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Autobiographical Sketch by Ebenezer Benham


[spelling as in original manuscript]


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August 21st 1846:  I Ebenezer Benham set down to notes some events of my Cristian

Cors advinters and progress but first I would say I was born in Connecicut July 22d

1766 and moved into York state at the age 16 and lived distitute of religion until I was

30 years of age then I was brought to see my self a sinner under the preaching of the

Gospel and experienced a change of heart and on Crismas day December 25th 1795 and then on that day I joind the Methodist E. Church and soon after I was appointed clas-

Leder and sarved the Church in that offis for twenty years or more and I was a sistant

Exorter 5 years and a Sesanst preacher 5 years and a Deacon 5 years and an Elder 26

years and a Circuit stuard nine years   such has been my standing in the Church

for this 49 years and more altho I never though my self fit or worthy of any of the above offices but was urged and peswaded too it until I was convinst it was duty and there was

no more to be said but I went forward trembling trusting in the Lord-- and now what have

I done for the Caus I have had Circuit preaching in my hous for 20 years or more and

I have entertained in my hous 200 preachers and have alwais paid my Quarterage

and given a gooddeal for public institution -- and as to my labor in my Cauling

I have preacht five hundred funeral Sermons and I have baptised 236 and I

have married 164 coples and I like my master have preacht the Gospel to the

poor for I have preacht 200 sermons in the Onterio County poor house and for

all this I have received nothing from the Church but what of all this for I have

don nothing to bost of I have only don my duty and that in a very weak manner

and if I am ever saved it will be through the merrits of Christ alone and not for

any thing that I have don but I ley at the feet of Christ pleding for mercy and

here I risk my all both for time and Eternity so prays Ebenezer Benham


1731-1811 his father


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I send you this as a token of friendship and to sho you the way I have

Lived and labored in the caus of God sins I have profest religion this fifty

years that is past and gon and I think I am not one Cent the poorer for it

So I must bid you farewell for the present says uncle Eben  &c