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formerly known as   COLLAMER CEMETERY
     Town of Malta
Located in the northwestern section of town, at the intersection of East High Street and Van Aernem Road.
Information was extracted from the Durkee microfilm at the County Historian's office and the quarterly publication, 
the Saratoga.  Extracted by Dianne Thomas, edited by Frank Goodway.
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ALDRICH Mary 7/8/1827 48y mother of Maria & Lydia
ASHTON Elizabeth 8/16/1803 72y,10m wife of John
ASHTON John 8/4/1816 80y  
BARTOW Norman F. 9/13/1846 1y,3m,11d son of D.J. & C.M.
BARTOW Stephen D. 7/9/1848 9m,26d son of D.J. & C.M.
BARTOW Stephen D. 8/28/1844 1y,1m,15d son of David J. & Cyrene C.
BENTLEY Beeknam German 6/18/1860 10/22/1834  
BENTLEY Mary Ann 1/29/1841 28y wife of Harness, nee EMIGH
BENTLEY Nancy 10/5/1872 54y wife of Harness, nee COLLAMER
BENTON Harriet L. 3/15/1862 29y wife of James, dau of Hiram & Sally M. COLLAMER
BIRCH John W. 3/24/1851 3d son of John & Ann
BISHUP James 7/29/1812 24y,11m  
BUCK Samuel 7/4/1799 6y,42d son of John & Esther, drowned
BURK Olive S. 1860  
BUTCHER David Lyman 1/29/1852 3/6/1848 son of William H. & Sarah P.; gson of D & M PURINTON
CLARK Susan M. 6/29/1872 8/21/1808 (perhaps a COLLAMER)
CLINE Caroline 1/3/1850 5y,6m dau of Henry & Ruth
CLINE Henry 4/28/1855 53y,5m,14d  
CLINE Ruth 7/18/1855 40y  
COLLAMER Abigail 8/13/1843 44y,6m,5d 2nd wife of Barker
COLLAMER Adna 1805 13m  
COLLAMER Ann Eliza 5/24/1860 50y 3rd wife of Barker
COLLAMER Anthony 12/15/1819 84y,5m  
COLLAMER Barker 11/7/1856 89y,3m  
COLLAMER D.A. 12/31/1853 57y,8m,14d  
COLLAMER Eliza 9/18/1861 inf dau of W.B. & Sarah
COLLAMER Eliza A. 10/21/1858 30y  wife of W.B.
COLLAMER John 6/25/1851 78y,10m,14d  
COLLAMER Lionel 8/4/1845 33y,2m,4d  
COLLAMER M.R. 1851 1y,5m dau of D. H. & A.M.
COLLAMER Maria 7/25/1840 37y,6m,18d 1st wife of Barker
COLLAMER Mary 2/6/1864 83y,10m,22d wife of Thomas
COLLAMER Mary 6/3/1803 28y wife of Warren
COLLAMER Mary J. 1/20/1835 11y,3m,27d dau of Barker Jr. & Maria
COLLAMER Mercy 12/21/1817 79y,7m,17d wife of Anthony
COLLAMER Mercy 1793 18m  
COLLAMER Mirum 6/29/1831 5m,14d son of Barker & Maria
COLLAMER Myron 11/1/1869 8/8/1808  
COLLAMER Nelson 1817 9m  
COLLAMER Sally 4/15/1847 79y,2m,24d wife of Barker Sr.
COLLAMER Sally 12/24/1867 82y wife of Warren Photo
COLLAMER Sally M. 12/24/1869 67y wife of Hiram
COLLAMER Sarah 3/17/1864 45y wife of W.B.
COLLAMER Sarah M. 5/9/1844 11y,9m,29d dau of Barker & Maria
COLLAMER Sarah ROBENS 2/18/1866 81y,6m,9d  wife of John
COLLAMER Sidey 1802 1y   
COLLAMER Thomas 8/11/1859 83y,5m  
COLLAMER Warren 1/6/1867 92y Photo
COLLAMER William D. 5/30/1834 2y,11m,27d son of Collins & Maria
CRAWFORD Benjamin S. 5/12/1869 29y  
CRAWFORD Sinthy no dates dau of Thomas & Polly COLLAMER
DUNNING Deborah 10/31/1864 43y 1st wife of Barker C.
EMIGH Eliza 2/27/1870 52y,1m,21d wife of William W.
EMIGH William W. 7/10/1875 69y,9m,7d  
FORCE Elizabeth 2/14/1860 87y  
HALL Amy J. 2/25/1863 12y,7m,4d dau of Joseph P. & Amy
HALL Elizabeth 1/16/1841 67y,2m,6d wife of John B.
HALL Erastus 9/8/1815 4y,4m son of John B. & Elizabeth
HALL Henry H. 1/5/1858 26y son of Rennsselaer & Mary
HALL Irving S. 10/19/1871 9m,27d son of Alvin W. & Mary
HALL John 9/14/1855 53y,5m,14d  
HALL John B. 9/23/1845  
HALL John W. 1/4/1851 23y son of Rennsselaer & Mary
HALL Lorenzo 9/10/1815 2y,6m son of John B. & Elizabeth
HALL Lucius D. 11/30/1867 43y  
HALL Lucy Ann Snyder 5/11/1864 24y dau of Alonzo & Lucy
HALL Lucy M. 9/1/1858 22y wife of C.F.
HALL Mary 8/8/1858 52y wife of Rensselaer
HALL Mary 10/27/1860 27y dau of Alonzo & Lucy
HALL Pardon 4/17/1807 3y,1m,6d son of John B., & Elizabeth
HALL Pauline E. 4/22/1848 22y,26d dau of Rensselaer & Mary
HALL Rachel 6/9/1843 22y dau of William F. & Diana
HALL Rachel 9/30/1847 53y wife of Seneca
HALL Rensselaer 8/28/1837 37y,2m,14d  
HALL Seneca 7/13/1862 69y  
HALL Washington 8/14/1845 28y son of John B., & Elizabeth
HALL William F. 6/3/1842 48y  
HURD Simeon E. 5/26/1861 18y  
LEACH Mary B. 12/16/1866 20y,3m,18d wife of Titus D.
MIDDLEBROOK Oliver  7/27/1829 78y,9m,8d  
MIDDLEBROOK Polly 7/27/1810 39y,7m,11d wife of Oliver, nee MOREHOUSE
MILLARD Charles M. 8/3/1826 3y son of Barzilla & Nancy
MILLERD Eleazer 1/13/1832 71y  
MILLERD Mary 3/28/1846 85y wife of Eleazer
MILLHAM Mary Jane 3/19/1855 2y,8d dau of Geroge & Jane
MOREHOUSE Betsey 3/2/1866 84y wife of Gould, nee COLLAMER
MOREHOUSE Cynthia Marie 1/18/1836 25y,28d dau of Capt Gould & Betsey
MOREHOUSE Deborah 5/24/1844 65y wife of Aaron
MOREHOUSE George W.M. 3/27/1821 7y son of Gould & Betsey
MOREHOUSE Gould 3/12/1866 85y  
MOREHOUSE Lorenzo 7/4/1864 48y drowned
MOREY Gideon 8/23/1845 79y  
MOREY Rebecca 10/12/1863 90y wife of Gideon
NOXON Ira C. 4/15/1846 1m,11d son of Cornuwell M. & Caroline E.
NOXON Mary Latitia 6/10/1848 4/6/1847 dau of C.M. & Caroline E.
NOXON Truman C. 6/10/1848 11/16/1842 son of C.M. & Caroline E.
PACKHAM Jonathan 2/3/1803 48y  
PEARSALL Eliza Caroline 10/25/1863 54y wife of Samuel
PEARSALL Emma C. 8/28/1858 2/1/1854 dau of Samuel & Eliza Caroline
PECKHAM Slias 10/26/1802 43y  
PETERSON Elizabeth 6/15/1820 65y wife of Isaac
PETERSON John 7/3/1845 48y  
PETERSON Thomas 9/12/1838 15y  
POTTER Louisa 6/3/1845 30y,5m wife of Elisha
PURINTON David  5/29/1828 41y  
PURINTON John W. 12/30/1845 6/7/1818  
PURINTON Lyman B. 3/22/1850 22y,3m29d  
PURINTON Mary 4/20/1839 52y,7m widow of David
SEAMAN Abigail 8/12/1827 83y  
SEAMAN Nancy  10/12/1860 66y  
SOULLARD Barnabas 10/7/1811 40y killed by a fall
SOULLARD Lydia PEARSALL 1/12/1853 77y,10m wife of Banabas
SPENCER Lydia 7/21/1852 64y  
SPENCER Mary 4/??/1827 78y  
SWAIM Matthias (Rev.) 10/30/1834 65y  
THOMAS Robert 1829 70y erected by his son, John H.
WATSON Priscilla 4/14/1833 22y wife of James H; dau of David & Mary PURINTON
WEED Elizabeth 11/26/1848 41y wife of George
WEED Esther E. 8/25/1854 20y  dau of G. & E.
WEED Marila 6/28/1859 56y  
WIGGINS George W. 5/18/1848 5y,11m son of J. & P.

copyright 2002
Dianne Thomas, Frank Goodway and Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County
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