Saratoga County, New York

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William J. Burke & Sons Funeral Home Records
Saratoga Springs
Death Dates 1905 through 1907 and 1912 through 1915

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Death Dates from Book 1 1878-1913
Death Dates 1916-1922
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ID Surname Given Name age Where born DOB DOD Place of Burial Place of Death/Last Residence Occupation Race Rel Mar Book PG Death Notice Notes Father (F)Birth Place Mother (M)Birth Place Spouse Charge to/ordered by Nearest Relative
1 Hulihan Catherine 64 y

8Jan1905 St. Peter's 199 Circular St., SS Housewife
C M 1905 1 Saratogian & Sun Dr.Wm.J.Green

Fred Swartfigure
2 Hames Charles Kenneth 3m9d

13Jan1905 Greenridge Vault 49 Henry St.,SS

S 1905 2
Dr. Kelly

3 Proper Evalyn 2m6d

14Jan1905 Maplewood Vault Gravel Hill?

S 1905 3

Frank Proper
4 Palmer Annie 55y

16Jan1905 Greenridge Wash.&So.Franklin Laundress

D 1905 4 Saratogain & Sun Dr.Geo.F. Fish

5 Davis William James 4d

22Jan1905 Greenridge Vault 12 Vermont St.

C S 1905 5 S & Sun Dr. Humphrey

6 Coyne Martin 32y1m32d

25Jan1905 St. Peter's 572 Broadway

C M 1905 6 S & Sun Dr.Fish

7 Natale Joseph 9m21d

5Feb1905 Greenridge Vault 173 Elm St.

C S 1905 7 S & Sun Dr.B.J.Murray

8 Quinlan David, Jr. 3y4m

8Feb1905-B St. Peter's New York City

C S 1905 8 S & Sun

Annie Quinlaw
9 Canty Thomas 65y

10Feb1905 St. Peter's Cascades

C W 1905 9 S & Sun Dr.A.A.Swainick

10 Russell Martin 72y

10Feb1905 Greenridge Vault Saratoga Hospital Salesman

M 1905 10

Jeff Putnam
11 Higgins Carrie 4d

20Feb1905 Maplewood 2 Oak Alley

S 1905 11
Dr. Fish

Tw.of Saratoga
12 Scanlon Kathryn 70y?

21Feb1905 St. Peter's New York City

C W 1905 12

13 Denis John 84y

27Feb1905 Greenridge 98 Maple Ave. Laborer
C W 1905 13
Dr. Humphrey

14 Lawler Rev.Joseph A. 35y3m18d

28Feb1905 St. Clement's St. Clements College Priest
C S 1905 14

15 Carroll Catherine 63y

1Mar1905-B St. Mary's, B.Spa Albany

1905 15

16 Higgins Alice 16y9m

1Mar1905 Greenridge Vault 58 Putnam St. Student
C S 1905 16

17 Dugan Michael 80y

2Mar1905 St. Peter's 12 East Division St. Mason
C M 1905 17

18 Sullivan John 41y

3Mar1905 St. Peter's 195 Division St. Coachman
C W 1905 18

19 Seymour Venola 14y5m

7Mar1905 Maplewood 16Maple Ave. Student

S 1905 19
Dr. Towne

John Seymour
20 McGoff Ann 60y

8Mar1905 St. Peter's 14 Cottage St. Housewife
C M 1905 20
Dr. Towne

21 Mullholland Eunice 90y

9Mar1905 St. Peter's 20 Diamond St. Housewife
C W 1905 21

22 Driscoll Florence 69y

9Mar1905 St. Peter's The Geysers Farmer
C W 1905 22
Dr. Fish

23 Brophy Margaret 66y

14Mar1905 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1905 23

24 Mathews Terance 53y

17Mar1905 Greenridge 146 Woodlawn Ave. Hustler
C M 1905 24
Dr. Fish

Hugh Matthews
25 Smith Philip 67y

17Mar1905 St. Peter's 57 George St.

M 1905 25
Dr. Humphery

John Smith
26 Black Sarah Frances 58y

19Mar1905 Sandy Hill 9 Thomas St.

C S 1905 26
Dr. Ressique

27 Lee John H.,Jr. 11m

41 State St.

S 1905 27
Dr. Fish

28 Lassaissa? Francesco 27y

22Mar1905 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Stone Cutter
C S 1905 28
Dr. Fish

29 Brown Mary 15y10m13d

24Mar1905 St. Peter's Country Student
C S 1905 29
Dr. Bentley

30 McCrea Carrie

25Mar1905 Whitford Albany, NY

1905 30

S.Turmbell/James McCrea
31 Golden James 34y

02Apr1905-B St. Peter's Palm Beach

C S 1905 31

32 Dominic John 8m

02Apr1905 St. Peter's 139 Elm St.

C S 1905 32
Dr. Green

C. Labella?
33 Leary Daniel M. 58y11m25d

07Apr1905 St. Peter's 110 White St. Mason
C M 1905 33

34 McTygue Geo. 1d

168 Woodlawn

S 1905 34

35 Quinlan Anna L. 33y

Washington, DC

C S 1905 35

36 Murphy Anna M. 45y

21Apr1905 St. Peter's 1 Kearney Block Merchant
C W 1905 36
Dr. Sanford

37 Stover Elnora 36y3m27d

02May1905 Coy Waring Farm,Milton Housewife

M 1905 37
Dr. Ledlie

38 Babcock John Edwin

07May1905 Greenridge 159 Woodlawn Builder

M 1905 38
Dr. Murray

39 Marr Walter M. 40y

09May1905 Greenridge 140Grand Ave Bartender
C S 1905 39

40 Parrillo Tony 15minutes

10May1905 Greenridge 226 Circular St.

C S 1905 40

Tw.of Saratoga
41 Fitzpatrick Margaret 3hours

13May1905 St. Peter's 31 West Harrison St.

S 1905 41
Dr. Humphrey

42 McCarthy Margaret 70y

14May1905 St. Mary's B.Spa 35 Church St. Housewife
C W 1905 42
Dr. Green

43 Hickey Thomas 3hours

16May1905 St. Peter's 366 Broadway

C S 1905 43

44 Bryans Herbert H. 65y

18May1905 Greenridge Country Carpenter

M 1905 44
Dr. Town

County of Saratoga
45 Kelly Margaret 48y

21May1905 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 45

46 Smaldone John

28May1905 St. Peter's 38 Oak St.

C S 1905 46

Daniel Smaldone
47 Hector William T. 33y

East Dorset, VT

1905 47

Stephen Hector
48 Ormsby Frederick L. 43y

3Jun1905 St. Peter's 74 Regent St. Laborer
C W 1905 48
Dr. Ledlie

49 Brady Catherine Cecilia 40y

17Jun1905 Greenridge 31 Walworth St.

C S 1905 49
Dr. Fish

50 Cleary Frank Richard

19Jun1905 St. Peter's County House Cigar Maker
C M 1905 50

51 Tilford Eliza 86y

21Jun1905 Union, Ft.Edward 34 Woodlawn

1905 51
Dr. Ledlie

52 Cleary Kate 24y4m10d

27Jun1905 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital

C S 1905 52
Dr. Fish

53 Connery Michael 37y

28Jun1905 St. Peter's Greenfield Merchant
C S 1905 53
Dr. Sanford

54 Duruin? Peter 24y

4Jul1905 Seneca Falls D&H RR Boilermaker

S 1905 54
Dr. Fish

55 Winans Sarah L.

16Jul1905 Greenridge

W 1905 55

56 Moffitt Margarett 60y

17Jul1905 St. Peter's 42 York Ave.

C W 1905 56
Dr. Palmer

57 Suanick? Margaret 65y10m3d

24Jul1905 Greenridge 9 Federal St. Housewife
C W 1905 57
Dr. Comstock

58 Tilman Mary A. 68y

27Jul1905 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife

W 1905 58
Dr. Fish

59 Esmond George 29y

27Jul1905 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Coachman

S 1905 59
Dr. Fish

Mrs. Butler
60 O'Connor Catherine Constance 3m19d

31Jul1905 St. Peter's 26 Catherine St.

S 1905 60

61 Carrurusso? Paolo 56y

02Aug1905 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1905 61
Dr. Humphrey

62 Winn? Catherine C. 55y

04Aug1905 St. Peter's 18East Harrison St. Housewife
C M 1905 62
Dr. Palmer

63 Wilkins Edith May 10m10d

04Aug1905 South Wilton Town of Wilton

S 1905 63
Dr. Dorvass?

64 Devlin John 61y2m29d

05Aug1905 St. Peter's 243 Maple Ave

C M 1905 64
Dr. Humphrey

65 Clark James Edward 19y5m1d

05Aug1905 Hodges,Wilton Town of Wilton Laborer

S 1905 65
Dr. Roods

Sloson Clark
66 Bouffard Zoo? 67y

08Aug1905 St. Peter's 281 Jeffrerson St.

M 1905 66
Dr. Ledlie

Tw.of Saratoga
67 Sweeney Jerry 27y

Saratoga Hospital Hostler

S 1905 67
Dr. Thompson

68 Smith Margaret 31y

10Aug1905 St. Peter's ?, NY

S 1905 68
Dr. Kelly

69 Smith Jane Amelia 84y

Ballston Spa, NY


70 Davie Hanora 57y

17Aug1905 St. Mary's, B Spa Rock City Falls

C M 1905 70

71 Holloran Catherine 68y

21Aug1905 St. Peter's Troy

1905 71

72 Fassett Earnest 62y

21Aug1905 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Butler

M 1905 72

Judge Griffith
73 O'Brien Mary Elizabeth 3m23d

27Aug1905 St. Peter's 174 Beekman St.

S 1905 73
Dr. Comstock

74 Flannery Thomas 56y

31Aug1905 St. Peter's 140West Circular St. Fireman
C M 1905 74
Dr. Humphrey

75 Willmore Mary 40y

06Sep1905 to Phil, PA 18 Park St.

W 1905 75
Coroner Fish

76 Owen J.Willard 3m16d

07Sep1905 toN.Ferrisburg,VT 16 Cottage St.

S 1905 76
Dr.Comstock/North Cemetery

77 Connelly Gabriel 1d

08Sep1905 St. Peter's 114 York Ave

C S 1905 77

James Connelly
78 Bloomingdale Magdalene 85y

14Sep1905 Stillwater 557 Broadway

S 1905 78

79 Sullivan Frances Henry 39y7m27d

17Sep1905 Whitehall, NY 177Woodlawn Ave. RR Conductor
C M 1905 79

80 Elliott William Lee 9y2d

19Sep1905 St. Peter's 11 Avery St.

C S 1905 80

81 Hodges Clara Estelle 9weeks

21Sep1905 Maplewood 33 Catherine St.

S 1905 81
Dr. Green

Tw. Of Saratoga
82 Flynn Miles A. 1m

29Sep1905 Greenridge 27 Shackelford Block

C S 1905 82
Dr. Towne

83 Farrell James 36y

30Sep1905 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1905 83
Dr. Humphrey

84 Ratelle Ethel M. 19y9m10d

01Oct1905 Schuylerville Victory Mills, NY Stenographer
C S 1905 84
Dr. Bullard

85 Millard James 75y

46 Granite St. Carpenter

M 1905 85
Dr. Ressigue

Mrs. Bonnie?
86 Adinolfe Nicola 65y

08Oct1905 St. Peter's 26 Beekman St. Merchant
C M 1905 86
Dr. Green

87 Mackenzie Daniel W. 24y9m10d

Saratoga Hospital Brakeman

S 1905 87
Dr. Fish

88 Tobin Edward N. 55y

12Oct1905 St. Peter's 67 Lake Ave Janitor
C M 1905 88
Dr. Ledlie

89 Morgan Louise E. 36y

16Oct1905 Greenridge 432 1/2 Broadway Merchant

M 1905 89
Dr. Towne

90 Weller Harriet Maxon 36y4m2d

18Oct1905 Greenridge 29 George St. Housewife

M 1905 90
Dr. Varney

91 Dillon Edward M.

19Oct1905 St. Peter's Yonker, NY

1905 91

92 Riordan Margaret Ann 2y11m1d

22Oct1905 St. Peter's 35 Wright St.

S 1905 92
Dr. Palmer

93 Kiernan Bridget 74y2m8d

10 Russell St.

W 1905 93
Dr. Comstock

94 Pepper Spencer 3y8m13d

24Oct1905 Maplewood 235 Maple Ave

S 1905 94
Dr. McCarthy

95 Myles Frank L. 54y

25Oct1905 Greenridge 6 Lincoln Ave. Photographer

M 1905 95
Dr. Palmer

96 Morrissey Patrick 67y10m

31Oct1905 Greenridge 81 Nelson Ave. Farmer

M 1905 96
Dr. Thompson

97 Nalty Catherine 48y

01Nov1905 Greenridge Bennington Terrace Housewife

W 1905 97
Dr. Fish

Mary Gaffney/Robert White
98 Walsh Avery, Jr. 2m8d

02Nov1905 St. Peter's

1905 98

Avery Walsh
99 Dominic Petra 5y1m21d

09Nov1905 St. Peter's 38 Oak St.

C S 1905 99
Dr. Comstock

100 Ennis Charles P. 28y

31Oct1905 St. Peter's

1905 100

101 Cooney Richard E. 38y10m8d

14Nov1905 Sleepy Hollow 99 Catherine St. Merchant
C S 1905 101
Dr. Ledlie

102 Carpenter Alice 2y6m

173 Catherine St.

1905 102
Dr. Humphrey

103 O'Brien John H.

McCarthy Hospital Tailor
C M 1905 103
Dr. McCarthy

104 Devillars Joseph F. 70y

23Nov1905 Greenridge 4 Center St Carpenter

M 1905 104
Dr.Green/Soldier's Plot

Saratoga County
105 Swannick Catherine M. 43y

196 Grand Ave Housekeeper
C S 1905 105
Dr. Thompson

106 McCall John 68y

30Nov1905 St. Peter's 13 Warren St. Painter
C M 1905 106
Dr. Ledlie

107 Edwards Susan M. 61y

03Dec1905 Ballston 26 Caroline St. Housewife

M 1905 107
Dr. Ayers

108 Osborne Charlotte 81y

06Dec1905 Schuylerville 11Van Dam St. Housewife

W 1905 108
Dr. VanArnum

Bill groceries@VnNess
109 Swartfigure Elizabeth 39y

06Dec1905 St. Peter's 102 White St. Housewife

M 1905 109
DR. Town

Miss Swartfigure
110 Allard Arthur J. 20y8m

09Dec1905 to St.Albans,VT 14 Union St. Book keeper

S 1905 110
Dr. Humphrey

111 Ham? Edgar 61y5m23d

12Dec1905 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital Painter
E S 1905 111
Dr. McCarthy

Saratoga County
112 Heekin James 60y

22Dec1905 St. Peter's 33 First St. Laborer
C W 1905 112
Dr. Thompson

113 VanAntwerp Maria E. 86y

27Dec1905 Bryant's Bridge 60 Beekman St. Housewife

M 1905 113
Dr.Fish/Scidmore Cemetery

114 Rice Daniel 74y

29Dec1905 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Carpenter
C M 1905 114

John Rice
115 Natella Infant

09Oct1905-B St. Peter's 129 Elm St.

1905 115
c/M/M John Natella

Tw.of Saratoga
116 Wickens Infant

01Jan1906 Greenridge Vault 41 Russell St.

1905 116
Dr.Sanford/c/M/M John Wickens

117 Burke Margaret 75y

01Jan1906 Greenridge Vault 11 Warren St. Housewife
C W 1905 117

118 O'Conner Mary 72y

11Jan1906 St. Peter's 50 York Ave. Housewife
C W 1905 118

119 Orton Minnie M. 46y10m14d

21Jan1906 Gurn Springs Wilton, NY Housewife
P M 1905 119

120 McCormack Anna M. 26y

22Jan1906 St. Peter's 144 West Circular St. Student
C S 1905 120

121 VanWagner Caroline 52y6m

23Jan1906 Gansevoort 2 Oak Alley Housewife
P M 1905 121

122 Russell Infant

24Jan1906 Greenridge Saratoga Springs

1905 122
Dr.R.H.McCarthyc/Anna Russell

Tw. Of Saratoga
123 Dunnigan Mary 70y

28Jan1906 St. Peter's 172 Beekman St. Housewife
C W 1905 123

124 Arundel Ernest J. 46y6m4d

03Feb1906 Greenridge 74 Beekman St. Cigar Maker
P M 1905 124

Mrs. Arundel
125 McCarthy Nora 99y

07Feb1906 St. Peter's Greenfield, NY Housewife
C W 1905 125

126 Condon John 75y

09Feb1906 Greenridge Vault 68 Marvin St. Truckman
C M 1905 126

127 Crandell Stephen 37y7m2d

15Feb1906 Greenridge 3 Kearney Block Teamster
P M 1905 127

128 Stevens Frederick W. 15y20d

20Feb1906 St. Peter's 12 Pavilion Student
C S 1905 128

129 McCarthy Joseph Partrige Gilsen 4y5m

22Feb1906 Greenridge Vault McCarthy Hospital Student
C S 1905 129

130 Conklin Katherine Agnes 49y4m17d

110 Van Dam St. Dressmaker
C S 1905 130

131 Dougherty John 33y

25Feb1906 St. Peter's New York City Baseball Player
C S 1905 131

132 Reedy James J. 69y

03Mar1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Springs Bottler
C M 1905 132

133 Esmond Anna Gertrude 10y1m7d

07Mar1906 Gansevoort Saratoga Springs Student
P S 1905 133
Dr. Fish

134 Esmond Mary 33y4m

08Mar1906 Gansevoort Saratoga Springs Housewife
P M 1905 134
Dr. Fish

135 Collins Henry D. 64y

08Mar1906 Greenridge 51 Henry St. Commercial Trucker
P W 1905 135
Dr. Morriarta

136 Clother Fred J. 41y

08Mar1906 Corinth Saratoga Hospital

M 1905 136
Dr. Morriarta

Isaac Densmore,Corinth
137 Fulton Francis 26y

09Mar1906 Middle Grove Saratoga Hospital Housewife
P M 1905 137
Dr. Morriarty

138 Rice Charles M. 21y

09Mar1906 St. Peter's Clinton St. Laborer
C S 1905 138
Dr. Fish

Mrs. Daniel Rice
139 Foy Martin 70y

10Mar1906 St. Peter's 36 Franklin St. Stone Mason
C M 1905 139
Dr. Arthur Swanick

140 Hannon John Henry 44y

12Mar1906 Greenridge 137Broadway Painter
C M 1905 140
Dr. Green

141 McDonald Frances 28y8m6d

15Mar1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Soldier
C S 1905 141
Dr. Fish

142 Toronto Infant

16Mar1906 Greenridge 11 Shingle Alley

1905 142
Dr. McCarthy

Tw.of Saratoga
143 Kilmer Isadora Estelle 3m15d

15Mar1906 Maplewood 6 Avery St.

1905 143
Dr. Fish

Tw. Of Saratoga
144 Terribolo Fredinto 24y

19Mar1906 St. Peter's McCarthy Hospital Laborer
C S 1905 144
Dr. McCarthy

145 Pearsall Edward S. 68y

24Mar1906 Greenridge 116 Circular St. Dentist
P M 1905 145
Dr. Travers

146 Fox Margaret L. 29y

30Mar1906 St. Peter's 449 Broadway Housewife
C S 1905 146

147 McCue Mary A. 53y3m

01Apr1906 St. Mary's, B.Spa 46 Jefferson St. Housewife
C W 1905 147
Dr. Fish

148 Swick Infant

24Mar1906 Greenfield Greenfield

1905 148
Dr. King/c/M/M James E. Swick

149 Kettleman Joseph 4d

13Apr1906 St. Peter's 35 Church St.

1905 149
Dr. McCarthy

150 Rosser Phillip 65y

20Apr1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Newsman
C M 1905 150
Dr. Fish

Tw.of Saratoga
151 Barieo Infant

19Apr1906 Greenridge 226 W.Circular St.

1905 151
Dr.Murry/c/M/M Tony Barieo

Tw.of Saratoga
152 Murphy Patrick 59y

21Apr1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Springs Stone cutter
C M 1905 152

153 Mathews Bridget 76y

23Apr1906 St. Peter's 111 Clinton St. Housewife
C W 1905 153
Dr. Ledlie

154 Clifford Lillian 25y

28May1906 St. Peter's St. Vincent's Hospital

C S 1905 154

Matthew Clifford
155 Sheridan Thomas


1905 155

156 Bouffard Frank 71y

30Apr1906 St. Peter's 28 Jefferson St. Laborer
C W 1905 156
Dr. Fish

Oscar Sortie?
157 Moore Eliza 70y10m12d

27Apr1906 Greenridge Shingle Alley Housewife

W 1905 157
Dr. Varney

158 Boll Helen Linck 67y6m25d

03May1906 Greenridge 3 Pearl St,Greenfield Housewife

M 1905 158

159 Brogan Peter, Jr. 2d

03May1906 Whitford 177 Divison St.

1905 159
Dr. Comstock

160 Berrigan William 28y

New York City

1905 160

161 Mark Clement Anthony 3y6m10d

03May1906 St. Peter's 51 Ash St.

C S 1905 161
Dr. Murray

162 Morgan Edward 50y


1905 162

Tw.of Saratoga
163 Berry John J. 40y3m

05May1906 St. Peter's 19 1/2 Phila St. Plumber
C M 1905 163

164 Brusuihan Michael J. 1d

07May1906 St. Peter's W. Congress St.

C S 1905 164

165 Remington Mary Florence 58y

14May1906 St. Peter's Dominican Convent

C W 1905 165
Dr. Comstock

166 Smith Alpha 60y

13May1906 Greenridge County Home, B.Spa Housewife

S 1905 168

167 Pezzeinen Antonio 21y

14May1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1905 169
DR. Thompson

Tw.of Saratoga
168 Santoro Joseph 19y

Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1905 166
Dr. Fish

169 Rielly Albert J.

19May1906 St. Peter's New York City Bartender
C S 1905 167
Dr. O'Brien

170 Hughes Lulu 25d

19May1906 Greenridge Crescent St.

C S 1905 170
Dr. McCarthy

171 Quigg John R. 35y

19May1906 Greenridge New York City Dentist
C M 1905 171

172 O'Shaughnessy Richard Thomas 52y

28May1906 St. Peter's 79 Ash St. Plumber
C M 1905 172

173 Vandenburgh Evaline 36y

31May1906 Greenridge 104 Van Dam St. Housewife
C M 1905 173
Dr. Moriarta

174 Cowen Louise S. 83y

31May1906 Greenridge 479 Broadway Lady

W 1905 174

175 Dowd Thomas A. Jr. 17y

02Jun1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1905 175
Dr. Sanford

176 Tompkins Amanda M. 75y8m12d

03Jun1906 Greenridge 106 Clinton St. Housewife

M 1905 176
Dr. Ledlie

177 Maloney Anna 25y6m

04Jun1906 St. Peter's 66 W. Circular St. Dressmaker
C S 1905 177
Dr. Ressique

178 Quinlan Frank 60y

06Jun1906 St. Peter's 56 Jefferson St. Laborer
C M 1905 178

179 Gapezynski Satie 7m

08Jun1906 St. Peter's 37 Hyde St.

C S 1905 179

Tw.of Saratoga
180 Negro Michael 46y

11Jun1906 St. Peter's cor. Broadway & Spring Flagman
C M 1905 180
Dr. Fish

Tw.of Saratoga Springs
181 Green Andrew 1d

14Jun1906 St. Peter's 37 1/2 Church St.

C S 1905 181

182 Green Mary Elizabeth 30y9m27d

16Jun1906 St. Peter's 37 1/2 Church St. Housewife
C M 1905 182

183 Smith Mary Monahan 79y2m12d

17Jun1906 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 183

184 Kiernan Mathew A.T. 14y7m20d

19Jun1906 Calvary 198 Beekman St. Student
C S 1905 184
Dr.Thompson-to NYC

185 Saxton William H.

Railroad Tracks Laborer
C S 1905 185
Dr. Fish

186 Bootier Nelson 76y11m8d

26Jun1906 St. Peter's 95 George St. Tin Smith
C M 1905 186

187 Caputa Raffelo 8y

26Jun1906 St. Peter's 7 So. Franklin St. Student
C S 1905 187
Dr. Murray

188 DeVillias Mary Elizabeth 52y

28Jun1906 St. Peter's 4 Centre St. Housewife

W 1905 188
Dr. Small

Mrs. Hodges
189 Garant Peter 88y4m24d

29Jun1906 St. Peter's 28 Warren St. Mason
C W 1905 189
Dr. Ledlie

190 Harrington Helen French 3y3m16d

Saratoga Springs

S 1905 190

191 See Andrew J. 79y8m23d

29Jun1906 Gurn Spring 55 Van Dam St. Farmer

W 1905 191
Dr. Comstock

192 Fanella Joseph 24y

101 W. Congress St.

S 1905 192
Dr. Earl King

Tw. Of Saratoga
193 Walter Caroline Thompson 34y3m23d

15Jul1906-B Greenridge 152 Spring St. Housewife

S 1905 193
Dr. Palmer

194 Spagua Charles 33y

McCarthy Hospital Newsdealer

S 1905 194
Dr. McCarthy

Tw.of Saratoga
195 Brock Ellen 36y

14Jul1906 New York City New York City

1905 195

196 O'Rourke Patrick B. 54y

15Jul1906 St. Peter's 14 Covell Ave. Merchant
C S 1905 196
Dr. Ledlie

197 Klinger Blanche 2y2m

19Jul1906 Renslearville, NY St. Christine's Hospital

E S 1905 197
Dr. Ledlie

198 Fitzpatrick Bernard John 1d

19Jul1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital none
C S 1905 198
Dr. Humphrey

199 Peckham Margaret 38y

Saratoga Hospital Housewife

M 1905 199

200 McCabe Patrick 49y

23Jul1906 St. Peter's 69 Spring St. Carpenter
C M 1905 200
Dr. Green

201 Sweeney John B. 29y

W.Circular St.

C M 1905 201

202 Wallace Helen F. 31y7m

23Jul1906 St. Peter's 101 White St. Housewife
C M 1905 202
Dr. Comstock

203 Washington Sarah C. 31y

26Jul1906 Malkward Saratoga Hospital Housewife

W 1905 203
Dr. Fish

204 Kennedy David 33y

28Jul1906 Herkimer, Ny 133 Clinton St. Barber

M 1905 204
Dr. Humphrey

County of Saratoga
205 Perritt Frank J. 28y

26Jul1906 St. Mary's B.Spa 34 Warren St. Barber
C S 1905 205
Dr. Ledlie

206 Gridley Mary 92y


1905 206

John P.B.Haberlin
207 Eaton Charles C. 71y3m12d

06Aug1906 Greenridge 6 Pearl St. Contractor

M 1905 207
Dr. Fish & King

E.C.Eaton&George Eaton
208 Hausenburgh Matthew Theodore 26y

06Aug1906 St. Peter's County Farm Hospital Moulder
C M 1905 208
Dr. Lawrence

County of Saratoga
209 Vogler Kinn 64y4m

3 Morgan St. Housewife
C M 1905 209
Dr. Green

210 Wecksler Regina

Comstock Hospital Housewife

M 1905 210
Dr. Comstock

211 VanWagoner Richard 2m7d

10Aug1906 Maplewood Rear-12 Vermont St.

S 1905 211
Dr. Varney

212 Doulin Margaret 29y3m

32 East Harrison St. Housewife
C M 1905 212
Dr. McCarthy

213 Sullivan Mary 94y

19Aug1906 Greenridge 216 Washington St. Housewife
C S 1905 213
Dr. Comstock

214 White Sarah 74y

25Aug1906 Greenridge 38 W. Circular St. Housewife
C W 1905 214
Dr. Comstock

215 Toronto Leon 6m

25Aug1906 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital

S 1905 215
Dr. Fish

Tw.of Saratoga
216 O'Brien Daniel 2m

25Aug1906 St. Peter's 8 Talford Place

C S 1905 216
Dr. Humphrey

217 Bolten William Charles 32y

29Aug1906 Calvary, NY 5 Fifth Ave.

S 1905 217
Dr. Palmer

218 Condon Patrick 69y

27Aug1906 St. Peter's 11 Marion Place Laborer
C M 1905 218
Dr. Comstock

219 McBride George 5m

03Sep1906 St. Peter's 75 Henry St.

C S 1905 219
Dr. Humphrey

220 Stoneburner Joseph Curtis 85y

03Sep1906 Green Mount-Baltimore Elmwood Hall Retired Merchant

M 1905 220
Dr. Hewitt

221 Mulholland Catherine 73y

04Sep1906 St. Peter's 24 Diamond St. Housewife
C W 1905 221
Dr. McCarthy

222 Coleman James


1905 222

Tw. Of Saratoga
223 FitzGerald Clara Semmes 76y

07Sep1906 Georgetown, DC 109 Regent St. Housewife
C W 1905 223
Dr. Palmer

224 Ostrander Geraldine 25y

07Sep1906 Maplewood 3 Little Beekman St. Housewife

M 1905 224
Dr. Humphrey

225 Hudson James H. 81y6m3d

09Sep1906 Maplewood 9 Jane St.

M 1905 225
Dr. Small/Co.F 77NY Vols

County of Saratoga
226 Lansing Albert F. 16y

14Sep1906 St. Peter's 143 Jefferson St. Student
C S 1905 226
Dr. VanArnum

227 Smith Winfield Garrett 42y

17Sep1906 Greenridge Brooklyn, NY Painter
E M 1905 227
Dr. Carey

228 Beckman Caroline 25y11m6d

26Sep1906-B Chicago, Ill McCarthy Hospital none
C S 1905 228
Dr. McCarthy

229 Killalee Michael 58y

27Sep1906 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Jockey
C S 1905 229
Dr. Thompson

230 Weeks Frank Lyman 20y12d

04Oct1906 Greenridge 9 Exchange St. Hostler
E S 1905 230
Dr. Thompson

231 Foley John 58y

06Oct1906 Greenridge Albany Hospital Lawyer
C M 1905 231
Dr. Vanderveer

232 Crowley Patrick 77y

09Oct1906 St. Mary's,B.Spa 47 Granite St. Farmer
C M 1905 232
Dr. Fish

233 Sperry Charles B. 54y

09Oct1906 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Bartender
E M 1905 233
Dr. Fish

234 Gaffney Edward P. 15y2m9d

20Oct1906 St. Peter's 46 Warren St. Student
C S 1905 234
Dr. Moriarta

235 Clyne Hiram G. 70y3m5d

23Oct1906 Boyce Cemetery McCarthy Hospital Farmer

W 1905 235
Dr. McCarthy

236 Wells Bernard 1y5m

31Oct1906 Greenridge 135 Washington St.

S 1905 236
Dr. Varney

237 Alden Mary

02Nov1906 St. Peter's 38 Catherine St. Housewife
C W 1905 237
Dr. Fish

Tw. Of Saratoga
238 Beadles Caroline 51y

05Nov1906 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital

S 1905 238
Dr. Humphrey

239 Waterbury Nathaniel 72y

07Nov1906 Greenridge 43 VanDam St. Carpenter

M 1905 239
Dr. Ledlie

240 Wister Ellen

09Nov1906-B St. Peter's

1905 240

241 Southall George A. 38y

09Nov1906 Greenridge 33 Catherine St. Prop. Eureka Spring

M 1905 241
Dr. Green

242 Green Edward John 46y

11Nov1906 Greenridge 43 1/2 Marvin St. Plumber
E M 1905 242
Dr. Green

243 Whipple Bertholdi C. 26y4m20d

13Nov1906 Greenridge 23 Hyde St. Locomotive fireman
C S 1905 243
Dr. B.J.Murray

244 Fox James Edward

13Nov1906 St. Peter's 449 Broadway Papermaker
C S 1905 244
Dr. Green

245 Donohue Patrick 72y6m

17Nov1906 St. Peter's 116 White St. Gardner
C M 1905 245
Dr. Ledlie

246 Rose Lucinda 77y

19Nov1906 Greenfield 37 So. Franklin St. Housewife
B M 1905 246
Dr. Varney

247 O'Rourke John H. 19y

23Nov1906 St. Peter's 92 W. Congress St. Cigarmaker
C S 1905 247
Dr. Ledlie

248 LaBrum Catherine E. 35y2m3d

07Dec1906 St. Mary's,B.Spa 102 Catherine St. Housewife
C M 1905 248
Dr. M.E. Varney

249 Biggie Albert Edward 2m

10Dec1906 Greenridge 41 Van Dam St. none
P S 1905 249
Dr. Green

250 Monahan Bridget Kane 72y

10Dec1906 St. Peter's 250 Church St. Housewife
C W 1905 250
Dr. J.B.Ledlie

251 Delaney Mary 67y

12Dec1906 St. Peter's 84 State St. Housewife
C W 1905 251

252 LaRose Joseph 39y

12Dec1906 St. Peter's 137 Elm St. Laborer
C M 1905 252

Tw.of Saratoga
253 Ham Pheoba Elizabeth 74y

13Dec1906 Greenridge 5 George St. Housewife
E M 1905 253
Dr. Towne

254 Small Patricia 63y

14Dec1906 Corinth, NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife

1905 254

255 McCarthy Michael J. 26y6m

17Dec1906 St. Peter's 44 Lake Ave Assis. Health Inspector

1905 255

256 Cashion Bridget 81y

18Dec1906 St. Peter's 93 Catherine St. Housewife
C W 1905 256

257 Burns Bridget 60y

24Dec1906 St. Peter's 8 Greenridge Place Housewife
C S 1905 257

258 Seymour Victor 1y4m

30Dec1906 Maplewood 16 Maple Ave

S 1905 258
Dr. Ressique

259 Goetz Julia 41y

31Dec1906 Greenridge 61 Catherine St. Housewife

S 1905 259

260 Joyce Bridget 64y

02Jan1907 St. Peter's 120 Catherine St. Housewife
C W 1905 260

261 Katzenstein Sarah C. 49y

31Dec1906 St. Peter's New York City Housewife
C M 1905 261

262 Reardon John Donald 36y3m20d

05Jan1907 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Superintendent
C S 1905 262
Dr. Towne

263 Fitzgerald Patrick 85y6m14d

11Jan1907 St. Peter's 38 State St. Mason
C S 1905 263

264 Mulholland Kate

11Jan1907-B St. Peter's

1905 264

Patrick Mulholland
265 Marr/Man Julia 64y


1905 265

266 Shlery? Lena 11y11m3d

Saratoga Hospital

E S 1905 266

267 Dalton John Michael 1m7d

23Jan1907 St. Peter's 26 Van Dam St.

C S 1905 267
Dr. Morertia

Michael Dalton
268 Malone Mary 40y6m

25Jan1907 St. Peter's Comstock Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 268
Dr. Comstock

John Malone
269 Manniello? Andrew 50y

26Jan1907-B Brick Church Cemetery Wilton, NY Laborer

1905 269
Dr. Lincoln

270 Weippert Annie Clancey 48y

29Jan1907 Quebec, Canada
C W 1905 270
Dr. Comstock

Richard Clancey
271 Ray Paul

McCarthy Hospital

1905 271
Dr. McCarthy

272 Hennessey James Gaffney 30y

30Jan1907-B St. Peter's Geysers Painter
C S 1905 272
Dr. Rossigner?

273 Smith Thomas 76y

04Feb1907 Greenridge 146 Church St. Teamster
C W 1905 273
Dr. Ledlie

274 Moore Charles H. 28y

05Feb1907-B Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Laborer

S 1905 274
Dr. Rossigner

John W. Moore
275 Edwards Martha A. 39y

08Feb1907 Ballston, NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife

S 1905 275
Dr. Rossigue?

Ernest R. Edwards
276 Brophy Thomas F. 40y

08Feb1907 St. Peter's 143 West Circular St.

C S 1905 276
Dr. VanArnum

277 Fitzpatrick Edward 90y

14Feb1907 Greenridge 54 Oak St. Taylor
C W 1905 277

John W. Fitzpatrick
278 Hawkins Offie May 18y

16Feb1907 Corinth Saratoga Hospital Housewife
P S 1905 278

Zachariah Hawkins
279 Loope? William S. 59y

18Feb1907 Greenwich

M 1905 279
Dr. Hewitt

William Loope?
280 Weaver Jennie 52y8m

20Feb1907 Greenridge 40 Spring Ave. Housewife

W 1905 280
Dr. McCarthy

Fred Hammond
281 Burr Charlotte A. 63y3m

21 Woodlawn Ave. Housewife

W 1905 281
Dr. Rossigue

282 Davis Francis Clara 3d

02Mar1907 Whitford 8 James St.

P S 1905 282
Dr. Humphrey

283 Davin Catherine F. 48y

04Mar1907 St. Peter's 8 Union St. Housewife
C W 1905 283
Dr. Thompson

John Davin
284 Guilinan? Michael 60y

09Mar1907 St. Peter's 130 Circular St. Merchant
C M 1905 284
Dr. Comstock

Mrs. Mary Whalen
285 Miller Maimie B. 29y

Saratoga Hospital Housewife

M 1905 285
Dr. Earl King

Henry Hazlett Miller
286 Maelqueen John 62y9m19d

13Mar1907 St. Mary's,Schuylerville Northumberland Farmer
C M 1905 286
Dr. Gow

287 Ross Angeline 85y

14Mar1907 Greenridge Vault Wilton, NY Housewife

W 1905 287
Dr. Roods

John T. Ross
288 Ellsworth Lewis 78y4m22d

457 Broadway

M 1905 288
Dr. Ledlie

Mrs. C.E.Black
289 Redmond Helen Marie 24y

17Mar1907 St. Peter's 38 State St. Stenographer
C S 1905 289
Dr. McCarthy

James Redmond
290 Weller Harry J. 41y

17Mar1907 Greenridge 29 George St. Merchant

W 1905 290
Dr. Fish

Mrs. Robert Weller
291 Katz Charles J. 57y10m28d

24Mar1907 Holy Cross,Brooklyn 66 Franklin St. Barber

M 1905 291
Dr. Towne

Mrs. Mary Katz
292 Kennedy Elizabeth A. 18y3m

28Mar1907 St. Peter's 15 Warren St.

C S 1905 292
Dr. Thompson

Thomas F. Kennnedy
293 Leone Daneino? 45y

03Apr1907 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1905 293
Dr. Moreriata

Laden Leone
294 Harmon Martin L. 20y6m24d

06Apr1907 Greenridge 183 Grand Ave. Clerk

S 1905 294

James L. Harmon
295 Cowen Helen 50y

Saratoga Hospital Housewife

M 1905 295
Dr. Fish

John Edwrad Cowen
296 Sherrin Rose Margaret 21y3m25d

24Apr1907 Calvery,NYC 101 West Congress St. Student
C S 1905 296
Dr. Donnelly

Mary E. Sherrin
297 Landrin Charles Henry 43y9m

10 Crescent St. Gentleman

M 1905 297
Dr. McCarthy

298 Peter Alphonse 55y

03May1907 St. Peter's Beekman St. Laborer
C M 1905 298
Dr. Murray

Mrs.Alphonse Peter
299 Myles Catherine 49y

03May1907 St. Peter's Ballston Hospital Housewife
C W 1905 299

300 Joubert Anna May 5y1m

11May1907 St. Peter's 42 1/2 Caroline St.

C S 1905 300
Dr. Green

Albert Joubert
301 Calkins Levinia 68y

12May1907 Fair Haven 4 Franklin Sq. Cook

S 1905 301
Dr. Leonard/to Fair Haven, VT

Lucy Carty?
302 Gaynor James 69y11m

03May1907 St. Peter's 72 Middle Ave Paper Hanger?
1905 302
Dr. McCarthy

Mrs. James Gaynor
303 Croits? Peter 39y

23May1907 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1905 303
Dr. Small

304 Burns Thomas Joseph 22y7m3d

23May1907 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Plumber
C S 1905 304

Patrick Burns
305 Palmero Alfonse 19y

25May1907 St. Peter's

C S 1905 305

306 Stephens Stephen M. 51y

01Jun1907 Grundy? 89 Hamilton Showman

M 1905 306
Dr. Palmer

Mable Stevens
307 Patten Henry 62y

02Jun1907 St. Peter's 3 Thomas St. Flagman
C M 1905 307
Dr. Swanick

Mrs. Henry Patten
308 Shields Anna 72y

03Jun1907 St. Peter's 35 Oak St. Housewife
C W 1905 308
Dr. Comstock

Charles Shields
309 Mitchell Albert T. 64y11m

306 Nelson Ave. Manager
P M 1905 309
Dr. Hewitt

Herbert Mitchell
310 Cassidy John J. 34y9m20d

06Jun1907 St. Peter's
C S 1905 310
Dr. Sanford

Michael Cassidy
311 Minehan Ann 67y3m

30Jun1907 St. Peter's 24 Lincoln Ave. Housewife
C M 1905 311
Dr. Humphrey

Michael Minehan
312 Jung Francis Joseph 3y11m

04Jul1907 Albany, NY St.Christina's Home,Albany, NY none
P S 1905 312
Dr. Ledlie

Henry M.Jung
313 Fitzpatrick John Washington 40y3m16d

07Jul1907 St. Peter's 34 Oak St. Painter
C M 1905 313
Dr. Humphrey

314 Kennah? Dr.James B. 40y2m8d

11Jul1907 St. Agnes,Albany, NY 47 Court St. Doctor
C S 1905 314
Dr. Ledlie

James Kennah
315 Wilcox Caroline 79y

15Jul1907 Greenridge Empire Hotel Housewife
P M 1905 315

316 Hayes Elizabeth G. 30y

17Jul1907 St. Peter's 56 William St. Clerk
C S 1905 316
Dr. Ledlie

John D. Hayes
317 Aldrich Clarence 1hour
19Jul1907 19Jul1907 Westwald 87 Oak St.

1905 317

Clarence Aldrich
318 Wilder Col.Fitch F. 67y3m14d

18Jul1907 Greenridge New York City Gentleman
E M 1905 318

Mrs. Wilder
319 Black Grodus Merritt 61y

19Jul1907 Whitford Geysers Farmer
E M 1905 319

Mrs.Alice Black
320 McFarland John 43y

23Jul1907 Victory Mills Saratoga Hospital Blacksmith
C S 1905 320

Mrs.John Nexius
321 Kenyon Stephen 86y10m16d

26Jul1907 Luzon,NY 55 Catherine St. Blacksmith
P M 1905 321
Dr. Hewitt

Ella Jenkins
322 Clare? Henrietta Marie 32y4m23d

26Jul1907 Calvery,NYC 74 Beekman St. Book folder
C S 1905 322
Dr. Leonard

Mrs.Catherine Arnendell?
323 Schaffran? Esther 68y

01Aug1907 New York City Maple Ave Cottage Housewife
J M 1905 323
Dr. Thompson

Henry Schaffran
324 Hulihan William 60y

01Aug1907 Greenridge New York City Laundryman
C S 1905 324

325 McGoff Michael 67y

06Aug1907 St. Peter's 14 Cottage St.

C W 1905 325
Dr. Leaonard

Catherine McGoff
326 Murray Ann 70y

15Aug1907 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Cook
E W 1905 326
Dr. Ressique

Tw. Of Saratoga
327 Porter Irving 3y4m

17Aug1907 Greenridge St.Christine's Home none
P S 1905 327
Dr. Ledlie

St. Christine's Home
328 Millner Thomas C. 19y4m8d

18Aug1907 Ballston McCarthy Hospital none
P S 1905 328
Dr. McCarthy

Mrs.Isaac Milner,B.Spa
329 Meehan Phillip 2m15d

18Aug1907 Greenridge 213 Regent St. none
C S 1905 329
Dr. Humphrey

Peter Meehan
330 Crary John 73y1m26d

25Aug1907 St. Peter's Nelson Ave. Merchant
C M 1905 330
Dr. Leonard

Mrs.Ella Titus
331 Saxton Patrick 76y

25Aug1907 St. Peter's 90 Ash St. Laborer
C M 1905 331
Dr. Comstock

Miss Kate Saxton
332 Delay Margaret

29Aug1907 St. Peter's 101 State St

C S 1905 332
Dr. Rossique

Mary Connell
333 Fitzpatrick Margaret 51y

30Aug1907 St. Peter's 191 Elm St. Housewife
C M 1905 333
Dr. Leonard

Timothy Fitzpatrick
334 Morrissey John M. 28y11m18d

02Sep1907 Holy Cross,Brooklyn Wilton, NY Fireman
C S 1905 334
Dr. Lincoln

Mrs.Bridget Morrissey
335 Bramberg Harry 14y

08Sep1907 Brooklyn, Ny Comstock Hospital Stableboy
J S 1905 335
Dr.Arthur Leonard

Fred Berlen
336 McQuade William Arthur 36y2m3d

13Sep1907 St. Peter's 37 So.Franklin St. Plumber
C S 1905 336
Dr.James R.Swanick

Mrs.Arthur McQuade
337 infant

13Sep1907 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital

P S 1905 337

338 Minchen Mary D. 73y

14Sep1907 St. Peter's 68 Putnam St. Housewife
C M 1905 338
Dr. Fish

Harry L. Minchen
339 Corning Bridget 68y

14Sep1907 St. Peter's 99 Ash St. Housewife
C S 1905 339
Dr. Ledlie

Catherine Corning
340 Delaney William 44y

16Sep1907 St. Peter's Danamora Prison Prison Guard
C S 1905 340

Miss Delaney
341 Celantena Joseph 21y8m

19Sep1907 St. Peter's D&H RR @ tressle Laborer
C S 1905 341
Dr. Fish

Salvatore Cansonova
342 Buckley Mary 40y

26Sep1907 St. Peter's 170 Clinton St. Housewife
C S 1905 342
Dr. Leonard

Mrs.Patrick Crowley
343 Berrigan Thomas 61y

29Sep1907 St. Peter's Little Sisters of Poor,Troy, NY Mason
C M 1905 343

Thomas Berrigan
344 Sullivan Mary 1m7d

02Oct1907 St. Peter's 233 Union Ave.

1905 344
Dr. Palmer

Dr. Eugene Sullivan
345 O'Brien Edward 76y

04Oct1907 St. Peter's 175 Lake Ave. none
C W 1905 345
Dr. Thompson

Mrs.Frank Grace
346 Dewitt Minnie 45y

04Oct1907 Louden Gravel Ctill? Housewife
P M 1905 346
Dr. Green

Warren H. Dewitt
347 Rotunda Paul 5d

05Oct1907 St. Peter's 107 Ash St.

C S 1905 347

James Rotunda
348 Pairo Mary Virginia 61y

11Oct1907 Sleepy Hollow Wellerville, Wilton Housewife
P W 1905 348
Dr. Roods

Lucy Allen
349 Tompkins Willard L. 49y

15Oct1907 Greenridge 80 Regent St. --meralman
P M 1905 349
Dr. Humphrey

Mrs. Tompkins
350 Corsella Joseph 48y

15Oct1907 Sandy Hill, NY McCarthy Hospital RR foreman
C M 1905 350
Dr. McCarthy

Toney Corsella
351 Bryant Francis E. 8y2m

17Oct1907 Greenridge 5 Pearl St. student
E S 1905 351
Dr. Bentley

352 McSherry Kate 37y

21Oct1907 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laundress
C S 1905 352
Dr.Arthur Leonard

Spencer Trask,"Yaddo"
353 Bencivenga Joseph 49y

22Oct1907 St. Peter's 2 Wisten Alley Laborer
C M 1905 353
Dr. Bentley

Tw. Of Saratoga
354 Armstrong Julia

State Hospital, Utica, NY Housewife
C M 1905 354

John Armstrong
355 Ahearn Catherine 43y

05Oct1912 St. Peter's Saratoga Cure Housewife
C M 1905 355 Saratogian/Sun Coroner Small

356 Ryan Bridget Kennedy 89y

08Oct1912 St. Mary's Leonard's Crossing Housewife
C M 1905 356 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

John Leonard
357 Donlon Wm. Bernard 65y

02Nov1912 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C W 1905 357 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Small

Margaret V. Donlon
358 VanNess Anna L. 84y

07Nov1912 St. Peter's 11 East Van Dam Housewife
Cong P W 1905 358 Saratogian/Sun Dr. H. Loope

George L. VanNess
359 O'Connor Elizabeth Jane 69/65y

11Nov1912 St. Peter's Saratoga Cure Housewife
C W 1905 359 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

Thos.Edward O'Connor
360 Swanick Catherine 78y5m28d

15Nov1912 St. Peter's 174 Washington St. Housewife
C M 1905 361 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Murray

Jas. Swanick
361 Parmenton Joseph 51y4m14d

18Nov1912 Ballston Spa Saratoga Cure Janitor

S 1905 362 Saratogian/Sun Dr. E. Palmer

362 Burian George 37y1m4d

24Nov1912 Linden Hill,Brooklyn, NY 58 Catherine St. Furier
C M 1905 363 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Thompson

363 VonAsch Katherine 73y

24Nov1912 Greenridge 18 Rear Cottage St. Housewife
German L W 1905 364 Saratogian/Sun Dr.VanArnum

John VanAsch
364 Deyoe Felix M. 62y

26Nov1912 Greenridge 47 Church St. Butcher
E M 1905 365 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Moriata

Nellie Deyoe
365 Odom Hardy 77y4m25d

28Nov1912 Maplewood Wilton,NY Farmer
AME Zion M 1905 366
Dr. Varney

366 Vokes Edward Joseph 51y

12Nov1912 St. Peter's 43 Warren St. section foreman
C M 1905 360 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Harry Loope

Helen Vokes
367 Hubig Rose 67y

16Dec1912 Greenridge 24 York Ave. Housewife
C W 1905 367 Saratogian/Sun Dr.E.A.Palmer

Robert Flanagan
368 White Mary L. 87y

17Dec1912 Ballston Spa 5 Whitney Place Housewife
E W 1905 368 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Van Arnum

Dennis Mullaaney
369 Johnson Hannah 68y

19Dec1912 St. Peter's 52 York Ave. Housewife
C W 1905 369 Saratogian/Sun Dr.J.B.Ledlie

Miss Nellie Kennedy
370 Ward Rev. Peter 56y

01Jan1913 St. Clement's St. Clement's College Clergyman
C S 1905 370 Saratogian/Sun Dr.J.B.Ledley

St. Clement's College
371 Folleth Mary 56y

02Jan1913 Louden Church 3 Granite St. Housewife

W 1905 371 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Small

Mr. Vaughn
372 McGirr Jane E. 42y

08Jan1913 St. Peter's 18 Park Place Housewife
C M 1905 372 Saratogian/Sun Dr. C.E.Small

373 Maher Wm Henry

10Jan1913 St. Peter's Excelsior Park Foreman
C M 1905 373 Saratogian/Sun Dr. J.B.Ledlie

Wm. P. Maher
374 Gingras Francis David 57y7m7d

23Jan1913 St. Peter's 17 Warren St. Painter
C M 1905 374 Saratogian/Sun Dr.M.J.A'Hearn

375 Horton Wm. Henry 52y

23Jan1913 Greenridge 480 1/2 Broadway Merchant
B M 1905 375 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Towne

Fayette Groff
376 Morrissey Bridget 72y

12Feb1913 St. Mary's East Galway Housewife
C M 1905 376 Saratogian/Sun Dr.C.B.Small

Anna Noonan
377 Zobtoesky Antonia 50y

12Feb1913 Clifton Park Saratoga Cure Laborer

M 1905 377

Franz Moak/Felix Lasher
378 Minello Madeline 18y

18Feb1913 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1905 378 Saratogian/Sun Dr.T.J.Ressique

Chas. LaBelle
379 Kanaly Bridget 72y

22Feb1913 St. Peter's 275 Nelson Ave. Housewife
C W 1905 379 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Comstock

George Kanaly
380 Fox Wm. Joseph 37y1m12d

24Feb1913 St. Peter's 53 Lincoln Ave. Plumber
C M 1905 380 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Thompson

Mrs. Joe Morrissey
381 McQuade Arthur 75y

24Feb1913 St. Peter's Circular St.Miss Emeigh Porter
C S 1905 381 Saratogian/Sun Dr.F.J.Ressique

Miss Mary Swanick
382 Amato Frank 47y9m28d

22Feb1913 St. Peter's Saratoga Cure Laborer
C unknown 1905 382
Dr. Brotherhood

Tw. Of Saratoga Springs
383 Adams Sidney 87y

27Feb1913 Gansvoort County Farm Farmer
P W 1905 383 Saratogian/Sun

Reuben Adams
384 Dorsey James

01Mar1913 St. Peter's 65 Ash St. Laborer
C W 1905 384 Saratogian/Sun Dr.M.J.Ahearn

Patrick Dorsey
385 Harrington Jane E. 77y1m15d

03Mar1913 West Milton Greenfield Housewife
P M 1905 385 Saratogian/Sun Dr.Clayton F. King

Saratoga County
386 Kennedy Patrick

11Mar1913 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C M 1905 386 Saratogian/Sun Dr.H.L.Loope

Tw. Of Saratoga Springs
387 Condon Martin J. 46y4m11d

11Mar1913 St. Peter's Saratoga Cure Laborer
C M 1905 387 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

388 O'Rourke John H. 33y10m23d

19Mar1913 St. Peter's 54 Phila St. Brakeman
C S 1905 388 Saratogian/Sun Dr.Jas.R.Swanick

389 Corbin Wm.Harlow 84y7m4d

28Mar1913 Greenridge 162 Circular St. Retired
B W 1905 389 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Downs

Harold Corbin
390 Kenyon Stanley 22y3m13d

28Mar1913 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Laborer
E S 1905 390 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Towne

Clark E. Kenyon
391 Hurley George Washington 72y17d

28Mar1913 St. Peter's 106 York Ave Laborer
C M 1905 391 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Green

392 Mulholland Bridget/nee Carey 46y

31Mar1913 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1905 392 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Thompson

James Mulholland
393 Cole Anna 57y

04Apr1913 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1905 393 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Towne

Zelum Cole, Jr.
394 Crandall Daniel S. 22y9m21d

11Apr1913 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Cigar-Maker
B S 1905 394 Saratogian/Sun Dr.G.S.Towne

Miss Elida Crandall
395 Malcom Anna M. 56y5m25d

Saratoga Hospital Housewife

M 1905 395 Saratogian/Sun Dr.G.S.Towne

Dr. Chas.B.Small
396 Moran Margaret Mary 45y

20Apr1913 Calvary,NYC Saratoga Cure Housewife
C S 1905 396 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

A. Murray & Son
397 McMullens Florence Alfretta Labatte 60y11m2d

28Apr1913 Maplewood Saratoga Cure Housewife
E M 1905 397 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.Palmer

398 Delaney Mary Elizabeth 65y

28Apr1913 Union/Hudson Falls 55 Phila St. Housewife
C S 1905 398 Saratogian/Sun Dr.B.J.Murray

Edward Comiskey
399 O'Mara Dennis 16y11m

28Apr1913 St. Joseph/Auburn,NY Saratoga Hospital Mechanic
C S 1905 399 Saratogian/Sun Dr.G.S.Towne

Mrs. Nolan
400 Sanderson Elizabeth 72y

01May1913 Ware, Mass Dr. Strong's Nurse
E W 1905 400

G.B.Moffitt/Glens Falls
401 Willard Nancy J. 78y8m11d

03May1913 Greenfield 184 East Ave. none
M W 1905 401 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Humphrey

402 Butt Josephine W. 28y10m24d

05May1913 Calvary,Brooklyn 25 West Circular St. Housewife
C M 1905 402 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

John J. Patten
403 Monahan Phillip P. 58y

09May1913 St. Peter's 210 Elm St. Mason
C M 1905 403 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

Mrs. Monahan
404 Lyons Margaret 66y8m9d

13May1913 St. Peter's 66 North St. Housewife
C W 1905 404

Wm. Lyons
405 O'Brien Hannah 76y

16May1913 Greenridge 16 East VanDam St. none
C W 1905 405 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Greene

Mrs. Jno Putnam
406 Fitzgerald Katherine M. 55y9m2d

19May1913 Greenridge 52 State St. Seamstress
C S 1905 406 Saratogian/Sun Dr.M.J.Ahearn

Mary Redmond
407 Nelson Leonora K. 43y11m

20May1913 Greenwood,NYC 100 Maple Ave. Housewife
P W 1905 407 Saratogian/Sun Dr.G.H.Fish

Henry & Mrs. A. Corsen
408 Brennan Ellen 65y

09Jun1913 Union,Hudson Falls 9 Washington St. Housewife
C W 1905 408 Saratogian/Sun Dr.B.J.Murray

Miss K. Brennan
409 Covell John 37y

10Jun1913 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Laborer
E S 1905 409 Saratogian/Sun Dr. G.S. Towne

George Covell
410 Fitzpatrick Margaret 67y

15Jun1913 St. Peter's 26 Van Dam St. Housewife
C M 1905 410 Saratogian/Sun Dr. M.J. Ahearn

Jno Fitzpatrick
411 Staples Lydia Haviland 84y1m8d

26Jun1913 Sanford's Ridge Wilton, NY Housewife
M W 1905 411 Saratogian/Sun Dr.H.M.Lincoln

Mrs. Jno Wicks
412 Cogan Mary Agnes 55y

01Jul1913 Greenridge 60 Congress St. Housewife
C W 1905 412 Saratogian/Sun Dr.R.H.McCarthy

Miss E. Cogan
413 Phillips George 40y1m1d

02Jul1913 St. John's,Schaghticoke Saratoga Hospital Railroad Trainman
C M 1905 413 Saratogian/Sun Dr.E.H.King

Thomas Connery
414 Cunningham Katherine

04Jul1913 St. Peter's 280 Caroline St. Housewife
C M 1905 414 Saratogian/Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

Miss Celia Jones
415 Delaney Margaret 82y

05Jul1913 St. Peter's Greenfield, NY Housewife
C M 1905 415 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Clayton King

Jno Delaney
416 Smith Thomas F. 44y

17Jul1913 St. Peter's 146 Church St. Fireman
C M 1905 416

417 Lewis Edgar L. 57y2m14d

17Jul1913 Mt.Elliott,Detroit,MI Saratoga Cure Business Man
C M 1905 417 Saratogian/Sun Dr.G.F.Comstock

418 Green Frederick 80y7m23d

18Jul1913 Greenridge 45 Marvin St. Carpenter
E W 1905 418 Saratogian/Sun Dr.Wm.J.Green

Saratoga County
419 Spinella Raphael 64y

21Jul1913 St. Peter's 86 West Circular St. Laborer
C M 1905 419

Charles LaBelle
420 Faraone Paolo 60y25d

26Jul1913 St. Peter's Wilton, NY Laborer
C M 1905 420 Saratogian/Sun Dr.C.B.Small

Jno Faraone
421 Mulhall Elizabeth Agnes 38y7m25d

02Aug1913 Calvary,Flatbush,NYC St.Clement's College Clerk
C S 1905 421

Father White
422 Ward Isabelle 62y4m5d

06Aug1913 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E W 1905 422
Dr. Downs

423 Latrace Eliza 79y

09Aug1913 Greenridge 97 York Ave. Housewife
M W 1905 423 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Wm.J.Green

Mrs. Wheeler
424 Black Walter 42y4m19d

11Aug1913 Whitford Ash St. RR Crossing Carpenter
E S 1905 424 Saratogian/Sun Dr.C.B.Small

425 Goddard Wm. 48y

12Aug1913 Maplewood McCarthy Hospital Cook
E S 1905 425

Town of Saratoga
426 Daley Mary Ann 82y

14Aug1913 Rural, Albany, NY St.Christina Home Housewife
E W 1905 426
Dr. Jno B.Ledlie

427 Fountain Albert J. 29y

14Aug1913 St. Peter's Saratoga Cure Barber
C W 1905 427 Saratogian/Sun Dr. C.B. Small

428 Davis Charles 28y

14Aug1913 St. Peter's Saratoga Cure Silk Weaver
C M 1905 428
Dr. C.B.Small

429 Fosmire Edgar 77y6m6d

17Aug1913 Greenridge 463 Broadway Tinsmith
M M 1905 429 Saratogian/Sun Dr.B.J. Murray

Mrs. Edgar Fosmire
430 Burrows Mary A. 67y3m5d

20Aug1913 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M W 1905 430
Dr.S.A. Downs

431 Barrett Rev.Charles T.,CSSR

St.Clement's College Priest
C S 1905 431

Rev. Father White
432 Blake Tolman Marvin 36y10m28d

24Aug1913 Tampa, FL 2 Clinton Place Chauffeur
M M 1905 432 Saratogian/Sun Dr.Small/Ledlie

433 McGee John J. 30y

26Aug1913 Calvary,Brooklyn,NY Saratoga Hospital Clerk
C S 1905 433
Dr. A.W.Thompson

Phillip Reilly
434 Connor Helen Cecelia 34y

28Aug1913 Greenridge 16 Webster St. none
C S 1905 434

435 VonAsch Katherine 43y

29Aug1913 Greenridge Saratoga Cure Housewife
C M 1905 435

John VonAsch
436 Shay Mary Elizabeth 71y

29Aug1913 St. Peter's Hamilton St. Housewife
C M 1905 436
Dr. John B. Ledlie

John P. Shay
437 Ubbig Stanley 32y

30Aug1913 Linden Hill,Baltimore, MD Saratoga Hospital Mechanic
C S 1905 437
Dr. A.J.Leonard

438 Walsh James F. 62y8m15d

05Sep1913 Charleston, S.C. Saratoga Cure Broker
C W 1905 438 Saratogian/Sun Dr. Comstock

Mr. Bofill
439 Monahan Ellen 63y9m

17Sep1913 St. Peter's 104 W. Circular St. Retired Housewife
C W 1905 439 Saratogian & Sun Dr. J.B. Ledlie

Mrs. E.J.Galligan
440 Miller Stephen Rice 66y10m

23Sep1913 Fort Ann, NY 34 Jefferson St. Liveryman
E M 1905 440 Saratogian & Sun Dr.l J.F. Humphrey

441 Hanson Walter Hendrick

29Jan1912 Greenridge New York City

P M 1905 441
20 months in vault-B 27Sep1913

Mrs. Geo. P. Lawton
442 Conklin Margaret J. 38y

27Sep1913 St. Peter's Saranac Lake, NY Housewife
C W 1905 442

Miss A. Fogarty
443 Bootier Mary 40y3m28d

29Sep1913 St. Peter's 95 George St Housewife
C W 1905 443 Saratogian & Sun Dr.A.W. Thompson

daughter Louise Bootier
444 Carr Albert 54y

03Oct1913 Greenridge Saratoga Care Flagman-D&H RR
E M 1905 444

Walter & Clark Carr
445 Hodges Edwin 84y9m26d

10Oct1913 Brick Church-Wilton Wilton, NY Farmer
M W 1905 445
Dr. Roods

son-Miles E. Hodges
446 Betts John Seeley 31y9m9d

11Oct1913 Maplewood 40 North Ave Laborer
M S 1905 446 Saratogian & Sun Dr. Wm.J.Green

Mother-Mrs.Samuel Betts
447 Dunning Bridget 63y

16Oct1913 Borden,Whitehall, NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C W 1905 447 Saratogian & Sun Dr.A.J.Leonard

448 Brower Wm. 81y

18Oct1913 Gurn Spring 234 Maple Ave Farmer

W 1905 448

son-Charles Brower
449 VanWagner Ellen Ryan 75y

20Oct1913 Whitford 2 West Ave Housewife
E M 1905 449 Saratogian & Sun Dr.C.B.Small

husband-George VanWagner
450 Donnelly Joseph 38y

23Oct1913 St. Paul's,Mechanicville Saratoga Cure Bartender
C S 1905 450

sister-Anna Conklin
451 Ramroth Victoria 36y5m17d

29Oct1913 Waterford, NY 215 Elm St. Housewife
C M 1905 451 Saratogian & Sun Dr. Wm.J.Green

husband-Fred Ramroth
452 Conners John J. 50y

13Nov1913 St. Peter's McCarthy Hospital Painter
C S 1905 452 Saratogian & Sun Dr.R.H.McCarthy

John Gorman/Mary Carroll-cousins
453 Eighmy John C. 45y

13Nov1913 Greenfield High Rock Ave. Laborer
E D 1905 453 Saratogian & Sun Dr. H. Loope

sister-Hattie Bennington-E'Liz, NJ
454 Driscoll Timothy J. 17y10m

03Nov1913 St. Peter's RR Cross.Washington St. Clerk
C S 1905 454

father-John E.Driscoll
455 McGuire James C. 62y

20Nov1913 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Laborer
B M 1905 455 Saratogian & Sun Dr.A.W. Thompson

456 Farrell Peter 55y7m6d

24Nov1913 St. Peter's 40 Crescent St. Laborer
C S 1905 456 Saratogian & Sun Dr.F.J.Ressique

brother-Charles Farrell
457 Williams Arthur Sidney 45y9m2d

26Nov1913 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Mason
M M 1905 457 Saratogian & Sun Dr. Wm.J.Green

Mrs. Williams/3Thomas St.
458 King Jessie 39y3m29d

01Dec1913 St. Peter's 3 Pine Alley Housewife
C M 1905 458 Saratogian & Sun Dr.G.H.Fish

Wm. King
459 Weeks Frances Raynor 77y

01Dec1913 Greenfield 56 Maple Ave. Housewife
M W 1905 459 Saratogian & Sun Dr. C.B. Small

460 Risarto Matilda 52y

04Dec1913 St. Peter's 63 Beekman St. Housewife
C M 1905 460 Saratogian & Sun Dr. J.B. Ledlie

nephew-Pasquale Simone
461 Finnegan Margaret 52y

06Dec1913 Imaculate Conception Mrs.Nolan/Wilton, NY Dressmaker
C S 1905 461

Sarah Finnegan
462 Murphy Rev.Henry Gerald 30y7m29d

07Dec1913 St. Clement's St. Clement's College Priest
C S 1905 462

463 Dunnigan Wm. 61y

08Dec1913 St. Clement's Christ Hospital/Jersey City, NJ Truckman
C W 1905 463 Saratogian & Sun Dr.F.C.Nesbit

Wm.Dunnigan,Jr/Beekman St.
464 Lacey Ellen 75y

14Dec1913 Greenridge 200 Regent St. Retired cook
C S 1905 464 Saratogian & Sun Dr.G.S.Towne

Mrs. Flanagan
465 West James 63y4m18d

28Dec1913 Ballston Spa Saratoga Cure Farmer
E W 1905 465

sister-Eliza Seaman/Milton
466 Rose Lulu 40y3m10d

30Dec1913 Greenfield Center Saratoga Hospital Housewife
E M 1905 466 Saratogian & Sun Dr.M.E.Varney

parents-M/M H. Burdick
467 Woodard Samuel 68y9m3d

31Dec1913 Gurn Spring Wilton, NY Carpenter

M 1905 467
Dr. Roods

Mrs. Samuel Woodard
468 Berrigan Margaret 70y

02Jan1914 St. Peter's Warren & North Housewife
C W 1905 468 Saratogian & Sun Dr. G.S.Towne

sister-Miss Anna Meyers
469 Swanick John 75y

17Jan1914 St. Peter's Lake Ave. Retired
C W 1905 469

bro-Anna Hickey Mrs. Driscoll
470 DeSantis Michael 25y app.

Saratoga Cure Laborer
C S 1905 470

Town of Saratoga Springs
471 Kelly Catherine 76y5m9d

24Jan1914 St. Peter's 78 White St. Housewife
C W 1905 471

472 Fitzpatrick Timothy 65y

26Jan1914 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Janitor
C W 1905 472 Saratogian & Sun Dr.G.S.Towne

son-Jno.Fitzpatrick/Elm St.
473 McVeigh John 65y9m15d

26Jan1914 St. Peter's Oak St. Laborer
C M 1905 473

474 Hopkins John Thomas 45y(9Sep)

29Jan1914 St. Peter's,Troy, NY Albany Hospital Butcher
C M 1905 474
Dr.Erastius Corning,Albany

Mary L.Hopkins
475 Kipp Catherine 59y

29Jan1914 Greenridge 79 Maple Ave Housewife
C M 1905 475
Dr. H. Loope

Michael Kipp,Julia Kipp
476 Golaise Helaire Francis 68y9d

11Feb1914 Plattsburg, NY 67 1/2 Lake Ave. Moulder
C W 1905 476
Dr. E.H.King

child.Ernestine&Helaire,Jr.,Mrs. Harry Kelly
477 Fennell Patrick 84y10m24d

11Feb1914 St. Peter's 92 Lincoln Ave. Retired
C W 1905 477 Saratogian & Sun Dr.R.H.McCarthy

chil.Thos,Mary Kelly,Mrs.C.J.Smith
478 Meaney Patrick 59y11m2d

19Feb1914 St. Peter's Stratton St. Retired Horse Trainer
C M 1905 478

wife-Margaret nee Ryan
479 Meaney Michael-bro of Patrick 56y

19Feb1914 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Retired Jockey
C S 1905 479 Saratogian & Sun Dr. A.J. Leonard

480 O'Brien Mary J. 45y2m6d

24Feb1914 Calvary,Brooklyn,NY Shackleford Bld.Apt#31 Housekeeper
C S 1905 480
Dr. Wm. J. Green

sib.M.J.,Arthur,Reuben,Clara,Mrs, Joe Carroll
481 Madden Michael Augustine 60y10m13d

16Mar1914 St. Peter's 58 Woodlawn Ave. Painter
C M 1905 481

wife-Mary A.
482 Dunston Alfred 56y

22Mar1914 St. Peter's Albany, NY Carpenter
C M 1905 482

child-Wm.Dunston&Mrs. Snell
483 Labelle Charles 52y11m7d

10Apr1014 St. Peter's 16 Oak St. Laborer
C M 1905 483 Saratogian & Sun Dr. H. Loope

Child. Tony & Madeline Labelle
484 Harris Washington 52y

12Apr1914 Greenridge Flanagan's,Church St. Laborer
none W 1905 484
Dr. VanArnum

bro.Jno Harris/Joe Flanagan
485 Sifferlen Ellen 70y11m8d

13Apr1914 St. Peter's 173 East Ave. Housewife
C W 1905 485
Dr. M.E. Varney

child.Jno Sifferlen&Mrs.Wm Weil
486 Price Lucy Jane 68y

18Apr1914 Gurn Spring Wilton, NY Housewife
1905 486
Dr. Lincoln

son- Wm. Price
487 Donohue Mary 84y8m4d

19Apr1914 Calvary,NYC 445 Broadway Housewife
C W 1905 487 Saratogian & Sun Dr. A.J. Leonard

child.Frank Donohue/Josephine Evarts
488 Grubb Elizabeth 78y

25Apr1914 Greenridge 3 Waterbury Housewife
B W 1905 488
Dr.M.E. VanArnum

sons-Harry & Fred Grubb
489 Morris Chester Fletcher 52y6m

29Apr1914 Greenfield Greenfield, NY Farmer
M M 1905 489
Dr. Clayton King

daughters-Ruth & Dora Morris
490 Farrell Anna 39y

30Apr1914 St. Peter's 46 Granite St. Housewife
C M 1905 490
Dr. M.J.Ahearn

491 Cavanaugh Joseph 21y8m

01May1914 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer
C S 1905 491

father-Dennis Cavanaugh
492 Colopietro Roselina 73y

01May1914 St. Peter's 154 Ash St. Housewife
C W 1905 492

child.Joe,Cosymo,Mrs.Daniel Smaldone
493 Gaffney James 27y

03May1914 St. Peter's 46 Warren St. Mason
C S 1905 493 Saratogian & Sun Dr. D.C.Moriata

father-James Gaffney
494 Delanehear Catherine 52y

06May1914 Maplewood 18 Russell St. Housewife
Pentecostal W 1905 494 Saratogian & Sun Dr.A.J. Leonard

son-Leon Lanfear,NYC
495 Nolan Martha Swanick 40y22d

06May1914 St. Peter's Newark Private Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 495
Dr.H.F.Cook, Newark,NJ

Father Jas. Swanick
496 Shay Elizabeth 38y3m2d

11May1914 Mineville/Port Henry Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 496

husband-James L.Shay
497 Lee Joseph 58y7m18d

19May1914 Notre Dame,Schylerville 207 Nelson Ave. Bartender
C M 1905 497
Dr. A.J.Leonard

sons-Herbert & Harvey Lee
498 Cechal Ferdinard 41y4m

02Jun1914 Maplewood 17 Granite St. silk dyer
C M 1905 498
Dr. M.J.Ahearn

wife Barbara Cechal
499 Howland Rhoda 75y

03Jun1914 Stillwater Saratoga Cure Housework
P S 1905 499

James Bortell,Watervliet, NY
500 Barnum James Hall 69y

05Jun1914 Maplewood County House none

W 1905 500
Dr. H. Loope

Tw. Of Saratoga Springs
501 Carroll Jno. Patrick 52y2m5d

12Jun1914 St. Peter's Lake Ave. Merchant
C M 1905 501
Dr. M.J. Ahearn

wife Margaret Carroll
502 Daig Jno 74y4m28d

12Jun1914 St. Peter's 54 Marvin St. Gardner
C W 1905 502
Dr. Wn.J.Green

brother-George Daig
503 Carey Mary 84y

15Jun1914 St. Peter's Albany, NY Housewife
C W 1905 503
Dr. O'Leary

son-Jno. Carey
504 Roger Gertrude 13y1m3d

18Jun1914 St. Mary's,Schylerville Saratoga Hospital Student
C S 1905 504
Dr. A.J.Leonard

father-Patrick Rogers
505 Byrnes J.Howard 22y1m23d

21Jun1914 Thurman Saratoga Hospital Telegrapher
P M 1905 505
Dr. Jno.B.Ledlie

wife-Margery Byrnes
506 Malone Rose 70y

24Jun1914 St. Peter's Gridley Ave. Housewife
C M 1905 506
Dr. Geo. Comstock

husband-Patrick Malone
507 LaRose Louis 72y

24Jun1914 Greenridge/Soldier's Saratoga Hospital Painter
P S 1905 507
Dr. A.J. Lepnard/Co.A-118NY infantry

County of Saratoga
508 Lamson Theron George 65y5m7d

27Jun1914 Ticonderoga Saratoga Hospital Carpenter
P W 1905 508 Saratogian & Sun Dr. M.J.Ahearn

509 Donohue James 48y11m8d

10Jul1914 St. Peter's 116 White St. Horse-Trainer
C W 1905 509

bro/of Edward/Catherine Donohue
510 Shevlin Susan Bradley Read 63y7m22d

16Jul1914 Holy Cross,Brooklyn Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 510
Dr. J.B.Ledlie

husband-James, Brooklyn, NY
511 Driscoll Catherine 43y9m16d

18Jul1914 St. Peter's Geysers Housework
C S 1905 511
Dr. F.J.Ressique

Daniel,Hannah Driscoll
512 Phillips Mary Griffen 80y4m17d

20Jul1914 St. Peter's 28 Fifth Ave. Housewife
C W 1905 512
Dr. Humphrey

Jno&Wm Phillips.Mrs.Jas Fleming
513 Newman Henry J. 69y9m23d

22Jul1914 Babylon, L.I. Saratoga Lake Hotel Proprietor
C M 1905 513
Dr. J.B.Ledlie

wife-Anna Newman
514 Williams Ellen 73y8m1d

06Aug1914 St. Peter's 31 First St. Housework
C W 1905 514
Dr.A.J. Leonard

Jennie & Frank Williams
515 Lucas Margaret 28y0m13d

08Aug1914 St. Peter's 51 Court St. Housewife
C M 1905 515 Saratogian & Sun Dr. A.J. Leonard

Thomas F. Lucas
516 Kanaly James W. 52y

10Aug1914 St. Peter's Utica State Hospital Barber
C M 1905 516 Saratogian & Sun

sons, Dennis & James
517 Davis Wm. 63y

12Aug1914 St. Peter's 6 Thomas St. Laborer
C M 1905 517

child.James,Mary & Kate Davis
518 Moore Wm. Jas. 28y7m9d

16Aug1914 Woodlawn, NYC 19 Circular St. none
C S 1905 518
Dr. A.J. Leonard

Mother-Sarah A. Moore
519 Curran Michael Henry 60y7m20d

17Aug1914 Calvary, NYC American Hotel Merchant-Tailor
C M 1905 519 Saratogian & Sun Dr. A.W. Thompson

wife Elizabeth Curran
520 Navagh Margaret 37y5m2d

26Aug1914 St. Peter's Mrs. Pryor's,Church St. Housewife
C M 1905 520
Dr.A.J. Leonard

husband-Thomas Navagh
521 Doherty Ellen 87y4m1d

02Sep1914 St. Peter's 36 Avery St. Housewife
C W 1905 521

daug-Mrs.Jerry Shay&Mrs.Charles Farrell
522 Tompkins Edwin S. 40y7m10d

06Sep1914 Greenridge 140 Circular St. Carpenter
P M 1905 522
Dr. Towne

Mrs. Catherine Tompkins
523 Stover William H. 69y8m15d

10Sep1914 McCoy-Greenfield 9 Avery St. Driver
P W 1905 523
Dr. Loop

Chaunchey Stover
524 Young Mary Ann 54/60y10m9d

14Sep1914 St. Peter's 3 Oak Alley Housewife
C M 1905 524 Saratogian & Sun Dr.M.J. Ahearn

husband-George H.Young
525 Judge Edward Michael 28y7m18d

20Sep1914 Greenridge 36 Woodlawn Ave. Driver-Livery Stable
C S 1905 525 Saratogian & Sun Dr.M.J. Ahearn

526 Smith Samuel J. 58y

23Sep1914 Greenridge 464 1/2 Broadway Proprietor-Billard Parlor

M 1905 526

wife-Mrs. Delia Smith
527 Lysett Johanna 68y3m

24Sep1914 St. Peter's 140 Beekman St. Housewife
C W 1905 527
Dr. A.J.Leonard

Jno.Thos.Augustus,Cornelius,Josie,Mrs.T Gorman
528 Hayes Catherine C. 56y5m22d

27Sep1914 St. Mary's,Yonkers 139 Phila St. Housekeeper
C S 1905 528
Dr. E.H. King

siblings-Peter&Mary Hayes
529 Sweet Anna Louise 44y

Town of Malta Housewife

M 1905 529
Dr. J. Humphrey

Hus. Eugene Sweet
530 Heffernan Edward J. 58y1m2d

29Sep1914 St. Peter's 484 1/2 Broadway Wine&Liquor Merchant
C M 1905 530
Dr. D.C. Moriata

531 Lefler Alonzo 70y8m5d

06Oct1914 Greenridge 427 Broadway Grocer-Merchant
E M 1905 531
Dr.J.B. Ledlie

wife-Catherine,daug.Lydia Bruchan
532 Wilson Francis M. 79y

07Oct1914 Whitford County House,Tw.of Milton Retired farmer
B M 1905 532

sibl.Caroline & Edmund Wilson
533 Dwyer John E. 39y2m15d

21Oct1914 St.John's,Schaghticoke Saratoga Cure Hotel Keeper
C M 1905 533
Dr.D.C. Moriata

534 Coeu Margaret 64y

23Oct1914 St. Peter's 117 Grand Ave Housewife
C S 1905 534 Saratogian & Sun Dr. Thompson

Mary&Margaret Swanick
535 Gilgallon Maria 79y11m

30Oct1914 St. Peter's 50 Bryant St. Housework
C W 1905 535 Saratogian & Sun Dr.A.J. Leonard

536 Hayes Catherine 77y10m21d

11Nov1914 St. Mary's,Galway Saratoga Cure Housework
C W 1905 536 Saratogian & Sun Dr. E.C.Palmer

537 Reilly Arthur Dominick 38y

21Nov1914 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Bar tender
C W 1905 537 Saratogian & Sun Dr. Geo. Fish

chil.Floyd Reilly,Mrs.Chris Ranhofer
538 Allen Wesley 58y1m15d

22Nov1914 St. Peter's 26 Catherine St. Janitor
C M 1905 538
Dr. J.B.Ledlie

wife-Catherine Allen
539 McCabe James Bernard

23Nov1914 St. Peter's, Troy,NY 1939 Fifth Ave, Troy, NY

C S 1905 539

sister-Alice,Mary,Eliz.Anna, Kate
540 McClain David 34y

27Nov1914 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Junk Dealer
C S 1905 540
Dr.A.S. Downs

541 Barnum Ethel Giles 21y3m5d

29Nov1914 Old Glens Falls Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M M 1905 541
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

542 Welch Mary Swanick 79y

09Dec1914 Greenridge 82 Beekman St. Housewife
E W 1905 542
Dr.A.J. Leonard

daug.Mrs. Joel Mastin
543 Truman Julia A. 54y1m14d

10Dec1914 Middle Grove 1 Oak Alley Block Housewife
B M 1905 543
Dr. Towne

husband-Alvah C. Truman
544 Sheridan Charles 54y11m18d

12Dec1914 St. Peter's 3 Thomas St. Stone Mason
C M 1905 544
Dr. M.J.Ahearn

Child.Katherine,Ellen,Anna,Mrs.J Forbes
545 King Patrick J. 56y

21Dec1914 St. Peter's 440 Broadway Painter
C S 1905 545
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

bro of Jos.King,Mrs.Jessie Lockwood
546 Hayes James Andrew 35y27d

09Jan1915 St. Peter's 159 W. Circular St. Telegrapher
C S 1905 546
Dr. M.J. Ahearn

parents,M/M Patrick Hayes
547 Galligan Edward 54y7m25d

17Jan1915 St. Peter's 104 W. Circular St. RR Brakeman-Retired
C M 1905 547
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

sons-Jno,Peter, Edward Galligan
548 Connolly Georgianna 74y

21Jan1915 Greenridge McCarthy Hospital Housekeeper
M S 1905 548

549 Morrissey John 67y2m

24Jan1915 St. Mary's So.Glens Falls 69 Middle Ave. Blacksmith
C M 1905 549 Saratogian & Sun Dr. M.J. Ahearn

Chil.Robert, Mary & Catherine
550 Allister Julia 52y

26Jan1915 Elmwood Saratoga Hospital Housewife
M D 1905 550
Dr. Downs

551 Harvey Elizabeth 44y1m4d

29Jan1915 St. Peter's 56 Jefferson St. Housewife
C W 1905 551
Dr. R.H. McCarthy

bro.David,James,Frank Quinlan
552 Merrill John J. dob1Jun1841

29Jan1915 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Farmer
E M 1905 552 Saratogian & Sun Dr.F.J. Ressigue

wife-Jennie Merrill
553 Nash Austin 68y8m17d

31Jan1915 Greenridge 54 Van Dam St. Mason
E M 1905 553 Saratogian & Sun Dr. M. J. Ahearn

554 Maher John 70y

06Feb1915 St. Peter's 75 Lincoln Ave. Blacksmith
C M 1905 554
Dr. Jas.R.Swanick

chil.Laurence,John,Mrs.John Lysett
555 Quinn Francis Robert 57y

10Feb1915 St. Mary's, Troy,NY 81 Lincoln Ave Carpenter
C M 1905 555
Dr. A.J.Leonard

wife-Mary Ellen Quinn
556 Gaffney Mary A.

25Mar1850 11Feb1915 St. Peter's 1 Avery St. Housewife
C W 1905 556
Dr.Wm. J. Green

son-Owen T. Gaffney
557 Swanick James 77y

12Feb1915 St. Peter's 203 Washington St. RR. Flagman
C W 1905 557
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

558 Proctor Calvin

16Feb1915 Rushford,Rochester Saratoga Cure Farmer

M 1905 558
Dr. Geo. F. Comstock

daug.Kate Proctor,Round Lake,NY
559 Franklin Margaret 30y9m21d

22Feb1915 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 559
Dr. F.S. Ressigue

husband Urn Franklin, Greenfield
560 Putnam Harry J. 32y

24Feb1915 St. Peter's 722 Ave.A, Schenectady, NY Plumber
C M 1905 560

bro.of Mary,Agnes,Wm.
561 Myers Anna 61y

25Feb1915 St. Peter's Saratoga Ave.Mechanicville Housework
C S 1905 561

aunt of Thomas Lenahan
562 Caputo Rosa 30y11m11d

Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 562
Dr.A.J. Leonard

husband-Antonia Caputo
563 Sheeran Ellen 70y

07Mar1915 St. Peter's Rear 37 So. Franklin Housework
C W 1905 563
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

564 Burke Mary 55y

11Mar1915 St. Peter's 190 Beekman St. Housewife
C W 1905 564
Dr. Wm. J. Green

daug.Mrs. Wm. Dunnigan
565 Carey Cornelius

18Mar1881 12Mar1915 St. Peter's 205 Circular St. Teamster
C S 1905 565
Dr. Earl J. King

Parent-M/M Patrick Carey
566 Hoffman Carl Harrison 22y6m11d

12Mar1915 Middle Grove Saratoga Hospital Lumberman
B S 1905 566
Dr. G.S. Towne

father-Max Ferdinard Hoffman
567 Smith Roxie P. 60y

15Mar1914 Greenridge 464 1/2 Broadway Housewife
E W 1905 567
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

widow of S.J. Smith
568 Roohan James H. 57y
??Jan1857 16Mar1915 St. Peter's 87 Lincoln Ave. Merchant
C M 1905 568
Dr.G.S. Towne

569 Roraback Edward James 57y5m28d

16Mar1915 Malta Ridge Malta Farmer
M M 1905 569
Dr. F. J. Ressigue

wife-Mary J.
570 Cooper Ephraim P. 78y3m

21Mar1915 Rock City Falls 74 Walnut St. Farmer
M M 1905 570
Dr. Wm. J. Green

son-Lewis N. Cooper
571 Stevens Wm. Henry 74y14d

23Mar1915 Maplewood 105 Congress St. Cooper
M M 1905 571
Dr. B. J. Murray

Fred Stevens&Mrs.Patrick Cray
572 Cook Amelia Josephine 58y

Saratoga Hospital Authoress
M S 1905 572
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

Mr. Formel - Estate
573 Saltz Johanna 74y6m1d

26Mar1915 Immaculate Conception,Corinth Porters Corners Housewife
C M 1905 573
Dr. F.J. Ressigue

574 Blair Albert 52y11m17d

28Mar1915 Greenridge Saratoga Cure Laborer
E M 1905 574
Dr. Geo. F. Comstock

wife-Marion Nash Blair
575 Neeson? Patrick 57y

31Mar1915 St. Peter's 37 George St. Retired flax tresser
C M 1905 575
Dr. H.L. Loop

wife-Elizabeth Neeson?
576 Burrows Helen 73y9m5d

01Apr1915 Greenridge 30 Woodlawn Ave Housework
M W 1905 576
Dr. A.W. Thompson

Nieces-Mrs. Wells & VonKramer
577 Taron? Thomas 44y5m3d

04Apr1915 St. Peter's Exchange St. Painter
C M 1905 577
Dr.A.S. Downs

Jno Taron,Mrs, Frank Malloy,Mrs.J.McGarry
578 Kennedy Michael 74y10m27d

05Apr1915 St. Mary's Jno. Leonard Retired Farmer
1905 578
Dr. A. J. Leonard

neice-Mrs. Jno. Leonard
579 Sivo Pietro 44y

12Apr1915 St. Peter's Ballston Spa Laborer
C M 1905 579
Dr. Castree/ Cremated

cousin-Thomas Colamiero
580 Abbott John Henry 31y10m29d

26Apr1915 St. Peter's 12 Vermont St. Lineman
C S 1905 580
Dr. M.J. Ahearn

Parents-M/M Thomas Abbott
581 Cunningham Mary 68y

28Apr1915 St. Peter's 208 Church St. Housewife
C M 1905 581
Dr. J.B. Ledlie

582 Sullivan Gerald Ignatius 21y

30Apr1915 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Telegrapher
C S 1905 582
Dr. A.J. Leonard

583 Burns Ellen 80y

12May1915 Greenridge Willard Asylum,Ovid, NY Housewife
C W 1905 583

daug-Mrs. Wm. Roohan
584 Winn Thomas C. 64y

13May1915 St. Peter's 106 Ludlow St. Carriage Painter
C M 1905 584
Dr. G.S. Towne

sons-Wm. & Thos.
585 Salley James

26Dec1870 20May1915 St. Peter's 55 Beekman St. Shoemaker
C M 1905 585
Dr. VanArnum

wife-Maria Salley
586 Swanick Arthur

29Jun1828 21May1915 St. Peter's 174 Washington St. none
C W 1905 586
Dr. Jas.R.Swanick

child.Dr.A.A.,Mary Swanick
587 Finch Eliphalet R. 64y

21May1915 Greenridge 100 Woodlawn Ave. Merchant

M 1905 587
Dr. Thompson

wife Hattie Holmes
588 Cassidy Michael 74y

25May1915 St. Peter's 15 Stratton St. Laborer
C W 1905 588
Dr.E.A. Palmer

child.Martin Cassidy/Mrs.Geo.DeLong
589 Henry Thomas L. 67y

27May1915 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Laborer
E M 1905 589

Gilbert Carpenter
590 Cogan Andrew S. 23y11m2d

29May1915 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Wine Steward
C M 1905 590

wife-Kathryn McIntyre Cogan
591 Tooley Lyman

09Jan1847 16May1915 Greenridge 18 Clark St. Truckman
P W 1905 591

592 Dwyer Michael J. 48y

19May1915 St. Peter's 71 Church St. Saloon Keeper
C M 1905 592

wife-Catherine Dwyer
593 Reilly Ann 75y

26Jun1915 St. Peter's 38 Warren St. Housekeeper
C W 1905 593
Dr.M.E. Varney

sons-James & Wm. Reilly
594 Gridley Charles E. 55y

29Jun1915 Greenridge NYCity

S 1905 594

Miss Bell Hettrick,Brooklyn
595 Morey Robert E.

22Apr1839 10Jul1915 Greenridge 16 Caroline St. Merchant
Congregational M 1905 595
Dr. Earl King

child.Robert,Sidney,Mrs.Edgar White
596 Cogan Katherine McIntrye 25y2m

12Jul1915 Greenridge Saratoga Hospital Housewife
C M 1905 596
Dr. Earl King

Richard Pearson
597 Finn Michael 65y12d

29Jul1915 St. Peter's 29 Ash St. Grocer
C M 1905 597

daug. Mrs.Jno.S.Hickey
598 Trim John Harvey 58y

09Aug1915 Greenridge 14 Warren St. Retired
E M 1905 598

wife-Josephine Maher Phelan Trim
599 Waldron Catherine 76y7m27d Roscomon,Ireland 14Dec1838 11Aug1915 St. Peter's 133 East Ave. Housewife Irish C W 1915 1 Saratogian & Sun Dr.H.L.Loope Patrick Carroll Co.Roscomon,Ire Bridget Waldron Roscomon,Ire Austin Waldron John Waldron
600 Woodland Charlotte 49y

12Aug1915 Maplewood Saratoga Hospital Housewife Colored C W 1915 2
Dr.F.J.Ressique/lived 92 Congress St.

601 Harrington Mary L. 79y2d Co. Cork,Ireland 13Aug1836 15Aug1915 Greenridge Lake View Sanitorium Ret.School Teacher Irish E S 1915 3

Jno. Harrington Co.Cork, Ireland Margaret Harrington Co.Kerry, Ireland
Daniel Harrington,nephew
602 Lynch Thomas J.
Bridgeport,CN 1Aug? 23Aug1915 NYC Yaddo Mechanic American C M 1915 4
Dr.A.J.Leonard Peter Lynch West Meath,Ireland Mary Bray West Meath, Ireland Mrs.Thomas Lynch

603 Welch John 64y1m24d Local 4Jul1851 28Aug1915 Whitford 148 Woodlawn Ave. Janitor American C M 1915 5
Dr. Earl King Cornelius Welch Co.Cork, Ireland Eliza Walsh Co.Cork, Ireland Caroline Ramsdill Mrs.Carrie Welsh
604 Higgins John Charles 31y7m7d Rutland,VT 28Jan1884 5Sep1915 St. Peters Saratoga Hospital Painter White C S 1915 6 Saratogian & Sun Dr.Ressique,Coroner Chauncey Higgins Rutland,VT Mary Welch West Rutland,VT
Eugene&Joseph Higgins
605 Diana Bernarda 48y Caserta,Italy
20Sep1915 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Laborer Italian C M 1915 7
Dr.M.E.Varney/lived54 Beekman St. Antonia Diana Caserta, Italy Mary Isolda Caserta, Italy Rosa Diana Joseph Diana
606 Reynolds Mary 75y Co.Donegal,Ireland
23Sep1915 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Housewife Irish C M 1915 8
Dr.Ressique/lived 100 Hamilton St. Patrick Brady Co.Donegal, Ireland Ellen McLoughlin Co.Donegal, Ireland John Reynolds Estate
607 Somes Lydia J. 79y1m15d Grafton, NY 13Aug1836 28Sep1915 Prospect Hill 139 Phila St. Housewife American
W 1915 9
Dr.Earl King Ellis
Catherine Overocker Grafton, NY
608 Deuel Helen R. 66y Chester, NY
30Sep1915 Greenridge 277 Nelson Ave. Housewife American
W 1915 10
Dr.A.S.Downs ?? Niles NYC ?? Underwood
James G. Deuel Mrs.Harry Richman,Troy,NY
609 Griffen James A. 62y4m28d Dunmore East,Waterford,Ire 6May1853 04Oct1915 St. Peter's Utica Insane Hospital Mason Irish C M 1915 11
lived Waterbury St.

Mary Griffen Miss Mary Griffen
610 Rogers Wm. 36y Albany, NY
11Oct1915 Albany Rural D&H Freight Yards Chaufeer American
S 1915 12
Dr.F.J.Ressique Frank Rogers Albany, NY Charlotte Reagan Albany, NY
611 Robinson Margaret M. 58y Albany, NY
11Oct1915 St.John's Lut,Albany, NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife American E M 1915 13
Dr. Varney

Charles K.Robinson Estate
612 Putnam Wm.Cleveland 30y Saratoga
11Oct1915 St. Peter's D&H Freigt Yards Cook American C S 1915 14
Dr.F.J.Ressique Henry Putnam Amsterdam, NY Alice McCabe Ireland
Alice Putnam
613 Franklin Ann 79y3d Ireland ??Jul1836 12Oct1915 St. Peter's Greenfield Housewife Irish C W 1915 15
Dr. Clayton King Patrick Harahan Co.Clare, Ireland Bridget Butler Co.Clare, Ireland John Franklin Estate
614 Nash Esther Ann 27y11m29d Local 16Oct1887 15Oct1915 Greenridge 54 Van Dam St. none American E S 1915 16
Dr.M.J.Ahearn Austin Nash Ballston Spa,NY Esther Rock Amsterdam,NY
Mrs.Esther Nash
615 Dwyer Mary E. 46y9m19d Troy, NY 01Jan1869 20Oct1915 St. Peter's 18 Lafayette St. Dress-Maker American C S 1915 17
Dr. G.S. Towne Michael Dwyer Ireland Mary Dwyer Ireland
Mrs.Fred Roselle,sister
616 Edwards Gustavus Webster 79y7m8d Corinth,NY 14Mar1836 22Oct1915 Maplewood 102 Lincoln Ave. Salesman American M M 1915 18 Saratogian & Sun Dr. G.S. Towne Edward Edwrads Corinth,NY Lodice Marten Corinth, NY Lavina Edwards wife
617 Gordon Thomas E. 43y Maryland
25Oct1915 St. Peter's Saratoga Hospital Waiter American/Colored C W 1915 19
Dr. A.J. Leonard John E. Gordon Leonardtown,MD
James Gordon, Bro.Maryland
618 Nichols Rollen W. 62y Fort Ann, NY 1849 25Oct1915 Troy Crematory Saratoga Springs Foreman/Lumber Business American
M 1915 20
Dr.M.E.Varney/lived 128 2nd,Mechanicvile Truman Nichols

H.D. Nichols
619 Kelley Joseph M. 53y Local
27Oct1915 St. Peter's Worden Hotel Hotel Propreitor American C M 1915 21
Dr.D.C.Moriata Joseph Kelley Co.Clare, Ireland Catherine Cuneen Co.Waterford, Ireland
Worden W. Kelley
620 Dufrain Winifred Vina 50y Mineville,NY ??Jul1865 28Oct1915 Plattsburg,NY 45 White St. Housewife American C M 1915 22
Dr. M.E. Varney Michael Blake Co.Tipperary,Ireland Mary O'Brien Co,Tipperary,Ireland Thomas Dufrain husband
621 Rougier Edward E. 55y Hudson Falls, NY
06Nov1915 St. Peter's 12 East Harrison St. Carpenter American C M 1915 23
Dr. G.S.Towne Michael Rougier St.John's,Canada Elizabeth White St.John's.Canada Mary Rougier wife
622 Rourke Paul Dillon 53y Bacon Hill, NY
07Nov1915 St. Peter's 16 Rock St. Grocer American C M 1915 24
Dr.D.C. Nolan Henry Rourke Co.Limerick, Ireland Mary Bullman Co.Limerick,Ireland Mrs. Paul Rourke wife
623 Finn Wm 64y Limerick, Ireland
13Nov1915 St. Peter's 12 Madison St. Laborer Irish C M 1915 25
Dr.M.E.VanArnum Richard Finn Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Dwyer Co.Limerick,Ireland Mary Horgan wife
624 O'Reilly Ann 86y2m3d Co.Monahan,Ireland 22Aug1829 15Nov1915 St. Peter's 164 Elm St. Housewife Irsh C W 1915 26
Dr.A.J.Leonard James McSherry Co.Monahan,Ireland Margaret Quinn Co.Monahan,Ireland Andrew O'Reilly Mrs.Wm. Reiff
625 Maloney Margaret 67y Kilkenny, Ireland
17Nov1915 St. Peter's 66 West Circular St. Housewife Irish C M 1915 27
Dr.Geo.H.Fish John Doyle Kilkenny,Ireland Mary Doyle Kilkenny,Ireland
Thomas Maloney,son
626 Reardon Elizabeth 87y4m18d Dover, NH 30Jun1828 18Nov1915 St. Peter's 222 So. Broadway Housewife American C W 1915 28
Dr.G.S.Towne Thomas Welch Co.Cork,Ireland Catherine Wall Co.Cork,Ireland J. Reardon Margaret Reardon
627 Shine Daniel 60y Manchester, England
26Nov1915 St. Peter's 147 Divison St. Laborer Irish C M 1915 29
Dr.A.J.Leonard John Shine Co.Kerry,Ireland Margaret Lally Ireland Bridget Shine Michael Shine
628 Shayne Leora E. 21y4m Corinth,NY
29Nov1915 St. Mary's,Ballston 106 Clinton St. Housewife American C M 1915 30
Dr.E.A. Palmer Clarence Winney Saratoga Springs Permelia Tucker Greenfield, NY Daniel F. Shayne husband
629 Hayes John Dennis 39y2m20d Local 10Sep1876 30Nov1915 St. Peter's 159 West Circular St. Laborer American C M 1915 31
Dr.Wm J. Green Patrick Hayes Limerick,Ireland Catherine Coleman Waterford,Ireland
Patrick Hayes, son Sib-Frank,Agnes,Mrs.Alfred Waring
630 Collins Jennie M. 59y9m28d Local 05Feb1856 03Dec1915 Greenridge 57 Phila St. Housewife American M M 1915 32
Dr. D.C.Moriata James P. Scoville Luzerne,NY Nancy Beattie Salem, NY Aaron D. Collins Percy D. Collins Percy-S,Clara-D
631 Franco Agnes 65y Formicola,Italy
05Dec1915 St. Peter's 73 Beekman St. Housewife Italian C M 1915 33

Anthony LaBelle
632 Abbott Ellen M. 55y Hydeville,VT
06Dec1915 St. Peter's 12 Vermont St. Housewife American C M 1915 34
Dr.M.J. Ahearn Michael Sheehan Ireland Anna Harrigan Ireland Thomas Abbott husband
633 Kraemer Elizabeth 81y9m25d Bosselle,Switzerland 16Feb1834 08Dec1915 Maplewood 31 Franklin St. Housewife German Ger.Lutheran M 1915 35
Dr. E.A. Palmer Phillip Haenmat? Germany

Clara Hellwig,daughter
634 Miller Mary J. 89y4m2d E.Greenwich,NY 06Aug1826 08Dec1915 Maplewood Home of Good Shepard none American E M 1915 36
Dr.A.W. Thompson John Willard
?? Lee
John Miller Estate
635 O'Connor Michael J. 44y4m15d Wash Co. NY 26Sep1871 12Dec1915 St. Peter's 26 Catherine St. clerk-grocery American C M 1915 37
Dr.D.C. Nolan Owen O'Connor Ireland Mary Bolger Ireland
Eugene O'Connor,brother
636 Ludwig Charles A. 73y3m28d Dresden,Germany 19Aug1842 17Dec1915 Greenridge 16 Greenridge Place Florist-retired German Ger.Lutheran M 1915 38

Josephine Ludwig wife
637 Woods Kate 73y Queens Co. Ireland
23Dec1915 St. Peter's 104 Middle Ave. Housewife Irish C W 1915 39
Dr.M.E.Varney Thomas Deegan Queens Co.Ireland Bridget Delaney Queens Co. Ireland
638 Cassidy Mary A. 64y Quebec
27Dec1915 Cherubusco,NY Saratoga Hospital Housewife Canadian C S 1915 40
Dr.H.L.Loope/lived 15 Warren St. Edward Cassidy Donegal,Ireland Bridget Magill Donegal,Ireland
Nellie Kennedy

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