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Owner – Thomas Folger – “Thos Folger owner of this bible was a pensioner of the revolution.
One son was a justice of the peace in Charlton”.  (typewritten and secured on the inside of 
front cover)

Description – Large Bible (9 x 101/2 x 4), very poor condition, torn pages and spine, front 
and back cover loose.  Title page missing.  No formal family pages.  Family information 
handwritten on blank spaces of existing pages.

(Written at the end of the Old Testament – page difficult to read and torn at the edge)

	Thos Folger 	Born in Illington Old England [April twenty] six 1758
	Abigail Folger Born in Nantucket New England the 5th day [Sept] 1766

	Benjamin Folger		his son born 28 October 1785
	Peter Folger			born March 12th 1787
	Mary Rant Folger		Born December 5 1788
	[Judith] Worth Folger		Born 13th September 1790
	John Rant Folger		Born October 9th 1792
					 and departed this life  August 18th 1793
	[Abigail] Folger		Born March 31st 1794
	Elizabeth [Mac-----y] Folger	Born [J----] 14 1796
	[Parmalea] Tamison Folger	Born May 9th 1798
	Maria Folger			Born September 2 1800
	[---y] Williams Folger		Born October 17 1802  [probably Phebe]
	[Harvey] Folger		Born April 8 1805
	Thos Folger			Born April 4 1807
	[Daniel D ] Folger		Born April 4 1807
	Laura Ann Folger		Born November 21 1810
					departed this life 23 day of August 1812

	Parmalea Tamison Folger Died the 12th September 1829
					 aged [thirteone] years and four months old	
	David M Rumsey	Born March 27th 1812
	Peter Folger Rowley	Born 22 May 1826
(Written on the last page of APOCRYPHA)

	Mary Rant Rumsey   Daughter of Thomas and Abigail Folger   wife of Stephen Rumsey   
Diseased February the 3 [1813] age 24 years and 25 days 

	Abigail Folger wife of Thos Folger Died September 11 1817
					age 51 years and 6 days

	Daniel Folger son of Tho Folger Died November 20th 1819
					aged 12 years 11 months 16 days

	Thos Folger son of Thos Folger Died September 10 1823
					aged 16 years 5 months and 6 days

	Peter Folger son of Folger Died December 29 1825
					aged 38 years ten months and seventeen days

	Mary Rant was married Thos Folger of Ellington Hall in Norfolk Old England in May [1756] 
and Died in [Currys] Bush in County of Albany America Tuesday morning half after 5 o'clock 
February 24 1784 and Burried Thursday 4 Clock in English Churchyard in Schenectady 
February 26 [1784].  Aged about 57 years

	Thos Folger Died Tuesday morning 8 Clock August 11 1784  Burried Wednesday 4 Clock in 
English Churchyard on the wright of his wife


	Judith Worth wife of Daniel Folger in Easttown was born the 25th day of September 1739 
and decs 12th day June [179-]  Aged 51 years 8 month and 6 day

	Benjamin Folger son of Thos Folger Died Tuesday night the 26 day of August 1806 and
buried in Albany  [Wm Macdohly's ?] burring ground 27 day Aught aged 46 years

	John Rant  brother to Mary Rant from Ole England Died at [Hermitage] three miles from 
Schenectady at Whinchard Duncans 21 day of March 1808

	Daniel Folger of Easttown Died November 17 1819 aged 83 years

Loose – (handwritten items interleaved with paper)
	-Rec'd ……May 1833 from Mr Thomas Folger twenty three Dollars and thirty seven Cents
in full of his [Book/Bank] account to the above date.  Likewise fifty six Dollars and Sixty-
three Cents which I have indorsed in two notes I hold against him, on one of said notes I 
have indorsed Sixteen Dollars and Sixty three cents & forty Dollars on the other.
[B---]	$ 23.37 
 Note      16.63
 Do         40.00
             $ 80.00    				[Signed]   Saml Belding

	-Mary Rant was married to Thomas Folger of Ellington Hall in Norfolk Ole England 
	4th of May 1756

Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Catalog # - 1964.028.0003  U107L05  Transcribed by J. Wickizer: 9 May 2012

Note: Entries in brackets were illegible and supplemented using other published sources.

[Per Surrogate file 026/52, Thomas Folger died May 22, 1838]
Printed notice after the death of Thomas Folger – “The people of the state of New York, to 
Benjamin Folger, of Rygate, Caledonia county, Vermont; Judith W. Folger, of Charlton, 
Saratoga county, N.Y.; Samuel Green and Eliza M. his wife of  Florida, William Shuler and 
Abigail his wife, of Amsterdam, Montgomery county, N.Y; Joseph L. R. Valentine and 
Mariah his wife, of the city of Schenectady; Joseph H. Wendall and Phebe W. his wife of 
Highlands, Oakland county, Michigan; David M. Rumsey, of Michigan, the town and county 
unknown; and Anson Brown, of Milton, Saratoga county, special guardian to Peter F. Rowley
of Charlton, aforesaid, and Abigail Rowley, of Texas, minors, heirs and next of kin of 
Thomas Folger, late of the town of Charlton in the county of Saratoga, and state of New York,
[Harvey Folger and Samuel Belding, executors]


Thomas Folger (1758-1838) “was born in the Town of Illington in the County of Norfolk, 
England, on the twenty-six day of April, one thousand seven hundred and fifty-eight [marked 
over as six]… He came over to America with his parents in the year One thousand seven 
hundred and seventy-four, and settled in Curriesbush in the then County of Albany, now town 
of Princetown in the County of Schenectady.  After the revolutionary war he removed to the 
said town of Charlton.”  [Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application 
Files, 1800-1900]
	Abigail Folger (1766-1817) was born in Nantucket. She was a 6th generation descendant
of Peter Folger (1617-1690) who in the 1660's helped to survey the original lots in Nantucket,
Massachusetts.  Abigail left Nantucket in 1775 with her parents, Daniel Folger and Judith 
Worth, and her siblings.  They settled in “Eastown”, in the Saratoga Patent area, (now Easton, 
Washington Co., NY).  Daniel Folger and his family were members of the Religious Society of 
Friends (Quakers).  It seems probable that Abigail married out of the Society as she is listed
as “married out of unity” in the James Hazard index of the Quaker, Saratoga/Easton Meeting
in 1785. Children of Thomas and Abigail were christened in the West Charlton United 
Presbyterian Church, Charlton, Saratoga County, New York.
	Thomas and Abigail were married in Saratoga [probably meaning the Saratoga Patent or 
District] abt. 1784/1785 and settled on a 120 acre farm west of  Charlton Village in 1788.
Thomas and Abigail are buried in the Old Charlton Cemetery (Jeremiah Smith Cemetery).
	It is interesting to note that Peter Folger (1617-1690) was also the maternal 
grandfather of Benjamin Franklin.

Folger sources:  Nantucket Historical Association Research 
	Library and Archives

Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900.  
	Thomas Folger.  []

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of the island by the English, together with the rise and progress of the whale fishery.  
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