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Aaron and Hannah (Snedekar) Knights Bible

Family Record


Births, page 678


Aaron Knights  was

born May the 1st 1760

Catharine Ann Knights

Was born Sept. the 5, 1810




likewise, his Wife

was born Oct the 12th

1782, Hannah Snedekar,

now Hannah Knights

Amanda Knights

was born March the 18




Children of I. Freeman & Harriet

James Knights   was

born the 19 of March



William F. Freeman

was born August 17th 1835




William Knights   was

born Nov  the 8, 1807


James M. Freeman

was born Feb 2d, 1837




Samuel Knights

Was born August

the 20, 1810


Phebe A. Freeman

was born March 24th 1839




Samuel Knights was born August


Elisha R. Freeman

was born Oct 20th 1842




Harriet Knights

Was born Oct. the 18,



Catherine A. Freeman

was born Feb 21st 1848






Ida F. Freeman

was born May 6th 1858






Daniel Griffin Wilbur son of

Phebe & Edwin was born July

the 24, 1871


Births and Deaths, page 679


Isaac Freeman

was born April 1st, 1813

Aaron Knights died

September the 8 1835



Martha Freeman

was born Nov 11th 1823

Hannah Knights

died April the 22, 1853



Reubin Freeman

was born May 5th 1826

Samuel Knights

died May 8th 1861



Sarah Freeman

was born July 27th 1828

William F. Freeman

died at Saint Paul, Minne-

sota June 30th 1861;

buried in the cemetery there.

Children of Phebe & Edwin Wilbur


Arthur Wilbur son of

Phebe & Edwin Wilbur

was born Jun 24th 1862

Lowdon Freeman son

of James M. Freeman

died Dec. 9th 1864



James Herbert Wilbur  son

of Phebe & Edwin was born

January 1st 1864

Frances Freeman wife

of James M. Freeman

died Oct. 8th 1864



Gladys Freeman  daughter

of Emma and Elisha Freeman

was born January 14th 1866 at

Ionia, Michigan

James Herbert Wilbur son

of Phebe & Edwin died June

7th 1866 age 2 yrs, 4 m, 7 days



Isaac Freeman  died

Oct 16th 1866 at 20 minutes

past 5 A. M.

Gaston Elias Wilbur  son

of Phebe & Edwin died November

1871 age 2 years

Buried at the Cemetery of Stillwater.



Gaston E. Wilbur son of

Phebe & Edwin was born ----




Maud Freeman, daughter of

Emma & James Freeman

born Aug 4(?)  1873 at 8 3/4 in the morning





Harriet Knights  was

married November

the 11 1834   to

Isaac Freeman

James M. Freeman


Emma Brownell

was married Sept the 4, 1872



Amanda Knights

and Benjamin Sarle

was Married Nov. 12 1839

Ida F. Freeman


Horace M. Bennett

was married Dec 25th 1876



William Knights

and Anna S. Freeman

was Married Nov 17, 1836




Edwin R. Wilbur &

P. A. Freeman was

married Sep 17th, 1861




James M. Freeman &

Frances VanBuren

was married Sep 17th 1861




Elisha R. Freeman &

Emma A. Haff was

married Sep 24th 1863




Catharine Amanda Freeman


Harmon L. Viele

was married June 4th 1872





Isaac Freeman died

Oct 2d 1842, age 60 years,

4 months, 29 days




Sarah Sowle Freeman

died April 18th 1852

age 62 years 4 mo. 13 dys.




James Knights   died

May the 16, 1843 at 6 o'clock

in the morning.  buried

at Stillwater.   age 67 y





FREEMAN - In Greeley, Colo., Saturday, Nov.

  11, 1882, Louis Brownell Freeman, son of Mr.

  and Mrs. J. M. Freeman.

   Little Louis was a peculiarly lovable

child.  He was always well and happy

and during the last week of his life,

when he was sick for the first time, he

was very patient, not complaining at all,

though it could be seen that he suffered

greatly.  The funeral services were held

Sunday afternoon.





FREEMAN--To Mr. and Mrs. J. M.

   Freeman, Saturday, January 19, 1884,

   a daughter





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