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Description – The HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW  TESTAMENTS … together with the APOCRYPHA and index.  Baltimore: Published By Parsons & Preston. 1844.


Large Bible (91/2x111/2x3), rebound with brown leather cover, pages intact. Family pages are after the APOCRYPHA.


Page 1


Marriages – J Alanson Crawford was married to Esther Hickok January 29th 1846.


Page 2


Births -           Aaron Hickok was born December 19th 1786           

                        Hannah his wife was born March 29th 1784


                        Polly his oldest daughter was born July 6th 1808

                        Tamazen his second daughter was born February 23rd 1810

                        Esther his third daughter was born December 16th 1811

                        Benedict his first son was born October 4th 1813

                        Lydia his fourth daughter was born March 4th 1815

                        Sarah his fifth daughter was born February 1st 1817

                        Nathan his second son was born February 2nd 1819

                        Jacob his third son was born January 25th 1821

                        Hannah his sixth daughter was born April 11th 1823


                        Harry Hickok was born April 27th 1792


                        Henriette Scofield was born September 25th 1845


Page 3 (Blank)


Page 4 (L)


Deaths -          Hannah wife of Aaron Hickok died October 30th 1830

                        Lydia 4th daughter of Aaron Hickok died January 24th 1831

                        Polly oldest daughter died April 29th 1836

                        Hannah his sixth daughter died July 15 1857

                        Sarah his fifth daughter died June 8 1872

                        Tamazen his second daughter died Nov 2 1872

                        Benedict his first son died Aug 20 1887

                        Jacob his third son died July 19 1884



Page 4 (R)


Deaths -          J Alanson Crawford Died Oct 6 – 1875


                        Aaron Hickok Died July 19 1864


                        Henriette Scofield Daughter of Sarah Scofield Died Sept 8 – 1872


Loose - Hand BookBinding: Frank Malorany, 5 Renown Ave., Seacliff Park S.A.                                     5049, Ph: 8298 4108. [Australia]


Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 2011.028.0001  U107L03  Transcribed by J. Wickizer: 12 September 2012


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