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George W. and Maria J. (Loversee) Herrick Bible Records

The Holy Bible. Published by the American Bible Society, New York, 1848.  (Page image)
Signed on a front page: "Mrs. Herrick, Saratoga" and signed a back page: "James Herrick, Saratoga Springs."
The Herrick Bible is at the Saratoga County Historian's Office, Ballston Spa, New York.

        births  (Page image)
George Washington Herrick born Dec 12th. 1817
Maria Jane (Loversee) Herrick born Aug. 26th. 1819
Hester Maria Herrick born June 27th. 1842
James W. Herrick born May 12th. 1844
John M. Herrick born July 1th. 1846
Catharine Jane Herrick born June 6th 1849
Franklin D. Herrick born Sept. 20th. 1852
Augustus G. Herrick born Jan. 9th. 1857
Edwin L. Herrick born Nov. 24th. 1859
Jennie C. Gilbert born Jan. 20th.----

        marriages  (Page image)
George Washington Herrick to Maria J. Loversee Jan. 28th. 1841
Hester Maria Herrick to James C. Gilbert Dec. 27th. 1866
Augustus G. Herrick to Laura Scidmore Nov. 12th, 1879
Franklin D. Herrick to Nellie Scidmore May 11th 1881

        deaths  (Page image)
George W. Herrick died June 17th. 1866
John M. Herrick died Apr. 20th. 1847
Catharine Jane Herrick died Oct. 17th. 1851
Edwin L. Herrick died Apr. 12th. 1860
James W. Herrick died July 19th. 1870
James C. Gilbert died Nov. 28th. 1869
Hester M. Gilbert died Dec. 14, 1889
Augustus G. Herrick died Oct. 11, 1900
Laura S. Herrick died Jan. 19, 1902

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