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ALIGN="CENTER">Civil War Burials in Saratoga Springs (1879 list)







The Graves of our Veterans. - Those Whose Resting Places are Unmarked .


The following list of volunteer soldiers, buried in this neighborhood, including those whose graves are as yet unmarked, has been prepared by a Committee of Post Wheeler.* If there are any names omitted, the friends of such will confer a favor by leaving such names with D. F. Ritchie, at the SARATOGIAN office, as soon as possible:"



L. M. Wheeler, Co. C, 77th Reg.

Halsey Bowe, Co. E, 77th Reg.

Orin P. Rugg, Co. G, 77th Reg.

Sumner Oakley, Co. D, 77th Reg.

Wm. J. Tabor, 77th Reg.

Stephen H Pierce, 77th Reg.

Reuben Alden, Co. F, 77th Reg.

A. A. Close, Co. G, 77th Reg.

Wm. Andrews, 77th Reg.

Thomas Joyce, Co. F, 77th Reg.

Daniel Smith, Co. C, 77th Reg.

J. G. Ketchner, Co. E, 77th Reg.

Henry Whitman, Co. E, 77th Reg.

John Briggs, Co. Q, 77th Reg.

John "V. B. Darrow, Co C, 77th Reg.

Henry C. Darrow, Co. G, 77th Reg.

Chester Dowd. Co. D, 77th Reg.

S. G. Craig, Co. E, 77tb Reg.

Frank Stillwell, Co. I, 77th Reg.

J. W. Belding, Co. B, 77th Reg.

Geo. Carrigan, 77th Reg.

Theo, Eggleston, Co. F, 30th Reg.

James Smith, Co. D, 22d Reg.

Abner Smith, Co. F, 4th H. A.

Edward N. Balch, Co. I, 22d Wis.

Richard A. Betts, Co. F, 115th Reg.

Chas. R. Frye, Co. F, 115th Reg,

Hiram Richardson, Co. H, 175th Reg.

Chas. Nevins

Chas N. Hall, Co. G, 30th Reg.

John Bevinger.

H. O. Babcock, 31st Reg.

Wm. L. Schuyler.

1st Lieut. John H. Thompson, Co. G,

14th Heavy Artillery

1st Lieut. Geo. E. Thompson, 88th N. Y. Infantry.

Robt. Middleton, 21st Reg.

Wm. Putnam, U. S. N.

James Green, 2d Vet Cav.

Lewis H. Close, 2d Vet. Cav.



John W. Case, Co. D, 47th Reg.

Smith J. Gurney, Co. G, 30th Reg. and 2d Vet. Cav.

John Sullivan.

F. Bliss.

L F. Cadington

F Jones

John Smith.

James Whitcomb.

James Brown.

Thomas Quigg, sailor St. R Island.

H. N. Finch.

John Dumphy, Jr., Co. F, 30th Reg.

Geo. Morris, Co. F, 77th Reg.

Richard Cleary, Co. D, 30th Reg.

Lewis Brassell, Oo. D, 30th Reg.

James F. Plunkett, Co. D, 30th Reg

_____ Millon (colored.)

_____ (unknown.)

F. C. Hodges, 1st Reg.

Geo. H. Barnes, Co. I

William Kelley, Co. G, 17th Reg.

Michael Welch, 2d Vet. Cav.

_____ Frink.

William Cook.

Chas. W. Derby, Co. C, 77th Reg.

Wm. H. Andrews, 1st Art.

Fred. Palmeteer.

Addison Moore.

D. Murphy.

J. G. Bacon.

Ben. Harrington,

Homer Jordon.

Peter Kelley.

Lewis Jordan.

James McKnight.

Anson Ingram.

Edgar Lawrence.

Spencer Blanchard.

P. Blanchard;

John Briston.

R. Claus, 30th Reg.

M. T. Bliven, Co. D, 30th Reg.

Thos. G. Gaffney.

J. Knickerbacker.

Lewis Atkins (colored.)

Henry Gilbert

Thomas Greenleaf.

John S. McKnight.



Patrick McDonald, Co. E, 77th Reg.

James Geary.

Jamea Deniffe, Co. A, 77th Reg.

Fred. Rosebush, Co. A, 123d Reg.

Timothy Conners.



Alex. Dunn, Co. D, 161st Reg.



Peter Knickerbocker, Co. E, 77th Reg.

Philip J. Austin, Co. C. 77th Reg.

Henry A Austin, Co. K, 12th Reg,

Patrick Ready, Co. B, 77th Reg.


*(Notes:  "Post Wheeler" was the L. M. Wheeler Post 92 of the Grand Army of the Republic.   The G.A.R. was a fraternal and benevolent organization for Union Civil War veterans, much like the American Legion which was established after World War I.  The Wheeler post was located in Saratoga Springs.  The G.A.R. marked graves of Civil War veterans with a medallion affixed to a metal post, again similar to the later American Legion markers. Unfortunately, these markers are not permanently affixed to the grave and many have been lost, stolen or destroyed since their original installation. Thanks to Chuck Latham for providing the transcription.)

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