Saratoga County, New York

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Benoni and Lucy (Case) Fuller Bible

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P. Henry Adams

Benoni and Lydia Fuller

Grand son of

was born Sept. 17  1826


Wm Henry, first son of Henry

and Isabel Adams was born

June 18th 1851





Isabel Case


Born June  187   [illegible]


March the 2d AD 1834


Wm. Henry second son

of H. P. and Isabel Adams

was born November 20th 1853





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Benoni Fuller was married

to Lydia Case  Dec. 29th 1797


H. Matilda Fuller was

married to William Adams

Tuesday, May 25 1824


Harry B. Fuller was

Married to Patty B. Cable

Wednesday Oct. 25 1838


Henry P. Adams was

Married to Isabel W. Dickinson

Feb 18th 1847


Eulice W. VanAvery was

married to Delia Viola

Derby  Dec. 28th 1887




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Wm. Henry first son of H.

p. and Isabel Adams died

July 24 1852


Wm. Henry second son of

H. P. and Isabel Adams

died April 12th 1853


Delia Viola Derby

wife of Eulice W. VanAvery

Died April 6 at half past

seven a.m. 1911


Case Family Data Sheet

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This page, originally folded in thirds and now broken along the fold lines into three panels, seems to have data accumulated from other sources, possibly a Case family Bible.


Patience Case


April 15 1802

Eunice Case


Feb. 14 1817

Aaron Case


Nov. 12 1834

Sally Newvel


Jan. 5 1838

Mercy Torance


April 5 1838

Molly R. Case


May 4 1838




Aaron Case


Feb. 25 1750

Patience Case


Dec. 8 1752

Aaron Case Jr.


Dec. 23 1771

Mercy Case


Nov. 23 1773

Patience Case


Aug. 29 1776

Rufus Case


Mar. 5 1779

Lydia Case


April 5 1781

Polly Case


July 14 1783

Isaac Case


Feb. 11 1786

Sally Case


July 13 1789

Alexander Case


Feb. 26 1791

Perez Case


Sept. 4 1793




Patience Woolcot


Nov. 18 1858 (in margin)




1)  Benoni and Lydia Fuller and their son Harry are buried in the Bliss Road Cemetery, Town of Galway, Saratoga County NY.  (

2)  Eulice and Delia VanAvery were listed in the 1900 Federal Census in the Town of Edinburg, Saratoga County NY.