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Fitch Cemetery
Town of Saratoga

photo of Fitch Cemetery, Town of Saratoga
As transcribed by Cornelius Emerson Durkee and listed under Saratoga, in Volume 4,
pages 123 – 124 of Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County, New York.
“The Fitch Cemetery is a small private enclosure situated in an orchard on east side of
the highway, about one mile south of Staffords Bridge, on farm now owned and
occupied by Mr. Edward Fitch.  Inscriptions copied by C.E.Durkee, Oct. 1876.”

(Fitch Cemetery is located on the hillside east of Fitch Road, north of Stetkar Road, and
6/10 mile south of route 67, in the Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York.)

Fitch, Ebenezer, d. May 14, 1817, 60y.8m.5d.

Fitch, Sarah, wife of Ebenezer, d. Apr. 16, 1817, 53y.5m.3d.

Fitch, David H., son of Ebenezer & Sarah, d. Mar. 28, 1811, 21y.6m.1d.

Fitch, Edward Montgomery, son of Edward & Hannah, d. Oct. 18, 1831, 4y.10m.13d.
	(name of father corrected to Edward;  stone reads Edward, not Ebenezer)

Andrews, Adeline E., wife of Wm. H. and dau. of Edward & Hannah Fitch, 
	d. May 2, 1861, in her 33d. yr.

Bullard, Edwin F., son of Alpheus & Hannah, d. Mar. 18, 1817, 10 mos.


	additional inscriptions:

Fitch, Edward, died May 29, 1875, ae 81 yrs.

Fitch, Hannah Frost, wife of Edward, died Apr. 27, 1876, ae 71 yrs.

Fitch, Harriett R., died Feb. 18, 1906, ae 73 yrs.

Fitch, Edward H., died Jan. 21, 1895, ae 60 yrs.

Fitch, Agnes M., died Aug. 26, 1913, ae 73 yrs.

Fitch, Edward R. 1875 – 1943.

Fitch, Marian S. died June 12, 1928, ae 47 yrs.

Fitch, Edward R. Jr. 1919 – 1938.

Eddy, Adeline Fitch, died Jan'y 9, 1878, ae 80 years.

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