Saratoga County, New York

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Jabez N. Smith Family Record


First Page (image)


Jabez N. Smith was born September 15 1796            died 1888, age 92


Hetty Cook was born April 29 1797                           died 1861, aged 64 yrs


Zada Ann Smith was born July 20th 1819                 died 1863, aged 44 years


Eliza C. Smith was born August 26th 1821                died 1875, aged 54 yrs


Joel B. Smith was born Sepetember 6th 1827            died 1895, age 68 years


Second Page (image)


Hetty Smith died September 30th 1861                     1861-1797 = 64 years of age


Zada Ann Smith died November 22nd 1863              1863-1819 = 44 years


Eliza J. Smith Pettit died March 23rd 1875               1875-1821 = 54 years