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Records of Christ Church (Episcopal)

Ballston Spa, New York
Volume One (1793 - 1853)

Confirmations, Deaths/Funerals, Marriages

(See also other files of Baptisms, and Communicants.)

Confirmations at Christ Church, Ballston Spa.

June 17, 1820

Joshua Baldridge		Sally Ann Smith
Priscilla Aldridge		Sally Smith
Thomas Palmer			Ann Langworthy
Mary Palmer			Eunice Cook
Epenetus White			Mary Kidd
Susan White			Charlotte Corey
Samuel Smith			Orenda Barlow
Lucinda Smith			Polly Barlow
Amelia Peck			Helen Bradley
Electa Mann			Catherine Bradley
Joseph Mann			Ann Bradley
Elihu Spears			Ester Winton
Thompson Maxwell		Eli Barnum
Betsey _______			Rhoba Barnum
Betsey _______			Daniel C. Noble
Philip Ten Eyck			James Mann
				Gideon B. Smith
				Susan Watrous

Confirmed by the Rt. Rev. J. H. Hobart
Sept. 30, 1827.

Eunice Loomis			Ann Swan
Hannah Peckham			Mrs. Ball
Caroline Salisbury		Elizabeth Crawford
Wid. Burnet			Margaret Bartow
Mrs. Morehouse			Miss _____ Bartow
Patience Lee			Sarah La Touche
Fanny Ranson			George Starr
Lucy Swan			Orian (a colored woman)

Confirmed by Bishop Hobart
Aug. 20, 1835.

Mrs. Abigail Van Ness
Mrs. Mary Arnold
Mrs. Rebecca Freeman (a colored person)
Daniel B. Crawford
Mrs. Lucy Ann Way (Wey?)

Confirmed by Bishop Onderdonk
July 17, 1831.

Miss Sarah Watrous
Miss Susan Coon
Miss Amy Hayes
Miss Lydia Johnson
Miss Sarah Rickey (Richey?)

Confirmed by Bishop Onderdonk
July 26, 1836.

Doct. Samuel Freeman		Ruth Wilson	
James W. Horton			Mrs. Stone
Malvina Taylor			Sophia Kidd
Elizabeth Ann Taylor		Frances McMaster
Julia Bennett			Cynthia Smith
Sarah Peckham			Hannah M. Be____
Selina Ford			Mary Rebecca Smith
Louisa Seeger			Nancy Maria Smith
Mrs. Herrick			Elizabeth Hatch
Mary Ann Smith			Mary Ann Child

Confirmed by Bishop Onderdonk
Aug. 4, 1839.
Sarah Richards			Mrs. Patterson
Phebe Richards			Mrs. Mann
Hannah Richards			Mercy Mann
Lydia Richards			Mary Tallmadge
Jane Ann Manning		Hannah Ranson
Mary Ann Burnett		Charlotte Booth
Augusta Fuller			John Benedict
Mrs. Meeker

Confirmed by Bishop Onderdonk, at Milton
May 20, 1840.

James Stewart
Jane Stewart
Rebecca McCabe

Confirmed by Bishop Onderdonk
July 31, 1842.

Augusta Thompson		Mary Smith
Mary E. Clark			Eliza Clarke
Lucy Scott			Martha Ann Peckham
Sarah M. Kelly			Mr. Lowery
Jane E. Bradley			Mrs. Lowery
Alicia R. Smith

Confirmed by Bishop Oderdonk
May 31, 1844.

Squire Burnett			Sarah Ann Thompson
Charlotte Young			Sarah Ann Bass
Emeline Betts			Helen Clark
Sarah Ann Barret		Abba Horton

Confirmed by Bishop De Lancy of Western New York, acting under the 
invitation of the Standing Committee of this Diocese.
June 11, 1847.

Wheeler R. Booth		Miss Jane C. Schuyler
Martyn Lowry			Miss Margaret Van Ness
Charles Babcock			Miss Mary Jane Van Ness
Arthur Gibbons Stafford		Miss Mary Jane Weed
Mrs. Nancy Richards		Miss Augusta E. Ball
Mrs. Elisa Brown		Miss Amanda Bridges
Mrs. Chas. Carpenter		Miss Elisa Stewart
Mrs. Isabella M. Geer		Miss Frances Barnum Westcott
Miss Hannah Mary Westcott

Confirmed by Bishop Whittingham of Maryland, 
having temporary charge of the Diocese.
August 18, 1849.

Joshua B. Bass			Frances Katerina Bass
John Henry Bass			Mary Ann Harden
Susannah Litch			Elizabeth McArthur Weed
Johanna Hawkins			Martha Smith
Frances Beecher			Jane Morrison
Caroline Matilda Barnum		Melissa Smith
Almena Burton Lee		Emeline White

Confirmed by Bishop Wainwright
Dec. 4, 1852.

John Richards
W. Gates Fuller			Jane A Babcock
Mrs. Tyrrell			Anna L. Thompson
Angeline Jones			Elizabeth C. Thompson
Mary E. Mann			Sophia Millham
Julia Horton			Jane Brown (colored)

Jane A. Babcock

Deaths/Funerals by Rev'd Ammi Rogers

(Transcriber's note:  There are some death notations in the 
Communicants Lists which do not appear here.)

Page 22

1.  Hannah D___bery died Dec. 18, 1797 aged 57 years.
2.  Boston Case died January 4, 1798 aged 31 years.
3.  Jeremiah Betts died Jan. 9, 1798 aged 31 years.
4.  Sarah Betts died Jan. 14, 1798 aged 28 years.
5.  Ruth Sears died March 13, 1798 aged 28 years.
6.  Phoebe Patchen died March 15, 1798 aged 28 years.
7.  Jesse Smith died July 19, 1798 aged _9 years.
8.  Dav'd B. Crane died Aug. 2, 1798 aged 1 year.
9.  Sarah Walton died Aug. 23 1798 aged 39 years.
10. Abraham Betts died Sept. 27, 1798 aged 40 years
11. Sarah Hubbard died Oct. 14, 1798 aged 7 years
12. Harry Davis died Nov. 11, 1798 aged 1 year _ months.
13. John Campbell died Jan. 13, 1799 aged 50 years.
14. Marg't Campbell died Jan. 28, 1799 aged 50 years.
15. Hannah Norton died Jan. 18, 1799 aged 37 years.
16. Stephen Winston died Apr. 12, 1799 aged 37 years.
17. Sam'l Ketchum died Apr. 21, 1799 aged 5 years 7 months.
18. Jerusha Benedict died July 22, 1799 aged 73 years.
19. Eliz. Benedict died Nov. 6, 1799 aged 26 years.
20. Margt Rogers died August 5, 1800 aged 25 years, 10 months.
21. Benj'n Roberts died Dec. 1800 aged 22 years.
22. Juliet Leonard died Dec. 20, 1800 aged 3 months 10 days.
23. Timothy Hatch died January 21, 1801 aged 75 years.

Christ Church Marriages

Marriages by Rev'd Ammi Rogers.

1.  Rich'd N. Morris was married to Miss Ann Walton Jan. 24, 1797
2.  Ward Rice was Married to Miss Sarah Bessee Oct. 7, 1797
3.  Lewis St. John was married to Cynthia Hays Dec. 12, 1797
4.  John D. Van Kirk was married to Miss Mary Cafford Dec. 21, 1797
5.  Henry Borhite was married to Cath. Van Schaick Dec. 26, 1797
6.  Peter Hastings was married to Desire Higby Dec. 31, 1797
7.  Sylvester Harman was married to Mary Betts January 4, 1798
8.  George Gorham was married to Miss Sarah White Dec. 31, 1797  (Baptism #538 says "Susan.")
9.  Seth McUmber was married to Miss Eliz'th Cowan Jan. 7, 1798
10. Salmon Cogswell was married to Miss Sarah S. Dean Feb. 6, 1798
11. Thomas Wilson was married toClara Akins Feb. 21, 1798
12. Obadiah Ogden was married to Miss Martha Miller Mar. 4, 1798

Column two, right edge of page damaged.
(Transcribers note:  It may be assumed that the following marriages took place in 1798.)
13. John Clenday was married to Miss Polly Brown Mar. 15, ____
14. John Howling was married to Miss Ruth Gilbert Mar. 22, 17__
15. Robert Scrivener was married to Miss Hannah Hewit June 19, 179_
16. Jesse McDonald was married to Miss Sarah Wright June 24, 179_
17. Simon Glen was married to Miss Mary Stevens July 12, 179_
18. Gerard Patchen was married to Miss Mary Stevens July 12, 179_
19. William Callen was married to Miss Sylvia La___ Aug. 9, 179_
20. Amos Gorham was married to Miss P__sence Osborn Sept. 2, 17__
21. Justus Ferris was married to Miss Martha Brown Sept. 25, 179_
22. Harmon Van Slyke was married to Miss Ann Avery Sept. 25, 179_
23. Lemuel Cabel was married to Miss Abigail Benedict Oct. 1, 179_
24. Benjamin Webb was married to Mis Lucy Lewis Oct. 14, 179_

Marriages by Rev'd Ammi Rogers.
Column one, left edge of page damaged.  
(Transcriber's note: Some given names taken from baptisms of their children.) 
25. (Nehem)iah Millard was married to (Alith)ea Pulling Nov. 22, 1798  (See baptism #531.)
26. ____s White was married to _____th McKnight Nov. 20, 1798
27. (Robe)rt Crawford was married to (Han)nah Albright Dec. 20, 1798  (See baptism #527.)
28. (Robe)rt Benedict was married to (Phoe)be Ferris Jan. 10, 1799   (See baptism # 586.)
29. (Christ)ian Sackrider was married to (Weal)thy Pettit Jan. 13, 1799  (See baptism #404.)
30. (Fre)d'k Valentine was married to (Ma)ry Gillaspie Jan. 24, 1799  (See baptism #569
31. __thony Ross was married to ______th Dusenbury Feb. 9, 1799
32. (T)homas Brown was married to (Jane)______ Feb. 21, 1799  (See baptism # 416.)
33. ___rt Crawford was married to __borah Wood March 17, 1799
34. ____ Smith was married to Olly Hays Mar. 18, 1799
35. ____ McMaster was married to Hannah Benedict Sept. 1, 1799 
36.____ian Howley was married to ____n Wemple Sept. 7, 1799
37. ___ad Porter was married to ___lly Davis	Sept. 29, 1799
38. ___ Dunning was married to ___lly Smith Sept. 29, 1799
39. ____ Benedict was married to __san Clarke Sept. 29, 1799
40 Jon'Smith was married to Ann Betts Dec. 22, 1799
41. Wm Richards was married to Rebecca McDonald Dec. 25, 1799
42. Daniel Brown was married to Rachel Barnum Dec. 26, 1799
43. Philo Hind was married to Patty Smith Jan. 8, 1800
44. Thos Armstrong was married to Eunice Disbrow May 25, 1800
45. Thomas Dows was married to Jerusha T_bald May 29, 1800
46. Eber Harger was married to Polly Seely June 8, 1800
47. John Lord was married to Polly Boyd June 12, 1800
48. Elisha Jennings was married to Abigail Williams July 3, 1800
49.  Hugh Limney (?) was married to Amy Northrop Sept. 4, 1800
50. John Nibband was married to Elizabeth Whalen Sept, 14, 1800
51. Ezra Davis was married to Lucy Nash Sept. 14, 1800
52. Austin Dale was married to Polly Akins Nov. 5, 1800
53. John Olli__ was married to Ann Van Allen Dec. 20, 1800
54. Joseph Miller was married to Jemima Wilkins Jan. 22, 1801

Page 22  	Marriages by Rev'd Ammi Rogers

55. Hermann Needer was married to Jemima Van Patten Feb. 7, 1801
56. Andrew Crowfoot was married to Eliz. Turney June 10, 1801
57. Ebenezer Patrick was married to Sarah Ensign Feb. 9, 180(2)

Marriages Solemnized by Rev. D. Babcock
under the Marriage Act of 1830.
Pages 78-

Nov. 21, 1830.  ____ Harris of Half Moon to Elizabeth Van Hyning of Malta.
Jan. 13, 1831.  Zachariah Ramsdale to Elizabeth Crawford, both of Saratoga Springs.

"N.B. Marriages from this date to Nov. 1837 have been kept in another book."

Nov. 22.  George A. Curtis of Troy to Mary Jane Near of Malta.
Dec. 26.  M_____ N. Snyder to Catherine A. Aumock (?), both of Amsterdam, N.Y.

May 10.   Thomas Morris Howell, Esq. Of Canandaigua, N.Y. to Louise Young of Ballston.
May 17.   James Crocker Clark of Glens Falls to Mary Amelia Cornell of Wilton.
May 23.   Mr. John Jones of Troy to Miss Ann Van Buren of Milton.
June 26.  James M. Marvin of Saratoga Springs to Rhoby H. Barnum of Ballston Spa.
Sept. 26. Isaac Perry of Charlton to Nancy Osborne of Glenville
Oct. 17.  Daniel Steenburgh to Catharine Maria Tice, both of Milton.

Jan. 23.  George G. Scott to Lucy P. Lee, both of Ballston Spa.
Feb. 3.   Tho (?) R. Wyman of Amsterdam to Lydia Ann Ward of Ballston Spa.
Feb. 7.   Robert Lawrence of Stillwater to Amanda S. Gregory of Malta.
May 28.   John Henry Beach of Saratoga Springs to Mary Young of Ballston.
May 29.   Peter W. Ouderkirk to Gertrude Danbury, both of Glenville
May 29.   Ezra D. Loomis of Egremont to Mary Ann Bradley of Milton.
Sept. 10. Joel H. Hawkins to Hannah Taylor, both of Milton
Sept. 22. John Byrne to Sarah Twitchell, both of Saratoga Springs.
Oct. 1.   Edward Taylor of Bainbridge, Ohio, to Malvina Taylor of Ballston Spa.
Oct. 10.  Calvin Munger to Lavina Elmira Buell, both of Saratoga Springs.
Nov. 7.   John Riley to Amy Fish, both of Malta
Nov. 18.  Henry R. Owen of Troy to Mary Hart of Ballston
Nov. 26.  John Weed of Black Brook to Susan B. Cowan of Saratoga Springs.

July 11.  John Van Ness Schermerhorn of Ballston to Phebe Parmerton of Ballston Spa.
June 2.   Stephen Parks of Whitehall to Thankful Herrick of Ballston Spa. 
Sept. 28. James Savage of Saratoga Springs to Eunice L. Barnum of Ballston Spa.
Oct. 5.   Nathaniel M. Clark to Mary E. Lee, both of Ballston Spa.
Dec. 23.  Elias Plum of Troy to Mercy Mann of Milton.

Jan. 6.   Frederick Gates of Galway to Mary Tallmadge of Ballston Spa.
Feb. 3.   Abel Meeker to Uretta Nibbard, both of Ballston
Feb. 24.  Nathaniel Mann to Sally Frances Slocum, both of Milton.
April 14. Barker C. Dunning to Deborah Morehouse, both of Malta.
Oct. 7.   Nathaniel C. Dodge to Lucy Ann Wey, both of Saratoga Springs
Oct. 18.  Job C. Collamer of Milton to Elizabeth Vandenburgh of Half Moon.
Oct. 22.  James Coatsworth to Ann Jane Murdock, both of Galway.
Nov. 10.  Lorenzo Kelly to Sarah Maria Westcott, both of Ballston Spa.

Feb. 3.   Cyrus Wood to Rebecca McCabe, both of Milton.
Mar. 6.   Jeremiah Peck to Lydia Richards, both of Milton.
May 1.    Francis Millham to Matilda Cranson, both of Galway.
May 26.   Thomas Ashdown to Mary Ann Clarke, both of Charlton.
Sept. 12. Samuel Wakeman to Alicia R. Smith, both of Ballston Spa.
Oct. 10.  DeWitt Clinton Harris of Clifton Park to Caroline Lasher of Malta.

Oct. 25.  Callender Beecher to Frances B. Lee, both of Ballston.
Oct. 30.  Sidney S. Burnham of Schenectady to Harriet Adaline Collamer of Milton.

Jan. 1.   Charles Oscar Benedict of Batavia to Hannah Mary Frost of Saratoga Springs.
Jan. 1.   Henry White of Ballston Spa to Mary Ann Collamer of Milton.
Feb. 20.  John Barrett to Sarah Ann Van Ness, both of Ballston Spa.
July 29.  Henry McChesney to Elizabeth Downing of Brunswick, Rensselaer County, NY
Sept. 23. Stephen B. Medbery to Sarah M. Clark, both of Ballston Spa.
Oct. 3.   Henry Phillips of Troy to Margaret H. Stebbins of Ballston Spa.
Oct. 8.   Mathaniel Montross of New Orleans to Ann Melissa Smith of Ballston Spa.
Nov. 12.  Leverett Moore to Mary L. Smith, both of Ballston Spa.
Nov. 12.  Visscher Mix of Albany to Almira W. Smith of Ballston Spa.

Feb. 20.  Herman Moody to Rebecca Miller, both of Northumberland.
Mar. 4.   Benjamin R. Backus of Darien, Genessee Co. NY to Eliza Clark of Ballston Spa.
Dec. 24.  John Checter Booth to Margaret F. Clark, both of Ballston Spa.
Dec. 30.  Lindsley P. Seelye of New York to Martha Booth of Ballston Spa.

Marriages Solemnized by the Rev. G. J. Geer
Oct. 14.  Luther Bolles to Harriet Woodin, both of S___ingburgh.
Dec. 23.  James D. Hayes of Galway to Miss Catharine M. Millard of Charlton.

Sept. 5.  Frederic T. Palmerton, of Ballston Center to Catharine M. Wiggins of Ulster Co.
Sept. 28. Horace Goodrich of Schenectady to Matilda L. Smith of Ballston Spa.

Aug. 1.   Maus (?) Barhydt to Elizabeth Gillett, both of Dausville (?).

June 12.  William (Dorlan) of Troy to Helen Mary Barnum of Ballston Spa.
June 21.  Edward C. Delavan to Harriet A. Schuyler, both of Ballston.
Sept. 12. Nathan J. Johnson of Fonda's Bush to Frances Barnum Westcott of Ballston Spa.
Nov. 8.   Matthew Griswold of Peoria, Ill. to Charlotte E. Young of Ballston.
Nov. 22.  Robert P. McMaster of New Orleans to Jane O. Schuyler of Ballston.
Nov. 22.  Edwin Steinburg to Mary Wakely, both of Milton.

April 11. James H. Lockwood to Susan Hawkins, both of Ballston Spa 
Sept. 5.  Joshua B. Bass to Mary Jane Packard, both of Ballston Spa.
Dec. 11.  Samuel D. Morris (?) of Hanesdale, NY to Catherine E. Little of ____town, NY

Jan. 1.   John Quin of Cohoes to Sarah C. Thompson of Ballston Spa.
May 24.   Wm. B. Mitchell of Albany to Elizabeth Ball of Ballston Spa, by Rev. T. Babcock.
Dec. 18.  Platt Richards of Camillus, NY to Sarah Richards of Milton.

Aug. 1.   John Pettes of Windsor Vt. to Mrs. Roanna Wainwright of Middlebury, Vt.
Aug. 11.  Wm. Henry Wheeler of Fish House to Elisa Ann Stewart of Milton.
Dec. 13.  Joseph M. Alcott to Mary Jane Smith, both of Ballston Spa, by Rev. T. Babcock

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