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J. Patrick and Margaret (Storan) Fean Bible Records

The Holy Bible: Johnson, Wilson and Company, New York 1865

Found in a bookstore in Schuylerville, Saratoga County, New York in June 1998 and transcribed
by Alice-Zetterstrom. In October 1999, this Bible is in the possession of descendant
Trudy Fean Smith of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of these folks are buried in the
Visitation Cemetery, Schuylerville, New York, under the name Feehan.
(Note: This Bible record transcription appeared first in the February-March
edition of the Heritage Hunters Newsletter.

births, parents
J. Patrick Fean born Mar. 17th 1835
Margaret Storan born Mar. 9th 1835

births, children
John Fean born Sept 11th 1859 *
Timothy Fean born May 4th 1862
Katie Fean born Feb 13th 1864
James Fean born Sept 20th 1866
Elizabeth Fean born Oct 16th 1869
Margaret Fean born Mar 12th 1871
Patrick Fean born Mar 8th 1872
Thomas Fean born Aug 12th 1876
Eddie Fean born July 11th 1878

William Mulvihill born Feb 22nd 1888
Patrick Mulvihill born Dec 24th 1890
Thos. F. Mulvihill born Feb 7th 1892
James Mulvihill born Aug 26th 1895
Margaret Sullivan born Nov. 12th 1903

Timothy Fean married to Lizzie Dumas
Jan 22nd 1884 by Rev. Francis McGwyre of Schuylerville

James Mulvihill to Katie Fean
May 17th 1887 by Rev. J. Heffernan, Schuylerville

John Fean to Katie Kloh
Nov 17th 1888 at Manayunk (Pennsylvania)

Mrs. John Connery died Jan 8th 1889, 58 years of age
Margaret Fean died Oct 17th 1907
John H. Fitzgibbons died Jan 17th 1892
Patrick Fean died June 4th 1923
(Katie Fean?) died August 29th 1953
James Fean died Oct 16th 1867
(Elizabeth Fean?) died July 4th 1948
Margaret Fean died Mar 12th 1871
Eddie Fean died July 11th 1878
Mary Storan died July 2nd 1908
Thomas Fean died Dec 29th 1914
(William Mulvihill?) died Nov __ 1929

*The present Bible owner sent additional information:
John: b. 11 Sept 1859 - d. 24 Feb 1901
Kate (Catherine Kloh) Fean b. Jan. 1866 - d. 3 Jan 1926
Both are buried in the Fean family plot in St. Mary of the Assumption cemetery in Roxborough, Phila. PA

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