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Richard Dunning Papers

Part 3

Part 3 of the Richard Dunning Papers is a small journal that appears to have been a payment or account register. There is no cover to the journal. It is bound together in the center of pages with string. Entries run from 1872 to 1886. Based on the handwriting, more than one person may have written in this journal. In fact, it appears that the book may have been written by one person, possibly Richard himself, and then in later years, blank areas of pages were filled in with additional entries. Based on the text, I believe Richard’s daughter, Sally Maria Vail, wrote these additional entries.
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Page 1:

Feb 22 nd 1872 Thursday Lewis J. Fish died
Feb 18 th Wm. Loomis wife died
April 18 th Luther Landon wife died
Wm. Long paid 2 dollars rent for April 1872 and for May 2 dols, June 2 dol Paid in full up to August first.
Aunt Maria Rudd died March 21 st 1876

Page 2:

June 6 th
Paid $1,50 rent Mrs. Carpenter moved up Stairs May 6 th 1872
Bought a pair Spectacles May 23 rd 1872 paid 2, ˝ dols and to pay 1, dollar more in one year.
Mrs. Carpenter baby born June 7 th 6 lbs.
Henry Neilson died June 8 th 1872
Mrs. Carpenter paid $1,50 rent and one dollar for use of large room. June

Page 3:

July 1872
Was taken sick Tuesday the 9 th . Had the doctor Monday the 15 th
Mrs. Stephens came here on Thursday the 11 th .
She lives Mr. Carpenters Came Saturday 20 th
Mrs. Carpenter paid up to August first.
Mrs. Stephens left for home the 30 th August Friday
Wm. Long paid 2, dollars Saturday Aug 31 st
Mrs. Carpenter paid rent 2 dollars, Sept 6 th
Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter left here for Ballston Friday

Page 4:

Sept 27 th
Maria Freeman went to Orrin Hills Sunday 29 th
Mrs. Carpenter paid $1,50 Oct 5 th
William Long paid 2, dollars October 9 th
Luther Landon died October 18 th 1872
Wm. Long paid 2 dollars Nov 19 th , for October
do paid 2 dollars Dec 10 th for November

Page 5:

Mr. Colwell died Dec 1 st 1872
Great snow storm Dec 26 th
Kate Swift died Christmas night 1872.
William Long paid 2,00 Jan 11 th 1873
John Barrett died Feb 14 th
Big snow storm March 31 st Mr. T. Carpenter came April 30 th 1873.

Page 6:

May 3 rd 1873
Wm. Long paid 2, dols
Mrs. Carpenter moved April 8 th 1873
Paid 1,50 May 10 th
Timothy Carpenter died May 22 nd 1873 Thursday
Wm. Long paid 2 dols June 2 nd
Mrs. Carpenter paid 1,50 June 5 th
Aunt Elisabeth Neff called here today
Maria Freemans baby born June 18 th 1873

Page 7:

[Note: first 4 lines crossed out – only partially legible]
work for Mrs.
Repaired shirt
Covered chair
Mr. Carr moved in up stairs April 1 st 1873
Mrs. Carr went to Mrs. Dunning's June 16 th
Mrs. Carr came back to housekeeping June 29 th
Wm. Long paid rent 2,00 June 30 th
Begin nothing without considering what the end may be.

Page 8:

The first rain for a long time June 30 th
Mrs. Carr paid 4,50 July 2 nd
Mrs. Carpenter paid 1,50 July 8 th
Wm. Long paid 2,00 July 31 st
Mr. Carr moved in new house Aug 1 st 2 nd
Mrs. Carpenter paid 1,50 August 6 th
Mrs. Carpenter took possession of east room up Stairs Aug 5 th

Page 9:

Rev Richard Dunning died Aug 8 th 1873
Went to Stillwater Aug 15 th , come home the 24 th George sick
Paid Martha VanArnum 1,dollar for Minister Sept 2 nd 1873
Wm. Long paid 2, dollars Sept 3 rd
Mrs. Carpenter paid 2, dols Sept 5 th
George went to the corner first time Sept 5 th
Great hail storm today.

Page 10:

George had second attack Oct 22 nd [ ]
Sept 19 th Mrs. Lewis called here
Mr. Wilmot paid 2, dol for Oct 1873
Ann Maria's baby born Oct 29 th 1873
Paid for minister 1, dol Nov 10 th
Lent Amanda Phillips $9 nine dollars Nov 11 th 1873 (crossed out)
Paid Jan 6, 1974
First snow storm Nov 12 th

Page 11:

Commenced rising the large jar butter Nov 11 th
Mrs. Carpenter paid 3, 00 Nov 17 th rent
Great snow storm Nov 18 th
Mr. Wilmot paid 2,00 Nov 29 th
Mrs. Carpenter paid rent for Nov
W. Wilmot paid 2,00 Dec 31
Mrs. Carpenter paid 2,00 Jan 7 th 1874
Mr. Wilmot paid 2,00 for Jan 1874
Mrs. Carp---- paid rent for Jan 74
Commenced paying for minister 10 cents Feb 8 th 1874

Page 12:

Mrs. Carp--- paid rent for Feb
Mr. Wilmot paid for Feb 2,00
Mr. Wilmot paid for Mar 2,00
Mrs. Carpenter paid Mar 2,00
Snow storm April 10 th & 11 th 1874
Got cheated by a store peddler April 16 th 48 cents due me
Snow storm Apr 17 first thundershower April 20 th
Great snow storm Apr 25 th & 26 th cold freezing the 27 th

Page 13:

snow storm Apr 29 th
Mrs. Wilmot's baby born Apr 13 th
Mrs. Carp – paid for April
Mr. Wilmot paid for April
W. Wilmot paid for May
Mrs. Carp. Paid for May
W. Wilmot paid for June(rent)
Mrs. Carp. Paid for June
Mr. Wilmot paid for July
Mrs. Carp.- paid for August
Mr. Wilmot paid for August


Mrs. Carp. Paid for Sep
Mr. Wilmot paid for Sep
do  do  paid for Oct
Mrs. Carp- paid $1-
First snow storm Nov 20
Mr. Wilmot paid for Nov
Mrs. Carp—paid for Nov
Mr. Wilmot paid for Dec
Mrs. Carp--paid for Dec
Mrs. Carp--paid for Jan
Mr. Wilmot paid for Jan
Got 8 lbs coal March
Mr. Wilmot paid for Feb
Mrs. Carp--paid 1 dol for Feb
Great snow storm March 19 th
Cold and stormy March 24 th
Mr. Wilmot paid for March

Page 15:

Apr 13 th great snow storm
Got barrel flour May 22 1875
Went to Stillwater May ??
Mr. Wilmot paid for April
do -- do -- for May
do -- do -- for June
do -- do -- for July
do -- do -- for Aug
do -- do -- for Sept
Mr. W paid to Dec 1 st
Paid for Dec 2,00
Mr. Wilmot paid for July
XXXXXXXX 00-August
paid for Dec)  00-Nov

Page 16:

From Aunt Maria
Got jar butter July 23d
Commenced M[ ] jar butter Aug 10 th
Commenced [ ] butter Sept 6 th
First snow storm Nov 10 th 1875
W. Wilmot paid for Jan and for Feb -- 4,00
June 14 th paid 6,00
[rest of page torn off]

Page 17:

Got 2 lbs white sugar & 2lb brown Aug 2 nd
Rosa Selch died June 8 th 1875
Lent Amanda Phillips [crossed out] October 31 st , 1872
Paid Dec 4 th S. M. Vail
[rest of page torn off]

Page 18:

Len Brown moved in north room April 3 rd 1870
Paid for April
do  do May
do  do June
do  do July
do  do August
do  do Sept
do  do Oct
do  do Nov
John Wait died Sept 1875
Matilda Wait died Apr 28 th 1877

Page 19:

George Washington was inaugurated President March 4 th 1793
William B. Astar died in Nov 1875 ----
A. T. Stewart in April 1876
Cornelius Vanderbilt in Jan 1877
Mrs. A. T. Stewart died Oct 25 1886

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