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Lyman and Amy (Huling) Cook Family Record


The photocopies of these Bible pages and a transcription of the entries are in the Cook Surname File at the Saratoga County Historian's Office in Ballston Spa.  It is noted in the transcription of these records that the "parents of Lyman Cook born 16 September 1784 were Merriman Cook and Mary Osborn" and "see History of Wallingford, Conn. by Charles Henry Stanley Davis; pgs 687, 703, 704."


Title Page (scan 1)


Births (scan 2)


Lyman Cook was born

September the 16 in the year


Edmund Cook was born

May the 3d 1818



Amy Huling was born

February the 2d 1784

Lyman Washington Cook

was born June the 4th 1820



Alena Cook was born

January the 31st 1809

Betsey Jane Cook was

born May the 12 1822



Mary Emeline Cook

was born April the 22d 1811

Edwin B. Cook was born

July the 25 1824



Chauncey Huling Cook

was born July the 23d 1813

Henry Morehouse Cook

was born February the 18




Delia Adaline Cook

was born November the 26


John Emmet Cook

was born February the 21

A.D. 1829




Emily Sarah Cook was

born July 11th 1833



Marriages (scan 3)


Lyman Cook was

married January the 9 1808

to Amy Huling

Chauncy H. Cook

was married  April

the 16, 1838



Alena Cook was married

August the 17 1826

Lyman C. German

was married Jan

the 1st 1856



Mary E. Cook was

married July 3 1832

Malvena U. Lockwood

was married Oct. the 30th 1854



Lyman W. Cook was

married October the 20 1842

to Abigail Tuttle

Delia A. Lockwood was

married Feb 10th 1858

to German Brownell



Delia A. Cook

was married

January the 9, 1839

Mary F. Lockwood

was married May 4th

1859 to Benjamin K.




Edwin B. Cook was

married November

the 13, 1850

John S. Lockwood

was married to Susie

B. Leeds, Jan. 5th 1868




Edwin E. Lockwood was

married Jan. 12th 1873 to Mary Cook



Deaths (scan 4)


Edmund Cook died August

the 3d in the year 1818

aged 3 months

Amy Cook died

August 20 1862



Died May the 10 1819

an infant aged 13 hours

Lyman Cook died

July 20 1867



Betsey Jane Cook died

November the 26 1826

aged 4years 6months 14 days

Oliver H. Lockwood

died July 6th 1845



Henry Morehouse Cook

died December the 26 1827

aged ten months eight days

Chauncy H. Cook died

Nov. 6th 1876



John Emet Cook died

February the 10

aged one year

11 months and 17 days

Mary E. Lockwood died

Feb 12th 1877



Emily Sarah Cook died

February the 24 1838 aged

4 years seven months and 13 days

Edwin B. Cook died

May 18th 1881


Supplemental page of Births and Deaths (scan 5)


Lyman George Lock-

wood was born May

19th 1833

Lyman C. German

was born August

the 25 1828



Delia A. Lockwood

was born October

the 25 1834

George B. Cook was

born April the

26 1839



Malvena U. Lockwood

was born December

the 5 1837

Emily Ann Cook

was born March

the 27 1841



Mary F. Lockwood

was born September

the 1, 1841


Alma Hall died

April 29th 1884*



Edwin B. Lockwood

was born Nov. 17 1843

Delia Adaline Waring

died Oct 24th 1896



John S. Lockwood born

Sept. 5 1839



*Noted on transcription page: Alena Cook German Hall - buried Jonesville Cem. beside 2d husband Samuel Hall



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