Court Record]. 


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