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Military Veterans Mentioned in Daniel D. Benedict's Diary


Daniel Davis Benedict was born in 1793 and 1866, aged 73 years. He was the first railroad station agent in Saratoga Springs and was prominent in Masonic circles. He kept a diary from 1819 to 1866 in which he noted incidents of local or general nature which interested him. Mr. Benedict's daughter, Mrs. Mary W. Robertson, entrusted the diary to the Saratoga Sentinel which published the entries in serial form. This version may be found on microfilm at the Saratoga Springs Public Library, and the scrapbook version of Benedict's Diary is available at the County Historian's Office. These diary entries were again serialized in several issues of our Heritage Hunters Newsletter.

            [This paragraph was adapted from the article introducing the diary's publication in the Heritage Hunters Newsletter in the February-March 2000 issue (Vol. 8, No. 1) in which issue began the serialization of the diary entries.]

7 Aug 1820      Col. Sidney Burr, age 75, Northumberland   [Surname should be spelled "Berry"]


25 Apr 1821    Major Ashel Porter, age 55, Greenf ield


29 May 1822   John Frederick Snyder, sailor


16 Sep 1822    Cpt. David Martin, age 53


20 Apr 1823    Col. Wm. Searing


24 Dec 1823    Capt. John Warren, age 69


5 Jan 1829       Col. Jabez Fitch, age 78


16 Aug 1830    Col. Jonathan Williams


17 Nov 1835   Capt. Darius Wright, age 51


2 Mar 1836      Elijah Chapman, age 85, drove Washington's baggage wagon


26 Jun 1837     Col. Wm. Searing


18 May 1838   Levi Benedict, age 77, Milton, Rev. soldier


10 Jan 1844     Lt. Col. Erasmus Darwin Swan Young


9 Feb 1841      Capt. John G. Barnard


1 May 1842     Anthony Glean, Old Saratoga, age 92, Lt. in Rev.


27 Jun 1842     Lt. Levi P. Davidson, Saratoga Springs, 1st. Reg. US Dragoons


20 Oct 1846    Sanbun Ford, Milton, age 95, Rev. soldier


9 Jan 1847       Gen. Earl Stimson, Broadalbin, Militia


5 Jul 1847        Lt. Col. A.L. Barlett

                        Major Wm. Searing


4 Jul 1848        Gen J.T. Blanchard

                        Col. Louis Paul

                        Lt. Col. A L. Barlett

                        Major Wm. Searing

                        Major R. H. Martin


23 Jul 1855      Gen. Halsey


28 May 1857   Gen. Joshua T. Blanchard


4 Nov 1857     Col. Samuel Young


27 Nov 1857   Capt. Daniel Starr, Ballston Spa, age 85


9 Jun 1859       Col. Henry D. Chapman


23 Mar 1861    Col. Hiram Rogers


12 Apr 1863    Capt. L.M. Wheeler, 77th Reg., funeral


26 May 1863   Peter Knickerbacker, 77th Reg., funeral


1 Jun 1863       Cpt. Bliven, Perry, Chrysler


19 Mar 1864    Major Isaac Sanford


6 May 1864     Col. Morris

                        Lewis Close, OLouisiana, 2d. Vet. Cavalry


26 May 1864   Capt. W. S. Schuyler, Washington


4 Apr 1865      Capt. Pierce, 77th Reg.


9 Sep 1865      Lt. Constant Williams, US Army

                        Dr. DeCamp, US Army