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Finch Cemetery
Town of Saratoga

photo of Finch Cemetery in early winter photo of Finch Cemetery in summer

The Finch Cemetery is located in the Town of Saratoga, on a hill just west of Schuylerville, on the east side of Route 338, midway between Route 29 and the Saratoga Battle Monument. The inscriptions were copied September 1877 and recorded in Durkee's Epitaphs, Volume 4, pages 229 – 237. Cornelius Durkee noted “many graves marked with field stones and without any inscription.” But, there are also several excellent examples of inscribed field stones, including an 1811 example, bearing this version of a classic epitaph:

Behold my toom as you pas by,
Think on what it is to die.
Be wise in time, Gods word obay,
That you may liv in endles day.

There were apparently no additional burials after 1877. In fact, some of the people originally interred at Finch Cemetery were subsequently removed to the new Rural Cemetery, Prospect Hill, which was organized in 1865. These reinterments were all probably soon after 1877, but certainly before 1938, when Grace VanDerwerker recorded the remaining inscriptions at Finch Cemetery. Time and nature had taken its toll; however, restoration work by community volunteers in 2003 has helped maintain the quiet dignity of this beautiful and historic old burial ground.

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surname given name inscription photo
Boyd Margaret b. Dec. 28, 1830, d. Mar. 21 (not 31st), 1831, dau.of Hugh M.& Mary photo
Brewer Louisa M. King d. Feb. 12, 1865, 32y.11m.9d., wife of Daniel stone not found
Carey Roswell b. Jan. 2, 1813, d. Apr. 14, 1837 photo
Chase Elvira (not Eliza) d. Mar. 22, 1827 a. 29 ys., wife of John (double stone) photo
Chase Thomas H. d. Nov. 13th, 1822, 4m.16d., son of John & Elvira (double stone) photo
Coller William H. d. Aug. 19, 1826, 5y.5m.8d., son of Henry & Deborah photo
Cragg Edward d. Sep. 6, 1823, 34th yr. at Fish creek photo
Cragg Mary d. Mar. 20, 1832, 45th.(not 43rd) yr., wife of Edward photo
Cramphin Daniel d. Aug. 9, 1827, 2y.9m.1d., son of Isaac & Sally photo
Cramphin Henry d. July 24, 1827, 9m.14d., son of Isaac & Sally photo
Finch Abigail d. Oct. 10, 1834, 89th yr., wife of Jeremiah photo
Finch Caroline d. Oct. 16, 1838, 27 ys. photo
Finch Isaac d. Aug. 2, 1801, 11th yr. photo
Finch Jeremiah d. July 2, 1798, 54th yr. photo
Finch Joseph d. Mar. 17, 1823, 55th yr. photo
Finch Joseph, Junior d. Mar. 13, 1825, 27th yr. photo
Finch Nancy d. Jan. 14, 1824, 49th yr., wife of Joseph photo
Finch Rossel d. Feb. 10, 1801, 26th yr. photo
Fisher Hannah d. Aug. 21, 1831, 26y.3m.17d., wife of Selah photo
Gibson Maryann d. May 10, 1824, aged 20 mos., dau. of Margaret photo
Hurd Fanny d. Jan. 20, 1835, ae 37 ys., wife of Samuel A. stone not found
Johnston Jane d. Dec. 20, 1824, 10 days, dau. of William & Jane photo
Johnston William drowned Apr. 18, 1825, 9th yr., son of William & Jane photo
Kennedy John d. May 20, 1833, 43d yr. (also inscription Prospect Hill Cem. Lot 95) photo
Livingston Dewitt Clinton d. May 31, 1828, 6m. 23d., son of R.M. & Sarah probably moved to Prospect Hill, DCL footstone remains at Finch
Livingston Richard M. Esq. d. Mar. 5, 1838 at Schuylerville ae 50y. 8m. 28d. Prospect Hill Cemetery Lot 14. Replacement stone
Livingston Sarah d. Feb. 10, 1827, 5y.3m.25d., dau. of Richard M. & Sarah probably moved to Prospect Hill, SL footstone remains at Finch
McCreedy George d. Mar. 12, 1833, 65th yr. photo
McCreedy John d. July 19, 1833, 4th yr., son of George & Mary photo
Pond Oliver Howard d. Aug. 24, 1833, 3m.2d., only child of Mayo & Eliza photo
Potter Chloe d. Aug. 8, 1855, 82d yr., wife of Emmor Prospect Hill Cemetery Lot 229. Replacement stone
Potter Emmor d. July 31, 1831, 65th yr. Prospect Hill Cemetery Lot 229. Replacement stone
Purdy Morgan L. drownd June 26, 1824 in his 4th yr., son of Gilbert & Julia photo
Root Cordelia d. June 6, 1861, 37y.7m.7d. Prospect Hill Cemetery Lot 134. Original stone
Root John d. June 2, 1864, 70y.11m.12d. Prospect Hill Cemetery Lot 134. Original stone
Root Mahala d. In the 73d yr of her age. wife of John Prospect Hill Cemetery Lot 134. Original stone (broken)
Seeley John d. Oct. 1, 1824, 1y.5m., son of John & Susan (double stone) photo
Seeley Susan d. Dec. 23, 1824, 1y.8m., dau of John & Susan (double stone) photo
Seelye Eliza Jane d. Dec. 25, 1826, 6th yr., dau of Nathaniel & Mary stone not found
Seelye Horton d. July 1, 1823, 10ms., son of Nathaniel & Mary photo
Stevens Eliza d. Feb. 27, 1835, 27th yr., wife of Burr & dau of James & Susan Gallet Prospect Hill Cemetery Lot 30. Original stone
Tombs child 1827 (field stone, not listed by Durkee) photo
Viele Hiram d. Oct. 25, 1829, 24th yr. photo
Viele Stephen d. Feb. 14, 1850, 85 ys. photo
Wandell Squire d. Jan. 5, 1834, 4m.4d., son of Abram & Arabell photo
Welch Ephraim d. Aug. 27, 1819, 13th yr., son of Asa & Mary photo
Welch Eunice d. Nov. 9, 1827, 86 ys., wife of Joseph photo
Welch Geddiar d. May 1, 1803 aged 12 year (field stone) photo
Welch Joseph d. Feb. 15, 1825, 88 ys. photo
Welch Joseph Jr. d. July 7, 1823, 38th yr. photo
Welch Merca d. Dec. 10, 1811 aged 23 yr. (field stone, not listed by Durkee) photo
Welch Nancy d. Oct. 19, 1807, 40 ys. (field stone) photo
Welch Sarah d. Nov. 12, 1824, 39 ys., wife of Stephen photo
Wilcox Fanny d. Feb. 10, 1859, 57th yr., wife of George photo
Williams John J. b. Feb. 28, 1794, d. Aug. 11, 1859 (enclosure, top of hill) photo
Williams Mary b. July 19, 1796, d. Dec. 8. 1838, wife of John J. (enclosure top of hill) photo
Williams Moses d. Dec. 18, 1833, 3y.6m., son of John J. & Mary (enclosure top of hill) photo
Wright Jonas O. d. Feb. 25, 1832, 19th yr., son of John & Bethania photo
Wright Martha D. d. Feb. 4, 1836, 14th yr., dau. of John & Bethana photo

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