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Kings Station Cemetery


Kings Station Cemetery, also known as King Cemetery, is located on the east side of Parkhurst Road, 2/10 mile north of Kings Road, in the Town of Wilton, Saratoga County, New York.  The following inscriptions were recorded November 6, 1876 and can be found in Cornelius E. Durkee’s Epitaphs, volume 4, pages 63 - 68.


James D. King


died July 28, 1865

77y. 3m. 4d.

Cynthia King

first wife of James D.

died Aug. 29, 1826

38 ys.

Sally King

second wife of James D.

died May 1, 1835

49 ys.

Angeline King

third wife of James D.

died Aug. 31, 1866

67y. 2m. 19d.

Cynthia Ann King

dau. of James & Cynthia

died Jan. 22, 1846

32y. 10m. 28d.

Hiram Perkins


died July 21, 1859

52y. 10m. 5d

Elizabeth Perkins

wife of Hiram

died Aug. 6, 1861

44y. 5m. 9d.

Ray K. Humes

son of Martin & Cynthia

died Oct. 17, 1851

3y. 1m.

Eli Stiles


died Apr. 29, 1867

78y. 3m. 3d.

Accy Stiles

wife of Eli

died Apr. 17, 1873

82y. 3m. 6d.

Harriet O. Stiles

dau. of Eli & Accy

died Oct. 17, 1851

17 ys.

Henrietta Stiles

dau. of Eli & Accy

died Sep. 17, 1845

27 ys.

Ann Eliza

dau. of Eli & Accy

died Aug. 18, 1845

19 ys.

Solomon Phillips


died Feb. 7


60th yr.

Asenath Phillips


died Mar. 23


64th yr.

Ziba Phillips


died Sep. 1


86y. 7m. 3d.

Levi Phillips

son of Mr. Solomon

died Mar. 20, 1813

18 ys.

Asenath Vibbard

wife of L.J.

died May 31, 1842

25 ys.

Esther Foster Phillips

wife of Ziba

died Oct. 8, 1862

74y. 11m. 24d.

Solomon B. Phillips

son of Ziba & Esther

d. Oct. 15, 1825

2y. 2m. 13d.

Daniel White


died Oct. 9, 1832

31st yr.

Daniel White


died June 14, 1813

48th yr.

Polly White

wife of Daniel

died Aug. 8, 1844

77th yr.

Mr. Ralph Cox


died Apr. 20, 1807

70th yr.

Mrs. Hannah Cox

wife of Ralph

died July 16, 1811

74th yr.

Mr. Malachi Cox


died Apr. 1, 1798

36th yr.

Mary Durham

wife of Uzziel

died Mar. 18, 1806

60th yr.

Alonzo H. Hall

son of Otis & Hannah

died Mar. 23, 1810

2nd yr.

Ira Eighmey


died Jan. 26, 1845

24 ys.

Philip Eighmey


died Feb. 21, 1841

52 ys.

Charlotte Eighmey

wife of Philip

died Dec. 16, 1841

49 ys.

Betsey Eighme

dau. of Philip & Charlotte

died May 8, 1841

20 ys.

Horace King

b. June 15, 1784

d. Oct. 10, 1858


Clarissa King

b. June 11, 1786

d. Apr. 15, 1864


Mary Ann Durham

dau. of Ezra & Clarissa

died Sep. 30, 1829

19y. 18d.

Adaline King

dau. of Horace & Clarissa

died Aug. 21, 1825

4th yr.

Ray Caples


died Apr. 27, 1842

41y. 7m.

Henry C. Caples

son of Ray & Mary R.

died Sep. 14, 1837

3y. 8m. 7d.

James M. Caples

son of Ray & Mary R.

died Sep. 12, 1837

1y. 4m.

Doct. John F. Williams


died Sep. 2, 1807

38th yr.


wife of Joseph Hillyer

died Sep. 6, 1828

63y. 2m. 11d.

Evaline A. Hunter

dau. of William & Elizabeth

died June 27, 1845

1y. 10m. 19d.

Franklin E. Goodale

son of John & Sarah A.

died Dec. 3, 1856

1y. 5m.


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