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Owner – Loose card in back says “Contains family record of Robert Hemphill 1765-1852…Malta”.


Description – The HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT with the APOCRYPHA.  New York: Printed for William Durell, Bookseller, No 106, Maiden Lane  By George F Hopkins, at Washington’s Head. 1801


Large Bible (10 x 14 x 4), brown, intact, with worn cover.  No formal family pages.  Family record hand written after p 862 in the APOCRYPHA. Also, loose papers with family notes.


Page 1


Marriages -    Robert Hemphill first Married to Annis Dinsmore February 1793

                        Robert Hemphill’s second Marriage to Elisabeth Hawkins

                                                                                                March [3 or13] 1803

                        Nathaniel Hemphill was Married to Jerusha Payn

                        Jerusha Payn                Born May 21th 1801


                        Annis Hemphill Born Sep 8th 1823

                        Elizabeth Hemphill        Born March 17th 1825

                        Mary Hemphill  Born May 27 1828

                        Sarah Hemphill Born July 14 1833

                        Lois Hemphill               Born Oct 13 1835

[All of the above are in the same handwriting]

                        Robert Hemphill           Born Jan 8 1839


                        Elizabeth Hemphill Married to Thompson S Hollister  Oct 12th [1836]

                        Augustus H Hemphill Married to Adelia Badgley  Feb 17th 1841


                        Annie A Hemphill Married to LaFayette B Collamer  Aug 22nd 1883


Page 2


Births -            Robert Hemphill           Born Oct 1st 1765

                        Annis Dinsmore            Born [no entry]

                        Elisabeth Hawkins        Born Dec 29th 1772


                        Nathaniel Hemphill        Born June 30th 1794

                        Robert Hemphill           Born [no entry] Dec 1 1796 [on loose paper]

                        William Hemphill           Born Feb 1 1806

                        Henry Hemphill Born May 25th 1809

                        Augustus H Hemphill    Born Feb 24th 1812

                        Elisabeth Hemphill        Born Jan 24th 1814

                        Adelia Hemphill            Born Oct 9th 1816 [wife of Augustus]


                        Annie A Hemphill         Born Feb 12th 1862 [adopted daughter of Augustus]


Page 3


Deaths -          Annis Hemphill Died [no entry] – [Aug 8, 1801 –]

                        Henry Hemphill Died July 11 1810

                        William Hemphill           Died May 15 1833


                        Robert Hemphill           Died April 3d 1852

                        Elizabeth Hemphill        Died Nov 10th 1852


                        Augustus H Hemphill    Died Aug 25 1883

                        Elisabeth H Hollister     Died Feb 5 1892

                        Adelia B Hemphill         Died Dec 8 1902



Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 1964.034.0001  U107L05  Transcribed by J. Wickizer, 16 May 2012


“Bible of the Robert Hemphill family, early settlers of the Town of Malta”


A sampler [1964.034.0002] was also donated to Brookside Museum; the “family record of Nathanial Hemphill and his wife Agnes Park. Their son, Robert, born October 1, 1765 was an early land owner in the Dunning Street section of the Town of Malta circa 1800.  The sampler was probably made shortly after the last date which is recorded on it (1801)” 


Bible and sampler gifted from Mrs. Lewis C Brown (Blanche H), “a descendent of the Hemphills and inherited the family bible and the sampler through her mother, Mrs LaFayette B Collamer, the former Annie Avery Hemphill, adopted daughter of Augustus H and Adelia B Hemphill”.  [The quoted notes are from the Brookside accession book]


“Robert Hemple, father of A.H. Hemple, of Malta, came to the town about 1804. He bought a part of the Dunning tract, including the Dunning tavern, on the site of Seddon's store. Mr. Hemple kept a public-house fifteen years. A noted circumstance of this family is stated, that Robert Hemple was the eldest of eighteen children; that there was no death in the family until the youngest child was fifteen years of age. The name is frequently spelled Hemphill.”

Sylvester, Nathaniel Bartlett, History of Saratoga County, New York.  Philadelphia: Everts & Ensign, 1878.