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Description – The HOLY BIBLE containing OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS together with the APOCRYPHA.  Philadelphia: Printed and Published by M Carey, No. 121 Chestnut Street 1816.


Large Bible (9 x 11 x 3).  Front cover brown, back cover missing.  Three family pages starting on p.677.  An additional family record pasted on the inside of front cover and first page.  Also, four pages of family information after the APOCRYPHA.


Marriages –                       p.677 [all in the same handwriting]


Oct 1802                                                         Oct 10 1831

Joel Lee to Patience Westcot                         Edward W Lee to Ann Maria Williams


John J Lee to Mary Jane Seely                       John J Lee to Almena Burton

Dec 31 1840                                                    March 25, 1846


Aug 21, 1822                                                  April 1834

David F White to Emeline Lee                      John W Thompson to Augusta Lee


Oct 19 1830                                                    Jany 23 1839

Robert Bennett to Julia A Lee                                    George G Scott to Lucy P Lee


Oct 24 1843                                                    Oct 5 1840

Frances B Lee to Callender Beecher              Nathaniel M Clark to Mary E Lee


p. 678


Births -                                                           Died –


Joel Lee 12 Apl 1776                                     September 13. 1850 Died

Patience Wescot  22 Feby 1784                     Died March 24. 1866

1803 Nov 24th Julia Ann Lee                         Died Dec 10. 1882

1805 July 5th Mary Jane Lee                          Died November 26. 1808

1807 March 6th Emeline Lee                          Died Jany 1. 1877

1809 May 3rd Edward W Lee                         Died August 3.1891

1811 Nov 6 Augusta I Lee                              Died May 17. 1871

1814 April 24th Lucy P Lee                            Died Jany 10. 1883

1817 August 22nd John J Lee                         Died Aug 6. 1887

1819 July 20th Mary E Lee                             Died Nov 29. 1896

1822 Oct 6th Frances B Lee                            Died Feb 5. 1913

1825 Feb 22nd George W Lee                         Died in Virginia City Sep 26, 1879




p. 679


Births – [repeat of previous births and the following two articles pasted on page]

            Joshua B Aldridge aged 76 – article about funeral at Episcopal Church.

            Joel Lee – Obituary -“In this village on the 13th inst., Joel Lee, in his 75th year of his age”



Obituaries – pasted on page [not completely copied here]


            John J Lee – survived by wife Almena and daughter Isabel B Lee “and of his father’s family”, a brother Edward W Lee and two sisters, Mrs. Frances L McLean of this village [Ballston Spa] and Mrs. Mary Clark of St. Johns, NB.

            Mrs. Almena Lee – “the relict of the late John J Lee”… a member of Christ (Episcopal) Church.


            Note: [Written in the margin of this page] – “Mrs. Lee was descended on the matralineal side from the family of Grenelle from which the ‘Rue de Grenelle’ in Paris is named.  They were French Hueguenots who fled from France to England, later to America at Newport [?]..where Matthew Grinnell settled.” [very hard to read]


Loose – The following were found loose after the family pages.


            George C Beecher – (article about funeral)

            Hon George Gordon Scott – died Sept 7, 1886.  [husband of Lucy Lee]

Survived by three children, Mrs. E C Clark of Saratoga Springs, Mrs. C O McCreedy and James L Scott, Esq.

            Mrs. Frances Lee McLean – 91, oldest resident of Ballston” – survived by two grandchildren, Mrs. James M Andrews, of Schenectady and Miss Frances McLean Beecher of this village [Ballston Spa].


            Also found loose, some fragile newpaper articles featuring pictures of Lees.  A Major Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, a representative in Havana, Cuba.  [no dates or indication of relationship to family]



Family Record pasted in the front of the Bible- with the handwritten note, “I make the request that whoever owns this Bible in years to come will not remove my family record of my Father”. [signed] Isabella Burton Lee.


Family Names           Born               Married                                 Died

                                    When              When, Where                        When

                                    and                  & by Whom                           and

Parents                       Where                                                            Where

John J Lee                   B. Spa             Dec 31, 1840 in B. Spa           August 6.1887

                                    Aug 22,1817   by Eldr N. Fox                        B. Spa


Mary Jane Seeley       New Boston                                                    February 6. 1843                                                Nov 6,1819                                                     B. Spa



Mary Ada Patience     B. Spa                                                             August 1, 1843

                                    Jany 10.1843                                                   B. Spa

Jane Agnes Eleanor    B. Spa                                                             August 7, 1843

                                    Jany 10.1843                                                   B. Spa



Almena Burton           Hosick Corners   March 25, 1846                  April 11, 1889

                                    June 6, 1818        at Troy by Rev.                              

                                                                C [D] Babcock




Joseph Burton             B. Spa                                                             Sept 7, 1847

                                    June 17,1847                                                   B. Spa


Isabella Burton           B. Spa             Dec 5, 1888                             Jan 12, 1926

                                    Mar 14,1849   at Ballston Spa                       at Savannah, Georgia

                                                            at Mrs. McLean’s                  

                                                            by Dr Pelletreau

                                                            to James Emmett Parmenter



[The following is a handwritten genealogy by Isabella Burton Lee.  It is difficult to read and some dates and names differ from others I have seen in published sources.  However, I have transcribed the information exactly as it was written though there may be transcription errors.]  JW



Julia A Lee and Robert Bennett were married Oct 19 1830, had one child Robert C Bennett who was born Aug 31-1832 and died Feb 24-1872 – He was not married.  Julia Lee Bennett married for her second husband, Jonathan S Beach – no children.


Emeline Lee Married D Fonda White Aug 21, 1822

            Children –       John T B White          born 1824

                                    Maria Elizabeth White born 1827

                                    Susan Mary White      born 1829

                                    [?] White                    born 1834  d 1839

                                    Joel Lee White           born 1838  d 1840

                                    Joel Lee White           born 1841  d 1850

                                    Catherine F White      born 1843


                                                J T B White married Juliet M Beset  Oct 1848

                                                Children –       George Newell White  b 1849 d 1851

                                                                        William W White        b 1850  d 1851

                                                                        George W White        b 1851

                                                                        Ida May White            b 1853

                                                                        Frederick B White      b 1856

                                                                        John Stanley White     b 1859


                                                S Mary White married John D Osborne April 29 1849

                                                Children -       John White Osborne   b 1852

                                                            married Mary Louise [B---s] April 10-1881

                                                                              Ch. Marie b 1882

                                                                                    Frances b 1885

                                                                                    Florence b. 1895


                                                                        Nellie Osborne           b 1860  d 1860


                                                Catherine F White m. Victor Emmanuel Myer 1871

                                                Children -       Emma             b 1872

                                    married Ernest L Prior in 1892 (Ch Doris,1893;Malcolm 1900)

                                                                        Jenny               b 1873

                                                                        [H?] Lee          b 1874

                                                                        Clara               b 1875

                                                                        Edward Smith b 1877

                                                                        Augustus         b 1878

                                                            married Anna 1901 (Ch. Elizabeth b 1902)

                                                                        Emeline          b 1880


Katherine Meyer married Paul Reed Curtis 1902 [possibly this is another daughter of Catherine White and Victor Emmanuel Myer, not listed previously]



                                                Mary Elizabeth and David Maxwell m. Oct 11 1849

                                                Children -       Elizabeth         b 1850

                                                married Edward A Smith   Feb 26, 1868

                                                            (Ch Blanche M b 1872;  Florence  b 1879

                                                                        Euphemia        b 1852

                                                married Henry J Parmenter – (no date)

                        (Ch C Wallace b 1882; Victor Alexander b 1889; Maxwell Arthur b 1897      

                                                                        Margaret         b 1860

                                                                        Mary               b 1862

                                                                        Walter K         b 1865 }twins

                                                                        Anna B            b 1865 }


Edward Lee and Anna Maria Williams were married Oct 10 1831

            Children -       Margaret M    b 1832

                                    Sarah W          b 1835  d 1835

                                    James E           b 1836  d 1879

                                    Anna C            b 1837

                                    Josephine        b 1839  d 1839

                                    Josephine        b 1840  d 1840

                                    Augusta T       b 1842  d 1843

                                    Mary J             b 1844

                                    Daniel S          b 1845

                                    Walter S          b 1846

                                    Sarah W          b 1848

                                    Samuel L        b 1856   d 1856


                                                Margaret M Lee m. Frederick T Powell Jan 26 1865

                                                Children -       Alice Thompson b. 1865

                                                            married Thomas C Luthers June 21 1887

                                                                                    (Ch Thomas Frederick b 1894)

                                                                        Harry Lee            b  1869

                                                            married Emily E Vaughn Dec 30 1897


                                                Anna Cady Lee m. John Arbuckle Oct 13 1869

                                                                        no children


                                                Sarah Wendall Lee m. Edmond F Grose Oct 20 1868

                                                Children -       Walter Lawrence  b. 1870

                                                                        Elizabeth Wendall b. 1877   d 1878

                                                                        Edward Lee            b. 1875

                                                                        Anna Lee               b. 1872   d 1872

                                                Walter Stewart Lee m. Linda Cantrell Oct 10 1879

                                                Children -       Edward Stewart      b. 1886

                                                                        Bessie                     b. 1885   d 1885



Augusta Isabella Lee married John Whalen Thompson  April 1835

            Children -       George Lee     b 1836   d 1895

                                    Alice               b 1837   d 1898

                                    Samuel                        b 1838   d 1899

                                    Frank               b 1843


                                          George Lee Thompson m. Cara Agnes Blish June 14 1876            

                                                Children –       John Whalen  b June 16 1877

                                                                        Anna Augusta b Aug 12 1879

                                                                        George Lee     b Mar 26 1881


Lucy Pitkin Lee married George Gordon Scott Jan 23 1839

            Children -       George            b 1840   d 1841

                                    Mary Gordon  b 1842

                                    Julia Georgiana b 1845

                                    Caroline Fowler b 1847   d 1899

                                    George Lee     b 1850   d 1851

                                    James Lee       b 1856


                                 Caroline Fowler Scott m. Charles Oscar McCreedy Oct 11 1871

                                                Children -       Gordon            b 1872

                                                                        Charles Oscar b 1875

                                                                        Cora Lee         b 1878   d 1881

                                                                        Robert Clark   b 1880

                                                                        [B--] May       b 1882   d 1882

                                                                        Lucy Lee         b 1885


                                    James Lee Scott married [Nathalie] Heloise Hall Oct 1886

                                                Children -       Burton [Brenton?] Hall Scott b 1890

                                    James Lee Scott married Anna May Boone June 17 1896

                                                Children -       Gordon Boone Scott b 1897


John Joseph Lee married Almena Marian Burton  [previously listed]


Mary Elizabeth Lee married Nathanial Clark  Oct 5 1840

            Children -       Horace B         b 1841   d 1842

                                    Joel Lee          b 1843   d 1845

                                    Elizabeth         b 1846   d 1847          

                                    Mary Elizabeth b 1848

                                    Isabella Lee    b 1855   d 1890

                                    William Horton b 1863


                                    Mary Elizabeth Clark married James Jordan  Jun 22 1871

                                                Children -       Mary Isabel     b Nov 1872

                                                                        Gilbert Clark  b Oct 1874

                                                                        Herbert Lee     b J 1876

                                                                        Alice               b 1878   d 1880

                                                                        Ella Beecher   b June 1880

                                                                        [F---] Ernest   b Aug 1882

                                                                        Clarence          b Dec 1886

                                                                        Harriet E         b March 1890


Frances [Barnum?] Lee married Callender Beecher  Oct 24 1843

            Children -       Joseph            

                                    George Callender b 1844  d 1880

                                    John F                  b 1846   d 1847

                                    Elizabeth Ellen     b 1849   d1890


Frances B Lee Beecher married John McLean  Mar 1, 1864


                                    George C Beecher married Clara Horton [no date]

                                                Children -       William McLean  b 1874   d 1874

                                                                        James Horton        b 1874

                                                                        Nellie H                b 1876

                                                                        Fannie McLean     b 1878


[The following entries are at the end and in a different handwriting:]


Charles O McCreedy  married Antoinette Newell  Nov 8 1899


Gordon McCreedy married Harriett Sherwood  April 16th 1900

            Phyllis             b Oct 1901   d Oct 1901

            Gordon Scott Jr. b. July 2 1903



[Pasted on the next page:] – A notice from Ballston Spa National Bank on August 6 1887 announcing the death of John J Lee.  A portion of a newspaper article is pasted on the same page, “Ballston Spa – A portrait of the late John J Lee has been placed in the Ballston Spa National Bank, of which the deceased was cashier for forty-eight years.” 



Location – Brookside Museum, 6 Charlton St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Catalog # - 1968.039.0005a  U107L04  Transcribed by J. Wickizer: April 2012  


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