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Medbery Cemetery

Transcribed and Photographed by Carolyn Waite & Sue Halliday, completed November 2010




Location: On Plank Road about 1/10 mile west of Medbury Road intersection, on the north side of road about 500 feet back in woods.  Cannot be seen from road.


Cemetery Condition:  This cemetery is abandoned and in very poor condition.  More than half of the monuments are not standing.  Many were partially buried.


All of the stones are marble monoliths except where noted.


Starting at west side of cemetery (front) going from left to right, row by row.


[Note: Each monument's number is a link to a page which displays the photograph(s) of the inscriptions on that monument.]


 1.  Aldrich: Huldah Aldrich died Nov. 18, 1857 AE 87 yrs 5 mos & 9 dys

            + Foot Mkr H A

 2.  Carpenter: Our Mother Rachel wife of M.T. Carpenter died Jan. 15, 1853 AE 69 yrs

            + Foot Mkr R C

                        Gone Home

 3.  Carpenter: Our Father Morris T. Carpenter died Dec. 3, 1854 AE 73 yrs

            + Foot Mkr M T C

                        Gone Home

 4.  Carpenter: Sally Ann Carpenter, 1818 – 1889  Marble Monument

 5.  Carpenter: Nathan M. Carpenter died Feb. 20, 1882 AE 68 y 7 m 22 d

            + Foot Mkr N M C

 6.  Holbrook: Polly daughter of John & Susannah Holbrook died Dec. 7, 1809 AE 9 y & 11 days

            +  Foot Mkr P H

 7.  Medbery: Infant dau. of  William A. & Eunice A. Medbery died Nov. 21, 1842 aged 21 days

            + Blank foot Mkr

 8.  Medbery: Andrew B. son of William A. & Eunice A. Medbery died M’ch 20, 1842

            aged 2 years 8 mon & 2 days

 9.  Medbery: Gray Granite Monument MEDBERY on base

            William A. Medbery Oct. 22, 1813   Aug. 1, 1905

            E. Adelia Bentley, his wife, Mar. 28, 1822   Sept. 9, 1905

            William E. – Their Son Feb. 18, 1862   July 16, 1901

10. Wasson: In memory of William Wasson who died Aug. 11, 1803 aged 52 years & 2 days

            + Foot Mkr W W

11. Blackmar: In Memory of Martin Blackmar who died Sept. 29, 1812 in the 40 year of his age

            + Foot Mkr M B

12. Medbery: Rhoda M. Medbery, wife of Abner Medbery died Jan. 29, 1849 in the 73rd year of her age

            + Foot Mkr R M  

                        Yea thou I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death

                        I will fear no evil for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me

13. Medbery: Abner Medbery died June 25, 1845 in the 71, year of his age  

            + Foot Mkr A M 

                        Weep not for me, but weep for yourselves. Luke 23. Ch. 28.v.

14. Allcott: Levi B. Allcott died June 9, 1864 Aged 60 years,

            + Foot Mkr L A  Marble Monument

                        He that hath the Son hath life and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

15. Whipple: In memory of Amy consort of Calvin D. Whipple daughter of Amos & Rhoda Town,

            departed this life July 11, 1832 aged 27 yrs. 8 mos. & 24 days

            + Foot Mkr A W  

                        Unreadable epitaph

16. Medbery: Martin B. son of Martin B. & Malinda Medberry (note spelling) died Aug. 22, 1838

            aged 3 mo’s & 10 days

17. Swan: Double marble monolith of Nathan A. & Prudence M. Swan

            + Double Foot Mkr N A S & P M S

            Left Side: N S Memory of Nathan A. son of David & Mary Swan

                        who died Feb. 26, 1826 aged 9 years 10 months & 4 days

            Right Side: P S Memory of Prudence M. daughter of David & Mary Swan

                        who died Feb. 28, 1826 aged 7 years 1 month & 21 days

            Across bottom:

                        Two lovely children side by side  

                        Repose beneath the earthly sod  

                        A father’s hope, A mother’s pride  

                        Have gone to dwell with Christ their God

18. Swan: In memory of an infant son of David & Mary Swan

            (died May 23, 1827 aged 24 hours according to 1976 transcription)

19. Peacock: Lovinna wife of Orin Peacock died March 29, 1836 in the 25th year of her age

            + Foot Mkr L P  

                        How sweet she shone in social life

                        As daughter sister friend & wife

                        Her race was swift her rest is sweet

                        Her views divine her bliss complete 

20. Medbery: Stephen Medbery died May 27, 1845 in the 68 year of his age

                        Thus saith the Lord. Set thy house in order: for 

                        thou shalt die & not live.  Isaiah. 28. Ch. 1.v.

21. Medbery: Marble Spire, 4 sides (broken, we repaired)

            Lydia Ann Medbery born May 16, 1826

            + Foot Mkr L A M

            Lydia Medbery born Sept. 13, 1781 died Oct. 23, 1880

            + Foot Mkr L M

            Stephen Medbery born Aug. 3, 1777 died May 27, 1845

            + Foot Mkr S M

            Pamelia Medbery born Feb. 7, 1808

            + Foot Mkr P M

22. Medbery: Sarah, wife of Allen M. Medbery died July 10, 1852 AE 41 y 5 m 21 d

            + Foot Mkr S M  

                        Away from toil and earthly care

                        Sarah has gone. her lot to share:

                        There is a rest prepared above   

                        For all who do the Savior love 

23. Medbery: Father Allen M. Medbery died April 19, 1893 AE 90 yrs

            + Foot Mkr A M M

24. Medbery: MEDBERY Nathan Medbery 1817 – 1918  

            Gray Granite Monument

25. Williams: In memory of Mrs. Betsey. Consort of Theophilus Williams who died April 12, 1807

            aged 19 years 7 months & 13 days

            + Foot Mkr  BW  

                        No friends nor kind Angels could save  

                        This mortal body from the grave  

                        Nor could the grave confine it here  

                        When Jesus calls it must appear

26. Angell: Helen A. daut. of  Esek & Arabella Angell died Sept. 2, 1845 AE 1 yr 3 m’s 

27. Medbery: Chauncey D. Medbery died Oct. 27, 1845 in the 33 year of his age

            + Foot Mkr C D M  

                        Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord          Rev. 14. 13. 

28. Weed: Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sally. Consort of John S. Weed who died December 21, 1823

            Aged 26 years 10 mo. & 10 days  

            + Foot Mkr S W  

                        Jehovah sends disease and death

                        Sally’s resigned her mortal breath

                        Why do we mourn her timely and

                        Eternal love, did her befriend   

                        Esteemed by Christ, obey’d his nod  

                        Dear friends she’s gone to meet her God

29. Williams: Theophilus son of Theophilus & Cloe Williams who died June 13, 1813

            aged 2 mos & 26 days

30. Williams: In memory of Harris M. Williams son of Theophilus and Betsey Williams

            who died June 5, 1825 aged 19 years 3 mos & 21 days

            + Foot Mkr H M W  

                        Died in the bloom of youth  

                        Death called him; none could save  

                        But friendship, virtue & truth  

                        All rest in Harris’ grave

31. Williams: Uriah son of Theophilus & Cloe Williams died Feb. 17, 1831 aged 4 mos & 17 days

            + Foot Mkr U W

32. Lapham: Celindia E. Lapham, wife of E. E. Lapham and daut. of  T. & C. Williams

            died May 10, 1845 AE 25 yrs.  

            + Foot Mkr C E L  

                        Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints   Ps.116.15

33. Williams: Alanson P. son of T. & C. Williams died Nov. 19, 1847 AE 24y 5m 20d

            + Foot Mkr A P W  

                        Blessed are the dead, that die in the Lord.

34. Williams: Cynthia M. Williams, daugh. of Theo and Chloe Williams died Jan. 10, 1846

                        AE 18 yrs 4 mos 3 days

            + Foot Mkr C M W  

                        Not dead but transplanted in heaven among saints  

                        No more will she suffer in earthly comp____   (complaints?)  

                        Her voice tuned ha__ _________  by angels ______

                        Has join'd the bl_________________

35. Austin: In Memory of Alonzo S. son of Seth & Phebe Austin who died June 23, 1829

            aged 2 years 10 months & 7 days

            + Foot Mkr A S A

36. Austin: In memory of Emily daughter of Seth & Phebe Austin

            who departed this life March 31, 1832 aged 2 yrs 11 mos & 27 days

            + Foot Mkr  E A

37. Whipple: Betsey, wife of Henry Whipple died Nov. 27, 1849 AE 38  

            + Foot Mkr B W

38. Williams: Chloe, wife of Theo Williams died Aug. 10, 1851 AE 59y 2m 15d

            + Foot Mkr C W   Daughter of Ladin (?) & Elizabeth Payne (?) of Smithfield, R.I.

39. Williams: Our Father Theophilus Williams died Dec. 9, 1856 AE 74 y’s 2 m’s & 11 d’s

            + Foot Mkr T W

40. Williams: In memory of Elmira A. Williams wife of Capt. Nelson Williams and

            daughter of Arthur & Zilpha Potter of Providence, R. I. died Feb. 20, 1894 AE 90 ys 10 ms 2 ds

            + Foot Mkr E A W   Marble Monument

41. Williams: Capt. Nelson Williams died Apr. 1, 1892 AE 82 yrs  

            Marble Monument

42. Prior: Sacred to the memory of Nathaniel Prior who died Jan. 1, 1820 in the 58 year of his age

43. Austin: Consecrated to the Memory of Seth son of Benjamin H. & Anna Austin

            who departed this life on the 3 day of Sept. 1829 aged eleven months & twenty five days

            + Foot Mkr S A

44. Austin: Consecrated to the memory of Emily daughter of Benjamin H. and Anna Austin

            who died twenty four of Sept. 1828 aged one year eight months and ___ days

            + Foot Mkr E A

45. Town: George F. son of Wm. & Phebe Ann Town died Sept. 21, 1860 AE 3y 9m 8d

            + Foot Mkr G T  

                        Sleeping child and who my God called the home he thought the best

46. Easterbrooks: Betsey M. wife of J.N.C. Easterbrooks died May 14, 1850 AE 42 yrs & 28 d’s

            + Foot Mkr B M E

47. Town: Our Mother Rhoda wife of Amos Town died Nov. 22, 1860 AE 78y 3m

            + Foot Mkr R T  

                        When fully ripe the golden sheaf

                        Purged by sorrow pain and grief

                        Has left the earth and gone to heaven

                        To near the grave by Jesus given 

48. Town: Our Father Amos Town died Jan. 27, 1865 in the 91st year of his age

            + Foot Mkr A T

49. Town: Marble Spire (4 sides)

            William E. Town

            Sarah A. his wife died Feb. 26, 1896 AE 39 yrs

            + Foot Mkr S A T

            Arthur F. Town died Feb. 15, 1896 AE 21 yrs 2 mos 7 days

            + Foot Mkr A F T

                        Dearest loved ones we have laid thee in the peaceful grave.  

                        Embrace thine memorys will be cherishes until we meet again.

50. Lapham: Consecrated to the memory of Hannah Consort of Jonathan Lapham

            who departed this life July 5, 1831 in the 64th year of her age

            + Foot Mkr H L 

51. Lapham: Jonathan Lapham died Jan. 9, 1845 in the 77 year of his age

            + Foot Mkr J L

52. Lapham: Stafford Lapham died Oct. 27, 1857 AE 62 yrs 3 ms & 8ds

            + Foot Mkr S L

53. Ferris: George D. Ferris of Co. E. 77 Regt. NY. Vols. 1829 – 1891

54. Unreadable Marble Monolith

55. Biddell: Sacred to the memory of Maria consort of Israel Biddell

            who departed this life Oct. 26, 1831 in the 32nd year of her age

56. Foot Marker with the initials J A  (Possibly Juliann Allcott wife of Levi B. Allcott)


Note:  There are numerous unmarked fieldstones in the cemetery.  All sizes, standing on end.  Most are in line with the monoliths.



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