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Deposition by Acquaintances of Jehu Grant, 2 December 1836

State of New York

Saratoga County
    We whose names are hereunto subscribed Do Certify that we
have been acquainted with Jehu Grant whose petition is here-
with annexed, the length of time mentioned with our signatures,
and that he has uniformly sustained the Character of an honest
and Industrious person, and for many years a pious and Consistent
Christian, and is entitled to have full credit given to the statement
he has made of his service, and the circumstances connected there-
with as set forth in his said petition. Several of our number soon
after our acquaintance with him heard him relate the particulars of his being
in the Army, also those who were aged & now deceased tell of cir-
cumstances with which they were acquainted, which tend
to Confirm us in the truth of the facts stated in the declaration
of his service, and of his being entitled to receive the pension prayed
for. Witnesseth our hands December 2nd 1836.

Ebenezer Couch: have known Jehu Grant forty-six years

John Howard: known Jehu Grant forty years

John V. Howard; have known Jehu Grant over twenty years

and many years ago have heard him tell of being in the army
of the Revolution as related in his declaration.

Harvey Morris: known Jehu Grant twenty-four years.

Richard Frink: known Jehu Grant twenty-five years.

Joseph Daniels: have known Jehu Grant twenty-
five years and have heard him tell of being in the army.

Henry Miller: have known Jehu Grant twenty-eight years
and have heard him tell of being in the Army.

Truman Safford: has known Jehu Grant 20 years.

I have known Jehu Grant 25 years and have been his Physician
that time; his Character for truth and piety is of the very best kind & I have
often heard him relate the circumstances of his being in the
Army years ago & I believe he has always told truth. Increase W. Child

Salmon Child: have personally known Jehu Grant for 20 years & about 26 years frequently
saw him before that time, and heard him spoken of as a very Industrious honest man.