Saratoga County, New York

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LaRue Bible and Family Records Collection


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Joel Smith's



$5.50  AD 1813




Family Record




B[en]ham Smith and

S[arah] Cook was married

March 9th 1815

Chancy Smith married

Sept 22 1847

Benham Smith and

Rebecca Allen

was married

Nov. 28th 1852



Benham Smith Family



Benham Smith was

Born November 29th 1792


Sally his wife was born

September 28th 1792


Rebecca Smith was born

July 29th 1816


Isaac Sherwood Smith was

Born July 24th 1818


Platt Smith was born

April 3rd 1822


Nancy Smith was born

February 7th 1825


Benham Smith Family




Platt Smith died Nov 8th 1823

aged one year, 7 months

and 5 days

Joel Smith died

August 12th 1847

aged 83 years, 3 months

and 12 days

Sally wife of

Benham Smith

died August

7th 1851 aged

58 years 10 mo. 10 days

Esther Smith wife

of Joel Smith died

Feb 27th 1852

aged 89 years, 5 mo.

and 5 days

Rebecca wife of

Benham Smith

died June 29th 1862

aged 62 years

Rebecca C. Smith

Died July 14th 1891

aged 74 years

11 months + 17 days

Feb 16th 1864

Ann LaRue

aged 7 years and

2 months

Sarah LaRue died

Feb 4th 1885 aged 33 yrs

+ 5 months

Benham Smith

died April 11th 1876

aged 83 years 4 months

and 12

Isaac S. Smith

Died June 12th 1902

aged 83 years

10 months + 16 days