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Description – The Standard Edition of THE HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS and APOCRYPHA.  “Profuse and Elegant Illustrations on Steel, Wood, and in Colors”.  Syracuse, NY: Bible Publishing House.  No 57 Wieting Block 1885.


Large Bible (10 x12 x 4), black/gold with two silver colored working clasps.  Good condition.  Family pages after the Apocrypha.  Miscellaneous other loose items interleaved with paper.



Marriages –   William H Gates and Harriet A Thomas Jan 28. 1892

                        James W Gates and Glady C Relyea June 12. 1918

                        James W Gates and Margaret A Lewis June 24. 1945


Births -           Harriet Ann Thomas   April 30 1863

                        James Warren Gates   Born Nov 18th 1895

                                                            on Monday morning at half past 2 wate 7 ½

                        Gladys C Relyea born Aug 3rd 1895 in Ballston


Deaths -          Gladys C Gates died Oct 17th 1918 at 6 o’clock in morning

                                                            age 23 years 3 months + 14 days

                        James W Gates died Sept 7, 1949 at 15 min to 12 at night age 54 yr

                        William H Gates        April 5 1934   74 yrs

                        Harriett Gates             May 5 1945     82 yrs



Memoranda – Mr James W Gates + Gladys C Relyea was married June 12. 1918




Loose – [The following items were loose and interleaved with paper]  1969.001.0066f


            -Citation from Saratoga Surrogate’s Court in the matter of Recompense Thomas.  To Marthenia Cole and Harriet Gates…heirs in law and next of kin of Recompense Thomas of the Town of Milton…to show cause…the 19th day of September 1919 why…Letter of administration for the good,….of Recompense Thomas should not be granted to Georgiana Putnam…of the Town of Root in the County of Montgomery who has prayed for the same as a sister of the said deceased.


            -Notice of Appraisal to the Legatees and next of Kin of Recompense Thomas, deceased, residing in the County of Saratoga.  Georgiana Putnam will on 6th day of October 1919 make appraisement and inventory for Recompense Thomas – Town of Milton.


-[A handwritten sheet]           1969.001.0066g        

                        Samuell Gates Dide [died] April 15th 1880 age 84 years

                        Elizabeth Gates Wife of Samuell Gates Dide September 18th 1856

                        Helen J Gates  Dide Dec 7th 1865 age 1 year 5 month 27 days

                        Marion E Gates  Dide Aprill 7th 1853 age 2 years 9 months and 9 days

                        Emma S Gates Dide August 1st 1855

                        Warren Gates Dide  February 27th 1848 age 27 years

                        James H Gates Dide  Dec 21st 1852 age 24 years

                        Mary  Daughter of Samuell and Elizabeth Gates Dide March 10th 1845

                                                                                                            age 15 years

                        Daughter of J B + Harriet [Crosmon?] Dide Nov 3rd 1845

                                                                                                            age 3 years 6 months

                        Mary A Gates Dide  June 11th 1881  age 55 years

                        Daniel T Gates  Dide  June 10th 1882  age 63 years


            -An obituary of Rev William H Washburn   Troy Conference Pastor (sur. file)


            -A funeral card – In memory of Mrs Harriet Gates Born Town of Milton, NY

                                    April 30, 1863   passed away Ballston Spa, NY May 5, 1945

                                    Final Resting Place  Ballston Village Cemetery    1969.001.0066h

                                    Officiating Clergyman Rev Jesse S Greene


            -Two Church Membership Booklets  First Methodist Episcopal Church

                        Ballston Spa, NY         Luther A Brown  Pastor  [picture of  Pastor]

                                    James Warren Gates   October 6, 1912          1969.001.0066i

                                    Mrs Harriet Gates       February 16, 1913      1969.001.0066j


            -Card for Harriet Ann Thomas           Christ Church  Ballston Spa

                                      Communion  April 21st 1875

                                      Confirmation April 21st 1875                       1969.001.0066k

                                                Walter Delafield, Rector


            -Photos            snapshot of a dog and snapshot of three older women

                                    Package of “little photos” with five pictures of a small boy and

                                                                                                4 pictures of a woman

                        1969.001.0066b; 1969.001.0066c; 1969.001.0066d; 1969.001.0066e


            -lock of hair of “Baby Jim W Gates”            1969.001.0066m

            -second lock of hair – unidentified


-“Resolutions of Respect”      1969.001.0066l

            In Memory of Wm H Gates who died Wednesday April 14th 1934

            Kayaderosseras Lodge    No 270   I.O.O.F. of Ballston Spa


Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 1969.001.0066  U107L05  Transcribed by J. Wickizer: 2 May 2012


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