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Saratoga County Marriage and Birth Records

Extracted from the

Records of


Rev. James Dempster


(From his personal diary as a traveling minister)


Extracted by Sonja Abate.



1.      Amaziah Palmer and Rebecca Hubble,  Balltown, county of Albany, 9th April 1782.


2.      John Christr. Harman and Mary Deek, Balltown, County Albany, 20th May  1782.


3.      Stephen Van Ranseler to Margaret Schuyler, Daugr. To Gen. Schuyler of Saratoga, Friday, 6th June 1783.


4.      Nicolas Bogert and Elijie Schuyler, Daugr. of Harmanus Schuyler, Stillwater, Marr. 15th June 1783.


5.      Josiah Benjamen and Mary Taylor,  Stillwater, County Albany, 28th July 1783.


6.      Samuel Conklin and Margaret Green, Stillwater, 25th Dec. 1783.


7.      Jonathon Foster and Rhoda Conklin, Saratoga, cty. Albany, 25th Dec. 1783.


8.      William Glasen and Hillica Swart, Stillwater Albany Co. 30th Dec. 1783.


9.      Peter Crawford and Freelove Huile, Saratoga Dist., 21st Jan 1784.


10.  Samuel Edmond and Agnes Duff, Stillwater, 11th Feb. 1784.


11.  Jacob Rogers and Sarah Dikenson, both of Saratoga, 25th Mar. 1784.


12.  Mathew Vanbura and Nanse Howell, both of Dist. Of Saratoga, forgot the month. 1784.


13.  Hugh Slone to Hester Hershy, Stillwater, Pubd. 8th July and married 29th inst. 1784.


14.  Jacob Wemple and Gertrude Lansing, the man of Albany and the woman of Saratoga,  Pubd. 22nd of Aug. and Married 25th inst.


15.  Ebenezer Moor and Hannah Francoss, both of Saratoga, 25th Aug 1784.


16.  Peter Ferris and Elizabeth Brewer, both of Saratoga Dist., 21st Oct 1784.


17.  John Welsh and Rosetta Peples, the man of Litchfield and the woman of Half Moon, Albany co., 8th Nov 1784 pr. Bond.


18.  Henrick Barnhart and Elizabeth Shadock of Saratoga, Dec. 30th 1784.


19.  Samuel Clapper and Phebe Dickenson, both of Stillwater, 15th Feb. 1785.


20.  Charles Borman and Becca Colbert, both of Saratoga Dist., 14th of Mar. 1785.


21.  Enoch Place and Elizabeth Milligan, both of Saratoga Dist. 31st Mar. 1785.


22.  Lewis Williams and Sarah naap, both of Saratoga Dist. , 1st June 1785.


23.  Ashbel Andrews and Mary White, Stillwater, 3rd Oct. 1785.


24.  Nicholas Grusbeck and Anne Collins, Saratoga, 14th Nov. 1785.






25.  Alexander, of Michael McDonel of Balstown, 3rd Mar 1782.


26.  Anne, of James Clowd, Eliz Holms, near Balstown, 29th Sept 1783.


27.  Anne, of  Saml. Bason  & C., Stillwater, County Albany, 27th Nov. 1784.


28.  Abigail,  of Willliam Cooper and C. Stillwater, 12 Mar. 1785.


29.  Antony, of Saml. Hicks and Jane DeMelt, Newtown, County of Albany, 17th Jul 1786.


30.  Abigail,  of Thomas Ostrom and Reilif Hanman, Albany Co., Marlatsbush, 8th May 1789.

31.  Charles, of Charles Moore and Hester Bidwill, Stillwater, 2nd Nov. 1783.

32.  Catelina, of John Carry, Stillwater, 16th Sept. 1783.

33.  Charles Justinius, of Charles McCarthy and Cathre Lent, Stillwater, 8th Jan 1784.

34.  Christians, of Marcus Henry and Mary Nortman, Marlatsbush, 12th Jan, 1785.

35.  Direck, of Robert Fullerton and Grisel Dole, Stillwater, 8th Oct 1783.

36.  Edem, of Thomas Laing and Agnes Johnson, Saratoga, 27th July, 1783.

37.  Elizabeth, of James Young and Hannah Snyder, Saratoga, 27th Jul 1783.

38.  Elizabeth, of Henry I. Dunn and Elizabeth Dole, Stillwater, 5th Oct 1783.

39.  Elizabeth, of Henry Van Click and Anne Brower, Stillwater, 6th Jan 1784.

40.  Else, of Danl. Lane and Lydia Loyd, Marlatsbush, 8th Feb. 1789.

41.  Elizabeth, of Hankerson Lane and Anne Quackenboss, Marlatsbush, 18th Apr 1790.

42.  Harianca, of Ephram Clutt, Stillwater, 22nd June 1783.

43.  Horatiagit, of Isasah Hammond and Cathern. Devan, Stillwater, 11th Sept. 1783.

44.  Henry, of Michael Nicoll and Mary Do., Stillwater, 22nd Oct 1789.

45.  Henricus, of John Ostrom and Nancy Lane, Marlatsbush, 18th Apr 1790.

46.  Hannah, of Richard Hof, jr. and Margaret Putnam, Marlatsbush, 29th Aug 1790.

47.  Henry, of John Weager and Margaret Deal, of Albany co., 13th Feb. 1791.

48.  James, of John Major and ---- Ballstown, 26th Apr 1782.

49.  Jannet, of Daniel Stewart, Stillwater, 7th Feb. 1783.

50.  John, of John McGilchrist and…Stillwater, 7th Mar 1783.

51.  John, of Malcolm McGriger, Stillwater., 30th Mar 1783.

52.  James, of James Clow, Stillwater, 29th Apr 1783.

53.  John, of John Stephson and Calva Beove, Stillwater, 16th June 1783.

54.  James of David Aykerman and Hannah Marshell, Stillwater, 31 Aug. 1783.

55.  Isaac, of Wright Brown and Hannah Nollin (Newland), Stillwater, 18th Jan 1784.

56.  Isaac, of Isaac D. Funda and Rebeca Groosbeck, Stillwater, 26th Dec. 1784.

57.  John, of Simm Hilmore and Hannah Tick, Stillwater, 30th Jan. 1786.

58.  Julee, of Timothy Downs and Mary Buttler, Stillwater, 15th Jan 1786.

59.  Isaiah, of Abraham Cofenhofen and Eleanor. Marlat, Marlat’s Bush, 25th June 1786.

60.  Jacob, of Thomas Lane and Christina Cosenhosen, Marlattsbush, 16th Feb. 1794.

61.  James, of John McDoogle and Eliz.Bethy, Stillwater, 15th Feb 1794.

62.  Mary, of Barnabas Lighthart and Hannah V. Dike, Stillwater, 15th Feb 1784.

63.  Martha, of Richard Hilton and anne Sorm, Saratoga,  8th March 1784.

64.  Mary, of John Donald and Mary McKillip, Stillwater, 25th Nov. 1784.

65.  Mary, of Abraham Cofenhofen and Eleanor Marlatt, June 25, 1786.

66.  Mary Anne, of John Broomfield and Elizabeth Sicker, Marlattsbush,  26th Sept. 1790.

67.  Malvia, of Daniel Lane and Lydia Loyd, marlatts bush, 22 Sept  1790.

68.   (Nicholas), Catherine, daughter of the late Dr. Nicholas Bogart and Else Schuyler, Stillwater, 20th May 1784.


69.  Peter, of Frederick Johnson and Henrica Scott, Stillwter, 6th June, 1784.

70.  Peter, of James Hart, Marlattsbush, 12th Sept. 1790.

71.  Rosenna, of Jacob Sox and Catherine Reis, Stillwater, 23 Feb 1783.


72.  Robert, of Richard Livingston, Stillwater,  11th Jul 1784.


73.  Sarah, of John Donald and Mary McKillip, Stillwater, 16 Feb. 1783.


74.  Samuel, of Samuel McCrea, Stillwater, 19th Feb 1783.


75.  (Sarah) (TenEyck), of Elias Willard and Catherine Livingston, Stillwater, 6th Jul 1783.


76.  Sarah, of Moses McCarth and Elizabeth Dickeson, Stillwater, 8th Jan 1784.


77.  Sarah, of Ebenezer Dunning and Sarah Hulbut, Baltown, 30th May 1783.


78.  Samuel of William Glasen and Hillica Swart, Stillwater, 19th Dec. 1784.


79.  Susanna, of Lodowick Share and Margaret Gauncy, Half Moon, 9th Jul 1786.


80.  Sarah, of Isaac Coffen hofen and Eleanor Marlatt, 14th Jun 1789.


81.  William, of Samuel Burns and Elizabeth Johnston, Stillwater, 20th Mar 1785.


82.  Willliam, of David Hull and Elizabeth Whiting, Balltown, 30 Mary (??) 1785


83.  William, of Thomas Hamock and Elizabth of Marlatsbush, 12 Sept 1790.


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