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Noonan Funeral Home Index
Mechanicville NY
Date Range: July 1937 - September 1972

The original records from the Noonan Funeral Home in Mechanicville were destroyed many years ago, but a journal with the name and date of death was recently found. Some entries had a city next to the name and the note column contains any other notes that were included. This journal may be useful in finding a date and place of death for an elusive person.

Surname Given Name Address Date Notes
Adamec Frank   1962Jan07  
Adamec Linda Ann Mechanicville 1959Feb02  
Adams Margaret   1968Jun12  
Adams Theodore   1957Jul22  
Ahearn Bridget Mechanicville 1960Apr03  
Ahearn John, Sr. Mechanicville 1951Dec03  
Alexander Catherine E.   1969Jun23  
Alexander Charles NYC 1957Jul08  
Amacer Fred Mechanicville 1949Jun10  
Ames Morgan G.   1966Mar05  
Anusesky John Stillwater 1950Oct26  
Anuszewski Camilia   1952Dec16 Smith
Anuszewski Felix   1953Sep20 Smith
Arnold Bertha M.   1964Aug10  
Arnold Herbert   1965Feb24  
Babenis Catherine   1962Mar14  
Bahan David J.   1960Oct03  
Bailey Edward   1961May07  
Baker Baby boy   1960Sep07 Father Paul Baker
Baker Clayton A.   1958Jan01  
Baker Cynthia A.   1957Dec18 baby - 4 days
Baker Ethel F.   1968Mar03  
Baker Gladys B.   1969Apr14  
Baker Mitchell T.   1957Apr28  
Baker Paul   1967Dec14 baby burial
Baker Robert P.   1971Jun24  
Barbolt Catherine Hemstreet Park 1945Oct17  
Barnard Charlene M.   1970Jul26  
Barnes Fred C.   1955Dec13  
Barnes Virginia M.   1963Dec19  
Barrett Agnes E.   1969Jul27  
Barrett Peter A.   1961Feb09  
Bellowich Anna P.   1954Sep17  
Bergan Alphonsus   1961May16  
Birdsinger George Peter   1962Jan28 baby
Bissell Rilla Saratoga Springs 1944Oct26  
Blanchard Helen   1957Jan15  
Blodgett Norman J.   1969Aug25  
Bloomingdale Irene D.   1965Feb11  
Bock Rose Purple Riverside 1951Nov15  
Boland Julia Stillwater 1952May06  
Boleski Josephine Marie   1956Sep20  
Bolinsky Adolph Riverside 1946Oct16  
Bolinsky Frances H.   1957Jan14  
Bolinsky Gregory Riverside 1951Oct26  
Bolton Luella R. Stillwater 1963Oct12  
Borysewicz Anthony L.   1966Oct26  
Bouchard Henry J.   1964Jul10  
Bouchard Marie Aberdeen, Washington 1956Mar buried 23Apr1956
Bouchard Rose A.   1963Mar10 S.Lake
Bouchard Zephir Schuylerville 1950Dec 1951Jan08
Bourke Delia Stillwater 1944Feb21  
Bourke James Stillwater 1944Feb17  
Bradshaw Florence N. Stillwater 1960Jul27  
Bramski Anna A.   1957Dec14  
Bremer Lillian E. Mechanicville 1958Aug09  
Brennan Bridget   1966Mar06  
Brennan Francis   1945Dec16  
Brennan Thomas Mechanicville 1950Nov05  
Briggs Helen Willow Glen 1941Apr27  
Brockett Lee Stillwater 1940Jun08  
Brooking James Stillwater 1944Nov09  
Brown Alexander Leo   1963Sep28  
Brown James   1962Jul16 baby
Brown James Albany 1949Jun17  
Brown Katherine Mechanicville 1946Dec18  
Brown Lucy   1962Jan28  
Bullis Thomas Mechanicville 1949Jan24  
Bullock Mary V.   1962Dec14  
Bundy Anna Mechanicville 1948Jun01  
Bundy Hobart Mechanicville 1946Aug09  
Bunk Julia Mechanicville 1959Dec06  
Bunk Sofia   1971Nov08  
Bunk Thomas   1968Jul15  
Burdyl John J.   1970Aug29  
Burdyl Joseph B.   1967Dec15  
Burdyl Mary   1963Dec30  
Burdyl Vincent A.   1958Mar20  
Burgoyne Margaret A.   1968Feb25  
Burke Nina A.   1970Feb25  
Burke Richard A. Stillwater 1952Nov10  
Burke Stephen Stillwater 1940Dec10  
Burns Charles Mechanicville 1947Jan03  
Burns Margaret   1958Apr20  
Burton Charles D.   1962May12  
Buskey Alfred   1956Mar04  
Buskey Elmira Mechanicville 1959Sep10  
Butler Anne F.   1966Apr29 cousin
Butler Bernard E.   1960Oct24 brother-in-law
Butler Katherine A.   1962Mar29  
Butler Margaret M.   1957Jan10  
Butler Michael J.   1960Dec17  
Butler Patrick J. Mechanicville 1959Mar20  
Cahill Patrick Mechanicville 1943Aug17  
Callahan Cecelia E.   1971Mar15  
Callahan John H.   1962Dec24  
Callahan Katherine E.   1969Mar13  
Callahan Margaret   1954Jun23  
Callahan Martin H. Mechanicville 1952Nov05  
Callahan Mary E.   1958Jan23  
Callahan Teresa M.   1968Mar01  
Camfield Edward J.   1964Dec30  
Camfield Elizabeth P.   1964Jul22  
Camfield George F.   1965Sep10  
Camfield Jeremiah Mechanicville 1947Jan19  
Camfield Lillian G.   1961May04  
Campbell Catherine B.   1963Jul31  
Campen Martha Stillwater 1951Jan02  
Canary Dennis A. Stillwater 1960Aug05  
Canavan John T.   1968Mar25  
Carbajo Severino   1962Feb26  
Carney Edward A.   1956Dec03  
Carp Doris   1956Dec07  
Carp Josephine Mechanicville 1951Aug10  
Carp Peter J.   1964Feb08  
Carp Stanley J.   1969Jan06  
Carpenter Adeline Mechanicville 1951Feb01  
Carpenter Jacob   1953Feb01  
Carr Daniel S.   1954Feb06  
Carr George Easton 1945Apr13  
Carr Kathryn V.   1970Jul31  
Carr Mary Easton 1941Apr09  
Carr William A.   1955Dec12  
Carrigan Edward Mechanicville 1959May11  
Carson Robert, Jr. Stillwater 1951Jul03  
Cassidy Cynthia   1963Jul01  
Cassidy Francis E.   1962Nov16  
Cassidy Jennie M.   1962Feb15  
Cassidy Mary A.   1956Jul08 Adeline
Cavotta Margaret Cal. 1949Mar06  
Check Anna   1971Nov07  
Check John J.   1964Oct17  
Clark William Watervliet 1949Apr02  
Cleary Patrick A.   1969May16  
Cleaveland Fletcher D.   1965May23  
Clement Mary B.   1969Jun30  
Clements Clarence I. Mechanicville 1958Jun20  
Coates Joseph Mechanicville 1944Feb17  
Coe Ernest V.   1955Feb18  
Coleman John J.   1960Oct09  
Coleman Margaret A.   1967Sep15  
Collins Harvey Mechanicville 1947May10  
Collins Roland R. PA 1955Jun15  
Comstock Beulah M.   1962Apr28  
Comstock Sidney Mechanicville 1947Jul29  
Conlee Bert   1961Jun04  
Conley Elizabeth F.   1965Dec06  
Conley John Hemstreet Park 1951Oct05  
Connelly James   1954Jul13  
Connelly Lelia F. Dover Plains 1960Aug03  
Connelly Margaret F.   1963Mar07  
Connelly Nellie   1957Jul16  
Connelly Patrick Mechanicville 1947Nov26  
Conners Leona V.   1972Jan27  
Connor Ethel M. Stillwater 1963Aug31  
Connor Mary Stillwater 1943Jan07  
Connor Paul J.   1956Apr25 cousin
Connors Margaret   1958May29  
Coon Grace E.   1967Dec30  
Corcoran Anastaia Mechanicville 1938Jul14  
Corrigan Joseph L.   1966Nov17  
Corrigan Margaret M.   1961Jun24  
Corrigan Thomas Mechanicville 1951Sep23  
Cossey Cecelia Stillwater 1953Apr24  
Cossey Herbert L.   1964Jun25  
Cossey Nancy Mechanicville 1938Oct12  
Costanzo Anthony J.   1966Apr05  
Costello Frances Maloney   1954Dec05  
Counter Ruth H.   1969Jun29  
Crandall Baby   1957Oct15  
Crandall Charles Willow Glen 1941Mar27  
Crannell Catherine Mechanicville 1943Dec06  
Crannell Leroy O.   1964Feb20  
Crawford Julia A.   1965Dec20 cousin
Cross Carol   1943Apr06 infant
Cudmore Thomas J.   1966Feb17  
Cudney Fay C.   1955Oct15  
Cudney Grace Mechanicville 1944Apr22  
Cukrovany John, Sr.   1956Oct19  
Cullinan Henry J.   1963Jun29  
Cunningham Agnes C.   1966Oct25 sister
Cunningham Elizabeth   1954Feb23  
Cunningham Peter J.   1955May19  
Cunningham Wm. Mechanicville 1949Dec31  
Curran Archie M. S.Lake 1963Jul23  
Curran Helen M.   1968Dec28  
Curran Lawrence A. Mechanicville 1959Jun07  
Dalton Grace   1962Jan03  
Dalton Lena V.   1963Oct19  
Dalton Leo A.   1968Feb25  
Dalton Leo E.   1957Jul14  
Dalton Mary Mechanicville 1944Apr06  
Dalton Mary C.   1965May20  
Dalton William P.   1962May31  
Davis Catherine C.   1963Feb14  
Davis Joseph Mechanicville 1942Jun27  
Davis Susan Mechanicville 1943Jul26  
Davry Robert J.   1956Jan14  
Davry William B.   1965Jun11  
DeBlois Dorothy A.   1970May04  
DeBlois Louis F. Mechanicville 1959Jun04  
DeCelle Alfred J.   1970Jul24  
DeCelle Cecelia   1961Dec27  
DeCelle Mary F.   1969Oct14  
DeChene Eva Mechanicville 1949Dec27  
DeChene Joseph F. Mechanicville 1958Aug05  
DeCrescenzo Joseph H.   1971Apr17  
Dennis Katherine   1964Sep15  
Dennis Wesley   1967Feb15  
Desnoyers John N.   1968Sep07  
Dillon Joseph F.   1955Sep28  
Donahue Thomas W.   1955Jul04  
Doney Fred Stillwater 1958Nov08  
Dougherty Anthony Mechanicville 1939Sep02  
Doyle Ellen M.   1962Feb23  
Doyle John J. Mechanicville 1950Dec22  
Doyle Mary Mechanicville 1945Jun03  
Doyle Mary A. Mechanicville 1952May25  
Duell Frederick B.   1970Jun14  
Duell Jesse C.   1971Jun15  
Duell Raymond J.   1967Jul08  
Duffney George E.   1971Jun09  
Duffney Kathryn M.   1968Aug14  
Dugan Ann   1952Jun14  
Dugan Anna T.   1968Mar11  
Dugan baby   1964Jan19  
Dugan Charles W.   1970Nov20  
Dugan Edward F.   1967May31  
Dugan Hugh B.   1956Sep24  
Dugan John Mechanicville 1943Dec29  
Dugan Johnna   1967Oct09 infant
Dugan Mary A.   1962May17  
Dugan Mary B.   1963Jun19  
Dugan Raymond P.   1962May22  
Dunbar Baby girl   1955Oct17  
Dunigan Bernard   1956Sep28  
Dwyer Joseph Saratoga Springs 1942Nov20  
Dwyer Katherine A.   1969Oct30  
Dwyer Lillian Saratoga Springs 1938Jun08  
Dyer George Hemstreet Park 1946Feb24  
Eaton William Mechanicville 1946Apr04  
Ellis Mildred   1968Dec22  
Ennello Frederick J.   1958Jan09  
Enright John   1953Oct20  
Erickson Carl   1971Mar30  
Erickson Gwendolyn M.   1965Jun01  
Evants Bill R.   1972Jan27 cousin-in-law
Evnalowicz Baby girl   1966Aug05  
Farley George   1953Sep21  
Farley Mary F.   1956May20  
Farnan George M.   1964Jan05  
Farnan Joseph Wayville 1948Jun14 cousin
Farnan Sarah M.   1963Mar16 cousin S.Lake
Farnan Thomas J. Quaker Springs 1958Nov10 cousin
Farrell Anna M.   1963Jul28  
Farrell Bernard M.   1961Oct16  
Farrell Eliza G. Mechanicville 1959Oct22  
Fehily Anna C.   1969Apr28  
Fehily John J.   1968Nov11  
Finigan Rose M.   1963May13  
Finigan Timothy   1956Feb04  
Finley Thomas   1965Feb14  
Finnegan Johanna Stillwater 1945Mar29  
Fitzgerald Margaret Mechanicville 1946Jan07  
Fitzgerald Mary Stillwater 1951Dec05  
Fitzpatrick Anna Mechanicville 1951Sep07  
Fitzpatrick Catherine Stillwater 1944Jun17  
Flanagan Basil Mechanicville 1951Dec14  
Flanagan Theresa N.H. 1947Jan14  
Flanagan Veronica   1964Dec31  
Fleming Irene   1966Aug27  
Flynn Anna Coxsacksie 1957Sep17  
Flynn Edward Stillwater 1941Jul04  
Flynn Lelia A.   1968Dec04  
Flynn Rose Mechanicville 1960Jan03  
Fokes Anthony   1946Feb28  
Foley Francis V.   1965Jul16  
Foley George F.   1969Feb07  
Foley Kathryn   1971Jun07  
Folmsbee Leonard J. Schaghticoke 1960May13 baby
Ford Ella Stillwater 1940May14  
Ford Thelma Stillwater 1939Apr16  
Foster William C.   1968Sep12  
Fuller George Mechanicville 1945Jul15  
Fuller Nellie Mechanicville 1942Apr07  
Fuller Raymond Round Lake 1958Dec15  
Funk Francis J.   1958Jan05  
Furlong Arthur Stillwater 1949Jan22  
Furlong Kathryn Mechanicville 1944Oct01  
Furlong Kathryn Mechanicville 1958Nov01 Schenectady
Furlong Michael   1956Jan03  
Gaida Jacob Stillwater 1940Aug17  
Gaida Joseph E.   1955Dec04  
Gaida Margaret Stillwater 1945Jun01  
Gaida Mary Stillwater 1948Jul13  
Gannon James F. Stillwater 1959Dec20  
Garey Margaret Mechanicville 1952Oct25  
Garland Catherine   1965Nov16  
Garland George F.   1971Mar31  
Gatzendorfer Edward V.   1967Aug15  
Gavin Elizabeth J.   1967Feb19  
Gaynor Elizabeth Boston 1960Feb22  
Gentus Frank J.   1962May05  
Germansen Valdemar Halfmoon 1963Jun01  
Gibeault Albert Stillwater 1949Feb03  
Gilheany Baby girl   1956May26  
Gilheany Eileen Mechanicville 1946Aug03 Baby
Gilheany James Riverside 1945Sep08  
Gilheany James F.   1964Dec19  
Gilheany John New Jersey 1948Oct28  
Gilheany Patrick Mechanicville 1942Aug03  
Gilmore Joseph J.   1972Nov07  
Girard Kenneth C.   1965Jan31  
Gniewek Agnes   1964Sep05  
Gniewik Albert   1965Aug07  
Gokey Grace Slater   1963Nov16  
Golden Florence E.   1970Oct22  
Golden George P.   1967Dec06  
Gontier Luella   1955Apr01  
Goodrow Kenneth R.   1971Jul20  
Gori Eugene Clifton Park 1965Oct14  
Gould Ethel D.   1956Dec19  
Goulden Lelia R.   1972May31  
Goulden Linwood E.   1964May16  
Gower Clinton   1961Jul04  
Gower Florence E. Mechanicville 1959Dec26  
Grady Bernard   1965Sep27  
Green Cornelius F.   1966Jan29  
Green George A.   1966Apr10  
Green Jennie A.   1961Jan22  
Green Loretta M. Mechanicville 1960Aug18  
Greenwood Anna E.   1970Jun10  
Greenwood Frederick A.   1966Aug12  
Grimes Delia Mechanicville 1958Jun07  
Grimes Harry Hemstreet Park 1948Mar26  
Grimes John   1961Dec12  
Grimes Mary A.   1956Mar06  
Grimley Catherine J. Mechanicville 1958Jun29  
Grimley James E. Mechanicville 1959Sep26  
Grimley Michael Mechanicville 1946Nov28  
Grozzo Andrew Mechanicville 1950Jul21  
Grozzo John   1952Aug20  
Grozzo Michael   1962Dec11  
Gruski Mary Riverside 1945Oct28  
Gruski Valentine   1955Oct30  
Guilianelli Joseph   1965 baby
Gully John M.   1968Sep20  
Haggerty Marjorie Provancher California 1961Jan01  
Haile John J.   1960Oct16  
Hallen Edward Mechanicville 1951Feb02  
Hallen John J.   1964Aug01  
Hallen Julia W.   1963Jul11  
Halusic Helen Mechanicville 1942Nov19  
Halusic Ignatius T. Mechanicville 1960Jan27  
Halusic Jennie T.   1966Jan01  
Hamilton Mary Stillwater 1942Oct26  
Hanehan Ellen E.   1955Sep17  
Hanehan Walter L.   1968Jun29  
Harrigan Thomas Mechanicville 1942Dec15  
Hayner Chester Mechanicville 1947Apr26  
Hayner Janet M.   1965Jun10  
Hazelton William Mechanicville 1946Sep23  
Hearn Katherine Stillwater 1946Jul21  
Hearn Margaret Stillwater 1960Apr10  
Hearn Mary Stillwater 1940Mar31  
Hebert Eva   1969Jul21  
Hebert Julius   1957Jun12  
Heffernan Christopher   1956Nov11  
Heller Mary A.   1955Oct09  
Herrick Charles C.   1969Mar09  
Hickey Mary   1956Feb09  
Hickey Thomas Mechanicville 1939Jul11  
Hiland Mary Stillwater 1951Aug14  
Hilushe Susan Mechanicville 1947May20  
Hinchey Margareta V.   1970Apr30  
Hinchey Patrick Mechanicville 1948Nov01  
Hinchey Sarah Mechanicville 1947Jan07  
Hinchey Stephanie A.   1964Sep06  
Hiser William Mechanicville 1948Jun06  
Holland Thomas Mechanicville 1946Jun27 Baby
Holmes Catherine Stillwater 1945Aug11  
Holmes Nellie M.   1958Dec26 maybe 1957
Holmes Raymond E.   1956Aug25  
Holmes Teresa Mechanicville 1944Dec18  
Hopeck John A. Ushers 1960Jan07  
Hopeck Sophie M.   1956Sep13  
Howland Frank Mechanicville 1950Oct12  
Hulihan Elizabeth Mechanicville 1949Dec13  
Hulihan John A.   1969Sep14  
Hulihan Joseph W.,Jr   1964Mar08  
Hunt Edward Mechanicville 1947Apr21  
Hunt Howard   1953Apr30  
Hunt John F. Mechanicville 1952Mar15  
Hunt Margaret G.   1956Apr30  
Hunt William J.   1954Jun07  
Hunter Helen   1956Jun29  
Hunter Margaret Stillwater 1939Jan14  
Hunter William N.   1969Oct25  
Hurley John J.   1956Sep06  
Hurley Robert E.   1960Oct04  
Hutton Lysle M.   1956Mar24  
Hyatt Julia   1963Jan09 Haney's Mother
Izzo Anthony   1968Dec23  
James Charles   1953Oct17  
James Howard P.   1967Jan01  
James Theresa V.   1963Mar26  
Jensch S.Howard   1971Jan07 Sidney
Jinks Richard Mechanicville 1944Jul17 Baby
Johnson Christopher   1965Nov15  
Johnson Dora Mechanicville 1942Jan11  
Johnson Fred Mechanicville 1951Dec16  
Johnson Veronica   1956Feb08  
Joyce Edward T.   1965Mar14  
Joyce John Mechanicville 1951Aug05  
Joyce Julia R.   1954Mar18  
Joyce Margaret   1971Mar05  
Joyce Mary C.   1956Jan25  
Joyce Michael Stillwater 1939May15  
Joyce Sarah Stillwater 1950Oct27  
Kabli Frank   1965Apr12  
Kasper Michael J.   1955Dec29  
Kearney Arthur Isaac   1962Mar25  
Kearney Charles W.   1965Jan20  
Keatley Deborah   1968Apr03 baby
Keegan Albert J.   1970Mar26  
Keegan Baby Boy Schenectady 1941Jan01  
Keegan Blanche D.   1955Oct13  
Keegan John M.   1968Jul14  
Keegan Mary Mechanicville 1940Aug23  
Keegan Michael Mechanicville 1937Oct10  
Kelley Anne   1962Feb04  
Kelley William M.   1966May02  
Kelly Helen Mechanicville 1946Dec08  
Kelondis Frederick Schaghticoke 1950Sep13  
Kennedy James F.   1958Mar07  
Kennedy Mary Willow Glen 1943Apr02  
Kennedy Mary A.   1956Oct06  
Kennedy Rose   1963Feb09  
Kenyon James Robert   1956Jun20  
Kenyon Mary T.   1953Dec27  
Kerls Florence   1954Aug28  
Kern Emma Stillwater 1946Apr30  
Kiley James Raymond Troy 1960Aug28  
King Colin A. Mechanicville 1958Jul18  
King Mary Connelly   1958Apr08  
King, Keegan infant   1959May08  
Kinney John   1956Nov12  
Kinney Lillian M. NYC 1958Aug13  
Knefley Harry R.   1963Jul08  
Kobli Mary   1966Mar19  
Kopacz John L.   1968Apr03  
Kopacz Natalie   1962Sep18  
Kuscik Bertha   1956Aug10  
Kuscsik Frank Riverside 1948Jun03  
Kuscsik John Mechanicville 1946Oct12  
Kuscsik Rose   1956Oct15  
Kusick baby girl   1963  
Lake Anne R.   1971Dec21  
Lake Margaret Stillwater 1949Jan11 cousin
Lake Vern L.   1967Oct17  
LaMarre Mildred Louise   1965Dec29  
Lambert Fred   1967Sep29  
Lambert Helen   1967Aug26  
Langdon John Schuylerville 1946Dec03 nephew
Langdon Julia Schuylerville 1944Dec07 Sister
Langdon Martin L.   1966Oct18 brother-in-law
Lauterhahn Clifford S.   1966Nov22  
Lauterhohn Elizabeth Mechanicville 1950May21  
Lawler Joseph J. Mechanicville 1960Jul29  
Leason Margaret   1954Jun21  
LeClair Edith May   1957Jun10  
Lee George S.   1954Oct10  
Lee Sara M.   1956Jan07  
Lefco Baby girl   1972Jan31  
Lefco Genevieve Riverside 1951Jul20  
Lefco Nellie Riverside 1950Apr22  
Lefco William S.   1957Jan31  
Lenihan Arthur J.   1964Oct26  
Leonard Angeline Creek Rd. 1941May11  
Leonard Helen A.   1957Apr24  
Leonard Walter R.   1963May10  
Lesson Charles B. Schaghticoke 1960Jan12  
Lesson Charles J.   1970Apr16  
Lesson Edward J.   1966Dec28  
Lesson Elizabeth L.   1967Aug03  
Lesson Frederick Schaghticoke 1951Feb19  
Lesson James E.   1972May12  
Lesson Mabel Stillwater 1951Mar14  
Lesson Mable A Schaghticoke 1959Aug15  
Lesson Mary Kiley   1957Sep10  
Lesson Oswald H.   1969Jun27  
Lesson Raymond   1961Sep27  
Levens Anthony E.   1971Apr09 Olewnicki
Lewis Cecilia H.   1965Sep01  
Lewis George   1954Jul04  
Lewis infant   1959May17  
Lewis Morgan E.   1969Jul27  
Linehan Denis D.   1968Oct08  
Loughlin Denis Mechanicville 1947Nov23  
Lucas Baby girl   1953Aug04  
Lucas Charles Riverside 1949Dec19  
Lucas Frank Mechanicville 1959Jul24  
Lucas Helen Riverside 1939Sep18  
Lucas Stephen Robert   1959Dec25 Suz.Baker Mother baby
Luther Nathan   1961May08  
Lynch Arthur   1963Dec05  
Lynch Edward Stillwater 1960Jan13  
Lynch Martha Riverside 1951Sep24  
Lyons Edward J.   1957Oct12  
Lyons Marguerite   1957Nov11  
Lyons Walter R.   1966Jun03  
Lyttle James Willow Glen 1942Oct11  
MacFarlane Jane R.   1965May30  
Mackay Alise NYC 1964Nov12 friend
MacKenzie Hilda   1971Aug26  
MacKenzie Thomas K.   1970Nov25  
Mackey Clifford L.   1956Aug04  
Mahar J.Francis Riverside 1940Nov28  
Mahar Jerry   1943May09  
Mahar Mary Mechanicville 1952Jan19  
Mahoney Catherine F.   1956Jan17  
Mahoney Katherine   1954Sep26  
Mahoney Patrick Mechanicville 1950Apr25  
Malinowski John A.   1966Jun17  
Mallery Leon M.   1960Dec21  
Mallery Margaret P.   1969Dec24  
Mallery Mary H.   1954Aug08  
Mallery William B.   1963Apr13  
Maloney Celia E.   1968Aug22  
Maloney John Stillwater 1942Feb04  
Marihugh James Henry   1964Jul27  
Marrin Thomas W.   1966Dec12  
Martin Albert Mechanicville 1948Nov20  
Martin John Utica 1952Sep11  
Martin Joseph   1952Sep29  
Massey James A.   1966Mar27  
Massey John H.   1962Apr06  
Mazzoli August Rome 1950Jan16  
McAllister Rose   1963Sep19  
McAvoy Gladys   1964Mar08  
McAvoy Katherine Mechanicville 1959Jul30  
McBride James   1953Oct24  
McCarthy Ann L. Mechanicville 1959Apr28  
McCarthy Catherine   1957Oct14  
McCarthy John Stillwater 1948Oct26  
McCarthy Madelene Stillwater 1937Mar31  
McCarthy Margaret   1955May09  
McCarthy Mary H.   1967Sep28  
McConville Ellen   1952Dec15  
McConville Lena   1955Apr06  
McConville William J. Mechanicville 1960Jun23  
McCormick Helena F.   1962Apr18  
McCormick William   1954Jul21  
McDonald Delia Mechanicville 1947Jun04  
McDonald Patrick Mechanicville 1939Feb25  
McFarren Everett Mechanicville 1946Dec21  
McFarren Martha Mechanicville 1947Sep22  
McFarren twins   1951Oct26  
McGovern Mary Mechanicville 1946Jan01  
McGraw Evelyn C.   1967Jan27  
McInerney Thomas Mechanicville 1939Apr05  
McMahon Florence   1961May27  
McMahon Sarah I.   1972Sep26  
McMahon Walter J.   1971Jan29  
McMann Minnie Mechanicville 1945Jul23  
McNally Anna Mechanicville 1941Jul22  
McNally Anna M.   1952Sep13  
McNally James Mechanicville 1948Feb04  
McNulty Theresa Albany 1951Mar17  
McVeigh John Quaker Springs 1955Feb05 Uncle
McVeigh Lola Quaker Springs 1955Jan28 Aunt
McVeigh Luke J.   1955Sep10 cousin
McVeigh Mary T.   1968Sep13 cousin
Mead George P. Stillwater 1961Jan05  
Medina Mary Riverside 1947Jun24 baby
Mehan Martin William Stillwater 1959Aug26  
Mehan Thomas A.   1971May02  
Mehan Thomas Matthew, Jr.   1959Jan13 cousin
Meron Lavina Stillwater 1959Apr30  
Meyer Archie T.   1967Apr05  
Meyer Marie V.   1964Feb14  
Micklas Anna V.   1969Jul05  
Micklas Joseph S.   1962Sep26  
Moczulski Henry A.   1971Jun23  
Mohan James P.   1954Apr06  
Mohan John P.   1954May15  
Mohan Katherine   1961May26  
Mohan Margaret Stillwater 1941Mar25  
Mohan Teresa L.   1964Feb18 cousin
Montogomery Marion L.   1957Nov30  
Mooney Francis J.   1963Feb15  
Mooney Mary   1953Aug08  
Moore Anna L. Stillwater 1958Sep01  
Moore Earl T.   1953Jun20  
Moore Helen S. Mechanicville 1960Mar13  
Moore John Mechanicville 1949Jul26  
Moore Loretta Mechanicville 1947Jul25 baby
Moore Mary Mechanicville 1948Sep02  
Morrissey Anna L.   1965Jul22  
Morrissey Anna R.   1968Aug09  
Morrissey Christopher   1953Feb23  
Morrissey Edward J.   1956Mar27  
Morrissey Mary Mechanicville 1943Sep09  
Morrissey Mary C.   1955Aug28 cousin
Morrissey William Mechanicville 1941Dec15  
Mosher Elsie May   1957Sep12  
Mosher John P.   1963Jul29  
Mulheren Ellen   1954Mar04  
Mullen Catherine Tooney   1956Oct24  
Mulvihill Daniel J.   1970Nov12  
Mulvihill Mary Mechanicville 1949Feb11  
Mulvihill William J.   1957Aug02  
Murnane Helen E.   1965Nov05  
Murphy Elizabeth   1962Jan03  
Murphy Fred Willow Glen 1948Feb17  
Murphy John A.   1954Sep22  
Murphy Lauraetta Round Lake 1963Nov04  
Murphy Mabel Lewis   1964Jan19  
Murphy Margaret   1968Oct29  
Murphy Mary E.   1955Nov24  
Murphy Nora Arkville 1950Jan08  
Murphy Sarah L.   1956May31  
Murphy Thomas F. Round Lake 1960May31  
Murray Dennis Hemstreet Park 1949Jun07  
Murray James W.   1971Sep01  
Murray John Co.Home 1937Mar23  
Nelson Barbara Jean Mechanicville 1960Jan02  
Nelson Gary   1952Jun01  
Nelson John M.   1965May22  
Nelson John, Sr.   1938Jan15 HV Cemetery, 1965Nov39
Nelson Mary E.   1956Apr19  
Nocella Al Americo   1966Sep06  
Noel Treffle   1945Oct01  
Nolan Patrick Mechanicville 1939May28  
Nolan Teresa Mechanicville 1951Jan11  
Nolen James M.   1967Mar11  
Noonan John P.   1972Feb28  
Noonan Margaret Troy 1946Feb09 John's Aunt
Noonan Marie M.   1966Apr01 John's sister
Noonan Nora Mechanicville 1943Nov23 mother-in-law
Noonan Phillip R.   1952Jun13 John's brother
Norton Charles Mechanicville 1945Feb06  
Norton Helen A.   1964Mar03  
Nosher Katherine A.   1963Oct06  
O'Bryan James Mechanicville 1947May21  
O'Connor Lillian Mechanicville 1947Dec21  
O'Connor Robert J.   1956Aug02  
Olewnicki Mary   1962Nov22 Levens
O'Melia Anna M.   1953May16  
O'Neil Juliet E.   1962Feb06  
O'Neil Raymond M.   1970Sep26  
O'Neil Thomas   1953Sep05  
Ontkush George J.   1968Jun15  
Ontkush John   1957Jan28  
Orcutt Charles Saratoga 1951Aug19  
Orcutt Winnie   1953May27  
O'Rourke Edward   1963Jul10  
O'Rourke Freda   1965Mar21  
Oswitt Anthony   1954Nov14  
Oswitt Nellie Mechanicville 1952Jan10 Aniela Oswiec
Oswitt Thomas J.   1964Feb09  
Overocker Arthur J.   1970Nov18  
Overocker Ella Stillwater 1946Nov10  
Palmer James W.   1957Feb18  
Palmieri Ruth R.   1957Dec08  
Papper Anna Gaida Hemstreet Park 1946Mar29  
Paret Horace M.   1962May27  
Pariseau Joseph Stillwater 1946Apr13  
Pariseau Louise H.   1955Jun20  
Parker John Mechanicville 1944 soldier - (Jun11,1944)
Pawlowski Aniela   1965Jul03  
Peck Helen H.   1961Jul04  
Pelletier Leo   1962Oct05  
Pemrick John T.   1963Oct24  
Pender Ellen L.   1957Aug29  
Pender John L.   1963Jan07  
Perren Sheila Kenyon   1954Jun03  
Petronis Bernard P. Mechanicville 1960Jan25  
Petronis David   1965Jul14 baby
Petronis Felix J.   1970Feb27  
Petronis Frank J.   1969May23  
Petronis Joseph G.   1955Apr04  
Petronis Nellie/ Hazel   1971Dec13  
Petronis Pauline   1952Nov27  
Petronis Stephen J.   1966Mar15  
Petronis Walter Riverside 1947Jan01  
Phelps David G. Mechanicville 1958Jul08  
Phelps Erle A. Mechanicville 1959Jan20  
Phelps Eugene Hemstreet Park 1940Oct18  
Pielaties Aloysius   1956Mar14  
Pingelski Frances G.   1968Jan09  
Pingelski Joseph   1966Jun15  
Polaitis Joseph Riverside 1940Feb12  
Polnak John Ushers 1955Jan17  
Polnak Katherine Ushers 1948May21  
Polotis Joseph P.   1971Jul15  
Porter Delville Stillwater 1940Aug10  
Potter Ella H.   1967Jan05  
Potter Harry A. Stillwater 1959Jun02  
Powers Annetta   1953Nov09  
Powers Bertha M.   1963Feb12  
Powers David J.   1953Sep30  
Powers Julia E.   1953Oct15 cousin
Powers Mary Stillwater 1951May20 cousin
Powers Michael Stillwater 1944Feb28 Uncle
Powers Willliam H. Mechanicville 1960Sep1  
Pregent John Stillwater 1946May02  
Pregent Mamie Mechanicville 1951Nov14  
Price Agatha Stillwater 1950Aug15  
Price Joseph Stillwater 1940Feb04  
Price Joseph P.   1957Nov13  
Provancher Alfred Mechanicville 1949Dec25  
Provancher Margaret Mechanicville 1951Dec16  
Provancher Ronald A.   1955May28  
Pruyn Kenyon H.   1971May05  
Purcell Dr.John   1954Oct12 Joseph
Purcell Dr.John R.   1961Nov16  
Purcell E.Agnes   1963Jul09  
Rabideau Dawn   1952Sep12  
Rancourt Catherine   1954Nov05  
Rancourt James Stillwater 1945Dec29  
Rancourt Joseph Stillwater 1945Nov19  
Reddy Baby girl   1955Mar30  
Reddy John Stillwater 1949Jul29  
Reilly George J.,Sr.   1957Feb02  
Reilly Howard J. Mechanicville 1958Dec11  
Reilly Paul   1938May27  
Reiniger Arthur C.   1962Jun27  
Reiniger Mary L.   1965Jun24  
Relihan Alice Mechanicville 1945May27  
Ribel Walter Riverside 1944Mar08  
Richmond Clyde J.   1967Oct17  
Riley Thomas F.   1963May08  
Robens Marguerite I. Mechanicville 1958Jul02  
Roberts Baby   1953Oct23  
Roberts Helen Round Lake,Ushers 1959Apr15  
Roberts Russell   1969Oct05  
Roberts William F.   1966Nov07 baby
Roddy James A.   1966Mar03  
Rogers Catherine   1954Feb08  
Rogers Patrice   1969Mar22 baby
Ronan Mary Agnes   1955Apr17  
Ronda Baby boy   1959Jan30  
Root Hannah C.   1961Feb21  
Rose Michael Stillwater 1939May20  
Ross Ralph Mechanicville 1950Aug26  
Rowley Arthur J. Ushers 1963Oct30  
Roy Henry C.   1969Oct08  
Roy John C.   1968Jun02  
Russom Arthur, Sr. Hemstreet Park 1948Jan03  
Russom Baby girl   1958Aug30  
Russom Mary J.   1971May04  
Russom Rita Stillwater 1939Dec01  
Rutledge Glayds   1956Nov20  
Rutter Rosalie   1955Dec04  
Ruzycki Sadie   1962Nov23 Rajeski
Ryan Catherine A.   1968Mar14  
Ryan Edward Mechanicville 1951May31  
Ryan Ellen Maltaville 1944Jun27  
Ryan Helen R.   1968Jun19  
Ryan Helen T.   1971Jun01  
Ryan James P. Mechanicville 1958Oct23 infant
Ryan John J.   1962Aug23  
Ryan Low M.   1962Feb26  
Ryan Margaret Mechanicville 1949Dec06  
Ryan Mary   1954Jul27  
Ryan Michael F.   1963Oct03  
Ryan Patrick Mechanicville 1943Mar06  
Sanders Emily R.   1956Jan23  
Sarle Austin D.   1964Aug21 cousin-in-law
Sarle Helen F.   1965Aug11  
Scott George Mechanicville 1947Jul01  
Scott Myrtle F. Mechanicville 1958Dec06  
Shaw Frank Mechanicville 1947May07  
Shaw Loretta V.   1955Jul03  
Sheehan James M.   1965Apr17  
Sheehan Jennie M.   1956Jan04  
Sheehan John A.   1969Oct19  
Sheehan John H.   1960Oct16  
Sheehan Paul W., Sr   1960Nov29 cousin
Sheppard Minerva Mechanicville 1946Nov06  
Shimko Andrew Riverside 1948Mar08  
Shontz Elizabeth Mechanicville 1946Oct16  
Simmons Mary F.   1965Dec26  
Sisto Mary Jane Mechanicville 1959Apr01  
Slavin George Mechanicville 1944Feb11  
Slavin Margaret Mechanicville 1943Sep23  
Smith Albert F.   1963Mar12  
Smith Alexandria Mechanicville 1958Jul06 Simkiewicz
Smith Bridgid Mechanicville 1959Jan27  
Smith Clinton   1952Jul12  
Smith Daniel C.   1953Dec28  
Smith George Mechanicville 1948Feb06  
Smith George W.   1963Aug30  
Smith Katherine   1961May08  
Smith Lucetta Mechanicville 1946Nov07  
Smith Margaret Oneonta 1951Aug09  
Smith Marguerite   1964Aug25  
Smith Richard P.   1957Apr20  
Smoddell Helen B.   1965Aug16  
Smodell Archibold Stillwater 1952Mar22  
Smodell Louise   1953Nov09 cousin
Snapp John Mechanicville 1948Dec03  
Snyder baby   1961  
Snyder baby   1963Jan08  
Snyder Baby girl   1963Nov26  
Snyder John Riverside 1947Aug21  
Sokolski Sophie   1970Sep11  
Soloski Rose M.   1971May08  
Spangler Henry Washington 1950Dec12  
Spangler Mabel Washington,DC 1948Jan  
Spickler Adam S.   1971Nov24  
Spickler Catherine   1967Oct21  
Spickler Frank A.   1961Feb26  
Spohn Ella E.   1957Jul29  
Springer Anastasia   1955Oct10  
Stark Edmund F.   1964Sep08  
Starks Frances   1952Sep12  
Stewart Fannie Stillwater 1940Dec25  
Stier Arthur Mechanicville 1945Oct25  
Struneski Michael   1961May14  
Sullivan Cornelius Florida 1948Mar13  
Sullivan Henry Willow Glen 1952Nov06  
Sullivan Isabel Elizabeth   1960Feb13  
Sullivan Stella M.   1960Sep15  
Sullivan Thomas Mechanicville 1942Sep17  
Sullivan William F. Mechanicville 1959Aug25  
Sweeney Edmond F.   1964Dec23  
Sweeney Elains B.   1972Oct17  
Sweeney Francis V.   1962May28  
Sweeney James Wesley   1967May16  
Sykes Annie M.   1955Dec26  
Sykes Baby Mechanicville 1958Dec10  
Sykes Joseph O.   1968Jan26  
Tanner Helen   1960Jun infant
Tario Ellen Mechanicville 1960Aug13  
Tatro Alice Mechanicville 1947Nov23  
Tatro Eugene J.   1957Mar30  
Taylor Donald J.   1966Nov11  
Taylor Gertrude E.   1964Feb10  
Techmanski Frances V.   1957Aug20 Stark
Thompson Charles H.   1970Mar12  
Thornton Parnell Stillwater 1938Oct?  
Tierney Catherine   1957Jul18  
Tiffany Kathryn A.   1958Nov18  
Tinney baby   1964Jul  
Tinney Francis Raymond   1967Jan03  
Tinney Paul W.   1953Jul14  
Tinney William   1960Oct22  
Toomey Anna   1955Apr29  
Toomey Ellen Pittstown 1937Jul14  
Toomey Julia F. Johnsonville 1958Aug02  
Tullock Susan Mechanicville 1951Mar04  
Turner R.Stanley   1966Apr10  
Tweedie John   1966Apr06  
Vaicunas John S.   1967Nov15  
VanVolkenburg Minnie Mechanicville 1941May29  
Varley Lucy   1964May18  
Varley Sarah   1961Nov16  
Vermilyea Arthur L.   1970Jan22  
Viger Walter J. Mechanicville 1959Dec20  
Villeneuve Rose   1971Dec03  
Vohar John E.   1969Jul27  
Vohar Mary   1962Apr23  
Wagner Mamie Stillwater 1938Dec29  
Waldron Ellen   1957Dec08  
Walko Anna M.   1969Aug13  
Walko baby   1962Dec19  
Walko Eleanor A.   1971Oct27  
Walko George Riverside 1946Jan23  
Walsh Anna Stillwater 1942Aug14  
Walsh Henry   1954Mar01  
Walsh Jane Mechanicville 1938Jul28  
Walsh John E.   1957Feb12  
Walsh Mary   1954Oct21  
Walsh Mary Mechanicville 1942May14  
Walsh Mary E.   1967Aug13  
Walsh Michael J.   1962Oct02  
Walsh Thomas Slavin Washington,DC 1957Aug31  
Walsh William J. Mechanicville 1955Oct03  
Wassil Daniel B.   1971Oct24  
Waters Margaret E.   1965Jan14  
Waters William Raymond   1967Sep02  
Watt Henrietta H.   1972Aug31  
Watt Leo F.   1960Sep28 brother-in-law
Weaver William J.   1966Aug21  
Welch Anna F.   1954Aug24  
Welch John Francis   1964Aug18  
Welch Marguerite L. Mechanicville 1958Jul03  
Welch Mary C.   1965Apr12  
Welch Nellie A. Mechanicville 1958Aug27  
Welch Thomas Mechanicville 1949Nov14  
Welling Catherine Mechanicville 1948Jan29  
Wells Stephen Stillwater 1939Apr23  
Whalen Grace W.   1961Aug07  
Whalen James   1969Feb14  
Whalen John Mechanicville 1938Aug04  
Whalen Marjorie F.   1956Nov06  
Whelan John Mechanicville 1948Jun13 cousin
Whelan Joseph P.   1964Aug08 best friend
Whelan Margaret Stillwater 1949Aug17  
White Edward Schenectady 1944Mar21  
White Lula Mechanicville 1942Aug21  
Williams George T. Mechanicville 1952Oct17  
Williams Maria L. Mechanicville 1952Jan11  
Williams Mary Stillwater 1949Nov02  
Wilson James E. PA 1955Jun15  
Winslow Michael   1952Sep15  
Witkop Bernard D.   1963Sep11 best friend
Witkop Elizabeth M.   1971Jan18  
Wixted Henry E. Mechanicville 1959Sep24  
Wixted Henry, Sr. Willow Glen 1947May02  
Wixted Honnora Willow Glen 1944Mar19  
Wixted Mae   1955Jun22  
Wixted Matthew   1955Jun23  
Wixted Robert J. Mechanicville 1960Jul10  
Wixted William P.   1954Aug28  
Wood William Mechanicville 1940May27  
Woschanko Anna   1965Jun07  
Woschanko John   1963Nov01  
Woschanko John   1968Nov11  
Writer James Stillwater 1940Apr23  
Writer John Stillwater 1945Jun18 baby
Writer Mary C.   1956Feb14 cousin
Yankowski Anna   1966Mar24  
Yankowski Josephine H.   1965Jan20  
Yankowski Michael J.   1972Oct24  
Yates Martha   1957Jun19  
Yates Raymond T. Mechanicville 1952Jan31  
Yates Wellington   1968Oct20  
Zagurski Catherine   1965Aug31  
Zagurski Frank Riverside 1950Feb27  
Zagursky Adele Riverside 1939Mar02  
Zagursky Baby   1948Apr03  
Zajurski William J.   1963Nov11  
Zeppieri Concetta M.   1970May17  
Zeppieri Thomas Mechanicville 1959Apr12  
Zwolinski Frank   1962May26  

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