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Miscellaneous Published Vital Records

This page will contain vital records published in newspapers concerning events occurring in Saratoga County or involving Saratoga County residents. Keep in mind that while many newspaper notices are accurate, they frequently contain incorrectly spelled names, approximate dates, and other errors, and that sometimes these types of errors may occur in the process of transcription of those notices. Reference to the original publication is recommended and verification of the data using other sources is essential.

Unless otherwise stated, these records were transcribed from copies of pages of the Ballston Journal , published in Ballston Spa NY.

Vital records among those transcribed from various dates of the Glens Falls Messenger and printed in pages 83-89, New York State Daughters of the American Revolution Bible Records, v. 98.


Jan 14 1859 


--At Luzerne village, on the 6th inst., by the Rev. P. M. Hitchcock, Robert Jarvis ot Thurman, Warren Co. to Miss Julia, only daughter    of Alexander Kennedy Esq. of Hadley, Saratoga Co. NY


--At Brandon VT on the 25th ult., by Rev. C. A. Thomas, D. D., Mr. Lorenzo Rice, of Hadley NY and Mrs. Almira G. Jones of            Brandon


Mar 25 1859


--In Day, Saratoga County, Feb. 24, by Rev. E. Sloat, Mr. Charles W. Kathan to Miss Melvina M. Wait, both of Day


--On Wednesday, March 9th, by Rev. Mr. Griffin, Lewis W. Garnsey Esq., to Miss Augusta L. Groom, all of Clifton Park


--At Easton, on Wednesday the 16th inst., George  B. Wright of Saratoga to Caroline M. Van Buren of Easton.



--In Schuylerville on the 5th inst., Daniel Jacquith, in the 72d year of his age.


--In Schuylerville on the 14th inst., Martha A., wife of Joseph R. White, aged 25 years.


--In Greenfield on the 6th inst., Nathaniel Jones in his 69th year.


--In Greenfield, February 28th, Milton R. Richmond in his 14th year.


Apr 1 1859


--In Malta on the 17th inst., by Rev. James Gilmour, Warren B. Arnold to Nancy M. Dunning, all of that town.



--At Ballston on the 20th of February, Sarah, wife of Rev. Lebbeus Armstrong, aged 79 years and 11 months.


--In Saratoga on the 20th inst., Mrs. Fanny Badgley, aged 65 years.


--In Saratoga on the 20th inst., of consumption George H. Loomis, aged 33 years.


Apr 8 1859


--April 3d, James Taylor of Fort Edward to Miss Mary Ann Rozell of Moreau NY


--On the 5th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Mr. Fennel, Mr. Albert P. Robinson of Fort Edward to Miss     Carrie A. Sisson of South Glens Falls NY


April 15 1859


--In Schuylerville by Rev. R. H. Robinson, Warren A. Pettit to Nancy W. Fletcher.



--At Chatham on the 5th inst., Mr. J. Seelye of Ballston, aged 67.


Apr 22 1859


--At her residence at Moreau Station, Friday, April 15, Miss Lura A. Boies, aged 24 years.


Apr 29 1859


--In Schuylerville on the 19th inst., by Rev. R. Washburn, Joseph A. King of the town of Day, to Mrs. Joanna Steel, of the former place.


May 6 1859


--In Schuylerville on the 27th inst., by Rev. R. Washburn, John Lowbar of Bald Mountain to Precilla Strover of Schuylerville.



--In Day, Saratoga County, April 25th, Emelline Wait, wife of A. D. Wait in her 33d year.  She died of inflammation of the lungs     caused by measles.


May 13 1859


--At the Baptist Parsonage, Greenfield, 4th inst., by Rev. C. C. Hart, Mr. Solomon Pease of Saratoga Springs to Miss Ester F. Shaw           of the same place.

January 8, 1861 
(Contributed by Pat Peck.) 

WOODWORTH - VANDERWARKER. In Schuylerville, Dec. 22, by the Rev. R. Washburn, 
Orville Woodworth to Elizabeth Vanderwarker, both of Northumberland. 
BALLOU - PERRY. In Schuylerville, by the Rev. R. Fox, H. Ballou, of Saratoga, to E. F. Perry, of South Corinth. 
SMITH - SHAW. On New Year's morning, by the Rev. A. G. Cochran, John H. Smith, to Alice F. Shaw, 
both of Saratoga. 
DILLINGHAM - DENNIS. In Schuylerville, on the 2nd inst., by the Rev. Wm. Loomis, at the house of the bride's father, 
Jas. H. Dillingham to Lizzie M. Dennis, all of the above place. 
KELSO - McCARTY. At LeRoy, Genesee Co., on the 19th ult., by the Rev. J. M. Fuller, 
John S. Kelso of Waterford, to Emily L. McCarty, of the former place. 

GIDDINGS. At Victory Mills, Dec. 30th, Rev. Charles Giddings, aged 42 years. 
BARBER. In this village, on the 2nd inst., Helen Barber, daughter of Benjamin Barber, aged 13 years. 
CHASE. At Malta, on the 17th ult., Joseph Chase, aged 68 years. 'An honest man, the noblest work of God.'

October 15, 1861 
(Contributed by Pat Peck.) 

Oct. 8. At Ballston Spa, by the Rev. Dr. Campbell, of Albany, Mr. George S. Batcheller, of Saratoga Springs, 
to Miss Catharine P., daughter of James M. Cook, of Ballston Spa. 

Oct. 11. In this village, of diptheria, little Fannie, daughter of George and Ann Lawrence, aged 6 years. 
She was a lovely child and before her death talked much of the Bible and of going to Heaven. The parents 
return their sincere thanks to their friends for their great kindness, and to Dr. L. Moore for his care and attention. 

Oct. 8. In Ellsworth, Conn., of dysentery. Mary Ann, wife of F. A. Lockwood, aged 48 years and 6 months.

March 17, 1863 
(Contributed by Pat Peck.) 

Mar. 4. By the Rev. D. Tully, William H. Barry of Factoryville, Laura E. Sloan, of Vt. 
Feb. 25. At Burnt Hills, by the Rev. L. M. Purington, Mr. John A. Wakeman, of Milton, to Miss Marion C. Post, of Burnt Hills. 
Jan. 29. At Burnt Hills, by the same Mr. Clark V. Worden to Miss Carrie Wilson, both of Burnt Hills. 
March 4. At Athens, N.Y., by Rev. G. W. Folwell, Mr. Francis A. McClure to Miss Mary C. Orson, both of Athens. 
Dec. 25. At the house of the bride's father, by the Rev. W. O. Holman, Mr. E. Hill of Schuylerville, to Miss E. E. Haight, of Milton. 

Feb. 3. In Milton, of paralysis, very suddenly, Mr. Eli Young. 
Feb. 6. In Tonica, LaSalle Co., Ill., Otis Crandell, formerly of Ballston Spa.

July 27, 1867 
(Contributed by Sharon Morrissey Henke, Lake Geneva WI) 

In Milton, Saturday, July 19, by Rev. P.H. Brooks, Mr. Isaac Nash to Miss Marietta Northrop, all of the former place. No cards. 
At the residence of the bride's father, June 27, by Rev. S. Monroe Hubbard, James B Hults, of St. Charles, Kane County, Ill., and Miss H. Maria Baker, eldest daughter of Aaron B. Baker, Esq., formally of Galway, Saratoga County, N.Y. No cards. 
In Edinburgh, June 15, by Rev. Isaac Devoe, Henry Goodwin, of Pompey, Onondaga County, to Mary, youngest daughter of James Partridge, of Edinburgh, N.Y. 
In Mechanicville, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. P.P. Harrower, Mr. G.S. Wheeler and Miss Mary A. Usher all of Mechanicville. 
In Malta, July 20, George Murray, age 50. 
At Saratoga Springs, July 12, Frederick A. Dikeman, aged 45 years, 5 months and 8 days. 
In Clifton Park, July 18, Mrs. Bush, a resident of St. Albans, Vt. 
In Milton, July 20, Lyman Cook, an old and respected citizen, age 84 years.

Nov. 27, 1869 
(Contributed by Sharon Morrissey Henke, Lake Geneva WI) 
Nov. 20th, by Rev. Geo. W. Clark, Mr. Smith Dubois to Miss. Hattie L. Tripp, both of Ballston Spa. 
At the M.E.Church in this village, Nov. 23, by Rev. R. H. Robinson, George M. Winne of the firm of Winne & Hunt, to Amelia R. Van Eps, both of Ballston Spa. 
In St. Peter's Church, Albany, on Thursday Nov. 23, 1869, by the Rev. Royal Marshall, Maj. John J. Knox, of Washington, D.C., to Miss Bella M. Boss, of the former place. 
At the Clifton Park Baptist Church, on Tuesday evening, Nov. 6th, by the Rev. R. Winegar, Mr. Augustus Wait, to Miss Frankie Fellows, all of Clifton Park. 
On the 16th inst. by Rev. Dr. Woodbridge, Mr. Elliot H. Bradley, to Miss Ellen Martin, all of Saratoga Springs. 
At the Presbyterian parsonage in Austin, Minnesota, Oct 24th, by Rev. H. A. Mayhew, Mr. E.H.Teta of Minneapolis to Miss Hopsy J. Lincoln, of Greenfield, Saratoga County.

June 4, 1870 
(Contributed by Pat Peck.) 
In this village, April 30th, by Rev. Geo. W. Clark, JAMES DUNK and TILLIE OSBORN, both of this place. [Ballston] 
On the 1st inst., by the Rev. P. R. Day, H. ROMAINE [Romanjo] HAIGHT and Miss PHEBE J. RAMSDILL, all of Saratoga Springs. 
May 31st, by Rev. P. R. Day, CHARLES E. LACY, of West Troy, and Miss JULIA J. HOWE, of Saratoga Springs. 

In Troy, Tuesday, May 31, at 10 o'clock P. M., Willie Gregory, infant son of Edward L. and Emily F. Clapp. 
At Waterford, on Wednesday afternoon, June 1st, Hon. John Cramer, in the 92d year of his age. 
In Wilton, May 12th, Sarah J. Cooper, aged 23 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, on the 2d inst., Ida Elizabeth, in the 4th year of her age, only daughter of Walter and Caroline Balfour.

June 1, 1872 
(Contributed by Sharon Morrissey Henke, Lake Geneva WI) 

Fatal accident to a Ballstonian at Eagle Bridge.--Lyman Cook of Ballston, was moving the house goods of A.H. Gleason from near North Bennington to Ballston, when near Eagle Bridge Monday morning, about half past six, his team started suddenly, throwing Cook from the top of a load of furniture. The horses ran and dragged him about forty rods upon the ground, his arms being entangled in the reins. When picked up he was dead. The horses were stopped near Dolton House at Eagle Bridge.


Thursday, March 22, 1877 in The Saratoga Sentinel

Transcribed by Sharon L Henke 12/9/2014



CARR-EARL—At Rock City Fall, March 14, by Rev. William Earl, Eli H. Car and Ida Earl, daughter of the officiating clergyman.


GREENOUGH-STEVENS—In this place, March 13, by Rev. James L. Atwell of West Troy, Frederick A. Greenough of New York city, and Nannie E. Stevens of Saratoga Springs.



BUELL—In this village, March 17, John Griswold Buell of Troy, aged 57 years


DuBOIS—In Ballston Spa March 15, Mary E., daughter of [Jermiah] Smith and Harriet L. DuBois, aged 11 months.


HEWITT—In Corinth, March 20, Henry Hewitt, aged 70 years.


JOHNSON—In Providence, Benjamin Johnson, aged 82 years.


MOTT—In Riverdale, New York city, March 8, John Mott, aged 57 yrs., a native of Saratoga


ROSS—In Greenfield, March 12, Mrs. Stephen Rose [sic], aged about 80 years.


SPROTT—At Mount McGregor, March 10, Caroline L. Sprott, wife of James N. Sprott, aged 38 years


VAN EVERY—In St. Luke’s Hospital, New York, December 4, Ruth A. Van Every, formerly of Saratoga Springs.


March 1, 1879, p3  

Personal Mention: 
___Mrs. Courtney, the ardent total-abstinence advocate, is again in town. 
___Hon. Isaac Noyes, Jr., of Batchellerville, was in town on Wednesday. 
___Manley A. Raymond, Esq., attorney and counselor at law, 237 Broadway, New York, gave a pleasant call at the 
JOURNAL editorium on Monday. 
___James H. Riley, the Saratoga lake oarsman, has caught the walking fever, and it is possible that we may soon hear of him 
entering the pedestrian arena. 
___Hon. A. A. Yates of Schenectady was in town on Wednesday trying a case before Hon. G. W. Chapman, as referee.  
J. S. L'Amoreaux, Esq., was defendants counsel. 
___George Marcellus of West Milton, recently injured by being dragged a mile by his runaway horse, has recovered 
sufficiently to be moved from Bloodville to his home. 
___Henry McIntosh, one of Ballston's oldest citizens, died at his residence on the island, Monday morning.  He was 
seventy-nine years of age, and had resided here about fifty years.  He leaves a wife and one daughter, the latter the 
wife of Nathan Eldridge.  
___Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wood, who reside about two miles west of this village, celebrated their tin wedding (10th 
anniversary) at their residence Monday evening.  A large number of friends were present to offer congratulations and 
participate in the festivities of the evening. 
___The nuptials of John Peek Weatherwax and Miss Emma S. Miller of Sandy Hill, were celebrated on the 19th ult., at 
the latter place.  The knot was tied by Rev. E. R. Sawyer.  The bride is a sister of the wife of Alfred Rider, foreman in 
Knickerbacker's ax works.

The Saratoga Sentinel
Thursday, September 25, 1879
Contributed by Sharon L. Morrissey Henke


ALLEN – ROBE In Chicago, September 10, 1879, by Rev. G.S.F. Savage, Fred J. Allen formerly of Saratoga Springs, 
and Eva M. Robe of Chicago.
ATWELL – INGERSON At Victory Mills, September 16, 1879. C. H. Atwell and Rhoda E/M Ingerson, 
both of Victory Mills.
CARLTON – BAKER In Stillwater, September 17, 1879, by Rev. O. Hemstreet, George Carlton and Ida Baker, 
both of Stillwater.
CLUTE – ROXBURY At Cambridge, New York, September 18, 1879 James Clute of West Milton, and M. Rosa Roxbury.
DEVOE – BAKER In Mechanicville, September 18, 1879, by Rev. W.H.Washburne, Elias T. Devoe of Halfmoon and 
Antoinette M. Baker of Stillwater.
HOLLISTER – STONE In New York City, by Rev. Dr. K____, J. E. Hollister of Saratoga Springs and
Mrs. Hattie A. Stone of New York.
NEHER – WELCH In Crescent, September 22, 1879, by Rev. F. S. Parke, Nelson Neher of Springfield, Illinois and 
Mrs. Margaret A. Welch of Crescent.
REMINGTON – ADAMS In Saratoga Springs, September 22, 1879, by Rev. Giles P. Hawley, Francis Remington 
of Malta and Mary J. Ellsworth.
SLADE – TRAVIS In Raymertown, September 17, 1879 by Rev. N. Van Alstyne, Caleb J. Slade and Emma J. Travis,
both of Waterford.
VAN DERWERKER – SCOTT In Leavenworth, Kansas, September 4, 1879, by Rev. T. W. Barry, George Van 
Derwerker of New York, formerly of Wilson and Kate Scott of Leavenworth.
WANMER – KEELER At East Galway, September 17, 1879, by Rev. Asher Cook, Frank Wanmer and 
Mary E. Keeler, both of Galway.


COONEY. --- At Victory Mills, September 20, 1879, Mary, wife of James Cooney, Sen. Aged 78 years.
DOWEN. --- In Saratoga Springs, September 22, 1879, Lucy J., daughter of Elijah Dowen, aged 14 years.
FILKINS. --- In Halfmoon, September 18, 1879, Peter Filkins, aged 85 years.
GRAY. --- In Saratoga Springs, September 21, 1879, Mrs. B. G. Gray, wife of O. B. Gray.
HALL. --- At Fort Concho, Texas, September 7, 1879, Ellen J. DeCamp, wife of Surgeon John O. Hall. 
HALL. --- In Greenfield, August 16, 1879 Luiu [?] daughter of Alvin and Mary Hall, aged 7 years. In Greenfield, 
September 19, 1879, Mary, wife of Alvin Hall, aged 33 years. 
HAYS. --- In Saratoga Springs, September 24, 1879 Rose M. daughter of John E and Delia Hays, 
aged 6 months and 17 days.
JENKINSON. --- In Saratoga Springs, September 18, 1879 Josephine, wife of John S. Jenkinson, aged about 50 years.
LYON --- In Saratoga Springs, September 19, 1879 Aaron M. Lyon, ages 76 years.
MILLER --- In Saratoga Springs, September 22, 1879, Josephine, wife of J. J. Miller, aged 23/28 years.
MYNDERSE --- In Charlton, September 19, 1879, Van Every Mynderse, aged 75 years.
SHORT --- In Mechanicville, September 21, 1879, Michael Short, aged about 50 years.


Feb. 17, 1883 

(Contributed by Sharon Morrissey Henke, Lake Geneva WI) 
17 Feb. 1883 p.3  

  Interest in the meetings of the Literary Society still keeps up to a high degree.
   Two weddings here, on the eveing of the 6th, were events somewhat surprising, after a long interval in that line of things.
   The New England Supper at Miss Bell's last week Wednesday evening, attracted a large number of persons noted for appetite and taste, and these were satisfied to the fullest extent; but the interest centered mainly upon the characters personated and "ye antieut" costumes which befitted the personations.  Among those attracting most attention were Miss Algie Reynolds, spinster; Miss S. Foster, Quakeress; Miss E.J. White, lady; Mrs. Fred Saxton, English girl; Mrs. C. H. Brockett, old woman; Geo Cavert, George Washington; Stephen Hayes, Quaker; Fred Saxton, and others, gentlemen of the school;  Willie Crand and C. H. Brockett, revolutionary officers; John Smealie, military.  The Quaker Courtship, by Miss Ida Betts and Stephen Hayes, was well rendered.  The Little Old Woman, by Miss Betts, was heartily encored.  The recitation by Miss Anna Knox was very fine.  The supper was given by the members and for the benefit of the Presbyterian church. 

   The funeral of Mrs. John Cavert was attended at the Presbyterian church on last Saturday.  The sermon was by Rev. C. W. Backus, late pastor of this church.    H. F. Near, a member of the M. E. church of Charlton and Burnt Hills, died on the 11th.  He was an exemplary Christian identified long with Methodism in the city of Albany.
   It is late, yet due to the memory of a worthy young man to make the following brief  mention of the death of Edwin A. Kingsley, age 35 years.  He was the youngest son of Joseph and Eliza T. Kingsley.  He was graduated at Union College in 1869, and was admitted to the bar in 1870.  He then began the practice of law in Norwich, Chenango County, but in 1872 removed to Syracuse, where he became and active member  of the Syracuse Central Baptist church.  He was ambitious and talented, but his health gave way, and he was obliged to stop practice in 1880.  Thus do the fondest earthly hopes decay.   

Burnt Hills 
  The Rev. Mr. Wyman of Galway preached in the Baptist church Sunday. The 14th annual meeting of the Ballston Horse Owner's Association was held at the Stickles Hotel on Monday of this week.  The following officers were elected:  Robert O. Davis, President; Geo. C. Valentine and Robert Kennedy, Vice Presidents; I. P. Qhivey, Treasurer; H. V. Calkins, Corresponding Secretary.
   Henry Larkin, a five year old son of Anson Larkin, broke his leg by jumping from a beam in his barn on Friday of last week.  It was broken at the ankle joint or,  as the flowreey reporter of the Schenectady Union would probably say, it was "a compound, complicated, comminuted, fracture of the lower third," however, the skin is not broken and the little fellow is doing well.  

   Cornelia Young is quite sick.  Doctor Lawrence is in attendance.
   David F. Collamer has lost four fat pigs.  He found them in his pen dead all at once.
   Some sneak thief poisoned Philip Riley's dog on the night of February 7.  If it was for some object, he has better not carry it out. 
   Charles P. Riley has bought the right of Schenectady county on a pattern gate, which may be seen at Hayner's Hotel piazza, Ballston Spa.  Look at it.  

Ketchum's Corners      Isaac F. Wing has had a new and larger engine and boiler put in his grist mill.
   Rev. J. M. Chrysler of Stillwater paid his monthly visit and preached in the Presbyterian church here last Sunday.
   Charles Lohnas has sold his wagon shop, blacksmith shop and dwelling house situated here to thomas W. Myers, who will take possession March 1st.
   The fourth and last quarterly meeting for the year will be held in the M. E. church on Sunday.  Presiding Elder Griffin is expected to be present.  

East Galway      John Armatage, the veteran fox hunter, has "been gone, and done it" again.  Monday morning he shot two foxes that were running before his dog; they were side by side and fell within ten feet of each other.  He was fone from the house not more than an hour and a half.  Score another for Armatage.  

South Ballston      The sale of the Briggs property which was to have come off on Monday, was postponed to teh 2s day of April next.
   It is announced hat Jas. P. Smith has succeeded in compromising with most of his creditors at a discount of 50 percent.   

Batchellerville      W. E. Snow is out again after his illness.
   The mother of F. Austin died at his home on Monday.
   H. G. Lapham of Glen's Falls wil lecture on gospel temperance in the Presbyterian church Feb 18.  

Ballston Centre      N. R. Curtis is about to build a fine barn 30x96; James Norris of Ballston Spa has the contract.

At the Commercial Hotel, Saratoga Springs, Feb. 12, 1883 by Rev. George A. Smith, EDWARD F JENKINS and LOUISE HEDDEN of Glenville,N.Y.

In Ballston Spa, Feb.13, 1883, NELLIE DUBOIS, age 11 years. 
At Saratoga Springs, Feb. 12, MARY ELIZABETH VAUGHN, wife of F.G. Vaugh*, aged 40 years. 
In Ballston Spa, Feb. 14, 1883, Mrs. MARY ROBERTSON, aged 84 years. Funeral this Saturday Morning at 10 o'clock.


March 3, 1883 
(Contributed by Sharon Morrissey Henke, Lake Geneva WI) 

Smith Dubois, a well known teamster, died last Saturday morning. He was about forty years of age and leaves a family. His oldest child died about a week previous, and the only remaining child is sick. He was a member of the Good Templar's Lodge and of the Reform Temperance Union. 
The death of Mrs. Melissa H. Smith which occurred at her home (in the Esmond block) on Wednesday last at 5 A.M. was a sudden surprise to her friends in this village. Her sickness was of five days duration, having just commenced with a slight cold which was followed on Monday by a mild attack of pneumonia. For some time she had been subject to a cough which had greatly weakened her condition to such an extent that her system was unable to stand the ravages of the generally fatal disease. Mrs. Smith died at the age of 7? , and was the widow of the late Hawley Smith of Charlton who died in 1874, at which time she removed to this village. The deceased leaves two daughters, and a brother, Amos Hewitt of Ballston, and three sisters living in Canada. Her funeral occurred at her late residence yesterday afternoon at 2 P.M. 
Death of a Nonogenarian 
The death of Gabriel T. Leggett who has resided for many years of the eastside of Saratoga Lake, occurred Monday at the homestead, the present residence of his son, John Leggett and family. Mr. Leggett was a sterling old Quaker and had reached the remarkable age of almost 90 years. 
Death of S.H. VanSteenburgh 
S.H. Van Steenburgh, formerly proprietor of the bakery in this village, died at his home in Mechanicville on Saturday Feb. 24, and his remains were interred here under the management of the Odd Fellows assisted by the Knights of Pythias on Tuesday. Mr. Van Steenburgh was about sixty years of age and leaves a wife and six children. His fatal disease was erysipelas.

February 11, 1888 
(Contributed by Pat Peck.) 

At Stillwater, Feb. 6, 1888, a son to Mr. And Mrs. William Tallmadge. 
At Rock City Falls, Feb. 5, 1888, a son to Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Wallace. 
At Birchton, Feb. 7, 1888, a daughter to Mr. And Mrs. Frank L. Smith. 

In Milton, Feb. 8, 1888, by Rev. D. W. Cameron, R. Wallace Armer and Miss Nora G. Hochstrasser. 
In Moreau, Jan. 26, 1888, by Rev. William Wooten, Arthur W. Carey and Miss Louise Haviland. 
In Northumberland, Jan. 25, 1888, by the Rev. H. M. Munsee, William A. Mathis and Mrs. Alice West, both of Northumberland. 
At South Glens Falls, Jan. 31, 1888, by Rev. E. A. Braman, Albert Smith and Miss Nellie Viele, all of South Glens Falls. 
At South Glens Falls, Jan. 31, 1888, by Rev. W. L. Wooten, Lyman Wendell of Corinth and Miss Martha VanDuesen of South Glens Falls. 
In Halfmoon, Feb. 1, 1888, Peter Weatherwax and Miss Jennie Nixon. 
In Glenville, Feb. 8, 1888, by Rev. Norman F. Nickerson, Augustus Chamberlain, of Charlton, and Miss Sarah E. Vosburgh of Glenville. 
In Philadelphia, Feb. 1, 1888, Mr. Lewis Safford, of Mechanicville, and Miss Anna Lee, of the former place. 
At Rexford Flats, Jan. 31, 1888, Mr. Chas. Benedict and Miss Susie Palmer. 
At the M. E. Parsonage, Maltaville, Jan. 8, 1888, by Rev. E. Wiseman, Mr. James C. Thompson, of East Line, and Miss Matie Decklemler of Ballston Center. 

DIED. In Saratoga Springs, Feb. 2, 1888, Maria Cook, wife of Alexander S. Hayes. Funeral private. 
In Malta, Feb. 1, 1888, Michael Noonan aged 45 years. 
In Ithaca, Feb. 1, 1888, Geo. W. Schuyler, a native of Stillwater, aged 78 years. 
In Washington, D. C., Jan. 31, 1888, Mrs. Gilbert Vandenburgh, of Northside, Waterford. 
In Cohoes, Jan. 30, 1888, Mrs. Josie Morehouse, daughter of Edward Roods of Greenfield, aged 25 years. 
In Galway, Jan. 30, 1888, Jabez Smith, aged 90 years. 
At Doe's Corners, February 4, 1888, Charity Palmer, wife of John Palmer, age 81 years. 
At Saratoga Springs, February 7, 1888, Reuben Payne Woodworth, aged 61 years, 9 months and two days. 
At Jonesville, Feb. 6, 1888, Mrs. Mleinda Serviss, aged 78 years. 
At Bacon Hill, Feb. 4, 1888, Mrs. Stephen O. Burt, aged 64 years. 
In Providence, February 2, 1888, Frankie Colony, aged 7 years. 
In Schuylerville, February 4, 1888, George, son of Mr. And Mrs. Wm. Grant, age 4 years. 
At Quaker Springs, Jan. 30, 1888, Mrs. Joseph Buck, aged about 44 years. 
At Mechanicville, February 4, 1888, Henry K. Cornell. 
In Ballston Spa, February 7, 1888, Martin McDonald, aged 5 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, Feb. 4, 1888, Mrs. Eugenia Peterson, aged 51 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, Feb. 6, 1888, Mrs. Betsey Dunning, aged 88 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, Feb. 4, 1888, Mrs. Mary B. Bennett, widow of Lewis B. Bennett, aged 80 years. 
In Ballston Spa, Feb. 2, 1888, Leroy Kitchner, aged 4 years. 
In Amsterdam, Jan. 29, 1888, Egbert W. Davis, aged 55 years. A former resident of Ballston, and served in Co. B of the 77th regiment.

April 14, 1888 Page 3 
(Contributed by Sharon Morrissey Henke, Lake Geneva WI)

At East Line, April 6, 1888, Jehiel J. Miller aged 77 years. 
In Pasedena, Cal., April 5, 1888, Mrs. Elizabeth A. B. Cregler, aged 33 years, daughter of W. W. Baldwin, of 
         Saratoga Springs. 
In Ballston Spa, April 5, 1888, Mrs. Daniel Bacon, aged 53 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, April 5, 1888, Philo Betts, aged 77 years. 
In Ballston Spa, April 9, 1888, William McRuvie, aged 42 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, April 8, 1888, Michael Collius, aged 28 years. 
In South Glens Falls, April 7, 1888, Mrs. Eunice Shaw, aged 78 years 
At Bacon Hill, April 10, Martin Thompson, aged 71 years. 
In Ballston Spa, April 8, 1888, Elizabeth McIntosh, aged 96 years. 
In Mitchell, Neb., April 8, 1888, Mrs. John H. Babcock, formerly of Ballston Spa. 
In Saratoga Springs, April 9, 1888, Miss Maggie Kelly aged 38 yrs. 
In Wilton, April 4, 1888, Catharine, wife of James H. Diamond, aged 55 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, on April 10, 1888, Dennis O'Brien, aged about 60 years. 
In Milton, near Ballston Spa, April 11, 1888, Mrs. William Pierson, aged 20 ? years 
In Ballston Spa, April 11, 1888, Mrs. Almena Burton Lee, widow of the late John J. Lee, aged 70 years. 
In Saratoga Springs, April 11, 1888, Mrs. Louise J. Holmes, aged 72 years. 
In Ballston Spa, April 11, 1888, Emerson Hayner, aged 38 years.

December 29, 1888 
(Contributed by Pat Peck.) 

In Ballston Spa, Dec. 21, 1888, a son to Mrs. And Mr. Joseph He?uiger. 

On Dec. 26, 1888 by Rev. Wm. T. Hanna, at the residence of the bride's father, Harry A. Shepherd and Miss Gertrude Matilda Bentley, both of Ballston Spa. The young couple left on the evening train for a visit to Macedon. 
In Ballston Spa, Dec. 23, 1888, by Rev. C. C. Hart, Elbert A. Wood of Milton and Miss Alida C. Woodworth of Corinth. 
In Greenfield, December 25, 1888, Henry T. Brightman, of Stillwater, and Miss Hattie C. Garnsey. 
In Wilton, Dec. 19, 1888, Stephen E. Howe, of Wilton, and Miss Cordella M. Taylor, of Saratoga Springs. 
At Ballston Spa, Dec. 24, 1888, by Rev. C. Pelletreau, James Henry Link and Margaret Ellen Conover, both of Ballston Spa. 
At Bacon Hill, Dec. 24, 1888, Frederick Dinendoll of Fort Edward and Miss Maggie Donnelly of Bacon Hill. 
In Ballston Spa, Dec. 25, 1888, by Rev. E. P. Stevens, William Cooksley of Ballston Spa and Miss Emma Daw of Devonshire, England. 
In Waterford, Dec. 25, 1888, Thomas Malloy and Miss Rose Dillon. 

In Wilton, Dec. 26, 1888, Mrs. Betsey M. Carr, aged 61 years. 
In Schuylerville, Dec. 21, 1888, Mrs. Judith Brewer, aged 74 years. 
In Clayville, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1888, Charles W. Newman of Ballston Spa, aged 68 years. 
In Tanderagee Castle, Ireland, November 28, 1888, Miss Adaline Ellis, aged 75 years, a native of Saratoga, aunt of R. F. Cronkhite of Greenfield. 
In Saratoga Springs, Dec. 26, 1888, Terrence McDermott, aged 65 years. 
At West Albany, Dec. 23, 1888, Mrs. Margaret Britting of West Milton, aged 76 years.


Feb. 18, 1899 
(Contributed by Sharon Morrissey Henke, Lake Geneva WI) 

A Home Wedding

A very pretty home wedding occurred on Saturday evening at 8:30 at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Beek of Saratoga avenue, by which Miss Ada Beek and George Bishop became man and wife. 
The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Charles Pelletreau in the presence of about forty relatives and intimate friends. 
The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Nellie Beek, and groom by Sidney Bishop. 
The home was very prettily decorated with evergreens and cut flowers and the joy of the occasion was added to by several choice selections by Smith's orchestra.  A wedding supper was served. 
The bridal couple will reside on Saratoga avenue, where they will commence their new life with the best wishes of a large circle of friends. 

A Willard Memorial service will be held in the Baptist church next Sunday evening, when an interesting discourse on the life and works of Frances Willard, will be given by the pastor, Rev. J. Naylor. 
LaGrippe is still prevalent, also snow banks are plentiful. 
Rev. J. Naylor officiated at a funeral in East Galway last Tuesday. 
The public school did not observe Lincoln's birthday, although many of the pupils did. 
H. and A. Millham went to Amsterdam Monday. 
The Amsterdam stage driver has not missed a trip, when asked how he had managed on those cold stormy days, he said it was "grit." 
The subject for debate this week is "Resolved that silence produces greater results than noise."

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