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Oakwood Cemetery
Town of Milton

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Oakwood Cemetery is located in the Town of Milton, on the east side of Middle Line Road (county route 59), about 50 feet north of the Barrett Road intersection and 100 yards into the woods via an old driveway, and behind the old farmhouse & barns.

This cemetery is not listed in C.E.Durkee's Epitaphs of Saratoga County. Circa 1940s, Mrs. Payne gathered a partial list of inscriptions and noted "badly overgrown, could not get to many stones; others, could not read." In 1995, Milton Grange #685, with the assistance of the Town of Milton, organized cleanup of the cemetery grounds, thereby allowing the following list of epitaphs to be gathered. In addition to the epitaphs, O.D. Vaughn, of Charlton, was identified as stonemason of the Dr. Geo. H. Benham stone. Photographs taken July 2002.

surname given name inscription photo
(slave) Deyaun d Jan 16, 1877, 79th yr. Originally purchased as a slave, she remained on the same farm 73 years a devoted servant (Mann family) photo
---- Priscilla d 18(38?) aged 3y 11m 15d (Fort family area)
A. A. footstone which reads "A.A." photo
B. J. footstone in the Bartholomew family section which reads "J.B."
Bartholomew Albert d Sept 17, 18(57? or 37?) ae 15y 5m Son of L.H. & Jane Bartholomew. A.B.footstone
Bartholomew Heman d Feb 7, 1850 aged 84 years
Bartholomew Lois d Mar 21, 1860 age 84 years Wife of Heman. (noted in Mrs. Payne's earlier transcription)
Benedict Anna d Aug 7, 1799 aged 26y 11m 9d Wife of Elihu Benedict. Anna Benedict footstone
Benedict Elihu d Aug 28, 1819 in the 54th year of his age
Benedict Elizabeth d Nov 5, 1799, 27th yr Dau of Thad Benedict Esq. of Connecticut and sister to Elihu Benedict photo
Benedict Martha d Sept 25, 1849 in the 78th year of her age Wife of Elihu Benedict
Benedict Mrs. Almira d July 31, 18(07?) in the 26th yr of her age. Wife of Eri Benedict
Benham Dr. Geo. H. d Nov 4, 1846 ae 65y 4m 10ds photo
Benham Ruth d Sept 18, 1814 ae 11m 18ds Dau of Dr. Geo. H. & Hannah Benham
Benham Samuel d August 1829, in the 85th year of his age photo
Benton A--er d July 16, 183(9?) ae 21y Son of Samuel & Huldah Benton photo
Benton Col. Samuel d Aug 15, 1863 ae 79 years photo
Benton E. Frances d Jan 9, 1865 ae 40 years photo
Benton Harriet S. d April 27, 1869 ae 48 years photo
Benton Huldah d Nov 6, 1861 ae 78 years photo
Benton Lucretia B. d Dec 27, 1827, 22nd yr of her age Dau of Samuel & Huldah Benton photo
Boughton Mary d Sept 18, 1821, 37th yr Wife of Joseph Boughton Jr. photo
Brown Nicholas d Sept 22, 1828 in the 66th yr of his age
Browning Naomi G. d Sept 15, 1824 ae 20y 2d Consort of Francis P. Browning photo
Burnett John d Aug 14, 1815 in the 70th yr of his age photo
Burnett Sarah d June 28, 1821 in the 70th yr of her age. Wife of John Burnett photo
F. E. footstone in the Fort family section which reads "E.F."
Fort Phebe born Jan 17, 1798 died April 5, 1841 Wife of Peter Fort photo
Fort Priscilla born Oct 11, 1815 died June 2, 1845 Dau of Peter & Phebe Fort
Foste- Rev. John P. d Jan -- ---- aged 42 years. J.P.F.footstone
Hanchett Hannah (Wood) d Nov 17, 1832 in the 59th year of her age. Formerly the wife of David Wood photo
Henderson Doct. James d 16 Sept 1805 aged 65y 5m 6d
Henderson Ruth see Ruth Kellogg
Hendrick Lois d Mar 3, 1842 aged 82 years. Wife of Abel Hendrick
Hendrick Ruth E. d May 10, 18(44?) aged 18 years. Dau of Willis & Almena Hendrick. R.E.H.footstone photo
Johnson Aurilla born June 4, 1775 died Feb 28, 1860 Wife of Isaac Johnson (Johnson monument) A.J.footstone photo
Johnson Isaac born May 23, 1768 died Aug 16, 1845 (Johnson monument) I.J.footstone photo
Johnson Legrand born June 13, 1802 died Aug 19, 1882 (Johnson monument) L.J.footstone photo
Johnson Nancy born March 9, 1800 died Aug ?, 1860 (Johnson monument) N.J.footstone photo
Judson Patty S. d Feb 11, 1816 ae 6weeks Dau of David & Esther Judson
Judson Susanna d Dec 2, 1813 ae 17y 3m 12d Dau of David & Esther Judson photo
Kellogg Ruth (Henderson) d 18 Nov 1812, 6(5?)or 6(3?) year of her age. Formerly the wife of Doct. James Henderson
Mann Gorge d Nov 7, 1822 in the 18th year of his age. Son of Jeremiah & Lydia Mann photo
Mann Hannh d Oct 27, 1815 aged 6 months & 2 days (double stone with Horace) photo
Mann Horace d Feb 27, 1813 aged 10 months (double stone with Hannh)
Mann Jeremiah d Jan 3, 1839 in the 68th year of his age photo
Mann Jeremiah Slocum born Oct 24, 1847 died March 31, 1906 photo
Mann Joel d Nov 24, 1824 in the 82nd year of his age photo
Mann Joseph d Oct 13, 1838 aged 43y 11m 17d photo
Mann Lydia d Nov 1, 1815 ae 39y 11m 26d Wife of Jeremiah Mann photo
Mann Mary W. d Dec 2, 1866 ae 12years Dau of Nath. & Frances Mann photo
Mann Mercy d May 17, 1820 in the 72nd year of her age. Wife of Joel Mann
Mann Nathaniel born Dec 29, 1819 died Aug 26, 1900 photo
Mann Nathaniel d Nov 7, 1810 in the 13th year of his age. Son of Jeremiah & Lydia Mann
Mann Rebecca Tallmadge born Aug 10, 1787 died Feb 16, 1852 Widow of Jeremiah Mann photo
Mann Sally Frances d Jan 24, 1867 ae 47years Wife of Nathaniel Mann photo
Mann Samuel d March 23, 1831 in the 55 year of his age photo
Mann William d May 25, 1839 in the 30th year of his age photo
Nash Caroline S. Wood d Nov 29, 1864 (written on base) aged 59 years. Wife of Isaac Nash and dau of Jesse & Rebecca Wood photo
Nash Elma born Dec 8, 1800 died Feb 4, 1851? E. Nash footstone photo
Nash Eunice born April 14, 1760 died Feb 28, 1846 Wife of Jonathan Nash E.N. Footstone photo
Nash Isaac born Aug 11, 1797 died Sept 27, 1879 photo
Nash Jonathan born April 14, 1760 died July 12, 1844 J. Nash footstone photo
Powell Susannah born Nov 6, 1805 died Jan 2, 1837 Wife of Westel W. Powell S. Powell footstone photo
Smith Patty d Feb 22, 1814 ae 19y 6m 16d Wife of Carleton Smith P.S.footstone photo
Sprague Jonathan d Aug 19, 1846 in his 72 year
Sprague Susanna d Oct 4, 1849 in her 78th year. S.S.footstone photo
W. A. footstone in Wood family section which reads "A.W."
Wale Jerusha Brown d Apr 17,1822, 22nd yr Consort of Daniel Wale. Dau of Nicholas & Dollee Brown
Wood Benjamin d April 28, 1818 aged 68y 11m 5d
Wood David d Dec 24, 1804 in the 36th year of his age photo
Wood David J. d Oct 26, 1877 aged 73 years
Wood Hannah see Hannah Hanchett
Wood Jesse born Feb 6, 1783 died Oct 24, 1850 photo
Wood Newell J. d July 12, 1828 ae 16y 7m 4d Son of Jesse & Rebeca Wood photo
Wood Nuel d Sept 18, 1805 in the 5th year of his age Son of David & Hannah Wood. N.W.footstone photo
Wood Rebecca d April 6, 18(37?) in the 54th yr of her age. Wife of Jesse Wood photo

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