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Richard Dunning Papers

Part 1

The following information comes from the papers of Richard Dunning, received by me on January 2001 from Peggy Moss of Michigan. The papers were handed down to her grandmother, Alice Dunning Haskell, and later passed on to Peggy. The papers consisted of a number of individual pieces of script; many of which were receipts given to Richard on behalf of payment made for a debt. Other pieces included a number of deeds yet to be transcribed as well as his last will and testament. You can find Richard's last Will and Testament posted in the Saratoga Co NYGenWeb Archives. Some other pieces of interest that can be found in this document include a list of notes belonging to Richard Dunning deceased, and a letter written from Surrogate Thompson of Ballston Spa to Richard and his wife, concerning the last will and testament of her father, John Neilson.
A solid line in this document denotes the beginning of an actual different piece of paper from the collection. Brackets, [ ] indicate words that were illegible. Many of the papers were folded and had notes written on the outside of the paper, possibly a filing system of sorts used by Richard. These notes appear here in Italics.
This document includes the largest number of separate pieces. There are also two groups of receipts that were bundled and pinned. Those groups will be transcribed into Part 2, a separate document.
The first document in this selection is most interesting. It describes how Mrs. Haskell actually came into ownership of the papers. The note was written on a piece of brown paper grocery bag stock, but was not dated. The second document appears to be a note from Mrs. Barber (Richard Dunning's granddaughter) to her cousin, explaining her wishes.
Any comments or questions can be brought to the attention of . Karen Hammond Clark

kc. Feb 2001

Dunning Papers -- In event of my death to be given to Alice Dunning Haskell of Amherst, Massachusetts who is my nearest Dunning relative. Mary Vail Barber      

Dear Cousin: -
If there are any papers in this package of my own family affairs and, of no use to any one please destroy as I do not feel equal to looking them over.

Ballston Spa Bank
March 12, 1841

Recd of Mr. Richard Dunning Sixty two 48/100 Dollars for Fifteen Hundred and Fifty Rails

Grace Fowler

George E. Denton & H. Clow receipt

Richard Dunning    To    Hiram Clow Dr
     For 7 Days of Works at 10 ? $8.75
Rice Payment Rice Payment Hiram Clow
  for Geo. E. Denton
Richard Dunning   to   Geo. E. Denton Dr
     For 23 Meals         at 1/- 2.88
     For 4 Days Work   at 8/- 4.00
     For Days Work  at ??   .25
     By Rent 7.13
          Recd Payment XXXXXXX George E. Denton 2.00
     1 Bill of Shingles H 15.20
     1 Bill of Shingles 5.75
     Paid Smith Parsons for Team 1.25
     Paid Geo. Rogers   for Team 1.13
     Paid Nails 2.05

Recd of Richard Dunning Six dollars and fifty three cents for nineteen rods of land lying in the road south of the Burying grounds. Malta May 17 th 1842

Henry Van Lyming       

Parsonage recpt 1849

Recd Malta June 26 th 1849 of Richard Dunning Seven dollar to apply in his Inscription to build a Parsonage sum $1.00 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX his

Witness CW Moore

E. Millard recpts $4.12 Recd of Richard Dunning
Four 12/100 Dollars for Wood
East Line July 12 th 1844 E. Millard

1853 of Richard
& 75/100 dollars in
H. W. Sternburgh

(this paper cut in half other half missing)

A.G.W. Harris recpt 1841
Recd B Spa Nov 9 1841 of Wm R Dunning Five Dollars on a/c

Denton T. Moore recpt 1852
Rec of Richard Dunning Sixteen 75/100 Dollar in full on all Past A/c up to this date

Denton T. Moore
Malta April 9 th 1852

Jas. M. Cook P[ ] B. Spa Bank recpt
Ballston Spa March 12 1841 Recd of Mr. Christain C. Becker Eight 93/100 Dollars
In full for 255 Rails which amount was paid by Mr. Richard Dunning
In full for 255 Rails which amount was paid by Mr. Jas M. Cook
In full for 255 Rails which amount was paid by Mr. [ ] Clerk

Tailor Rcpt for clothes 1842
Recd Ballston Spa May 23 1842 of
      Richard Dunning Eight Dollars
      In full for making a suit of clothes
      In full for making a suit James Earley

Recd Malta Sept 6 1849 of Richard Dunning Ten Dollars Eight of [ ] the lot of Subscription for parsonage [ ] the rest as a donation for the same purpose

McDonald recpt for shingles
Recd Malta August 6 th 1813 of Richard Dunning Five Dollars thirty cents for William McDonald on account of a lot of shingles sold to him.          James McDonald

Westcott Kelly recpt 1841
       Recd of W. Richard Dunning Ten Dollars on a/c

Denton Moore 1852
Recd Malta March 13 th 1852 of Richard Dunning Eight Dollars on a/c

B. Spa Journal recpt 1848
$1.96       Recd B Spa March 17, 1848 of Mr. Richd. Dunning, Ninetysix Cents in full for Ballston Journal to 23 rd Nov 1847

Deed M -- To Richard May 20 1805
Enos Gregory John Starr witnesses
Deed Jeremiah Betts To M.D.
John Adaus Michael Dunning (jr2) w/-
Controversy between M. D. & Abijah Barnum
Of Baurbury Conn. Joshua Starr

Noah Robert          }
Thoddeus Benedict } wit.

8 blank checks from Ballston Spa Bank.
       1 blue with the partial date of 185_
       7 green with the partial date of 18__

New York Evangelist recpt 1846 (pre-printed form)
on left side -- W.H.BIDWELL, Proprietor.
on left side -- OFFICE, 120 NASSAU STREET
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Received, Malta Sar. Co, April 16, 1846

bsp;    $2.50       from Richard Dunning
     for New-York Evangelist, for one year
     from whole ;     to      inclusive, being to Feb       1847.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX U. Mannaro agent For the proprietor.

F. VanDerwerker recpt $1.50
Received of Richard Dunning One dollar and fifty cents for digging a grave for his
brother John October 17 th 1850

List of Notes belonging to the estate of Richard Dunning decd

George Tripp
Carrie Smith


May 11-1855
Interest Enclosed
$ 140.00
James Tripp [ ]   April 19-1856   188.00
G.P. Raymond
Wm. Stilwell


April 1 st 1854
Interest Enclosed
Thomas Arnold   April 19, 1856   200.00
S. H. Sickler
James Tripp


July 17-1855   100.00
Wm. Stillwell 2
G. P. Raymond


April 17th
Interest Enclosed
Wm. Stillwell   Oct 4, 1850   100.00
Syvanus Arnold
Thomas Arnold


April 1 st 1856    500.00

Richard Dunning and Esther, his wife

The people of the State of New York To the [creditors]
[widow, next of kin, and legatees ] of John Neilson
S.S. late of the town of Stillwater in the county of Saratoga in the State of New York [ ] [ ]

Whereas Charly Neilson and [ ] Neilson Executors
Of this last will and Testament of the said John Neilson
dec'd have been required by the Surrogate of the
County of Saratoga [ ] this application of B[ ]
[ ] B[ ] whose wife is a [legatee] of said dec'd
to redeem an account of this proceedings as such
Executors, and the said Executors are [ ] to
have the same [finall ] [ ] [ ] have applied
for a [ citat.... ] for that purpose ~
   [You ][and] [each]of you are therefore hereby required to appear be-
fore our said surrogate at his office in the village of
Ballston Spa in said County on this 25 th day of
Of [May] next at 10 oclock in the forenoon to
[obtain] the settlement of this said account.
   In witness
Whereof we have [ ] the seal of office of our said
Surrogate to be hereto affixed.
    Witness John W.Thompson
Surrogate of said county at the village
of Ballston Spa in said county this 23 rd day of
November 1835.
   John W. Thompson Surrogate

To Richard Dunning and Esther, his wife

copyright 2001
Karen Hammond Clark and Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County
All rights reserved.

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