Saratoga County, New York

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Marriages by Justice Grippin 1842-1856

prepared by Pat Peck, HH member


            Summary of marriages performed in the town of Corinth, Saratoga County, by Justice Grippin, from papers in files at Brookside Museum, Ballston Spa NY.


2 Apr 1842       Barney C Carver of Town of Greenfield and Amy How of Town of Corinth; Hezekiah How & wife, witnesses.


9 June 1842      Thomas Burret and Catharine Jackson, both of Town of Corinth; Charlotte and Mary Burret, witnesses.


16 June 1842    Simon Heath and Annaliza Ide, both of Town of Corinth; Nelson W Grippin, Marvin Eggleston & John Herrick, witnesses.


8 Apr 1843       Horace Frasher and Lorry Frasher, both of Town of Horicon, Warren Co.; David R Newton & wife of Corinth, witnesses.


24 Dec 1843     Almeron D Holden of Town of Hadley and Selina Mallory of Town of Corinth; Wells Buckmaster & wife of Town of Corinth, witnesses.


7 Nov 1844      Conrade Cramer of Town of Saratoga and Lucinda Woodward of Town of Corinth; Barnabus Woodward of Town of Corinth, witness.


17 Nov 1844    Ambrose N Clothier and Deborah Davis, both of Town of Corinth; James Hodges & Betsey Ambler of Town of Corinth, witnesses.


12 Mar 1845    Manly Butler of Town of Euphratur [sic], Fulton Co. and Rhoda Crooker of Town of Corinth; Rufus Crooker & wife of Corinth, witnesses.


12 May 1845    Benjamin Savile of Town of Hartford, Washington Co. and Anna Randall of Town of Corinth; Samuel Randall & wife, witnesses.


31 Nov 1847    Ebenezer Lord of Grenns Falls, Washington Co. and Selina Heath of Town of Corinth; Simon Heath & wife, witnesses.


6 June 1854      Darling Cole and Sibele Murry of Town of Corinth; John Herrick & wife, witnesses.


17 Sept 1854    Eleazer Howe and Eliza Arling of Town of Corinth; John F Young & wife, witnesses.


29 Oct 1854     George Mallery and Amanda Frasher of Town of Corinth; John F Young & wife, witnesses.


25 Dec 1854     Russel Grant of Fort Edward, Washington Co. and Mary Harkman of Town of Luzerne, Warren Co.; Orson Randall Esq. witness.


6 Aug 1856      Darius D Clunies and Ann Eliza Wood of Town of Corinth; Joseph Perqua and Adelbert Perqua, witnesses.