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James Mott Cemetery
Town of Saratoga

As transcribed by Cornelius Emerson Durkee and listed under the Town of Saratoga
in volume 4, pages 173 – 175 of Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County, New York.
“The foregoing are all the inscriptions on stones standing in an enclosure on east side
of highway near the Mott Homestead about half a mile south of school house No. 2.
They were copied by C.E.Durkee, May 7, 1877.”

(The entire James Mott Cemetery was removed to Prospect Hill Cemetery in 
Schuylerville, lots 222 & 223, some time after 1877.)

Mott, Charles F., d. Dec. 13, 1872, a.57ys.

Mott, Orville H., M.D., d. June 27, 1850, 25y.3m.6d.

Mott, James, d. Oct. 17, 1871, a.83y.10m.19d.

Mott, Eleanor, wife of James, d. Jan. 14, 1857, a.65y.5m.24d.

Mott, Sarah Bryan, wife of James E., d. Apr. 15, 1872, a.47y.5d.

Losee, Augustus, d. Aug. 11, 1871, a.30y.7m.25d.

Losee, Edward M., d. June 28, 1870, a.32y.2m.20d.

Wilcox, Keziah, “wife of Ephraim Hamblin & Dr. John D. Bull”
	d. Mar. 20, 1861, 91st yr.

Hamblin, Orlando, d. Dec. 10, 1834, 34y.8m.3d.

Hamblin, Orville, d. July 30, 1820, 18y.2m.9d.

Bull, Doct. Daniel  “In memory of Doct. Daniel Bull, who departed this life
	5th May 1810, aged 39 years 11 months & 13 days.  Removed to this place
	Aug. 31, 1861, with his first wife and two sons, Alexander & Daniel.”
	(This original stone had been discarded, but later salvaged, and can now be
	found about half a mile north of the former site of the James Mott Cemetery,
	in a flower garden, on the corner of route 67 & Wagman's Ridge Road.)

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