Saratoga County, New York

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Record of Jabez Smith Family



Jabez Smith was born                         Dec. 12th 1731


Rebecca Northrop was born   August 25th 1735  1790


Amilacent Smith   Finch         Jany  4th 1756    1835


Abijah Smith                           July 2d 1757


Jabez Smith Jun.                     July 304th  1760   1818


Ruth Smith   Clemens             June 14th 1762


Joel Smith                               April 30th 1764


Rebecca Smith  Benham        Novbr 7th 1766    1796


Sarah Smith  Purdy                 Novbr 11th 1768


Robah Smith  Northrop          May 20th 1771


Esther Smith   not married     Sept. 1st 1773


Amos Smith                            Aug. 24 1775


Polly Smith  Wolsey               March 9th 1778