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Original owner – “Addie May Lasher Bible.  Presented by her Parents.  October 9,/89.”


Description – “PICTORIAL FAMILY BIBLE” - The HOLY BIBLE containing the Authorized Edition of the NEW TESTAMENT.  Philadelphia: A J Holman & Co., No 1222 Arch St. 1889


Large Bible (10 x 121/2 x 3).  Brown/black, both covers and spine detached.  Five family pages after APOCRYPHA.


Page 1


            This is to certify that Cary Lasher of Ketchums Corners and Addis May McKnight of Charlton were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Charlton, N. Y. on the ninth day of October in the year of our Lord 1889 in the presence of Mr. and Mrs Cady Jennings.  Signed, Rev. S R Bigger.


Page 2


Marriages -    Cary Lasher was married to Addie May McKnight, Oct 9/1889

                        Clarence Ely Lasher was married to Anna V Rider June 23, 1917


Page 3


Births -            Cary Lasher was born January 15.1851

                        Addie May McKnight was born November 23. 1865

                        Clarence Ely Lasher was born November 30. 1893

                        C Reymond Lasher was born Sept 28. 1918


Page 4


Deaths -          Cary Lasher died May 15th 1926


Page 5 (back, written on blank page)


            Jonas Lasher Born Oct 10/1810

            Elizabeth Smith wife of Jonas Lasher Born May 1/1812


            Phillip H Lasher            Born   July 20/1834

            Cathrine E Lasher         Born   April 24/1836

            Jane Lasher                  Born   Oct 15/1838

            Clark L Lasher Born   May 6/1842

            Moses A Lasher           Born  April 6/1848

            Joseph C Lasher           Born   Dec 19/1849

            Cary Lasher                 Born   Jan 15/1851

            Frances E Lasher          Born   Jan 12/1855

            Orvill Lasher                 Born   Sept 12/1855

            Isabella Lasher Born   Nov 6/1856


            Joseph C Lasher           Died   Jan 31/1850

            Catharine E Lasher       Died   Mar 3/1874

            Elizabeth Smith wife of Jonas Lasher   Died Jan 30/1890

            Jonas Lasher                Died Mar 6/1890

            Phillip H Lasher            Died   Oct 3/1892

            Clark L Lasher Died   Dec 23/1896

            Moses A Lasher           Died   Mar 13/1917

            Isabelle L wife of Benjiman S Strang  Died May 15/1910

            Jane Lasher wife of Jesse S Mott died February 17/1923

            Cary Lasher died May 15th 1926

            Addie Lasher died July 17, 1946



Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 1970.016.0002  U107L04  Transcribed by J. Wickizer 4/18/2012


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