Deposition of Stephen and Gilbert Swan, 2 December 1836

State of New York

Saratoga County

        Personally appeared before me Ebenezer Couch
one of the justices of the peace in and for the said County of
Saratoga, Stephen Swan of Galway in the County aforesaid,
aged sixty-five years on the sixteenth of August last past,
and Gilbert Swan Esquire of Galway aforesaid, aged fifty-
eight on the sixteenth day of June last past, who being by
me severaly sworn according to law deposeth and saith, that
they are the sons of Joshua Swan named in the petition of
Jehu Grant hereunto annexed; that it is forty-eight years ar-
riving since they moved with their said father from Ston
ington to the Town of Milton in the said County of Saratoga
and that they were acquainted with the said Jehu Grant
when living in Stonington aforesaid, and that the said Jehu
came to live with their father Joshua Swan when living in
Stonington and moved with their said father to the town of
Milton in the County of Saratoga aforesaid, and that they
well recollect of their said father having purchased the
services of the said Jehu as stated in his said Petition; And
that they well recollect of having heard the said Jehu at
sundry time and from about their earliest acquaintance
with him tell of his being in the service of the United
States in the war of the Revolution and of thing[s] which
took place when he was in the service, and of his stating
the reason of his entering the service, which was as stated
in his Petition; and that they have no Doubt in their
minds of his having served as stated in his Declaration;
And that the said Jehu has uniformly sustained the
Character of an honest, industrious person and of truth
and verassity.
  Stephen Swan

Gilbert Swan
Sworn and subscribed to
the 2nd Day of December 1836
before me Ebenezer Couch, Justice

I hereby Certify that I have been intimately acquainted
with Stephen Swan and Gilbert Swan Esq., who have
this Day made the within affidavit before me, for forty-
six years last past and that they are men of very reputa-
ble standing, and in whose truth and verassity full reli-
ance can be placed; December the 2d 1836.
                  Ebenezer Couch, Justice

State of New York

Saratoga County Clerk's Office
I, Alpheus Goodrich, Clerk of the coun-
ty of Saratoga, Do Certify, that Ebenezer Couch
Esquire before whom the annexed affidavit pur-
ports to have been sworn, was at the date of the same, one of
the Justices of the Peace in and for said county, and that I am
acquainted with his hand writing, and verily believe his name
subscribed to the said affidavit, to be his proper hand writing
and signature.
  WITNESS my hand and seal of Office, the 20th day of
  December 1836.
        A. Goodrich, Clerk