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Driggs Bible Records

Collins's Stereotype Edition of The Holy Bible. Boston: Charles Ewer.   (Page image)
The Driggs Bible is in the collection of the Saratoga County Historian's Office, Ballston Spa NY.

          Page labeled "Births"(Page image)

Elisha Driggs was born February 1st 1760
Charity Driggs was born August 12th 1769
Ruth Drigs was born August 16th 1787
Joshua Driggs was born May 5th 1789
Orpah Driggs was born June 30th 1791; died Thurs. Feb. 15th '74, after 9, Aplectic
Samuel Driggs was born December 5th 1793
Sarah Driggs was born January 8th 1796
Phebe Driggs was born May 27th 1798
Joseph Driggs was born July 28th 1800

John Driggs was born December 8th 1803
Benjamin Driggs was born March 19th 1805
Waitstill Driggs was born March 6th 1806
Hiram Driggs was born July 7th 1810
Elisha S. Whitmarsh was born March 4th 1813 on Thurs night.
Mary Welch was born April 9th 1812
James Evanes was born June the 21 the 1806
Edwin L. Evines was born the 20 day of September 182_
James Evanes died November the 17 1865 age 59

          Page labeled "Marriages"(Page image)

Ichabod Whitmarsh and
Orpah Drigs were married
Dec. 22 1811

Elisha S. Whitmarsh and
Mary Welch were married
      Sept. 24th 1834

          Page labeled "Deaths"(Page image)

Elisha Driggs died
Jany 28th 1813

James Evans Whitmarsh
January 1859



Charity Driggs died

May 3rd 1829

Weightstill Driggs Palmer

died March 13, 1889, 81 years



John Driggs died

Jun -- 1828

Elisha S. Whitmarsh

Died May 20, 1898

ages 80, 2 months, 15 days



Samuel Driggs

Died the 12 1850 February

William W. Whitmarch

died in Schenectady, Dec 4, 1886

25 State St.



Phebe Crippen Died

January 12, 1853




Sarah Traver died

February 7 1853




Orpah Evers the 2 husband name

husband Whitmarsh

She died Thursday Feb 19 the 74 at the

9 hour of Evening

My dear Mother Elisha S. Whitmarsh


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