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The Marshall Cemetery

Inscriptions from the Marshall Cemetery were copied on September 18, 1877 and recorded in Volume 4, pages 257261 of Cornelius Durkee's Epitaphs. His directions read "The foregoing are all the inscriptions on stones standing in an enclosure on the east side of the highway leading from Coveville to Victory, about half a mile north of Coveville." The Marshall Cemetery no longer exists at this location. (See the location of the former site on overview map of cemetery locations.) Alice Peterson lived near the intersection of Route 4 and Haas Road and said that the Marshall Cemetery was removed before she was born (1905), however, Miss. Peterson recalled her mother talking about the cemetery removal and she estimated the timeframe as the late 1800's. Below is Durkee's list of the 30 inscriptions, with the present locations; either at the Schuylerville North Broad Street Cemetery, or at Fairmount Cemetery. All three cemeteries were, or are, located in the Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York.

Belmore Catharine d. May 21, 1837, 35th yr., wife of Oliver Fairmount Cemetery
Bemus Sarah A. d. Nov. 4, 1843, 26y. 4m., wife of William Fairmount Cemetery
Brazier Lewis A. d. Jan. 3, 1861, 8y 4m 23d., son of G.W. & A. Fairmount Cemetery
Clute Jacob d. Aug. 29, 1863, 61y 8m 28d North Broad Street
Clute James R. d. Dec. 9, 1856, 24y 10m 26d., son of Jacob North Broad Street
Crane James T. d. Dec. 14, 1826, 23d year. Of Carmel, Pt. Co. N. York Fairmount Cemetery
Davis John d. Mar. 24, 1813, 72d year Fairmount Cemetery
Davis Stephen d. Apr. 3, 1801, 10y 11m 27d., son of Richard & Jane Fairmount Cemetery
Geer Elizabeth d. July 7, 1800, 32y 8m 21d., dau of Refin & Mary Fairmount Cemetery
Knickerbacker Walter d. Aug. 8, 1797, 84y 9m. Fairmount Cemetery
Marshal Laura d. Oct. 20, 1833, 18th year, dau of James & Hannah North Broad Street
Marshal Ruth d. Jan. 12, 1822, 17th year, dau of James & Hannah North Broad Street
Marshal James d. Oct. 5, 1805. 1y 6m 29d, son of James & Hannah North Broad Street
Marshall Samuel J. d. Sep. 21, 1847, 34th year North Broad Street
Marshall Abraham d. Nov. 30, 1811, 80y. 10m. North Broad Street
Marshall Susannah d. Apr. 30, 1822. 88th yr., wife of Abraham North Broad Street
Marshall Hannah d. June 3, 1858, 81y 9m 17d., wife of James North Broad Street
Marshall James d. Oct. 1, 1849, 81y 6m 4d. North Broad Street
McKain Benjamin d. Apr. 7, 1824, 1m 19d, son of Rev. Andrew & Caty Fairmount Cemetery
McKinster Samuel J. d. Dec. 2, 1845, 27y. 8m. 8d. Fairmount Cemetery
Patridge Seth d. June 25, 1820, 58th year Fairmount Cemetery
Patridge Elizabeth d. Mar. 17, 1813, 53rd year, wife of Seth Fairmount Cemetery
VanDeusen Margaret Craig d. July 29, 1825, 18th year, dau of Abraham & Sarah VanDeusen Fairmount Cemetery
VanDeusen Sarah d. July 20, 1852, 55th year, wife of Abraham Fairmount Cemetery
Vanveghten Philip T. d. Sep. 15, 1827, 7y 7m 3d., son of Walter & Anna Fairmount Cemetery
VanVeghten Catharine d. July 21, 1830, 58y 27d., wife of Herman Fairmount Cemetery
VanVeghten Anna d. July 27, 1802, 6y 4m 19d., dau of Herman & Catharine Fairmount Cemetery
Vanveghten Cornelius d. Apr. 14, 1795, 1y 1m 11d., son of Herman &Catharine Fairmount Cemetery
Williams Lorenzo d. Mar. 30, 1819, 19d., son of Frederick & Lucretia L. Fairmount Cemetery
Williams Christopher A. d. Oct. 13, 1825, 10m. 13d., son of Frederick & Lucretia L. Fairmount Cemetery

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