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Chronological Index to Heritage Hunters Newsletters 1993-2003

(See also the alphabetized index to articles 1995-2012.)

(names of articles given, writers noted where given)

the Newsletter contained articles on trips, meetings and conferences.

August: Surname Codes

     Saratoga County Cemeteries, Alice Lowder Zetterstrom
     Saratoga County History Dept., Karen Campola

     HH Computer Corner
     Smith Surname
     Genealogical Helper
     Ballston Spa Library
     Military Service Records/National Archives
     Who's Who--Karen Staulters

     The Logo
     Place Names Project
     Saratoga County Place Names
     Miller Surname
     Who is a Genealogist
     Local Resource Centers
     Brookside History Center Holdings
     Who's Who--Alice Lowder Zetterstrom
     Greene Genes- A Genealogical Quarterly about Greene County, NY

     Saratoga County Cemeteries Alice Lowder Zetterstrom
     Heritage Hunters Surname List
     Publications owned by Heritage Hunters
     Tips on writing for information
     Saratoga County Place Names
     Davis Surname
     Computer Corner
     Ononadaga County Public Library Local History/ Special
     Who's Who--Catherine Stark Mersereau
     Suggestions for Preserving Documents and Memorabalia

     The Sleeper Company
     Northeastern NY Genealogical Society
     Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society
     Buyer Beware, Ruth Ann Messick
     Saratoga Place Names
     Wood Surname
     But what about my father?, Lois M Derdelingham
     Saratoga Ackermans
     Saratoga County Cemeteries, Alice Lowder Zetterstrom
     Crandall Public Library
     HH Computer Interest Group
     The Internet- A case study, Fletcher Blanchard
     Who's Who--Ruth Ann Messick
     Albany Institute of History and Art McKinney Library

     Heritage Hunters 1995 Annual Report
     Saratoga County Place Names
     In Days of Yore
     Johnson surname
     Old newspapers, Alice L. Zetterstrom
     Who's Who--Fletcher Blanchard
     HH Computer Interest Group

     Local Historical Associations and Library Collections
     Westward Migration, Nancy J. Curran
     Saratoga County Place Names
     In Days of Yore
     Bennet(t) surname
     Historical Spots at Middle Grove
     HH Computer Interest Group
     Who's Who--Audrey Hauprich
     Did your Ancestor's family vanish from the face of the earth?, Ruth Ann Messick
     County Historian's Office Organizes
     U.S. Census Bureau

     Heritage Hunters is Collecting Information
     Upper Midwest US Researcher
     A Conference for the Nation's Genealogists, Marla Myers      Redemptioners and Indentured Servants
     Heritage Hunters Trips
     Library of Congress
     Saratoga County Place Names
     In Days of Yore
     Taylor Surname
     Summer Hours: National Arcives in Pittsfield
     Scouts Tour Cemetery
     Washington and Warren Counties Resource, Ruth Ann Messick
     Scottish Research
     Who's Who--Barbara Mohan
     Computer Interest Group
     Computer Genealogy Workshop
     New York Public Library Online

     Heritage Hunters Nominations, Marla Myers
     Heritage Hunters New Resources, Marla Myers
     Heritage Hunters Trips
     Irish American Heritage Museum
     Saratoga County Place Names
     In Days of Yore
     Hall Surname
     Ancestor Connection Day
     Albany Rural Cemetery
     18th Century Weekend in Schuylerville
     Berkshire Family History Seminar
     Who's Who--Joyce Riedinger
     HH Computer Interest Group
     Military Files
     Tree Talks
     Northeastern New York Genealogical Society
     Research in Quebec
     Ontario Genealogical Society
     Mason Dixon Line
     Gen Web Project
     Challenge the Computer
     Heritage Hunter Picnic/Tours

     Research Aids at Saratoga Springs Library
     New York State Museum presents
     Immigrant Aid Societies
     Ancestor Connection Day
     Fun Trip to Westchester County,NY
     Heritage Hunters & Saratoga GenWEb
     Cook(e) surname
     New York State Vital Records Index
     In Days of Yore
     Who's Who--Fran Fuller
     East Coast ROYLANCE's, Catherine M Roylance
     Early History of St. Mary's Church
     HH August Tour and Picnic


     Savage Papers at Hadley-Luzerne Library
     Canadian-American Genealogical Digest
     PBS Series "Ancestors"
     HH Library
     Germanic Genealogy Society
     Heritage Hunters Trips
     Local Cemetery books
     Spring Seminar Plans
     Hints for Writing Queries
     In Days of Yore: Gold in Greenfield
     Surname Summary Williams
     Early History of St. Mary's Church
     Who's Who George Morris
     Coming Events
     Research Sites
     Traveling Back in Time Ruth Ann Messick
     Computer Corner

     HH Surname Files
     German Card
     HH Surname Index
     Library Table
     Resources Available
     In Days of Yore
     Let's Exchange
     AGS Conference
     Everton Workshop
     Saratoga Page
     Surname Summary Adams
     Early History of St. Mary's Church
     Place Names project
     Who's Who Mike Haley
     Waldron Family Reunion
     From Destroismaisons to ThreeHouse- the Evolution of a Name by Jackie Ziff
     Soldiers at Saratoga
     1997 NNYGS Annual conference

     NYS Library Hours
     Leave No Stone Unturned by Patricia Peck
     Heritage Hunters Surname Index
     A History of the Old Saratoga Mineral Springs by Nellie Bennett Russell
     6th Annual "Historic Edinburg Day"
     Saratoga Gen Web Page
     In Days of Yore: New York State Historical Markers
     Surname Summary Mosher
     Coroner's Records by Mike Haley
     Announcement Hot Line
     Saratoga County Place Names
     Who's Who Marilyn VanDyke
     Genealogical Periodical Annual Index
     Wandering Tombstone Mystery
     Let's Get Organized Patricia Peck
     Saratoga National Historical Park
     Genealogy Column
     Newsletter Exchange
     Trip Schedules

     A Success Story by Don Gates
     Heritage Hunters Picnic
     18th Century Day on August 10
     Looking for Birth, Marriage and Death Records Pat Peck
     Ancestor Connection Day
     Heritage Hunters Surname Index
     A Victorian Celebration
     British Tourist Authority
     Surname Summary Warren
     A Warren Family of Saratoga
     History of the M.E. Church at Ketchums Corners
     Book Reviews
     Who's Who Carol Waldron
     By-Laws Approved
     Saratoga County Place Names
     News from other organizations

     National Archives Week
     Some Area Repositories Having Programs & Displays
     J.S. DeRidder of Pioneer Family
     Candlelight Tour of Schuyler House
     Surname Summary Fuller-Thomas-Wilson
     Who's Who Richard Elwell
     History of Ketchums Corners and Vicinity
     Heritage Hunters Surname Index
     New England Connextion
     Northeastern NY Genealogical Society
     Hidden Treasure
     New Historian, Town of Wilton
     In Days of Yore
     Two Wives in Court
     Heritage Hunters Library Available 7 days a week
     Newsletter Exchange
     Computer Interest Group October meeting
     NECG Meeting on Genealogical Software

     Results of Nov Elections
     Surname Index


     Talk & Booksigning
     HH Conferences
     Traveling to Repositories
     Germanic Genealogy
     Freeman Steve Perkins
     NARA Pittsfield
     Lineage of Alexander Bryan
     Palatines-from the Rhine to the Hudson
     Naturalization Records of NY State
     In Days of Yore
     Crafting Queries
     Surname Summary Cooper
     Researching "Scotch-Irish" Cooper
     Thanks for your Help
     Recall Triple Wedding at Conklingville in '88
     Who's Who Delwin Damon
     Historical Records Workshop
     Genealogist's New Year's Resolution
     Watch for Saratoga Everywhere
     26, Married Five Times
     Regional Archives Conference

     Heritage Hunters Surname Index
     A great Resource on Saratoga County
     HH Genealogical Projects Committee Meeting
     Our Veteran Ancestors
     Obtaining Veteran's Records
     Where to Find your Military Ancestor
     A Day to Honor- Memorial Day
     Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention
     Buddy Poppy
     In Flanders Field
     In Days of Yore
     Surname List starting Abbott
     Some Ballston Spa Cemeteries
     SCHO Holdings
     Heritage Hunters Library
     Dutch Settlers Society Meeting
     Early Albany Comes to Life
     Saratoga- A new book out
     MARAC/LOAC Spring 1998 Meeting
     G.H. Denton, 92
     Genealogy Classes
     Congratulations James Carpenter
     Adirondack Research Library Open House

     By-Laws Terminology Changes
     ULINE Family Reunion
     18th Century Days in Schuylerville
     Heritage Hunters Library
     Finding the Family Home Linda Wheeler
     Temperance Movement Born in County
     Congradulations Ballston Journal
     Orphan Trains
     In Days of Yore
     Saratoga County Cemeteries-Contact and Addresses
     A Bit of History John L. Scherer
     National Archives, Pittsfield, Ma
     New Book & Museum Exhibit
     HH Genealogical Projects Committee Meetings
     Who's Who Walton A. Williams
     Protect Cemeteries
     Bureau of Land Management Website
     Town of Northumberland
     Town of Saratoga
     Census Day
     Surnames starting with Baker
     Account Book of Dr. Hart, Ketchum's Corners
     Murder of Jane McCrea
     Family Bibles
     Capital District Civil War Roundtable Calendar

     French-Canadian Research
     18th Century Days in Schuylerville
     Heritage Hunters Conference
     Your Past Connections Website
     French-Canadian Resources
     French-Canadian Regional Resources
     In Days of Yore
     County Historian's Column
     Lovegrove Journal
     Mechanicville Newspapers
     Comings and Goings at Brookside
     A Bit of History- Clifton Park Sampler John L. Scherer
     And You Thought You Had Problems
     1851 British Cenus Available
     Ballston Journal-Special Anniversary Edition
     Town of Ballston
     Town of Malta
     Village of Round Lake
     Ancestors Fought in the Revolution
     Saratoga District 9 Schoolhouse at Dean's Corners
     Free Informative Weekly Newsletters
     Surnames starting with Brackett

     State Archives Family History Day
     Family Bibles
     Now What Do I Do with All this Stuff? Edward Henry Gaulin (Sr.)
     In Days of Yore
     Surnames beginning with Carpenter
     1998 Heritage Quest Salt Lake City Christmas Tour
     From the Saratoga County Historian's Office
     Daughters of the American Revolution
     Saratoga County Historian's Column
     CDCWRT Conference Announced
     Saratoga Friends Meeting
     Town of Providence
     Edinburgh; formerly was Northfield
     Town of Day
     Condemnation Hearing
     Letter to a Brother
     Gates of Dam in Sacandaga to be Closed Thursday
     Surfin' Saratoga
     Ulster County Newsletter Exchange

     Results of November Elections
     Hank Jones is Speaker for Spring Conference


     Jonathan Shepherd books
     Saratoga County Historian's Office and the Henry C. Ritchie Papers
     Saratoga County Families by Henry C. Ritchie
     Biographical Information
     In Days of Yore
     Black Sheep Society of Genealogists
     American Tombstone Art and Some of Their Symbols' Meanings, by Susan Szewczyk
     Volunteers Needed
     Saratoga Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
     New York Newspapers
     NY Surrogate starting with Cook
     Who's Who David Fiske
     Saratoga Municipalities
     Town of Hadley
     Bacon Hill
     Town of Greenfield
     Town of Stillwater
     Town of Waterford
     Creative Memories Home Classes
     GenConnect and Surname Helper at RootsWeb
     New York State Cemeteries

     Your Local Library May Offer Internet Access
     Revolutionary War Ancestor
     New York State Cemeteries Inventory
     Archives Collection and Services Grow
     In Memory of Chester Jennings
     County Historian's Office, New Policy Karen Campola
     Warren County Historical Society Notes Marilyn Van Dyke
     Genealogical Columns
     In Days of Yore
     Locating your Ancestor's Military Records David Fiske
     You Need to be heard
     NY Surrogate beginning with DeLong
     Bus Trip to Lower Hudson Valley
     Boston Bus Trip
     Internet Genealogy
     E-mail Updates Very Important
     Saratoga NSDAR Meetings
     Genealogy Tip
     Saratoga Municipalities
     Town of Halfmoon
     City of Mechanicville
     Computer Interest Committee Starts Mailing List
     Free Masons, Greenfield, Started 1802
     Great Website Susan Szewczyk
     History Resources & Servicew
     Was your Ancestor a Herbergier?
     Northeastern New York Genealogical Society
     Ancestry submittee by Susan Szewczyk
     Genie Trips
     Immigrant Ships Transcriber's Guild

     Join the Friends of the NYS Library
     Who's Who Susan Hummel
     Are you Missing Information As You Search? Ruth Ann Messick
     The Union Preserved-NY and the Civil War
     Genealogy Research- Use Caution
     Saratoga County Historian's Office: Recent Accessions
     In Days of Yore
     Sundays at the Schuylers
     Rensselaer County Historical Society
     Assignment from Hank Jones Susan Hummel
     New York State Library and Archives- Albany; Ruth Ann Messick
     Online Card Catalogs
     NY Surrogate starting with Farr
     Some Weaver Families from Nearby Colonie and Glenville and Beyond Fletcher Blanchard
     Saratoga Municipalities
     Town of Clifton Park
     Town of Corinth
     Town of Moreau
     For Civil War Buffs
     Internet Genealogy
     Saratoga County Century Farm Award Recipients
     Coming Events at Grant Cottage
     St. Peter's Rectory Photographs

     Rensselaer Co. Historical Society
     Albany County Hall of Records
     Capital District Genealogical Society Web Page
     Naturalization and Related Records NYS Archives
     Leaflet #6 Obtaining Naturalization Records Ruth Ann Messick
     New Netherland through the Decades
     Websites for the Civil War
     Taking the First Step May be your job
     Saratoga Chapter NSDAR
     In Days of Yore
     Marshall House
     Genealogy Research Week
     Crandall Library Census Microfilm Listing; David Fiske
     Oliver Perkins Genealogy; Steven Perkins
     Heritage Hunters-A Profile
     Alderman Bible Records
     Researching American-Canadian
     NY Surrogate starting with Gilbert
     Who's Who Mary Woodman
     Resource Centers in Ballston Spa, NY
     Step Back in Time at the Schuyler House
     Saratoga Municipalities
     Town of Galway
     Town of Milton
     Grangerville Creamery Stands as Last of Early Businesses
     Quaker Springs Known Before Saratoga to French, English
     USGenWeb Project as a Research Tool; Ruth Ann Messick
     Free Genealogy Software
     Web Resources for Genealogists
     1881 British Census Available on CD-ROM

     What is PERSI, Anyway?
     Tips for Researching an Adoption; Susan Szewczyk
     Special Concert at Grant Cottage
     Saratoga Victory Garden Plots; Alice Zetterstrom
     Searching for Lost People at SSA
     In Days of Yore
     Saratoga Chapter DAR Meetings
     olunteers Needed, National Archives, Pittsfield
     Spa Knights of Columbus Organized in 1897
     Introduction to the Prescott Memorial; Dr. Wm. Prescott
     Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
     NYA Library and Archives; Ruth Ann Messick
     Victory Mills Postmasters
     NY Surrogate beginning with Hawke
     Who's Who Peg Mauer
     Boston history Collaborative Web Site
     Gray Line Newsletter
     Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center:
     Nineteenth Century Perspectives
     Saratoga Municipalities
     Town of Saratoga Springs
     Village of Ballston Spa
     Branches and Twigs Indexing project
     Saratoga County W.C.T.U.
     Lasting Impressions
     Probate Records in New York State; Ruth Ann Messick
     Researching your Indian Ancestry; Susan Szewczyk
     Friends of (NYS)Library Testify
     Join the Friends of Albany Rural Cemetery December
     Results of the November Elections

     Saratoga Chapter NSDAR Meetings
     Family Signatures
     Saratoga-Black History Month
     Tax Records- New York State
     Fean Bible Records; Alice Zetterstrom
     In Days of Yore
     Sheehan Collection at SCHO
     Brookside Receives NYSCA Grant
     Baker-Sackride-Waite; Fletcher Bishop
     Old Cambridge District Index now Available
     Document your sources; Pat Peck
     Ancestors Found in Newspapers; Ruth Ann Messick
     NY Surrogate starting with Jaquins
     Who's Who Joan Cady
     USGS TOPO Maps
     American Creed Day, April 3
     Daniel D. Benedict's Diary
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary
     Internet Mailing Lists
     1855 Census for Saratoga County Rodman Stewart
     New York State Archives Advance Notice to Researchers

     Friends of the Silvio O. Conte National Archives 2000
     Workshop Schedule
     HH Surname Exchange
     HH Gains NFP Status
     Military Service Information in the 1865 NYS Census
     Chapman Museum Lecture
     Ormsbee Family Papers
     SCHO Volunteer Effort
     Index to Branches and Twigs 1972-1995
     In Days of Yore
     Saratoga County Record Sources, Part I; Ruth Ann Messick
     Northeastern NY Genealogical Society 2000 Annual Conference
     Saratoga County Patents
     NY Surrogate beginning with Lee
     Who's Who Lynn Calvin
     Early Schuylerville Weekly
     Scrapbook Highlights People and Events 100 Years Ago
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, Cont'd
     Ballston, First Village in County, Oldest American Watering Place
     Cemetery Mailing Lists
     Genealogy Postage Stamp?
     Saratoga Chapter NSDAR Meetings

     Death Certificate Checklist; Susan Szewczyk
     Saratoga County Record Sources, Pt. 11; Ruth Ann Messick
     Finding Old Books on a New Web
     Temperance Begins in Saratoga
     In Days of Yore
     Manzer Collection, 1757-1995 Bibliography
     Mail-in Vital Records Search Requests
     Newsletter Bulk mailing
     New York State Newspaper Project
     Northeast USA Catholic Records
     NY Surrogate starting with McKindley
     Who's Who Daniel Haas
     The Ancestors II guidebook
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, Cont'd
     Library Corner; Joan Cady
     Orphan Trains

     Saratoga Historical Society & Bolster Collection
     Smithsonian Founder lived in Galway
     St. Mary's original Cemetery in Ballston Spa; Audrey Hauprich
     Locate Missing Living Individuals
     Step out in your Researching
     In Days of Yore
     Saratoga Chapter NSDAR Meetings
     Family Reunions; Pat Peck
     Savage's Genealogical Dictionary is now Online
     NY Surrogate starting with Murphy
     Who's Who Ed Stiles
     Ancestors II on PBS
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, Cont,d
     Library Corner; Joan Cady

     Help with Maps
     Historic Boat Tour and Picnic
     Branches and Twigs Index
     Ryall in Saratoga County; Martha Willis Garcia
     Samuel and Thankful Lockwood St. John
     Saratoga Chapter DAR
     Warren County Historical Society Cruise
     In Days of Yore
     Saratoga County Historian's Office
     How I Found My Ancestors
     Research Assistance at SCHO
     He Led the Out of Towns
     Caution Advised when importing GEDCOMs; David Fiske
     Digital Books Relating to NY History
     Library Corner; Joan Cady
     Cole-Brown-Ryan-Snyder Reunion; Joan Cady
     Non Editorial
     NY Surrogate starting with Perkins
     Who's Who Anne Goodwill
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, Cont'd
     Saratoga Connections: Travis G. Howard
     Rootsweb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees
     Celebrating Archives Month- October 2000

     Results of November Elections


     Time to Act: Ed Stiles
     Surname Exchange Update
     Valuable Saratoga Sources Ruth Ann Messick
     NYGBS Conference May 11-12
     Heritage Hunters Library: Joan Cady
     Saratoga Chapter NSDAR to Meet
     In Days of Yore
     HH Computer Interest Group: Dedra Roberts
     Rediscovering New York History and Culture: Website
     Vital Records: Ruth Ann Messick
     1895 USA Atlas on the Web
     NY Surrogate:Susan Szewczyk
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, Cont'd
     Heritage Quest Christmas Tour: Susan Hummel
     German Genealogy
     Plan Ahead

     NYGBS Saratoga Springs Conference
     WPA Saratoga County
     Saratoga Chapter NSDAR to meet
     CIG January 20 Meeting
     Summer Reminders
     In Days of Yore
     Separating Men of the Same Name: Patricia Law Hatcher
     Library Corner: Joan Cady
     Standards for Sound Genealogical Research: Pat Peck
     This is a Cemetery: Susan Szewczyk
     NY Surrogate
     Who's Who Beatrice Rohrmeier
     Italian History of Fort Edward
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, cont'd
     Down at the courthouse

     HH August Picnic and History Day 18 August
     Tibits from "Our Young Men"
     Library Corner: Joan Cady
     Hill Collection: Jane Schwerd
     Mary Louise Pierce Woodman: Ruth Ann Messick
     In Days of Yore
     Computer Interest Group: Dedra Roberts
     Down at the Courthouse: Lynn Calvin
     NY Surrogate
     Who's Who Jane Schwerd
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, con't
     Family Bibles: Pat Peck
     Surrogate Index Publication

     NYS Archives
     An Invitation to Town Historians of Saratoga County: Ruth Ann Messick
     Canadian Irish Records
     Library Corner by Joan Cady
     Ketchum Family by Audrey Bopp Hauprich
     In Days of Yore
     Social Security Administration Hikes Fees as of July 2001
     Down at the Courthouse - Beyond Deeds
     Who's Who Don Meierdiercks
     NY Surrogate
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, cont'd
     Library Donations: Joan Cady
     US City/Town-County Locator
     A Researching Experience: Joan Cady
     2001 Wilton House Tour

     2002 HH Nominations and Elections
     Miscellaneous German Archives Websites
     Computer Interest Group Dedra Roberts
     HH Picnic: A great day for Heritage Hunting: John Scherer
     In Days of Yore
     Saratoga Chapter NSDAR to meet
     Seminar on Genealogical Research Techniques
     NY Surrogate
     Who's Who Alfred and Shirley Schadow
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, cont'd
     Library Corner: Joan Cady
     Saratoga Message Board

     Results of the November Elections

     Online Dictionaries
     In Days of Yore
     Submit Surnames for 2002 Surname Exchange
     LDS Genealogy Workbook
     CW Data Website
     New Feature Series
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, cont'd
     NY Surrogate
     A Word of Caution
     Daily Saratogian Newspaper
     Church Records in the Town of Wilton: Ed Stiles
     Who's Who Judy Wilming
     Birth Date Calculation
     Wilson's of Saratoga County
     Civilian Population of the Colonial Saratoga District of Albany County, NY: Leslie B. Potter

     Heritage Hunters Conference
     HH January Program
     Churches of Saratoga County New York
     In Days of Yore
     Saratoga County, NY Deed Books Index: Lynn Calvin
     Don't overlook Probate Records
     Deed books Index
     Who's Who Peter Flass
     Library Corner: Joan Cady
     HH February Program
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary , Cont'd
     NSDAR to Meet
     Italian Community Comes Together in Mechanicville
     HH Surnames Exchange Index 2002

     Heritage Hunters Conference September 21
     Churches of Saratoga County New York, Part II
     March Program: Preparing to Use the 1930 Census
     Days of Yore: April 2, 1910 re: Neil Hayden
     Bible Records: Harriett Amelia Archer's Family Bible; Thayer-Pratt Bible Records; Searles Bible Record
     HH April Program: Tricia Barbagallo from Colonial Albany Social History Project
     Saratoga County Deed Books Index: John Allen through William Anson
     Who's Who in HH: Gordon Cornell
     Daniel Benedict's Diary: Entries for 1857 and 1858
     NSDAR/NSSAR Genealogical Workshop, June 8
     "Have Your Checked the RSL [Rootsweb Surname List] Lately?"
     Library Corner by Joan Cady
     Troy Public Library overview
     Saratoga Chapter SDAR meeting August 8

     Heritage Hunters Conference September 21
     Glossary of Words Found in Early Documents: Joan Cady
     Rods, Poles & Perches: Pat Peck
     HH June 15 Program
     Legal Terms: Pat Peck
     Step Back in time at the Schuyler House
     In Days of Yore
     Tombstone Talk
     Copyright Information
     Wednesday, 12 June Trip to DCGS Library
     Connecticut Adventure: Joan Cady
     Deed Books Index
     Who's Who
     Boston and the NEHGS: Joan Cady
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, cont'd

     DAR Lookups Available
     19 October 2002-225th Celebration Events
     Holiday Gifts with a Family history touch Pat Peck
     225th Anniversary of the Battles of Saratoga
     Albany Rural Cemetery: Ruth Ann Messick
     Glossary of Words Found in Early Documents
     Many Thanks: Al Lounsbury
     Deed Books Index
     Saratoga County, NY Surrogate Court Index
     In Days of Yore
     Quaker Springs Methodist Church: Pat Peck
     Consider your files-take it or leave it: Ruth Ann Messick
     Decendants of Soldiers who fought at Battles of Saratoga Sought
     Deeds Books Index
     Who's Who Jean Thorkildsen Albert R. Lounsbury
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, cont'd
     People who signed Alice M. Shepherd Wilbur's Autograph Book
     Savage's Genealogical Dictionary Online

     Results of the November Elections
     Erie Canal Program Series


     Changing of the Guard: Fletch Blanchard
     House History: Joan Cady
     New York Military Museum and Veterans Research Center
     Newspaper Abstracts
     Veteran Day Project
     In Days of Yore
     Submit Surnames for 2002 Surname Exchange
     Andersonville Civil War Prison Comp Look-ups
     Saratoga County, NY Surrogate Court Index
     Glossary of Words found in Early Documents
     Deed Books Index
     Who's Who Wallace Coates Paprocki
     October 2002 Meeting Notes
     County Historian has new email address
     Late Daniel D. Benedict's Diary, cont'd
     Heritage Hunters Trips for Spring 2003
     New York State Library and Archives Dennis Marr

     New Aquisitions at the County Historian's office
     Marriage Licenses
     Glossary of Words Found in Early Documents: Joan Cady
     List of useful websites
     Genealogy Searching on the Internet: Pat Peck
     In Days of Yore
     New additions to HH website
     HH Member has article published
     New Website for Ulster County Archives
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