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Description – THE HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, Translated out of the Original Tongues with the APOCRYPHA, CONCORDANCE AND PSALMS. 1700 Illustrations.  Philadelphia: A J Holman & Co.  No. 930 Arch St. 1875


Large Bible (10 x 121/2 x 31/2), brown/gold covers intact. Family pages after the Apocrypha.


Page 1


            This is to certify that Arthur G Tabor of Troy, New York and Mary A Jones of Troy, New York were by me united in Holy Matrimony on the fifteenth day of April in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and sixty nine in presence of Wm Irvin, Pastor 2nd Presb Church, Troy, NY.


Page 2


Marriages -    Arthur G Tabor and Mary A Jones  Apr 15, 1869

                        Prentiss L Jones and Julia A Downing  July 6, 1842

                        Chas F Jones and Eliza Matthews  Sep 6, 1868

                        Arthur F Tabor and Ella May Cummings  June 21, 1897

                        Wm G Tabor and Lotta Mabel Gorham  April 1, 1900


Page 3


Births -           Arthur F Tabor           June 2.1872

                        Julia E Tabor              May 2.1874

                        William G Tabor        July 26. 1876

                        Prentiss L Jones          May 27. 1810

                        Julia A Jones              Dec 13. 1816

                        Chas F Jones               April 25. 1843

                        Emily V Jones            Aug 7. 1845

                        Mary A Jones             Jan 21. 1849

                        Clarence A Jones        [no entry]

                        Frederick R B Jones   [no entry]

                        Walter L Jones           Apr 21. 1855

                        Eliza M Jones             May 28. 1848

                        Charles E Jones          Aug 26. 1869

                        Fannie F Jones            Oct 8. 1873

                        Albert C Jones                        Aug 28. 1871

                        Gertrude F Jones        Nov 12. 1878





Page 4


Deaths -          Mary Augusta Tabor  July 19. 1889

                        Prentiss L Jones          Oct 21. 1886

                        Clarence A Jones       

                        Frederick R B Jones

                        Walter L Jones           Oct 21. 1880

                        Charles E Jones          July 4. 1883

                        Fannie F Jones            1876

                        Albert C Jones                        1876

                        Julia A Jones              June 2. 1892




Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 1980.002.0030   U107L04  Transcribed by J. Wickizer: 4 April 2012



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